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     Minutes of the Regular Quarterly Maelting of the Board of
Trustees of the University of Kentucky for Saturday, May 31, 1924.

     The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky met in
regular quarterly session in the President's office at the Uni-
versity on Saturday, May 31, 1924, at 11:30 a. m.   The follow-
ing members were present: Governor W. J. Fields, MvcHenry Rhoads,
Lewis Lebus, H. M. Froman, Robert G. Gordon, Richard C. Stoll,
Rainey TU Wells, Frank McKee, W. H. Grady, and J. I. Lyle.
Frank L. MoVey, President of the University, and Wellington Patrick,
Secretary of the Board, were also present.

     The minutes of the April meeting were approved as published.

     1. The Report of the Business Agent.   The report of the
Business Agent. was read and incorporated in the minutes.  The
report was as follows:

Statement of Income and Expenditures
           Month of May, 1924


General Fund Income
  Federal Appropriation
  Vocational Education Board
  General Education Board
  Special Agricultural
  State Tax
  Interest on Endowment
  Interest on Liberty Bonds
  Student Fees
  Student Fees - Veterans
  Student Fees - Summe r
  Student Fees - University
    High School
    Student Fees   University
  Miscellaneous Rece ipts



  1, 700.00




, 3,624.00



  To Date




    18.25   50,311.51

    5.06    6,476.42



   678.95    9,870.40
 1,151.67    3,889.23
   164.00    3,788.00
18,843.16  560,112.78


   Administration Expense
   Additions and Betterments

111,325 .36
31, 325 .14


-32 .-651 e51

Excess of Income over Ex-
pendi tures

40,950.68  (33,341.30)  7,609e38

Patterson Hall.
  Miscellaneous Receipts
  Room Rent - Summer School

   Additions and Betterments

40,829.91      540.50

43,208.38      540.50

29 704.16    3,819.00
   242.50      293.70
,!29,946*66   4,112.70

41, 370. 41


   Excess oL Income over Ex-

General Fund Income
General Fund Expenditures

13.261.72   (3,572.20)  9 689.52
             .      .~~~~~_ M.J

530 .265. 60

19,383.66 603,861.66
56.297e16  586.562.76

Excess of General Fund In-
come over Expenditures
Excess of Receipts over Ex-
penditures for General
Ledger Accounts

54,212.40  (36,913.50)



Excess of: Receipts over Exa
penditures for the fiscal
year to date - General
Fund                       71.386.27   (29,949.30)  41J436.97

Excess of Receipts over Expenditures for the
fiscal year to date - General Pund
Cash in Bank July 1, 1923 - Gener4l Fund
Cash in Bank May 31, 1924 - General Fund

Trust Fund Income
   Student Loan Fund
   Special Scholarships
   Civilian Rehabilitation
      Total Income
   Student Notes Paid
      Total Receipts


. .259.00

41 ,436.97
(77,568877 )

   35.51   2,575.11
  521.10  .Es:_63
  556.61   4,918.41
  3478.50  5 737.1
1,035.2:1  10,O-655.91




Expend itures
   Student Notes

Excess of Expenditures
over Receipts


Excess of Expenditures over Receipts for
fiscal year to date - Trust Fund
Cash in Bank July 1, 1923 - Trust Fund
Cash in Bank May 31, 1924 - Trust Fund

  (555.99): (I .557.70

           -11 .490.36)

Experiment Station Income
  Hatch - Federal Appropria-
  Milk and Butter - Cash
  Beef lattle Sales
  Dairy Cattle Sales
  Sheep Sales
  Swine Sales
  Potltry Sales
  Farm Produce Sales
  Horticultural Sales
  Seed Test
  Fertilizer - Fees
  Public Service - State
    Public Service -
    F'eding Stuffs - Fees
    Adams - Federal Appro.
    Serum - Sales
    Serum - Virus Sales
    Serum - Supply Sales
    Serum - Miscellaneous
    State Appropriation
    Creamery - Lidense Fees
    Creamery - Testers Licenses
    Creamery - Glassware Tested
    Ky. Jockey Club






