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                               Meeting of the Board of Trustees
                                    University of Kentucky
                                           1:00 P.M.
                                         March 6, 2001


Roll Call

Approval of Minutes - (Consent)

President's Report and Action Items

PR 1    President's Report to the Trustees
        A.   Report on Endowed Chairs and Professorships
        B.   Report on Historic Buildings

PR 2    Personnel Actions

PR 3    Central Administration
        A.   Agreement with Paducah Junior College, Inc. (Consent)
        B.   Guidelines for Rehabilitation of Historic Campus Buildings

PR 4    Commaunity College System (No items to report)

PR 5    Lexington Campus
        A. Renaming Agricultural Engineering Building (Charles E. Bainhart Building)

PR 6    Medical Center (No items to report)

Finance Committee

1.    Acceptance of Interim Financial Report for the University of Kentucky for the
             Seven Months Ended January 31, 2001
 2.     Disposal of Surplus Property
 3.     Report of Leases
 4.     Disposition of Property
 5.     Disposition of Property
 6.     Disposition of Property
 7.     Capital Construction Report
 8.     2001-02 Tuition Schedule
 9.     Mandatory Registration Fee Schedule - 2001-02
 10.     Room and Board Rates 2001-2002
 11i.    Albert G. and Lorraine N. Clay Endowment for Visiting Scholars
 12.     American Institute of Architects-Kentucky Chapter Pledge
 13.     Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund Gift and Pledge
 14.     Dr. Richard R. and Dorothy Hillenmeyer Crutcher Gift and Pledge


15.    Estate of Betty Jo Denton Heick
16.     Jack and Linda Gill Gift and Pledge
17.     Keith B. and Phyllis A. MacAdam Gift and Pledge
18.     Lexmark International, Inc. Pledge
19.     Mrs. Ina Brown Bond Pledge
20.     Orson and Kathy Oliver Pledge
21.     Ronald Allen and Nancy Smoot Forester Gift and Pledge
22.     Dermontti F. and Regina M. Dawson Gift
23.     Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky Accepting the Successful
             Bid for the Purchase of $20,5 10,000 Principal Amount of University of Kentucky
             Consolidated Educational Buildings Revenue Bonds, Series R, Dated March 1, 2001 and
             Amending its Bond Resolution with Respect Thereto to Provide for the Redemption Prior
             to Maturity on or After May 1, 2011

Investment Committee Report


      Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky, Tuesday,
March 6, 2001.

      The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky met at 1:00 p.m. (Lexington time)
on Tuesday, March 6, 2001 in the Board Room on the 18th floor of Patterson Office Tower.

      A.    Meeting Opened

      Billy Joe Miles, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m., and the invocation
was pronounced by Ms. Marian Sims.

      B.    Roll Call

      The following members of the Board of Trustees answered the call of the roll: Governor
Edward T. Breathitt, Ms. Marianne Smith Edge, Mr. James Glenn III, Mr. Merwin Grayson, Mr.
John "Jack" Guthrie, Dr. Loys L. Mather, Dr. Robert P. Meriwether, Mr. Billy Joe Miles
(Chairman), Dr. Elissa Plattner, Mr. Steven S. Reed, Dr. Daniel R. Reedy, Ms. Marian Sims, Ms.
Alice Sparks, Ms. JoEtta Y. Wickliffe, Mr. Billy B. Wilcoxson, Mr. Russell Williams and Ms.
Elaine Wilson. Absent from the meeting were Mr. Paul W. Chellgren, Mr. C. Frank Shoop, and
Dr. W. Grady Stumbo. The University administration was represented by President Charles T.
Wethington, Jr.; Chancellors James W. Holsinger, and Elisabeth Zinser; Vice Presidents
Fitzgerald Bramwell, Joseph T. Burch, Ben W. Carr, George DeBin and Eugene Williams; Dr.
Juanita Fleming, Special Assistant for Academic Affairs; Mr. Larry Ivy, Director of Athletics,
and Mr. Richard E. Plymale, General Counsel.

