xt7n5t3fzd89 https://nyx.uky.edu/dips/xt7n5t3fzd89/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky (Fayette County) University of Kentucky 1940 yearbooks ukyrbk1940 English The Kentucky Kernel, Lexington, Kentucky This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed.  Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or electronically.  Physical rights are retained by the owning repository.  Copyright is retained in accordance with U. S. copyright laws.  For information about permissions to reproduce or publish, contact the Special Collections Research Center. University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection The 1940 Kentuckian text The 1940 Kentuckian 1940 2012 true xt7n5t3fzd89 section xt7n5t3fzd89     University Archives Marge rci I. sing Library - North University of Kentucky laexington, Kentucky 40505
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The 1940 Kentuckian is an attempt to keep pace with an ever changing campus, and the ever-increasing campus tempo.    It throws, into the background,   traditional    overworked yearbook themes, and replaces the de-emphasis with a light
art motifan arrow.   Its type faces are harmonious, making for attractiveness and ease of reading; while its makeup is new and modern, of a semi-magazine  style,   lending  itself   readily to briefer, more factual writeups, and an increased use of informal human interest photography.
MERRY LEWIS PENCE August 8, 1854; September 14, 1938
ALFRED CHARLES ZEMBROD March 2, 1864; December 3, 1938
JOSEPH MORTON DAVIS June 3, 1864; April 14, 1939
LEWIS CASS ROBINSON January 14, 1895; December 12, 1939
GEORGE ROBERT HUKLE December 19, 1916; December 16, 1938
HAL HARNED, JR. June 20, 1919; March 11, 1939
ROBERT EUGENE STATES March 13, 1917; October 28, 1939
KENNETH W. LeGRANDE August 6, 1920; November 11, 1939
JOHN WILLIS HEBDEN April 24, 1921; November 23, 1939
JAMES COFFMAN O'MAR February 8, 1916; January 30, 1940
MARY ELLEN deMARO August 12, 1918; February 5, 1940
KELLEY C. SMITHER, Jr. November 30, 1920; March 30, 1940 SECTION I UNIVERSITY
 RETIRING as President of the University after 23 years service, Dr. McVey has gained the admiration and respect of all those with whom he has been able to come in contact.
The University Training Schoolwhere students are enriched for a career as a teacher. Built in 1930. the building exemplifies modern design.
g is s s ? a         JEANNE BARr\E   Lafferty Hall, the lawyers' retreat  heavy snow keeps the students
inside. :<."''
HI a
- i
              Students keep under wraps as heavy snow blankets the campus
The Lady has a spill. TO's hav
Mary Gore Rodes, Anne Myers, and ' James while away the time in the Uot the Union Building; the two Marys Kappas, Anne is a Tri-Delt.
Ka TO's have a pinning with Jess Willmott in the leading role; Tri-Delt Peggy Weakley and KD Virginia Batterton have a mo-
the girl is Hollywood's Ann Rutherford. ment of relaxation during the Delt Bowery party.