15 ,000.00
'3?931. 76
188 940 * 97

15 ,000.00

1,024.26   12,431.32
  618.32    5,226.61
   15.60      902.74
  273.83    2,926.43
  488.15    2,677.18
  10.00      608.75
    2.00      125.00
  2 11-17   3,967.44.
  42.00      391.95
8,648;75   40,271.25



3,310.56  48,847.29
  339.17   5,314.39
  24.10      218.70
  4.00       70.18
    3.40       49.50



   415 .20
228 .736 .74

   Expense                    194,066.27
   Additions and Betterments   17.478._42
      Total                   . 11 544.69
   Excess of Expenditures
   over Income              ( 22,603.72)


17,680. 71

215 ,691.77
17 967.98
23-3 659 75

(4 ,923.01)


8 854.50

1 ,591 .10

9  480t;:.50
12 .213. 61



EXcess of Expenditutes ooer Income for the
fiscal year to date - Ekperiment Station
Cash in Bank July 1, 1923 -"Experiment Station
Cash in Bank May 31, 2924 - Experiment Station

Extension Division Income
   Federal Smith-Lever
   State Smith-Lever
   edaeral Supplementary
   County and Other

61,670.93  70,175.41
4,569.15      425.00
263,582.31  70:.600.41

45 103,o93
4 4994-.15

   Expense                   280.492.55   29-404.32

309, 895.87

Excess of Income over
Expenditures             (16,'
Adjustment of Accounts
Previous year's Fed eral Smith-
Lever balance transferred from
surplus to current year's ::.
Income                    (6.:

)10.26 ) 41,196.09


L41.04   _




Excess of Receipts over

23.051O.28) 41,196.69   18,145.41

Excess of Receipts over Expenditures
for the fiscal year to date - Extension Div.
Cash in Bank July 1, 1923 - Extension Division
Cash in Bank MVay 31, 1924 - Extension.,Division

  General Fund Income       584,478.00
  Trust Pund Income           4,361.80
  Experiment Station In,- me 188,940.97
  Extension Division Income _3W582.31
     Total                 1.01.363.08

5enerdi 4un& Expenaitures  530,265.60
Trfist Fund. Expenditures     1,7(8.01
EBteriment Station Ex.     21l,54/1.69
Extension Division Ex.     280 492 55
Excess of Income over hx.    17,292.23

19,383.66 603,861.66
    556.61   4,918.41
 39,795.77 228,736.74
 70,600.41 334,182.72
130336.45 1.12.699.53

56,297.16  586,562.76
    641.10    2,409.11
 22,115.06  233,659..75
 29,404.32  309,896.87
I18tT78T.4   39,17.4-9
21,878.81    39,171.04

lktss of Receipts over
Expendituras for General
Ledger Accounts
Ad jstment of Accounts
Pe yabl e
Student Notes


(8 .854.50)

7,442.70  23,734.53

     .60         .60
 (950.00) ,   (9.804.50)

(40 ,923,01
45, 24D3 i, 9

18,145 .41
10 .87.01



Excess of Receipts over
Expenditures for the fiscal
year to date - Combined

24t729,56   28,372.11  _53Xlf1.67

  Excess of Receipts over Expenditures for the
  fiscal year to date - Combined Fund                53,101.67
  Cash in Bank and on hand July 1, 1923 ,Combined
    Fund                                              (61,427.60)
    Cash in Bank and on hand May 31, 1924 - Combined     ,325.93 )
    Abstract of item shown on Statement Income and Expenditures
as "Excess of Receipts over Expenditures for General Ledger
Accounts 023,734.53."

Accounts Receivable
Store Room
Insurance Paid in Advance
Student Notes
Miscellane ous
Notes Payable
Returned Chedks
Student Deposits
Memorial Building
Government Students
Student Activities
Basketball Building
Surplus - Fed eral Smith-Lever Bal.



   228 .10




     2. Report of the I:,tsident.  President conVey
brief report to the Board, as follows:






then made a

     Gentlemen of the Board of Trustees:   I shall confine
my report to you tca.y to two things, namely:   the building
operations and work of the Experiment Station.