      Members of the various news media were also in attendance. A quorum being present,
the Chairperson declared the meeting officially open for the conduct of business at 1:13 p.m.

      C.    Consent Agenda

      Mr. Miles stated that there were two items on the consent agenda:

             Approval of Minutes
             Agreement with Paducah Junior College, Inc. (PR 3A)

      Dr. Meriwether asked that PR 3A be removed from the Consent Agenda and be acted
upon as a separate issue. Mr. Miles stated that PR 3A would be removed from the Consent
Agenda and asked if there was a motion to approve the Minutes of the January 23rd meeting.

      Ms. Sparks moved approval of the Consent Agenda. The motion, seconded by Ms.
Wilson, carried.

      D.    President's Report to the Board of Trustees (PR 1)

      President Wethington called attention to the following items in PR 1:

      1. Five individuals were inducted recently into the Gatton College Alumni Hall of
          Fame. Those individuals were Barry K. Allen, William L. "Bill" Fouse, James
          Gibson, Gretchen Price and Douglas Von Allmen.


2 -

      2. The Human Environmental Sciences Alumni Hall of Fame inducted four individuals
         last week. One of those individuals was Marianne Smith Edge, a member of the
         Board. Also included were Sarah Tabb Henry, Myra Tobin, and Doris Tichenor. Ms.
         Edge received a round of applause from the other members of the Board.

      3. The UK Children's Hospital was recently ranked 28 th in the nation by Child magazine
         based on findings by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare

      4. Two UK professors, Dr. Claudia Peck-Heath and Dr. Roy Moore, have been named
         2001-2002 Fellows by the American Council on Education.

      President Wethington asked the members to read the other items in the report at their

      E.    Report on Endowed Chairs and Professorships (PR 1A)

      President Wethington stated that at the January Board meeting he committed to giving an
up-to-date report on the endowed chairs and professorships and the progress that has been made
in increasing the number of chairs and professorships and research initiatives. He stated that he
asked Dr. Jerry Bramwell to work with the two chancellors to put together the report. He asked
Dr. Bramwell to present the report on the endowed chairs and professorships.

      Dr. Bramwell expressed his pleasure in providing the following report to the Board

Research Challenge

        Trust Fund

  Initiatives Update

  UK Board of Trustees
      Fitzgerald B. Bramwell
          March 6, 2001


- 3 -

Five Year Planning Process

* Committee on Graduate Education -1996
* University Task Force on Research and
  Graduate Education-1997
  * 1997 HB1
  . Top 20 Public University by 2020
  * 1998 UK Strategic Plan adopted

Targeted Research Programs

Medical Center
* Gerontology and Aging
* Advanced Medical Research
* Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences
* Toxicology

Targeted Research Programs

Lexington Campus
* Computer Science and Electrical
* Materials Synthesis
* Plant Sciences



- 4 -

Targeted Research Programs

Lexington Campus
* Biological Chemistry
* Management and Economics
* Psychology of Substance Abuse
  and Prevention
* Geography

        Medical Center

* 24 new faculty hired
* 29 new graduate research assistants
* $2.8 million spent on lab renovations
* $295,000 spent on new equipment
* $450,000 spent on startup expenses

      Lexington Campus

 * 30 new faculty hired
 * 41 new graduate research assistants
 * $966,000 spent on lab renovations
 * $1.16 million spent on startup





- 5 -

     Graduate Student
     Support Initiative
* 105 full tuition fellowships awarded
since AY 98-99 (35 students a year)
* 724 full tuition scholarships awarded
to research assistants since
AY 98-99 (241 students a year)

  $16 million spent on
1 1 targeted programs and
graduate student support
     during FY 98-99

