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University of Kentucky
V0l· V LEXINGTON, KY., FEBRUARY 13, l9l3 Ng, 20
{ O
Ma_r¤ctta vs K. S. U., Thur. Fcb.12, 8 p. m.
Ou Q ea       Umv. of Lou. vs K. S. U. S t I: h   8.00
• •
Wmchcstcr Gtrls vs S. U. 8 . B . ,P. M.
l pngag pgggg CLU-. DEFEAT QUEEN CITY TEAM IN _....
By fu. the mon beautiful and €l€_ i HARD GAME Invitations have been issued for the A D bl H
gmt event of Sum Unlvenityw so- Major F. C. Leamlng, veteran head ——— Tau Beta Kake dance which will be ou ° nd" sum", Night
_ cm mum w”_ me dance given by of the composing room of the LsxIng· (By Roy Thomu) glven In the Gymnasium next Friday M H ml wd
the Kentucky MDM chapter of Tw ton Herald, wlll mums nts Press Wm] me was 0, lm ml.- {mu,] mgm at x ocloclt. ° _;h §“’°°I h t° g"° “ ‘°°°
new Pi fraternity on Friday evening Association today at 8:30 in the defeat not entirely wiped M"), and The Tau Beta Kake fraternity is game un U D g t' www tm gm.
Febm"7 7 ' Chapel. Hts subject wlll be a discus- the feud, of b composed of Senlors from the various wm phy L mm from Winchester md
. ygone days rsnkllng Varsity meets Louisville Saturda
The Gymnasium wherein the dance slon of the mechanical side of news, deep in each of wu mlpiuung hum" engineering departments and the m ht. Y
Wu held wu deconwd in brown and taking up and describing, not only the me two pmt umbenomiu of athletic dance ls given ln honor of the Juniors K
· I whim of the {ummm,. The scheme gnotyvpe. press and casting machine, fame, tm Umvcnm, of Cincinnati who are to be taken Into the hater- Thu w°°k °¤°" m°"° p”um° by
Wn emcuvely umd out by dis- ut the entire intestines of the news- basketball tum and the Sum, Umvcp nlty this night and who wlll assume the ww °f b°°k°tb°u thm h" b°°“
trlbutlng small brown ··beaus," the papw °m°°` slty five met at the Amory Saturday ’h*‘ l’l°°°" ******1** "°°“l b? uw Kumi Offered to the lover. at unt particular
symbol or the s0c1ety_ Over whffg He l' °'° °dm"`°bl° °p°’k°"· °“" °f nlght and the Wildcats nosed out a “"°““ °f mu Y°°"· puuma for sometime DML The
mms. The www was hidden by in- those kind who interspaoes his re- Newry by me Hmm of 20 to 18_ It There ls considerable speculation °u°°g M°'H°u° qmulgt ls um 'm`*°'
{aimed strands of me brown and marks with many original sayings wu 8 notable victory for the local as to who wlll be taken ln this year u°¤ f°’ Thundli NSN I¤d G10!
whim. Attached to the balcony at or personal experiences. Naturally Mskpmem to wm, fm. the vmquuhed to perpetrate the Kakes. This dance °°m° with th° "‘°°t f"°”·bl° ”p°'“
one and wu a small bam of electric hls remarks wlll be of special Interest Vu a team whose record Stands mm] ls looked forward to with great ex— mr °’ *°°d g°m°· having the dl°u"°'
lights, while at the Opmmw end wu to those interested In the newspaper as a pride to me Queen Cmp In my pectatlon, as they always give a good mm Of bdng the °"ly °°"°g° team
a large brown bent resting on the game, however, the entire student mg meh. respects to loca] baudom me danoe and this year’s promises to sur- that °v°r d°f°°'“`id the Bu“°‘]° G"`
floor beneath   the ribbons were body ls lI1Vlt€d. (wncinnnuans put up One of the st"; p&BB all {91080 of YOTHIPP YPRPS. Tll€ mnns° the Worlds Champions' The
pinned. The Press (llub Is a growing organ- Pm games Shen on the Armory nom, dance wlll commence promptly at 8 fact that Marietta defeated this tem
The grand march no by Mts. pm,. ‘“""°“· “‘° ’“°"“’°‘”’ °‘ whlch W this seam. <>’¢l¤¤k· b¢sl¤¤l¤¤ with the m¤r<*¤· ml" "°" “‘°“"“ tm stm wm. "‘°°
ahem Bedmgm md Mr. C- H. Dl benetltting not only themselves byt Loud Cheermg greeted me mums is whtrh wlll be immediately followed " hard l"'°p°°m°“ t°“igm·
4 Olbomo unt formed the umm. Im, gaining practical experience but nlsuithey appeamd ml the nom at Stfmiby the ,.(,..€m0m, of taking the pledges The Butfalo Germans have the
, umn ,14, me lat bang me Bymbaiths Un·v»»-s1t·· w-- {wl.]; tt y.tt;.·;c¤· “'hll<‘ ln Clmlmlall list .