     (a) The NeV Gymnasium. A contract was made by the
Alumni Association with the Blanchard-Crocker Company for the
construction of the new gymnasium.   The contract for the
basement involved an expenditure of about 019,000.    This con-
tract was carried out and the basement was paid for.    The
contract for the super-structure of the building was let for
about $60,000.   This work has been completed for the most
part but there still remains a few items before the building



is finished.   The At'-  tic Association issued notes to the
Blanchard-Crocker Company., and the University indorsed those
notes to the extent of $30,000 ; $20,000 was advanced on the
building by the University and $10,000 of this has been re-
paid by the Alumni Association.   There is $10,000 still due
the contractor which has not been paid.   This has not been
paid because there are against the building some $15,000 in
mechanice" liens.  The contractor has quit work because of
lack of funds for carrying it..:on, and it has become necessary
for the University to finish the building.   Enough  money
has been held back from the amount due the company to com-
plete the work.
     (b) Stadium. A contract has been signed with Louis
DeCognets Company for $100,000 for the construction of the
stadium.   The work on the stadium has been begun, and it
is expected that the building will be completed by September
15.   We were able to begin work on the stadium because the
Memorial Building Committee made a loan of $50,000 which is
to be paid from stadium pledges.

     (c) Chemistry Building. Plans for the Chemistry Build-
ing have been submitted by Coolidge and Shattuck of Boston.
I have these plans here and Doctor Tuttle, Head of the
Chemistry Department, desires to make some suggestions
for the enlargement of the plans as submitted by Coolidge
and Shattuck.   He will appear before the Board later in the
meeting and make a statement concerning the needs of the

     (d) MemorffijBuilding. Nothing has been done on the
Memorial Building.   It is still awaiting the collection of
additional funds before starting the work.    A number of
suggestions have been made as to the location of the build-

     (e) Ol_ Buildings.  The present gymnasium is to be used
for a women's gymnasium, and it will be necessary to spend
some $1,200 in making repairs on that building.    The wooden
structure which has formerly been used for the women's gym-
nasium is ho longer serviceable, and will have to be discarded
and used for a shop.

     (f) Changes on thj.UniversitZ Campus.   We expect to
make some changes on the University campus during the summer.
Some walks will have to be changed and some drives repaired.



        (g) The Robinson Sub-Experiment Station.   The Robinson
   Sub-Experiment Station in Breathitt County is to be opened
   soon.  This Experiment Station consists of a tract of
   15,000 acres of land, lying mostly in Breathitt County,
   given by Mr. E. 0. bobinson.   A dispute has arisen between
   Mr. Miles Back and the Robinson Company.   I am glad to
   report that this matter   has been settled, and IVx. Back
   has given a deed to the University of Kentucky for the ten
   acres of land that -was in dispute.  The work on the station
   will be opened in June as soon as funds can be made available
   from the state appropriation.

        (h) The Princeton Sub-Experiment Station. The recent
   Legislature made an appropriation of $20,000 for the conduct
   of a sub-experiment station at Princeton. Caldwell County.
   The local authorities at Princeton are now engaged in the
   purchase of land which will be transferred to the University
   in a short time.   Before finally settling the matter, however,
   it will be necessary to procure endorsement of the Attorney
   General on the title to the State University.

        (i) Publication by the Research Club. The Research
   Club of the University is an organization consisting of men
   and women who have ena-;ged in research work and have made
   contributions beyond 9:-e work they did for a degree.  I have
   suggested to the Research Club that they prepare for publica-
   tion a volume of facts about the State of Kentucky covering
   social and economic matters, such as railroad transportation,
   finance, merchandising, merchandising methods, agriculture,
   population, and movement of population, and facts regarding
   the social and economic conditions of the State.   There is
   a lot of valuable information about the State of Kentucky
   that ought to be compiled and put into book form, and a publi-
   cation of this kind would be a contribution that would be of
   considerable value.   I am bringing the matter to your
   attention now in order that such a publication may be author-
   ized in advance, so that no difficulties may arise later
   when we are ready to publish it.

     A motion was made and seconded that the report of the
President be received and filed.

     A motion was made, seconded, and carried that the President
be authorized to have the publication mentioned prepared and

     A motion was made, seconded, and carried that the President
be authorized to have plans prepared for the expansion of the
University in case the bond issue is carried, and that these
plans be printed and distributed thruout the State as a matter
Of general information to the people of the State.