   $17.5 million in
 research equipment
purchased in FY 99-00




- 6 -

       Faculty Success

* Ted Hasselbring, College of
* Phyllis Wise, College of Medicine
* Henry Dietz, College of Engineering
* Gail Robinson, College of Fine Arts
* Greg Gerhardt, College of Medicine

    Endowment Program

* FY 1998, infrastructure put in place
to launch UK's first comprehensive
fund-raising campaign

* FY 2000, UK major donors gave $66.7
  million for endowments that were
  matched by RCTF (Phase II)

     Endowment Program

* FY 2001, UK major donors are being
  asked for another $66.7 million for
  endowments that will be matched by
  RCTF (Phase Ill)





- 7 -

    Endowment Program

* Before UK Capital Campaign
. 23 endowed chairs
. 45 endowed professorships

    Endowment Program

* In the last two years:
. Added 49 new endowed chairs
   (72 total)
   . Added 105 new professorships
   (150 total)

    Endowment Program

* In the last two years:
. 106 new fellowships, scholarships,
   and research support
   . 20 library endowments


- 8 -

  Industry Contribution

. 12 aluminum companies pledged
$1.45 million in 1999 to establish the
Center for Aluminum Technology in
the College of Engineering

    Endowment Program

* By the end of FY 2001
  . Endowment will be increased by
  $266.8 million from RCTF efforts

R&D Expenditures
Reported to NSF
      ($ in millions)

1998 1999


- 9 -

        Research Ranking

* NSF reports UK 32nd among public
  research universities and 49th overall
  in research expenditures

External Research Support
     Grants, Contracts and Gifts
               ($ in millions)

         1996 1997  1998  1999 2000  2001
Totals do not include Community College System.  2001 total through 2/28/01
Lexington Community College awards are included.



10 -

      Dr. Bramwell commented that a fifteen-minute presentation is not adequate time to
capture the work done by staff, faculty, and the chancellors working in conjunction with the
president to achieve the level of success that the University of Kentucky has achieved. He stated
that he would be happy to entertain any questions the Board members might have.

       Mr. Grayson asked if the year 2001 in the slide is an academic year or a calendar year.
Dr. Bramwell noted that it was a fiscal year that began on July 1, 2000 and will end on June 30,

       Mr. Grayson inquired as to what range Dr. Bramwell felt the $133 million total would
increase for the next year. Dr. Bramwell stated that he would be surprised if that number was
less than 175 million and that it would not surprise him if it is closer to 200 million.
       Mr. Reed asked if that includes gifts, as it states "Grants, Contracts, and Gifts." Dr.
Bramwell replied that it does include gifts for research and he noted that over the course of his
tenure at the University that there has been approximately $4 million each year received in gifts.

       Mr. Reed asked if there is a typical amount of research dollars that a professorship or an
endowed chair would bring to the University.

       Dr. Bramwell stated that there is not a typical amount and that it all depends on the field
in which the endowed chair occurs. For example, he said that there would be greater
opportunities in Engineering than in Opera because there are very few opportunities for opera to
tap the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and the National Science
Foundation for funding. He said that it is important to note that the effect of bringing these
individuals on campus at this point is just now beginning to be felt, and that these are not
individuals that we can put an ad in the Chronicle for and say to be here in three months. We are
looking for individuals who are very happy where they are working right now. We are trying to
get the best and the brightest and so toward that end it takes a little bit of time to get them here
and get them started. However, he expects that curve will continue to shoot upward. Indeed it
has to. If we are going to break into the top 20, we have to accelerate at a faster rate than our
benchmark institutions.

       Mr. Reed thanked Dr. Bramwell for his answer and stated that if a person in health
sciences brings a team with them and all the grants that they have had with them previously then
it would be a good purchase for the school.

