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Kentucky Challenge __     o   , .   l   , .
Gees Out to   { ya _» in e as , -_   t
‘l 995 - 2004 Alumm           Q   j—· ~ , i    l
UK is competing against five other        I   · as  . l ·· ‘ i F V ,
Kentucky universities to see who can " it  as    r 4 '_   i   »  
generate the most alumni giving participa- _ _ i t   xg i ·  g   gw AV_   -  
tion.The win ( and bragging rights) goes to W; ‘  _ _      i r »-·-    
the university that has the largest percent- tg ‘ K  rr by  g_ l r   I r =_   i 
age of its recent alumni participating by   —» ii   _ ·:    ____ tr  
making a contribution,The competition is   —   j   r _. V~¤. ._   r.    E
open to alumni who received their      r au  if ·»e— -r  ____r,  
undergraduate degrees between l995 and
2004. Participation is not measured by the amount of the raising goalr rogardloss of bow formidable that goal
gifts, but by how many alumni participate. _ _ inight have been. Endowed chairs, professorships,
In addition, the UK colleges are competing against One fellowships and scholarships were established that now
another to see who can generate the highest percentage make it possible to recruit and retain the very best
of alumni participants. A running total will be available at faculty and students for UK.
www.kentuckychallenge.org/uk.html until the end of the There are still many dreams that can only be
competition on June 30, 2005. successfully realized through private funding:
lf you are among the alumni who graduated within the . We ooutiuuo to aspire to be a Mlnoo 20,, public I
last ten years, please participate! You can designate your university as mandated by tho Koutuolty
gift to any area of UK you choose — your college, General ASS€mbly_
scholarship funds, a favorite program —— it`s up to you. . We must ostablish ruoro scholarships and
Your gift will help current and future UK students and fellowships to ooutiuuo to attract tho bost aud -
improve UK`s national rankings in U S. News and World brightest studoutsr aud ouoourago tbom to
Report. That makes your degree that much more valuable. rorriaiu in Koutuoky and uso tlioir talents for
Participating in the Kentucky Challenge is quick and tho bottormout of our stato_
easy. A tax—deductible gift can be made by: •We must create more professorships and
• Calling the Development Office at l-800-875-6272. endowed oliairs to recognize aud support tho
• Mailing a check to Kentucky Challenge, 200 Sturgill Outstanding faoulty Who toaoli our studoutsr as
Development Bldg., Lexington, KY 40506-0015 Well as those Wlio oouduot tlio outtiug cdgc
Discover or American Express) to give a gift impacts our Woll_boiug_
online. • We must build new facilities that will provide
• Responding to phonathon or direct mail appeals. lecture balls and study aroas for our growirig
And, if your spouse is a UK grad, we can count both of studout bodyr arid Offices and laboratorios for
you as donors for a single gift from your household. Be our World_olass faoulty_
sure to check and see il` you or your spouse`s employer To moot tlioso oliallougosr UK’S origiual Campaign
participates in a matching gift program. You could double goal has boou increased to gl billiour to be roaoliod by
the amount of your gift. t _ the end of 2007.The state has continued to provide
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