Kl the end of the hall. mrdmny invlml m j°i"· Al l°““' lol a real exhibition of the mt game ;&¤d no one will be admitted wlthot1tI“""°k lh'? Gellllalls gave an <‘¥lllbl*l0¤
Perhaps me most impressive of an come out this afternoon and hear the   with me mxfcm in football last falllrrcsentlnz thc Drolver card, althouzn lol D88¤l¤R lllé ball that WHS ll¤<‘Qll8l·
public ceremonies IS the pledging of lecture and you may tleclde to het-om--ta, me hams of me “.H_k_atS mm it-mtorg are wptrome to mma {mated. For ten minutes they passed the
the new   B. Pkg- The lights were Flllé of US. PH"g(_ring’ the (wnchlnatialls olnprpd ‘S•8y in the gallpyy tn Order to Seegbflll VVllhOUt 8. Slllglé (`lIlClllI"|R[l mall
extinguished, leaving only B glimmer LBS! 'l`lllll`¤l‘0Y0 .l0¤~¤’¤¤ll¤¢¤· lava was Tuttle and gt-0tt_ who aided Section 1. Whoever, being a stu- Saturday night and a good game is
the 0],] men dt“pp9a_md_ the ave new A series of lecmms Of lhl¤ sort hn the local legions on to victory last 'dent or pupil ln any public school, orlexpected to result, as our girls are ln
men took their place, and the une """°"“°°d h`°"‘ time to time R°` fall. Showing apparently that they in any college. university or otherlnood fom: and can put up a good
procggdgd on its way under the bout member that the m¢¤·l¤=¤— 0f this had no mercy for the visitors, Tuttle educational institution in Ohio sup·lgame. But do not come with the idea
md Hound the hu] to break up mw Association lil`? ¤0l only h*‘lDlD8 and Scott warp in the thtrkegt of the ported ln whole or ln part by state.lthat. the nlght's entertainment will
dgnciug °0up]°s_ th°mg°lv°s· but MSO their U“lv°"’“y· attack Saturday night Theqg was organizes, joins, or belongs to anylbc over with the glrls’ game alone,
This being a program dance with A Gel the ¤Dll'll wld ll Y0U NW9 Bnyipnp mgm on the Cincinnati team that `fraternity. sorority, chapter or asso-`for the boys do not wish to be outdone
only {Ow mg dances, it was more mkllllg of J0¤*l'¤¤ll¤ll<‘ ¤·¤Dll‘¤ll0¤¤8lpu],p0y·te;~s thought would prove thplciation. of whatever name, or wlthoutlon this particular occasion and wlll
formal than K. S. U. dances usually *‘°m€ and ll€8l` lllé l€*<‘ll1l`€· ll' YOU undoing of the ]0ca]s_ and that waste name, composed or made up of stu-{try conclusion with a team repre-
are and to this chwuctcdstlv doubt- NW9 none Bllcll &SDll`ll·U0Tl¤ <‘0m€* lilld ··|kp·* gtqwarr the mnky qugcterbat-k_ dents or pupils of such public school.lsenting the l'nIversity of Loulsvlllo .