     3. The Gift of Miles Back of 10 Acres of Land. President
McVey indicated that the questions arising out of the Robinson
Sub-Experiment Station had been settled and that .1r. Back had
made a deed to the University for some ten acres of land which
had disposed of all the legal questions arising out of the
Robinson gift.   w7hereu-con, the following resolution was offered,
seconded and approved:   That the BoaQd of Trustees of the
University of Kentucky greatly appreciates the public spirit of
M'4r- Miles Back and wife, of Quicksand, Kentucky, in donating to
the University of Kentucky a tract of land for experimental
purposes.   The Board of Trustees directs the Secretary of the
Board to ccnvey to Mr. Back the appreciation of the Board for
his valuable gift to the University.

     4. Candidates for Degrees. Rresident McVey presented the
following list of candidates for degrees, together with a state-
ment from the Secretary of the Senate, saying that the candidates
had been approved by the University Senate, and he recommended
that they be authorized b-: the Board of Trustees.  Whereupon,
a motion was made, second&d and adopted that the candidates be
authorized as follows:


       Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts

Sam Boone Adams
Cornelius Anderson
Arthur Lemial Atchison
Mary R. Barnhill
Thomas Gardner Bayless
Isabel Warfield Bennett
Laura Isabel Bennett
Bernice Bird
William Watts Blanton
Bernice Booth
Gladays Clarine Booth
Jamie Minerva Bronston
Sallie M. Brown
James Woodall Bryan
Estella Bullock
Clayton Callahan
Eleanor Ray Cammack
Amelia Leer Caruthers
Robert B. Clem
Rowena Wells Coates
Louise Connell
Mary Elizabeth Craftorn
Sarah Dixon Davidson

Elbert DeCoursey
Robert Robin Dinwiddie
Polly Ann Doolin
Virginia Rose Duff
Olive Kathleen Edwards
Katherine C. Elliott
Elizabeth Ellis
Josephine Ellison
Axel Robert Ernberg
Esther Marie Fertig
Virginia Jesse Foreman
Tom G. Foster, Jr.
Thomas Gilmore Fury
Oscar F.. Galloway
Edgar Albert Gans
Lucy B. Gardner
Horace J. Godbey
Mary Frances Gorey
Margaret L. Gudgel
Frances Aileen Halbert
Ellery Lewis Hall
Joseph Maynor Harris
Alice E. Hebden


Orion Leon Higdon
Stanley Ray Hill
Arthur L. Hodges
Katherine C. Hodge
Nan Hornsby
Eva M. Howell
Robert J. Hunter, Jr.
Mary Elizabeth Hyde
Virginia B. Jones
Estella Kelsall
Raymond 1. Kirk
Bertha Kraft
Lillie Huykendall
Margaret Lavin
Charles W. Layne
Prudence Y. Lyon
Anne G. Maltby
Beverly Bettis Mann
Carly G. Martin
Gladys 1'. Martin
Patsy W. McCord
Helen F. McoGurk
Mary M. McMeekin
William R. Metcalfe
Harve W. Mobley
Wickliffe B. Moore
Sara W. Morris
Georgia L. Murphey
Virginia Newman
Minnie B. Peterson
Alva P. Prather
John B. Preston
Burkett Lee Pribble
Frances Bell Price
Gwendolyn Purdom
AWallis Lynn Rainey

Francesca K. Renick
Margaret M. Reybolds
Ann Maria Riddell
William I. Rigdon
Frances Ripy
William Louis Rossie
Robert L. Sanders
Adaline Sanford
John Thomas Scopes
Mary V. Seay
John Lyle Shaw
Margaret C. Sheltman
Cornelia Skinner
Ida Elizabeth Snapp
Joseph R. Snyder
Mary A. Soward
Brady M. Stewart
Carl Franklin Stith
Leila Stroker
Charles D. Taylor
George F. Taylor
Chlora Grace Traylor
Lowell Hampton Truitt
Mary Homer Tucker
Ruth Eliza Tucker
Margaret Turley
Douglas C. Vest
Charles T. Warren
Joeline Gray Webb
Frances E. Weller
Howard J. Wells
Elizabeth Wheeler
A. J. Whitehouse
William G. Wilkinson
Mary E. Wilson-
Nancy E. Wingate
Thomas D. Young
Harry P. Young

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science

Madison Cawein
Hubert Dixon Crider
Thomas Marshall Hahn
Ben Kievit, Jr.