       Dr. Bramwell agreed. For example, he noted that Dr. Gerhardt brought a $5 million
Parkinson Center with him and that Dr. Dietz has brought in several million dollars of different
types of grants. He stated that there are two things which take place as we bring these
individuals on board. One, they raise the level of expectation of each of our graduate programs
rather significantly. He called it a "halo effect." This effect reflects itself in the number of
grants which are submitted and the number which are funded. Two, they have the ability to
influence young minds and to move those forward into the future. He noted that our funding rate
is higher, the number of grants we are submitting is higher, and the students attending these
graduate programs has increased over the last few years.

       Dr. Mather asked to what extent has the research support that we have been receiving
been targeted towards our targets of opportunity.


- 11 -

      Dr. Bramwell responded that in regards to the Research Challenge Trust Fund I, 54
individuals were hired; 30 in the Lexington Campus and 24 in the Medical Center. There are
currently two more to be hired in the Medical Center. He noted that all of these are in our tier
one or tier two programs. He stated that with respect to the endowed chairs and professorships,
they cover a rather large gamut of different areas. The greatest bulk of them occur in the
sciences and in the business area. He said that he would be happy to provide Dr. Mather with
additional details.

      President Wethington complimented Dr. Bramwell on his report. He commented that the
report was somewhat condensed compared with what is reported to the Council on
Postsecondary Education on the Research Challenge Trust Fund. He emphasized that by any
measure the Research and Graduate Program of this institution is making major strides forward
and that the results of the Research Challenge Trust Fund Endowment Program have not yet
really begun to make a significant difference in terms of dollars being brought into this
institution. He added that they should be aware that we're building the institution over a period
of time and that the General Assembly was cognizant of that, which is why they set the date
2020 for the time that the institution was to achieve top 20 public research university status. He
noted that, in his opinion, we certainly are making significant progress particularly in the
Research and Graduate Program area and the challenge is to keep moving to make sure that
every year you see the institution getting closer and closer toward top 20 status.

      F.    Report on Historic Buildings (PR I B) & Guidelines for Rehabilitation of Historic
             Campus Buildings (PR 3B)

      President Wethington stated that the Report on Historic Buildings goes along with PR
3B, Guidelines for Rehabilitation of Historic Campus Buildings. He asked Warren Denny,
University Architect, to give the Report on Historic Buildings and after the presentation he
would ask the Board to act on PR 3B prior to going to PR 2 and PR 3A. He asked Mr. DeBin to
introduce Mr. Denny.

       Mr. DeBin stated that every year, thousands and thousands of visitors come across our
beautiful campus here in Lexington and all leave with an impression of this campus. Many of
them return as students, faculty or staff employees. Whether you've been here for a day or a
week during a summer camp or spend a career here, you have a vivid impression of UK. He
noted that PR 3B asks that the Board approve a list of historic campus buildings so that the
campus may retain existing facilities that best express the heritage of this great campus. He
stated that Mr. Warren Denny, the University Architect, is a 1970 graduate of the UK College of
Architecture. Mr. Denny has been the University Architect since the early 1980's and he is a
member of the American Institute of Architects. He added that Mr. Denny will present an
overview of designated buildings and afterwards he would be happy to answer any questions that
they may have.

       Mr. Denny stated that the University of Kentucky has a rich history and, like many
universities, the campus buildings and grounds speak to that history. He noted that out of the
348 structures that make up this campus, 34 have been identified as special based on their
historical significance to the University and their relationship to the campus settings. Mr. Denny
continued with the following slide presentation.


- 12 -

ic Campus Buildi

      i . i: 0 'l t:     g~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. " . ..... .g.g

    * Physical condition
    * Age                    '
    * Adaptability
    * Relation to historical events
    * Architectural significance

What has been lost ?

* White Hall
* Neville Hall
* Carnegie Libray
* President's Home
* Anderson Hall

Miller Hall

A criterion for successful planning is that the most
significant existing facilities that best express the heritage
of the campus be preserved for future generations.
Selective retention of existing facilities - those most
significant and best able to provide that frame of reference
for understanding the campus is the goal.


