xt7mw6694f1x https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7mw6694f1x/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19790330 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, March 30, 1979, no. 268 text The Green Bean, March 30, 1979, no. 268 1979 2014 true xt7mw6694f1x section xt7mw6694f1x . Jolnygl-  
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April 4 Library Staff Organization, Gallery 2:00pm.
April 5 How People Use Information: Real Data Versus
Fantasy Data Gallery 8:00pm.
April 5 Employee Benefits Up-date. Employee Develop-
ment Center, Memorial Hall, Room l5 (basement
level). `
April 5-6 Tours of the Map Department
April 6 Lawrence Taylor, contemporary Music, Gallery,
April 6 Twentieth Century Art Songs; Almo Kiviniemi,
tenor; Charles Sims, baratone; Galler, noon.
April 6 Information for the Community; Student Center.
April 6 Faculty meeting. 8:3Q Gallery,King North
April 7 Kentucky Horse Park. 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
April 20-21 Paper Marbling Workshop.
Exhibits: Kentucky River Surveys and Kentucky Floods, Then and
Now; King North Lobby
Einstein's Centinnial; Engineering Library
Chicago Book Clinic, Annual Exhibit, 1978; Gallery,
King North
Harleston (editor%ARPaul Willis Martha Jane Whiuxude Colleen Holmesy

  The Library STaff Organization is planning a program fitted to the season.
I It will appeal to "green thumbs" and brown thumbs" alike. Winston
I Dunwell, Fayette County horticulture agent, will discuss vegetable
gardening and answer questions on this and related topics. Refreshments
will be served.
p Acts Education Committee
i The ACTS Education Committee is sponsoring two tours of the Map Dept. to
I be held on April 5th and 6th, l979. On the 5th, the tour will begin at
I ll:00 am. and on the 6th, the tour will begin at 2:30 pm. The Map Dept.
is located on the fourth floor of King South. To sign up, call Olivia
  Buckner at 257-3831 or Nancy Hammond at 233-5949.
Paper Marbling Workshop
  The University Kentucky's Art Department and the King Library Press are
sponsoring a Paper Marbling Workshop on April 20 and 2l. The two day
event will be conducted by Terry Harlow of Bookworks, Hartford, Connecticut.
Utilizing the water based ink method attributed to the Turks in the l5th
century, this hands-on experience includes; ink preparation, size making,
paper, manufacture of whisks, tanks, combs, rakes, and the production of
several historic and contemporary patterns of decorated papers used in
the book arts. Open to the public without charge on Friday, April 20
is a lecture on Bookworks, the lab established by Harlow. The lecture will
be from ll to l2, Room ll8 in the Classroom Building. The participatory
workshop will be held in Room 102, Fine Art Building from 2-5 on April 20
and from 9-l2 and 2-4 on April 2l. Workshop enrollment is limited to 8
and the fee is $25.00. Call 233-252l for reservations. V
UK Staff Handbook
The new UK Staff Handbook has replaced the Library Staff Manual.
Please discard all copies of the Library Staff Manual.
Dr. Dickinson at ACRL
Dickinson will present an invited paper and lead a discussion on collection
development. He believes that the faculty should be involved. His will
be the1mnning program at the Spring Conference of the Eastern New York
Chapter of ACRL May l8.
National Periodicals
The Association of Research Libraries recently presented a summary of an H
NCLIS Forum on a National Periodicals Center to the director of its member
libraries. As a quick up-date on recent events regarding the establish-
ment of a National Periodicals Center, we have summarized briefly high-
lights of the NCLIS forum. More detailed information will be forthcoming
in the next few weeks.
After two days of extensive discussion regarding the need, scope and
governance for a National Periodicals Center, there was a consensus at
the NCLIS Forum on the following Concepts:

l. There is a need for a federally-funded National Periodicals
Center set up as a new independent agency within the federal
2. The collection of this center should include at the minimum
the 36,000 titles identified as those which would satisfy
approximately 90% of the total requests received.
3. There was acknowledgment of the legitimacy of a payment
mechanism as a means to fairly compensate copyright holders
for the use of their materials.
How People Use Information: Real Data Versus Fantasy Data features Brenda
Davis, School of Communications, University of Washington. This research
seminar is sponsored by the Graduate School and theCollege of Library
· Science.
Information for the Community
The Current Issues Symposium series sponsored by the College of Library
Science was initiated to provide a forum for discussing issues facing
communication across lines of disciplines and professions. Information
for the Community is the third in the series. For further information,
contact Nancy Little, College of Library Science, UK, Lexington.
Gerontology Curriculum
While this workshop is aimed at faculties of undergraduate programs in
Education, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Humanities, Biology,
it most certainly will be of vital concern to librarians and other infor-
mation specialists. As the population ages, their needs and desires and
attitudes will affect all areas of knowledge transfer. The Gerontology
Advisory Committee of the Council on Higher Education, Commonwealth of
Kentucky presents the workshop. For futher information, contact:
Gerontology Advisory Committee, Council on Higher Education, c/o Professor
Dorothy Miller, 669 Patterson Office Tower, University of Kentucky,
Lexington 40506.
Music, Music, Music
April 6 affords two programs in the Gallery. Twentieth Century Art Songs
will feature Almo Kiviniemi, tenor and Charles Sims, Baritone.
"The Music of Michael Tippett" at 2:00 pm and"Vaughn Williams Remembered"
an Informal Reminiscence at 3:00 pm is one of the programs of the first
annual Kentucky Festival of Contempory Music. Other programs are scheduled
around the campus April 6 through April 8.
Kentucky Horse Park Celebrates the Year of the Child
Hear George Zack conducting the Central Youth Symphony. Meet members of
the Kentucky Wildcat Basketball Team. The Kickoff celebration begins at
10:00 am. The fun is from 9:00am to 5:00pm.
Have You Registered?
The Primary Election is May 29. The race for governor is "hotting up".
All Statewide offices, state legislature, some city and county offices
are in contention.

Books are closed April 30 through June 5. Applications for absentee and
special ballots must be requested early and returned at least 7 days
bgfggig election.
Circumstances beyond the control of the library are causing problems in
production. When additional personnel and improved printing equipment
are in operation, the former regular Friday distribution day will be
Basic explanation of the various kinds of benefits will be the subject
of discussion at specified times during the day, April 5. Fringe benefits
(like basketball ticketsl), employee benefits in health care, and re-
tirement are the major breakdowns. Call 7-l85l to enroll.
LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY, Baton Rouge, announces an internship program for
the l979—80 academic year. Two internships, valued at $4,700 a year,
allow a graduate of an ALA accredited School to work and go to shcool
approximately halftime each. For further information, see Faith Harders.
University of Georgia, Athens, Application Deadline April l5.
Reference Librarian, $l2,000~$l6,000, Music Librarian,$l3,000-$19,000;
Branch Librarian $l0,000-16,000 or $l3,000—$l9,000; Science Reference
Librarian $10,000-$16,000.
University of Arizona, Tucson. Application Deadline April 30, Cataloger.
Salary $l2,800.
Central Reference Librarian. Salary $ll,800—$l2,800, University of
Washington State University. Education Librarian; Salary dependent on
qualifications, Application deadline, before May l. Head, Suzzallo
Reference Section. Salary $20,000+. Application deadline, April 30.
University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Application deadline April 30.
Reference Librarian with Specialization in Social Sciences and Communi-
cations. Salary $l2,000—$l4,000. Head, Main Reserve; Salary $l2,000—
Indiana University at Kokomo. Senior Reference Librarian. Salary $12,000+
Application deadline April l5.
j University of Missouri, Columbia. Medical Library Cataloger. Salary
Sll,500 minimum. Application deadline May l.
Pennsylvania State. Original Monograph Cataloqer, humanities
Salary $l2,000 minimum. Application deadline April 30. {
University of Cincinnati, Head Circulation Services. Salary $11,382.89
Application deadline April 9.

For further information concerning any of these openings, see ·
Faith Harders.
Clerical Asst. Grade 16- Newpapers/Microtext.
A SPECIAL THANKS is due all library personnel, including students, who
so willingly and ably assisted in the Biological Sciences Library during
our water disaster. Because of your prompt and efficient assistance
many current issues of valuable jounals were saved.
Ruth Brown
Elizabeth Howard »