George W. Pirtle
Frazure B. Richardson
John Paul .Riebel
William L. Williams, Jr.

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in
               Industrial Chemistry

John William MacDonald

9 .

David Springer Nantz



                  COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE

    Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Seience in

Lilburn Allen                     Harry Burton Layne
Elijah D. Armstrong               William L. McGill
Valdon Cates Ashby                Allen Palmer Miller
Thomas Baird                      Otto Mills
Albert J. Broderick               Edmund B. Noland
David Brooks                      Mary Hanson Peterson
John Carlton Brown                John Burton Prewitt
Frank Delbert Cox                 Andrew Rabold Quarles
Vachary L. Galloway               Harry E. Richardson, Jr.
George W. Gardner,                Jack W. Stallard
John Franklin Graham              Edward Powell Tichenor
Charles Edgar Harris              Henry Russell Vanzant
Wyatt M. Insko. Jr.               Clarence Olney Warren
                                  Louis Edwin Wolf

    Candidates for the Ag')ree of Bachelor of Science in
                      home Economics

Mary lillard Adams                Catherine P. Hanly
Florence Houston Brewer           Virginia Harrison
Virginia Corbin                   Elizabeth C. Harmon
louella Cravens                   IMattie Mertelle Hodges
Eileen Bohon Fling                Sister Mary E. Morrissey
Zilpah Maine Foster               Martha Carolyn Pate
Mary C. Gormley                   Nelle Mae Riley
Sally May Grainger                Edith H. Rowland
Katherine Brooke Gunni            Vivian Stone


Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in
                'ivil Engineering

Arthur Frank Bentley
Laurence H. Burroughs
Katherine Cleveland
Hugh Raymond Creal
Elwood Farra
IHenry Lloyd Harelson
Hugh M. Meriwether

Carl Marx Riefkin
Luther Ryan Ringo
Albert Waters Stone
Clifford J. Tate
John Edward True
Milton Ferreira Vianna
Dewey Welch



Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Dcience in
              Mechanical Engineering

Nugent Monroe Barnett
John Edward Byers
Jefferson Da-.\s Clark, Jr.
Raymond Edward Clark
John Lewis Gray
William Gud-el
I. B. Helburn
James Harry Layman
AlexanderD- Lewis
John Bethel Loftus
Joe Edwin Matthews
Daniel Stuart Morse
George Russell Page
William Lawereence Poyntz

Edward Wright Fitch
Charles Emery Gibson
Charles Victor Ginocchio
Dell Mack Ramsay
Kussell Hope.: Rankin
Jiimes Raymond Russell
William Norwin Schwab
Clarence iE. Scott
Kobert R. Smith
Charles M. Spilman
Paul Kirk Stewart
Raymond A. Stoesser
John D. Taggart
Ivy Forrest Taylor
Daniel Save Wile

Candidates for t. 9 Degree of Bachelor of Science in
                Lining Engineering

Thomas Tleinh Garwood
James Searcy Henry, Jr.
Noah Daniel Howard
Owen Kimble Kelly
Earle Plain 1%1artin

William S. Palmer, Jr.
Joseph Warren Phillips
Christ Geleff Stamatoff
Charles Frederick Wood

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in
            Tvletallurgical Engineering

Charlie Hogg Cecil
Henry-Stanf.ord Jackson

Willard Edwin Kidwell

               COLLEGE OF LAW

Candidatesfor the Degree of Bachalor of.Lawn

Marshall Barne s
John Gregory Bruce
r Oliver ' alter Cain
James William Cammack, Jr.
Albert Benjamin Chandler
iobert M. Coleman, Jr.
Holly W. .Fluty
Emmett Adolph Graves
lRilliam. Howard Hansen
Thomas Weldon Herdesty

