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" `\
Vol. lll LEXINGTON, KY., MARCH 23, 1911 No. 28 1
COLLEGE OF LAW HONORED. he weather is becoming ideal and championship to his guidance. GALA WEEK.
-——— with light track clothes on, and a Now that the season is so near up-
; Professor Chas. Kerr Appointed Cir- ;.:00<¤¤r¤"- Ev¤rv¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤<¤¤ ¤ me- my. §‘Q,’f§‘U§1§AY‘? ° “ °° ‘
regard and esteem in which he is ly interest in athletics and not only H A B bb
Fayette county. their hearts into the struggles but A CARD OF THANKS. ‘ °°°°n‘
also the students have added their in- Paul Francis'
*‘*"""°‘•'°""""" terest and encouragement. This has "'”"' SUNDAY;
TRACK PROSPECTS. given us two great teams thus far Ou T¤¢¤d¤v ”·“°"“°°“ tW° f°"l°"“ J' F‘ Brun"'
and this it takes to enab]0 us to my individuals silently crept down the O. H. Taylor,
Outlook Not Very Encouraging as much again at the cud gf me year; inside steps of the Main Building G. C. Itoutt,
when Kentucky is Once gpguggd and stood before the Idea box. They MONDAY.
Although, as me Idea has Saud there is always gomgthing that came; were the Editor and the Assistant E. L. Becker,
before, the prospects for a good track of it. It has been so in the past; it Editor. A flood of confused thoughts Miss Hayden,
year at the beginning of mis year, wm continue to bg so gn the gu;um_ and questions rushed through thenr WJ. O. Lewis,
were better than ever before, the fall. We are proud of that gghtmg gpirit minds. Would the box be empty? TESDAY.
mg on of the number of candidates with which our students am endowed Could sufficient material be collected Lee Moore,
and the Support now being given the It is the winning gpm; and by it we tobenable the paper to appear on tnme Miss Cary,
track has changed these prospects of m¤¤t ¢°¤¤¤°¥'· this _w°°k" _ _ ,H€m'}: Lyu?
may mm to very dismal cues instead. We have some vary good matgrigl \\’1th palpxtatmg heartiand trembl- \\ EDNESDAX.
How can a man coach 8 track team from which a base bal] mam can bg ing lingers, the key was inserted into A. B. Phister,
and develop ar mam to send to Bib mad€_ if only yye continue yvith the the lock. There was a. sharp click J. J. Fitzpatrick,
mmgham and to wm mum from same earnestness and may with which and a subdued creak as the door Miss Williams,
Kentucky colleges, when the meh the football and the basket ball seas- swung back. They closed their eyes, THURSDAY;
d°u.t come out and work? To dam, Ons were gone through with_ Thom then looked inside. l A. B. Haswell,
probably at the most, mu men am are some of our Old men mm Ou whom Oh joy! Instead ot the bare walls of Miss Ferguson.
showing up on Sum mold, and mpm,t_ we know we can rely, and the squad the box, there lay exposed to their de- F. T. Miles,
mg to Coach mdmgs_ wwwa the of new caudidgtgg {wks qhtto prom. lizhted vision the most wonderful SENIOR BALL: N
mama], with mst yeafs men? one man ising. mass of copy which ever greeted the 0n Decorations:
graduated out of that Inge squad and To anyone who saw the work gf hungry eye ot mortal man. There C. K. Bain,
what hu happened to the mst? Am Coach Ingles last you- there can bg were papers large and paers small, O, E. Baird,
Stllte from winning laurels on the back with us again. We feel sure News item!. ew-. all in boundless DF0- PROGRAMME:
cinder path? We have a good track that we have in him one of the best fusion- °I`h°¤ with mmds mu and W- W- St°"°“°°°·
couch out there, one that holds coaches that it would be possible arms tull they raced down South Lime Miss Hughes,
the indoor pole vaulting and the hurd· for us to secure. He tlres the team with breathless haste to the printing L. N. Wlller.
I6 ¤h8¤¤Di0¤|hiD When he attended with lite and zeal and hope and he in- olflce. In all sincerity. we desire to REFRESHMENTSZ
HI·l’V¤l‘d College So you men that spires the student body with faith thank each and every one who corr Theo Slade,
can run or want to see whether you and contldence in the team's power tributed this week. It is needless to Miss Ginn,
can do anythiug in track work. como and abiutyx H, i, me ug, of our he· say, that with such support. 'bum C, B. Merchant,
¤¤! wd WY- W! sooo ¤!el‘¢i¤e. my- roes ot the diamond and we are ex- issues" like the one last week, will not Mugtg;
WIY. ¤V¤¤ if YOU don’t UIYG the team. tremely glad to intrust our hopes for again occur. Paul Francis,

2 T I1 E I D E A   t
Ack Your Grocer for- Johnnie Foster. mouths of the year mean more work.  