- 13 -

Guidelines for Rehabilitation

Communicate the objective
Budget for the appropriate action
Plan for the appropriate use
Maintain consistent quality of response
Establish appropriate priorities
Identify needed actions

  an investment in Lexington
* Buildings that help maintain the fabric of the neighborhood
* The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

* Buildings that helped form the original campus
* Buildings with similar and memorable architectural features
* Buildings that relate strongly to the historic landscape
* Buildings that are linked to historic campus events


- 14-

Buildings of the 20's

* An era of physical restructuring of the campus
* Buildings designed or influenced by Werner, McCormick & Mitchell
* Buildings that followed the 1919 Olmstead Plan

Post Depression Modem Art Deco

* Buildings that relate strongly to one another
* Buildings that mark an era of unprecedented growth
* Buildings that are good representatives of a particular era in architecture
* Buildings designed by Ernst Johnson


.$Ax 7i



- 15 -

       President Wethington stated that the attempt here is to identify certain structures on this
campus that we believe have historical significance. He noted that this list may not be all-
inclusive, but it certainly is a list to start from. He added that Mr. Denny has grouped these
buildings into certain categories and has explained to the Board why he feels that these have
particular significance; and, that PR 3B indicates that the Board is being asked to approve the list
of historic campus buildings and direct the administration to use the established guidelines for
rehabilitation when making physical changes to the buildings on the list. He added that, as Mr.
Denny explained, this is not designed to prohibit the Board from taking action to demolish one of
these buildings if that were in the best interests of the University, but it clearly singles out a list
of buildings which we think are valuable and important and it sets up certain criteria to be used
when focusing on change, rehabilitation, modernization, etc., to ensure that the buildings
maintain the character that they originally had when they were built. President Wethington
stated that Mr. Denny would entertain questions from the Board.

       Ms. Plattner asked if any of the buildings on the list are a Kentucky Heritage Building as
selected by the Kentucky Heritage Commission.

       Mr. Denny stated that only Maxwell Place falls into that category; however, there are
several buildings on campus that have plaques from the Bluegrass Trust. He noted that there are
obviously buildings that are recognized as valuable and the point is that there needs to be a level
of protection for those buildings.

       Ms. Plattner commented that she realized there are non-protected buildings, but this
action gives an aurora of protection and so designates them as being important to the State of
Kentucky and its historical programming. She asked if the University offered a masters degree
in Historical Preservation and whether it would be an acceptable project for those students to
work with the University and the Kentucky Heritage Council to provide further protection of
these buildings.

       Mr. Denny stated that he would use both of these resources to determine what the best
response would be to either repair or alter these building in the future.

       President Wethington commented that he believes that Ms. Plattner's comments and
questions are consistent with what we are trying to do, which is to focus attention on these
buildings. For example, he said that when he first came into office there was at least a feeling
that a decision had been made to tear down Miller Hall. Fortunately, we did not carry out that
decision and eventually got to the point where we could renovate and thus preserve a significant
building on this campus. He added that, as Mr. Denny mentioned, there was a decision, or at
least there appeared to be a decision that was made in the 60's to take down a number of
buildings including Maxwell Place. Over time we have lost part of our history. It might be that
at some time in the future the Board of Trustees will make a decision that some buildings simply
must go. This is an attempt now to point out to the Board the buildings that we think are
significant and that a lot of care and attention ought to be given to their rehabilitation before any
decision is made to alter or remove them from the campus of the University of Kentucky.

       Ms. Plattner commented that she finds this endeavor extremely worthwhile and an
important contribution. She applauded President Wethington for this effort.

Mr. Grayson moved approval of PR 3B and Ms. Wilson seconded the motion.


- 16-

      Mr. Miles asked if there was any further discussion.