Astor-1ogg :
John Howard Xing-
Henry Bishop Mcliuen
MAck J. Morgan
ihri VDouglas Moore, Jr.
Sidney B. Neal
Lulu Agnes Northcutt
Robert Lee Porter
Julian Sneed Yeer




Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in

Iwerence Shotta Burnham
Enest H. Canon
Lillian G. Collins
Jean Crow
Mary Katherine Daniel
Fula Davis
Francis Mabry Irwin
Leola Beljle Klopp
Oliver Hayden Harris

Mary Frances Kriegel
Clifton Sigsbee Lowry
Nell Noland
Byron Mason Roberts
Virginia C. Shively
Joe Brown Williams
Lucy Lee Wilson
J. W. Snyder
Hattie C. Warner


                  Master of Arts

   Botany - William Arthur Anderson, Jr.
   Psychology - Eston Jackson Asher
   Education - Mary Beall
   Economics - Paul Parker Cooper
   Mathematics - William Robert Hutcherson
   Education - Kenneth Roland Patterson

                  Maater of 3Sconca.

   Physics - Norman f :rel Beese
   Chemistry - John Bryan Holtzclaw

             Master of Science in Agriculture

Soils - James Horace Hunter
Genetics - Joseph Holmes Martin
Plant Pathology - Paul William Miller

                    Civil Engineer

Perry M. Perkinson

John Freeman Wilson

Herman Louis Straus

Mechanical Engineer

   Otis Howard



     5. Electiorn of Officers. The following officers were
unanimously elected for the ensuing year.   Members of the Ex-
ecutive Committee: Richard C. Stoll, Robert G. Gordon, Rainey T.
Wells, H. L{. Froman, McHenry Rhoads.  Chairman of the Executive
Committee, Richard C. Stoll.   Treasurer, W. A. McDowell.   Secre-
tary, *Enoch Grehan.

     6. The Deed of Miles Beck for a Tract of Land for the
University.  A motion was made by Mr. Gotdon, seconded and adopted
:rs follows:  (1) That the Board of Trustees of the University
of Kentucky accept the deed of Miles Bc ok -nd. wife to the Univer-
sity of Kentucky.   (2) That the Bocrd of Trustees ratify action
of the Chairmen of the Executive Committee and the Secretary of
the Board in executins the deed.   (3) That the President be
authorized to have the deed from Miles Back duly recorded in tle
proper county, after affixinp the revenue stamps required by the
law.   (4) That the assignment of the lea-se from the Robinson
Foundation to the University be accepted.    (Mr. Robinson held a
lease on the ten acres deeded by M.1r. Back and this has been trans-
ferred to the University.)

     7. Chemistry Building. Plans for the Chemistry building were
presented to the Board and evamined.   Doctor Tuttle appeared
before the Board and suggested certain changes as outlined, having
to do chiefly with the enlargement of the building and, re-arrang-
ing some of the rooms.   The cost of the building was discussed
and a motion was mnde by Mr. Lyle, seconded and adopted that the
matter of the Chemistry building be referred to the Executive
Committee with the power to act and that the President be authorize
to send Doctor Tuttle to Boston to confer with Coolidge and
Shattuck regarding the plans.

     8. Liens on New    asium.    President McVey stated to t1v
Board that a number of contractors had mechanics liens on the new
gymnasium and that notices regarding these liens had been filed
with him.   The motion was made, seconded and adopted referring
the matter to the Executive Committee with paser to act.

     9, Public Health Laboraorie.     President 1dcVey stated that
Dean Cooper had advised him that under the law the University of
Kentucky received $18,000 annually for the conduct of public
health laboratories and that the law requires where funds are
available, the University to furnish supplies and containers for
the purpose of shipping specimens.    He stated that the volume
of work had grown to such an extent that it is now impossible with
the funds available to furnish the containers and supplies.     I
motion wqs made, seconded and adopted that the Director of the
Experiment Station report the matter to the State Board of Health
and ask for suggestions.



     10. Appropriations for Sub-Experiment Stations.   A motion
was iBade, seconded and aduipted that the Director of the Experimenti
Station be authorized to :ake expenditures for the work of the
Eastern and Western Lenten ky Sub-Experiment Stations as soon.:.as
funds are available from the State, which will be about June 18,

     11. Leave' of Absence..   On recommendation of President
McVey, a motion was made, seconded and adopted that a leave of
absence- without pay, be Granted to J. B. Hutson from July 1 to
September 1.