, Miss (`ary. liuseball and track are at t.hetr high- `L
s . .
    l·‘L00lt: est bloom, while three class dances  
D0n,t Forget Hoe cake Meal G. (I. Dunlap. are to be given., together with much  
Made ny .I. lt. Mastin, otuei sm-tal activity.  
_ _     1)ay, -  ~°`A
L<>Xl¤*’*°“ °°“"` Mlm c°· I`t>l\lMI<}N(`l§Ml£N'l` lNVl'l`A'l`lONS: _ -.._......... \ Y?
—- -——·-—————-——————-·—·· .l. ll. Sanders, UI- -··~··—~.- ;—-——·-~~-—:.,·· Ir ··t‘I  
t'. IG. Dani Is,   I l-®t‘il>U_Ul _   my  
A ` B K ,   Iii · l I•·@§E$,$’·—` E Q   · i 2z}§1n°m¥h   Irl.hIIzh  
t‘tiS'I`l')ll<]S ANU (}()\VNSZ E ‘ ’     —'    I   N   it
GOOD FURNITURE, ti. ll. Mills, i.__,__ 7. " ._..-.;---..-i C cw  
Bliss iltuntes. .. . . . , Notch COLLARS · it
ll.t· snpliouiores in Mining ldugin- ' d
Ca,rpets_ Wall P2Lp€1° and St0V8S. i·`. R. NHXIOT. ·_ _ l6¤·t%f0l’¤5¢· €l¤<*ll.l‘<‘al>¤·ly& (7<>·.`Mnk<·r¤ Iz;
___*Ue" w_e_"__”__ Tho Arb0l~ Dayv (iommitrtee has at- ""llh¤ il"` mdklllg 8 l0l>0¤l`3Dlll€8l   ti
ready S‘,h,(.t€d thc day_ April 21st, as unzip of the (Tountry (`lub Grounds. !  
BI       the day of tree planting and the treo This work is being done exactly as  
to he planted. The members com- -nI .» . _ I. ·_ . , d d _ gf
me Tm.- that Satis§es" ,,OS,,,g Ihe ,,,,,,,,,,,m,t, W, ""] "*l:"°"‘;1' ’ ‘“ i“‘”i"§ ““ h"‘“’;1 .
- _ t·t~t: a roa s are rea e as t oug I
STEAM {md DRY CLEANING-  'Clr`3£_1{shank ~ht~y were entries in coal mines. I   Y {
159 South Limestone t·_ I,~_ Dunn. "<‘apt." Hendrickson has charge of CG, C  
. . O ·
this class and we are sure that he will ' l
•   ———~·· · —-·•·>•·—~-——-—· - 1
UNIVERSITY LUNCH STAND Tennis Acrlvmzs. ""‘i;*i“"‘l"‘:f"“P"'°"k;` _ t I l THE LEADING t l
1·`irst(`lnss Lunch and _ ———— ‘ " " ‘ ’a"’ Ssmtan "Sp°°` SPECIALTY HOUSE l
Ilot \IO_lIQ (}\\lll;i 10 the lalélloss of the (fOlll· mr of Mines, spent several tlgyg 13,51;
* ·‘ ` . . • •‘
i\rI¤ ;\IJIl   IIIQ ttul ol lllt‘ l(lP3 l3'Si week, i'l`l€ Il0· tycek at (Janne] City Where he cO“duc_   I
A. B. BARRETT I (T Ot ih? rlfums   Tgeimgg gis ted a practical exhibition in the use   1  
Cor. S Lime ani Colfax Sts. W) mm m lm°‘ ‘ S9" Q B n is ·· E l
` ( __ issue is a notice of the meeting this 0* the Dmgger Oxygen Helmets y   =
”" week. rttete is no reason why State Mr- Barr Prdpdfad a nanidn df a F
EVERYTII£Ig§i’)G EDR THE should not support a Tennis Club out mine, by burning sulphur in it, so as I mi HIGH GLASS
I ’ · ( f l`l€l` SOIHG SBVBH hundred students. I0 produce an atosphere S0 poisonous   G AND
D€V€l°Pl¤S and Pmm¤!· Th: t¥'€S€’¤t “'€l`°¥ L- H- Smith Wal' the people of the Blue Grass for it  
t€¤’ Jf‘l*0¤· J0h¤ Mal'- W· H- J8€gl°· clearly indicates that it will be a mat-
I !       and W, C' Woods' ter of only a few years until they   I  
 -+•...-.... will be sunpassed by their neighbors
t Ph 154 Y N I W S . .. APl’ROPRIA'l`E EXERCISES .... on the poor land of hilly counties. wants Y0¤¤' Di¢€¤¤'0 ¤i¤¢6 Y0U IBN
one our earn rug tore The party consisted of President h0m%S0 does your