      Ms. Sims stated that this effort is very moving to her. She told of her mother taking a
group of her family members in a car and driving them on a field trip to see the horrifying
destruction that was happening on campus back in the 1960's. She said that her mother cried
about the destruction that was being done. She expressed her gratitude to President Wethington
for his excitement and persistence on this issue.

      Ms. Edge asked if once these buildings are designated as historical campus buildings, is
there any type of a master plan or time line on rehabilitation of some of these facilities?

      Mr. Denny stated that there are projects in the Capital Plan almost every year that impact
one or more of these buildings and that these guidelines would become part of the program. He
added that the University's overall campus plan states that we continue to bring the Maxwell
Street buildings up to this standard.

      President Wethington added that there is not a plan for these specific buildings alone.
We do have a plan for the renovation and maintenance of buildings and when the buildings are
on that plan then these guidelines would apply.

       Mr. Guthrie commented that it's nice to have such a number of historical buildings on
campus and to come on the campus and see how the appearance of the University has changed
over the past few years to take advantage of our heritage. He added that he was here in the 60's
and that there's nothing that was erected in the 60's that he would want to see saved. He
commended President Wethington and the Administration on their efforts in improving the
University's image. He noted that this image is important because it is projected to alumni,
students, and the greater Lexington community.

       Ms. Sims commented that even our new buildings look old. She noted how well the new
Hardymon Building fits in with the older buildings on campus.

       Mr. Wilcoxson stated that he would like to take the opportunity to commend Mr. Denny,
and whoever else is responsible for building the new buildings in such a way that they look as if
they were there before and have just been renovated. He noted that several people in the City of
Lexington have commented to him how well the University fixed up the old Hardymon Building.

       On behalf of all of the people involved, Mr. Denny thanked Mr. Wilcoxson for his

       Mr. Miles asked for a vote on the motion to approve PR 3B and it carried. (See PR 3B at
the end of the Minutes.)

       President Wethington noted that Charlie Barnhart, the architect of the Hardymon
Building, is in the audience and he asked him to stand and be recognized for his efforts on the

Dr. Barnhart received a round of applause.


- 17-

      G.    Personnel Actions (PR 2)

      President Wethington recommended that approval be given to the appointments, actions
and/or other staff changes which require Board action; and that the report relative to
appointments and/or changes already approved by the administration be accepted. Ms. Sims
moved approval. The motion, seconded by Ms. Wilson, carried. (See PR 2 at the end of the

      H.    Agreement With Paducah Junior College. Inc. (PR 3A)

      President Wethington stated that PR 3A is an agreement with Paducah Junior College,
Inc., and asked Dr. Ben Carr to comment on it.

      Dr. Carr commented that PR 3A is an addendum to agreements with Paducah Junior
College, Inc., which date back to 1968. Paducah Junior College, a municipal college in Paducah
dating back to the 1930's, made an agreement with the University of Kentucky in 1968 to bring
Paducah Community College into the Community College System. The Board of Paducah
Junior College became a private corporation (PJC, Inc) which became the advisory board for the
Paducah Community College. The 1968 agreement was amended in 1998 when the management
of the community colleges was transferred from this Board to the Kentucky Community and
Technical College System Board of Regents. The amendment that is before the Board today
adds some additional parts to that agreement. Namely, we agree for a new building to be built on
Paducah Community College's campus which is the Crisp Building replacement, and it will be
funded from selling the original Crisp Building which was located off campus. This agreement
also indicates that PJC, Inc. will give the university the additional funds needed to build the
additional space for the Challenger Center and that the university will share the costs for any
major alterations to that building. It also indicates that the university will increase the
maintenance and operation monies sent to PJC, Inc. each year according to the percentage
increase of state appropriations that the University receives.

      President Wethington added that he believes these changes are good for the University
and Paducah Junior College, Inc. They do put in place a framework to handle the Crisp Building
replacement, the building the University of Kentucky is constructing on the campus at Paducah
Junior College. He expressed his pleasure in recommending PR 3A for approval.