    12. Rental of Buildings for Girls' Dormitories.   President
McVey stated that two or three propositions had been made to the
University whereby buildings would be built by contractors and
rented to the University for use as womer.s dormitories.    She
matter was discussed and a motion was made, seconded and adopted
referring the matter to the Executive Committee with power to act.

     13. Printing.  The question was raisdd as to whether or not
under the State Law the University is allowed to buy printing in
the open market and pay for it from federal funds.    A motion
was made, seconded and adopted that the Attorney General be asked
to give his opinion on this point.

     14. Change in tank.  The following changes in rank were
recommended by President IdcVey, and on motion duly seconded,

     Dr. Frank T. McFarland, formerly Associate Professor of
botany, was raised to the rank of full professor and Head of the
aepartment of Botany.

     Mr. O. J. Stewart wc s raised from instructor in Chemistry to
the rank of Assistant Professor of Chemistry.

     Professor S. E. Leland from Assistant to Associate Professor
of Economics.

     Associate Professor A. C. McFarlan named Acting Head of the
Department of Geology for next year or until the return of Pro-
fessor Miller.

     Assistant Professor Me N. lipscomb raised to the rank of
Associate Professor in the Department of Hygiene and titled Uni-
versity Physician.

     Mr. Paul Boynton from Instructor to Assistant Professor of

     Professor Morris Scherago from Associate Professor to full
Professor of Bacteriology and Head of the Department.



     Miss Lilly Kohl from Instructor to Assistant Professor in
Instutional Management.

     15. Appointments.  -: following appointments were recommE-rnde
by President Mckey and on motion duly seconded:

     Continuation of employment of Robert T. Harrison as County
Agent, Harlan. County, from May 1, 1924 to April 30, 1924, at a
salary of 181.66 2/3 a. month.

     Continuation of employment of Gordon B. Nance'as County
Agent, Oldham County, from May 1, 1924, to April 30, 1924, at a
salary of $191.66 2/3 F month.

     Continuation of employment of H. S. Patterson as County
Agent, Grayson County, from June 1, 1924 tb May 31, 1925, at a
salary of 4;183.33 1/3 a month.

     Continuation of employment of Paul P. Cooper as instructor
in Department of Economics and Sociology for another year at a
salary of $1,600.

     Appointment of Miss Estella Hebden as assistant in the
Registrar's office for nine months at $80 a month, effective
Beptember 1, 1924.

     Appointment of W. W. Zwick as Associate Physician in the
Department of Hygiene and Public Health at a salary of $3,I0O
a year.

     Appointment of Mr. T. IMl. Hahn as Graduate Assistant in Pbysic.
at $200 for the year 192,.-25.

     Appointment of Mr. Benjamin Kievit as Graduate Assistant in
Physics at $200 for the year 1924-25.

     Appointment of Mir. William I. Brenner as Graduate Assistant
in Physics for 1924-25 at a salary of $400.

     Appointment of Miss Irene McNamara as Graduate Assistant
in Journalism for 1924-25 at a salary of $400.

     Appointment of Msr. Dwight Is Bicknell as Student Assistant
in Journalism for 1924-25 at a salary of $600.

     Appointment of l.Mr. Coleman Hunter as Department Assistant
in Geology for 1924-;-- at a salary of $200.



     Appointment of Mr. George F. Taylor as Graduate Assistant
in History for 1924-25 at a salary of ',200.

     16. Resimations.   "iThe f~ollowing resignations were presented
by President McVey, and on motion ily seconded, approved.

     Resignation of Mr. - 1--ian S. Smith, Assistant Editor of the
Extension Division. effec._ve May 31, 1924.

     Resignation of Il-rs. Margaret D. Jones, Assistant Home
De;hmonstration Agent, effective July 1, 1924.

     Resignation of Wel, lington Patrick-2ss Secretary of the
loard, effective at the close of the present scholastic year.

                                      Respectfully submitted,

                                         Wellington Patrick

                                           Secretary of the Board