Violin Solo Much Appreciated Barker, Dr. Scovell, Prof. Roberts, `lr
Prof. Hooper, Prot. Matthews, three S  
The chapel exercises Tuesday morn- railroad officials, two newspaper men CALL AT
' ing was in a class of its own. and the train crew. The railroad of- r , ,
` M   G & C The popularity of chapel cutting ticials entertained the University men     S  
C     0° would soon be on the decline it such and the reporters in private car of the
- I¤¤¢0¤‘Dorated a treat were in prospect oftener. Vice-President of the road. and let him help you make mother
The regular devotional feature was The exhibit car seemed to have happy and also help you to win
wm ¤· ym S·»·=i·¤>· ¤¤¤ <=···¤· ?" “ "‘g"m°'£"iI‘ ”" “3“1‘°’h‘“"‘°° “§§2tSTe§E°Zt.°K¥L%“§tZe $5 .§’é2L?}§ ’°“' BEST GIRL
in a way a A was goo o ear on C
i monument Invitations and Pyq- the way really to enjoy the years one and charts, fertilizer experients with with wma of umm
spends in college Ag proof that he soils, and instruments for the care
grams better than others. knew Whwcof he spoke, he gave bits of the Orchards At one Gnd of me Us-lg-D{\TE Pi1OTOS
from his own experience in college. ear were the two dairy cows, one rep- pe- a "· °' t° ’ ments-
N0. 152 West Main Street The climax of the occasion was the reséntirlg a 8006 type and the other 8 {W WEST MAIN ST. Fm Phone l635x
artistic rendering of two violin solos bad     along the road the peo`  
L°xi¤gt°n’ Ky' by Mr. Tyler Watts, accompanied by P19 Wanwd to $96 J¤¤9 B€8·¤U€'S Rose OVIZR 68 YEAR?
p,·0g_ wheelely who had been so widely advertised by EXPERIENCE
hem-d_ Exquisite {S the word, for- ev- and beautiful cow. and when they left
ery tone had a delicate individuali- the train they at least realized as they
    ty_ had never before, what a good dairy
To have missed such an opportuni- COW leeks lik€·
    ty_ is just Cause {Or wgree The lectures of Prof, Hooper on TnB)€sgI|::K·
, , , animal husbandry, Prof. Roberts on di k I §>or;vdnt<:a1·?&c.
The only fiygt Clagg shop in Lcxinggon AGRICULTURAL NOTES- &g'l‘Oll0l'l'lY, and Pl`Of. l\l3.IIhQWS 011 qi$tEl5(;n:s:·g?ta1i:e:n:r Fnfliitixz frggc;vm·t(ln:;n:K
Y] P . ·d ·· — '·]t» horticulture seemed to have opened iixrtigltgmtismigszmtwiwtmighoduimealtlggtf
a C Unlpd Ou] ;iSpe$:ld 5. _ . . _ _ ‘ _ V I B\:t|( YFBB. lgtltill tl 9llCY.fU\‘ BBCUIIIIK |JlAl8lllI. ·
_     Prg)pr|e[()[ The D€D&rtm@nt of DOm€$U(’ SCIQYNQ Illti 9yQS ot H10 ])90pl€ to the Y8.CI, that lrateiitatvtukeritghrtéulgélx Muiiutg Cu. recelvt
. has Only been connected with the Ag- the solution of their hardest problems www no m’w Ou c mm u 8
  ricultural (`olIege for a short time and lies in agricultural pursuits and that    
it is now making the most rapid pro- the appreciation of a few scientific QIm{mj‘][Q°J{;';§f;;Q{§g§f]‘§m; ¥1·.’;§'f'f`jf,‘Q}';
  grpgs of its history. Many new S“b_ ideas would l.(,det,m [hgh. land which tear; fouriuontl1s,|L Su•.lbyullt1ewstl•·eilers.