wss owed much of its charm and lest the lecture a“Y“¤y· be"““8€ all who did phenomenal playing against lcollege, nnlverslty, or other €d\1C8·j8.ll(l we may add that a good game
by me wax the programs wmugm in “'° l""""d ““d Ml am “"°1"°“"`· 3·3" State last fall. Although he was theilltllllil institution; or- sollclts snylwlll result when these two teams
mms of brown and Mmm. were very toady ln Chapel. tmglngtgy of the vtsttmg 3,ggr9gg,t]0n_ lother person or persons to organlzeqt-lash and again you are not compell-
mtmcthel l —————-·—·—· lhls attempts were foiled. [join, or belong to any such fl`8b€I'lllly,`(?(l to consult the above mentioned his-
ANTI-FRATERNITY BILL INTRO- The vlsltors started off the gamwsororlty, or other like secret soclety.‘tory to recall the defeat we adminls-
The young ladies who were fortu· » l . . l _ _
flute enough to phy a part in the) DUCED IN THE GENERAL wltlh a rush and scored two held goals   chapter or assoclatlon, shall bo deenrltered to Loulsvnlle lll. football last
pledging ceremony wom: ASSEMBLY OF OHIO. before the State ave weren ablg to ed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon fall and now_ the basketball team
l ·— score. The Clnclnnatians showed ex-lvonyictlon, shall be tlned not less comes with a strong determination to
Miss Elizabeth Bedlnger, wearing Invntlgauon wm g, Hg|d by th. ratlsnt team work in the first h¤,lt_:than twenty-tive dollars nor more than wipe out that defeat as well as for
pink cbmcm Over pink °h°'rm°u°° with Commlttss on Unlvsrsltlss which It seemed would overwhelm thelollc lllllldfvd d0ll|·¤`¤· Y0? Ncll sud PM ll\1l‘D0=*‘ of Wlmllilg l¤¤l'€l¤ Y0?
www mms; Miss Stella H°w°“' who and Collogos. local boys. But the Wildcats soon hit 'every offense, and may be suspended themselves ln this contest. \Vell,
vms beautiful in whim bmcaded ath" --—- thélr stride. and the half ended 14 to9 from Such lllllll-\1l·l0ll at the c0ul‘t’¤ they might do this, but we would ad—
curymg pink r°°°°l Mi" A““b°ll Slnce the introduction of she blll with the vlsltors on the losing slde. discretion. Ivlse you to stroll out to the A!'m0¤‘Y
A°k°r’ In °’ g°W“ °f pmt °"°p° m°t·°°' ; which proposes the abolition ol all The second half startled ol! in a ttm. Section 3. A justice of the peace, _ Saturday nlghlt and see the event for
Mer pink uu"' °“ t‘ml°· with °’ °°r`lsecret socletles ln statosupportod in- ous scramble, and it was a melee full m¤Y0¤‘. l>0ll¤• ]\1d86» 0l' ¤¤Y 0l·h€‘¤`;>'0\ll'¤6lf wd H0! Will! lll YOU? ¥‘00!¤
sage bouquet of white mass; Mlsllstltutlons, both the tratsrnlty mon of ecltdng moments until the anal court Inferlorto Go court of commonluntll some more patriotic neighbor
Ella Mm Ch°°th°m w" °h"ml°g in land their opponents have been carry- whistle was blown. The last fowlpleas. establtshol by lsw lhlll MV6 comes back announcing the score to
yelww Suk cwpe with y°u°w ww'; ling forward their orsanlzations. mmutes of play, with only a difference flmsl ]¤l’l|dl¢U0¤ lll €•¤l'¤ Md 0V9l'Y YOU-
"M Min Ku"' in www °hm°°· Represontatlvo George M. Hoaglln. of two points and the vlsitors making prosecution flor a violation of this To sum the whole situation up
°v°r pmt uml with pink r°'°'· ot Paulding county, ls the father of a desperate effort to tle the g·am•·,]act. briefly, our teams, both girls and
The buy M pretty gm. wm) f°l` llw bill- M alms It 00ll·08¤ 0l's\¤lll· kept the enthusiasts on the norvousl Section 8. Th! Sections 12906, boys are composed of earnest, con-
lowed mea l“d°" °f uw ¤`¤d'¢l0¤1¤ lh¤‘0¤8h l·¤ tmoudmout to the ssat. The whole gamo was msrkedllI90T, 12908 and 1é009 of the General scientlous members who are strlvlng
"""°*‘ ""° ‘" °°‘“"’““’ “° °“”*`|lush-school sct on the sscrst society ny the attempts ot tus vlslton to esp cons ss, and me samotpn hereby re to do their best rot- me untvsrsley
"Y ¤'°"°°d· lquestlon. lung shots from atmcult angles. v••l•¤. snd ls the nrlvlless. the duty. the cb-
7** °h*P*’°”*' "h° '° |"'“l°“17 Hou•• |||| No- lll. Tuttle put up a splsndld sa¤• at B•ctlo¤ 4. This act shall takoillgstion of every student to support
D¥•|l¢l•d ¤V••‘ ull! I'¤b•l’l¤| W•¤•¥ To abolish and pohlblt fratornltlos. . guard, anistsd by Iam, rumgr as-loloct and bo ln force from and after them. and over remember that sup-
(Contlnu•d on pass thas.) (Continued on tourth column) l m••nt•nu•d on Pan sl lths ll:-st day of September, 1918. lpout. does not moan more sympathy.