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  · ` Attitude uf Gratitude
;, ·   yi, In this season of thanksgiving I want to express personal thanks to the many faculty, staff,
" ‘ · ·  — i` if   students, alumni, and friends of the University of Kentucky who are helping it achieve its
"" T-!   dream, master the myriad challenges it faces, and contribute to its success as the flagship
""“`“     university of the Commonwealth.
  ° We have so many wonderful accomplishments to celebrate. On measures of excellence,
A whether made by national organizations and colleagues or by the Kentucky Council on
Postsecondary Education or by our own Strategic Plan standards, we are succeeding in
moving toward the top-20 goal set in HB1 in 1997.
UK is making an impact statewide by utilizing the Cooperative Extension Service
network. which has an office in every Kentucky county, to deliver information and services
on economic development and health to all Kentuckians. Whether you’re living in the city,
a small town, or the countryside, there is something of value to be found through our
Cooperative Extension program.
Students at UK graduate at nearly double the rate of any other public university in
Kentucky. We are either meeting or significantly progressing on goals set for student
recruiting. excellence. retention and graduation. Part of UK’s Capital Campaign fund-raising
goal is dedicated to increasing scholarship opportunities at the university. Scholarship
programs like Robinson Scholars. Singletary Scholars, Merit Scholars, Governor’s Scholars,
and Governor`s School for the Arts scholars as well as strengthening on—campus academic
support programs and services. Every day UK students are doing something or learning
something extraordinary.
The UK health care enterprise has grown substantially beyond the Chandler Medical
Center. Patients from all 120 Kentucky counties avail themselves of diagnosis and treatment
in cancer. Alzheimers disease. heart disease, spinal cord injury, obesity, ophthalmology,
dental disease, and so much more. Every day UK researchers are working to find better
ways to diagnosis. treat. and cure.
Our efforts to achieve all that this university can become are reflected in the need for
specialized spaces. Some very important buildings are either newly occupied or under
construction. including the Biomedical and Biological Sciences Research Building, the
Center for Pharmaceutical Science and Technology at the UK Coldstream Research
Campus. four residence halls. two parking structures, and the Main Building, brought back
to lifc after the devastating fire in May 2001. In addition to administrative offices, the Main
Building now contains the UK Visitor`s Center, a public meeting room, and "smart"
So let me say thank you again for your support through membership in the UK Alumni
Association and your gifts of goodwill, time and money to your university and your college.
Patsy and I appreciate the opportunity to work diligently on your behalf for our alma mater.
We extend to you our holiday greetings as 2004 comes to a close and we look forward to all
that will be done in 2005.
President Lec T. Todd Jr.  
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