jects are now being taught in this de- has been rendered almost worthless   §mc0.3°l:B'°.d"Q    
Y partment. One class is making a by the washing away of the soil.  lc c°`626 St"W°° m_“_°°l_l`D'("
’ wonderful study of how proposals are
4 made and the following interesting THE TARIFF TINKERS `
data has been collectedt   —
lt has been found that there are on- (ny A_ it in-uy; · `
A]W3.yS thi! BGSC SIIOW. ly a few kisses exchanged but that The t;irit`t‘ is il funny thing. as funny l _ · `
· · h·‘¥‘f‘ 8¤’*‘ many 9mbY‘R<‘€’S in N1? WPG- as can be· it always needs some tin— l`
· a s t , ' · ~ V ~ A n ——
; Alw y (gc Same Pufc dint: proposals, and that during this keying, np gg it Seems to me it nl E    . _ »  ~ t» ·  _ “  ,,._
J nways eau A ways Good- ceremony thirty per centi press the ways is a little low or just a tritle @·* ` as  { · '
mm 0ut`mk°d— 'fi"K" "' "`Ti" “'Z”"""" “ ‘'‘‘` ""i`, ‘i‘`'‘‘ ‘ "‘**‘· "f‘j’ " ```'` 'Y"" "Q’l  ."’* SHOE MAKING AND REPAIRING
. Never outdone kiss the lhead. two per cent, kiss the they raise a hue and cu. Ihey tatlse AH \`m,k Fiysl HMS uml mm.:lmu_d
S Shows Dau _3:00 7:30 : · hand, thirtv per cent. conclude their tt town and lower it up to suit tie (gn-e,,,,_.;U-u|1_
y ’ ’ 9 00 agony with an embrace, tive percent. voting weather, and have the tiscul 2];; pg EASI MMM gmggr
TRY T0 GET IN- fall on their knees and beg for mercy, proceeds avr-rat:¢‘ UP Y¢>t;eilier_ Some Ncar o tot`t`ice

 4 T H E I D E A ; ,
    Q dled away, but the smoke still ming-     ‘
· led with tho mists of early morning  
Published evo,·;· Thursday by the student body of State University ot Kentucky, OVBP OD YVIDBIOW, 8.11 old black _ 
for the benefit of the students. the faonlty and alnmnap ot that nmammyn pulled the bandsun kemh. or _
Institution. _ _ _ _ H h d
_   lot farthei over the gray-\\00 Y 98 ,
·   · fl Li- ltxaiis 88lt ' _ 4
d\1l'i'i[l`;IIilI1;D($g.$9:§; tpsalgnlciigl Cnh(i:?vfs;:)dbr,i;;t0iS §geKi\'; ;i$;sC(.i}i€’g€n(l`l0\‘\'Q of K€n\UCk)‘. and muttered   her toothlcss      
In addition thereto it gives items of i¤t¢*¥‘€*St conccring other universities and gums, while her eyes grew wide with   V
                ude           7*-747 5-Ki W ra 44 r7·_“• A_"*_
Entered at Lexington Post Ofticens second class mail matter. ‘
wim, H, TOWNSEND, Editor-1¤-cine:. MQW Rmgll @Xi{@I”d$   ·
· ' ' ..... .........• ............ .. ......... A .i.t. { Edit   I
Ip)? I"'x1'{ii\~§lii§}.`.`i[i[`:ii ..... 4 .......... , .... . ......... . ....... iiincniilc ming;
E'.   ABIECRER ........ . ............... . ..... . ........ Assistant Athletic Ediotr 4
s, c. EBBERT. Business Manager O     4 _
F. L, MARX, Asst. Business Manager. J. B. SAND1£Rb, Asst. Adv. Mgr, HONES · _
THEO. SLADE, Advertising Manager. W. A. LURI'1·.Y. Asst. Sub. Mgr. P _
V. L. DOWNING, Subscription Mgr. E. J. KOHN, Asst. Sub. Mgr. New 1312 Ow 236   1 I  
This issue of The Idea was pre- The next issue of The Idea will be ___ t
pared by the following members of prepared by the following members ot • ·
Thy Idea Stat; The Idea Stat: <   i
R. B. S¤··»¤·»¤»~·     ¤¤g€··~ Bayless z
R. T. Taylor. .1. U. Lewis, ,
Miss C¥€<> Gillis- *'· “· H“‘""iS°"· M t C C Everything for (*011oge Men
H. S. McKenney. A· V- Hall. 0     0• ‘
Miss Addie Dean. from head to foot- .