       Dr. Meriwether moved approval. The motion, seconded by Ms. Wilson, carried. (See PR
3A at the end of the Minutes.)

       Dr. Reedy referred back to PR 2 and commented on the retirement of Juanita Fleming, a
good friend and one of the most self-effacing, long-serving persons in this University.

       Dr. Fleming received a round of applause.

       President Wethington stated that if anyone deserves accolades in this institution it is
Juanita Fleming. She is truly a treasure, a remarkable achiever, and she is hard working. She is
all of the things that Dan Reedy says that she is and she is an outstanding individual and will be
sorely missed when she retires from this University.


18 -

      I.    Renaming Agricultural Engineering Building (Charles E. Barnhart Building) (PR

      President Wethington stated that PR 5A is a recommendation that the Board of Trustees
approve the renaming of the Agricultural Engineering Building to the name The Charles E.
Barnhart Building. He noted that Dr. Barnhart served the College of Agriculture, the University
of Kentucky and Kentucky agriculture in many leadership roles for more than 40 years. Dr.
Barnhart was Dean of the College of Agriculture and Director of the Agricultural Experiment
Station for 19 years. During his tenure, the College had tremendous growth in its teaching,
research, and service programs, including the saving of a foal crop, worth $135 million, by
diagnostic and treatment procedures. He added that the Committee on Naming University
Buildings made its recommendation to the Chancellor of the Lexington Campus and she in turn
recommended it to him. He expressed his pleasure in making this recommendation to the Board.

      Mr. Wilcoxson moved approval. The motion, seconded by Dr. Meriwether, carried. (See
PR SA at the end of the Minutes.)

      President Wethington asked Dr. Barnhart's son, Charlie Barnhart, to stand and be

      Mr. Barnhart received a round of applause.

      President Wethington also asked Oran Little, Jack Hiatt, and Linus Walton to stand and
be recognized for their work in this recommendation.

      The gentlemen received a round of applause from the members of the Board.

      President Wethington stated that this concluded his report to the Board. He noted that in
the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Finance Committee, Dr. Meriwether was asked to
chair the Finance Committee meeting and that he will be giving the report to the Board.

       J.    Acceptance of Interim Financial Report for the University of Kentucky for the
             Seven Months Ended January 31. 2001 (FCR 1)

       Dr. Meriwether stated that the Finance Committee had a good meeting with a quorum
present. He noted that FCR 1 was the Acceptance of the Interim Financial Report for the
University of Kentucky for the Seven Months Ended January 31, 2001. The committee had a
good discussion on this item and it was approved. Dr. Meriwether moved approval. The motion,
seconded by Ms. Wilson, carried. (See FCR 1 at the end of the Minutes.)

       K.    Disposal of Surplus Property (FCR 2)

       Dr. Meriwether stated that FCR 2 is the disposal of surplus property. He noted that Mr.
Clay Owen gave a report on this item and it was approved by the Finance Committee. Dr.
Meriwether moved approval. The motion, seconded by Mr. Guthrie, carried. (See FCR 2 at the
end of the Minutes.)


- 19-

      L.    Consent Agenda (FCR's 3-6)

      Dr. Meriwether stated that the following items would be voted upon as a consent agenda:

      FCR 3 - Report of Leases;
      FCR 4 - Disposition of Property;
      FCR 5 - Disposition of Property;
      FCR 6 - Disposition of Property.

      Dr. Meriwether added that Mr. DeBin reported on these items and would address any
issues the Board may have about them. Dr. Meriwether moved approval. The motion, seconded
by Mr. Reed, carried. (See FCR's 3-6 at the end of the Minutes.)

      M.    Capital Construction Report (FCR 7)

      Dr. Meriwether stated that FCR 7, the Capital Construction Report, was reported on and
there was a lengthy discussion about the outline of the presentation. He added that a revised
version of the report will be presented at the next Finance Committee