  " y
THEN AND NOW. "Thoughts Suggested by a College Ex- The Place the Style Comes from ’
Several weeks ago, when Kentuc· aminati0u:" "I—ligh in the midst,   t ____
ky’s great author, John FOX, JI', g8V6 Surrounded by his peers, a e
a reading in our chapel, he afterW&l‘dB Magnus his ample front sublime , , ' | ° H E   "
commented quite favorable upon the appears;  
freedom with which everyone seemed Placed on his chair of State, he seems {
to express their appreciation, and a god,   , i
upon the absence of that cramped While Sophs and Freshmen tremble 7HE COLLEGE MAN S STORE  
restrain which formerly was imposed at his nod." K K Cb L st u ,98 _ _ Munn  
in most all colleges, on the student But the instructor of today, is in the   y ul ` n I. I-
body. majority of cases, bound to the stud- _ _ _ I
This is indeed a compliment. It ent by ties or real friendship. There Ofiors frce iuzfwn 111 all dGD81'I·  "”L""""
not only shows that the old, made- is no cold, impassable barrier be- ments except Law to graduates of
quate customs are passing away, but tween them. The professor has dig. Kentucky High Schools who 3I'€   _
also that the more modern theory covered that by appealing to the nob- prepared to enter the Freshman
of discipline which now prevails in le qualities which exist in everyone, Class. _ l
all the best institutions of learning in a greater or less degree, he can se- Each county ln the State 1_S BD-   gmm : *
is proving successful. cure better results than by resorting titled to send FREE of tllltloll, i ,
They no longer attempt to guide stu- to the old, brow-beating methods. matricniation, laboratory and oth- DN   Q i
dents in the paths of right conduct The student no longer regards the er fees, one or more appointees. g ¤
by 10ng lists of categorical l‘Ui€S 8Dd iI`lSil’UCf.Ol‘ 8.8 all €Xi.l°8.0·YdiI18,l‘y p€l‘S011 Ngccggayy gxpgnggg y]](w(]€ra[c_    
regulations. They realize that th0:€ of immortal origin, sent by some av- For full information regarding   •  
in attendance·ha.ve Out-grown t 6 enging Nemesis to torment the exis- appOint9€S` courses Of Study, cost  
youthful frivolity and thoughtlessuess tence of unfortunate human beings, Of bmrd etc apply to
of high school days, and have become but as a friend, who, having stored his }i S EARLIER   for the Genlline
men and women with a well balanced mind with useful knowledge, is in a ' ` ' ‘ PRE%li)I_wT
sense of honor, instice and propriety. kind, earnest manner endeavoring to `· " ` »  
Now here at K S U We go to impart it to others Lexmgtom ki"
t·hapel--e—that is most ot ns do. and Still another proof of the wisdom      
when 11 speaker utte-rs s¢·ntiin<·nts in appealing to one’s sense of honor 1 . IB k
which meet our approval, or gets 0iT and manhood, instead of attempting If You “·_mt Under Favmc Ramona dn
a good joke, there is hearty applause to accomplish the same end by rigid i   v  
with an occasional half-suppressed rules, is found in the now orderly 1>I·in(0(]f\]utu.]· l_.im_St Haircumng and Shaving i
yell from some enthusiastic brother passing of lla1lowe’en. _ _ _ _ },_u_lUr in the Cm, ·
‘•· sense of humor is S0m<·Wl·=·¤ In days gone by, it was the custom “ }*]*“h (»"'**I’*‘]S AH*"m"" ' ~
····ener than the average. On. the to adjure with greatlsolemnity, the “·c klmw “_h(_I_(_ vm] wm ud it
contrary, when the above mentioned students on the morning before Hal- * ‘  
syswni ot tlist·ip1in¢· was in vogue, l0we‘en, not to place "Old Beck" in
there were times when men failed to thc chapel; not to tire off the cannon, Vl‘[lI"      
receive the proper welcome from the and so forth; and to all this they '  
student body—·not because of any lack merely looked wise, but like Joel   t &   h       _
of appreciation, but because of the un- <`l>ztn·il··i· |izm·is`s "lh·¤· l·‘ox," said   C a . S ° Everything first-class to eat.
certainty as to the approval of the nothing. CINCINNATI French Drip Coffee; Oysters any
faculty concerning any demonstration 'l`wcnty-tour hours later when the Style ut it momgntfg noting The
which might be made. janitor opened the chapel doors for only fjpspcjass Lunch Cnnntgr in
Aiiotlitw <·xitl<·n···— of this npnard thc morning services, his ears were U __ the south cud Of the city_ Open
trend, is the relationship which DOW :t·t—e·ted by the discordant "hee-haw" Un (iliiy iilili i\lll