  a a a   rV  COMMERCE William Mitchell Abraham Jack Evan Aicken Emilie Augusta Aldridge Carl Ellis Althaus Thomas D. Arkle Louise Arnett Maxwell Pringle Barrett Ruby Evelyn Baxter Leonard Bell Marion N. Berry Marvin Weil Bing Morris Eugene Blakeman Bailey Blanton Arch Charles Blocker Mary Lewis Boaz James D. Bonfield Mary Laura Bozarth Jean Allen Broaddus Harry Basil Carrico Paul Sidney Cawn Henry C. Chappell Ellery G. Chase John Hugh Chenault David Collins Carter Combs Mary Lida Comer James Elmo Conley Brooks Morrison Coons Roy Montgomery Coons John Cornn Owen Cox James White Craig Georgia Wright Daniel Robert Everett Davis Dave Pierce Dillard Carlyle Emerson Driver Floyd Dunphey Mary Kathryn Earle Frank Dewey Edwards Everett Estes Frank Etscorn James Robert Evans Julius Porter Evans Byram Howe Faris Genevieve Finneron Glenn Flannery
William M. Floyd Bradford Townley Garrison Winston Gardner Carl Garner Phyllis Ray Gerald Tolbert Clayton Griggs Hal Hackney Sonia Hagenbush Frank B. Hale Alexander D. Hall Gus Edward Hank Charles Edward Hanson Gene Harris Tyree Harris Covington Haynes Walter Earl Heucke Robert Herbert Robert Hillenmeyer Jack Howard Lee Roy Hughes
Harry Dillard Hunt Nell Jeter
Emery Hill Johnson Howard Robert Jones Eugene O. Kelly Jim LeRoy Keneipp Eugene S. Kenner John Hervey Kerr Astor B. Kinman John Morrow Kinnaird James Robert Kindvell Richard Jerome Koch Mary Bayne Lackey John F. LaNier Harold Mason Lathrem Guy Grant McConnell Gayle Anderson McCoy John William McDaniel Clifton Campbell McMullir Arnold Frazer McRae Marion S. Mahurin Henry Edward Maloney Dudley W. Mattingly William Marion Mills Charles Robert Minton John A. Moorhead Charles Henry Morris
Mildred Gertrude Murray John H. Nevett Juanita Clay Nickell J. Terry Noland Jack M. Paritz Walter Peklenk James Wallace Perry Floyd Wellman Potts John Marshall Prewitt Walter Raymond Puryear Omar M. Ratliff Edward Reinhardt Theo Renaker Dorothy G. Riddle George Joseph Riley Harry Rivard Louis Monroe Robertson Milton Rosenthaler Lewis Rowady Harold James Rucker Bernice Salutsky Dorothy Mae Saunders Louis Bernard Scheinman Walter Schick Leo Richard Schultheis Irving Schusterman Alice Joy Scott Glenn Seller Othor Shadwick J. Paul Shields Edith Shults Elizabeth Shumate Troy Edward Singleton Kelly Smither Quincy Alice Stanton Harwood Stark James Milton Stathis Kenneth Levi Stephens Ralph Stevens Benjamin Bruce Sullivan Mary Eileen Sullivan Betty Bruce Susong Willis Robert Sutherland John Stephen Swift Claude Wheller Trapp Kermit Turner John Oldham Tyler
iorty-six Thomas L. Walker William Clay Walker Norbert Ward Mabel Warneck Robert Douglas Warth Robert Archibald Welch Martha Louise Weller Sylvia West Eugene K. Whalen Dorothea Wiedeburg Marcia Willing William A. Wilson William Pope Wilson Lee Porter Witt Joseph Wuerth John Edwin Young ARTS AND SCIENCES Nancy Abbott Carey Adair Robert Adair James Adams Jean Adams Louise E. Adams Perry Adams Mary Z. Allen Arthur M. Allison Robert J. Ammons Elmer M. Antle Martha A. Archer Harry K. Arnold Margaret L. Arnsparger Ernest D. Ashurst Margaret R. Ashury Hazel D. Ashcraft Henry Athez Pauline E. Bailer Emery M. Bailey James M. Baker Robert M. Baker Josephine M. Baldauf Glenna C. Ballard Iva B. Bannister Iva Barbee Clifford E. Barker John H. Barkman Sidney C. Barnard Caroline Barrow Charlotte Baugh Jesse T. Beard Geraldine Beaven Dorothy C. Beeler Marion W. Belew
Betty Berry Donald Beverly Harry V. Bice Jane C. Birk Philip Bishop John W. Black Jack W. Blair Mary L. Blair Robert W. Blakeman Bill L. Blanton Frances Bogie Joseph A. Bohnak Margaret Boland Martha Booher Dorothy B. Boone Wheeler Boone Cranston O. Bosley Marie Brackett Jack W. Bradfute
Pauline Case Jack Casner Margaret Cassity Robert C. Cavlen Myrtle R. Chaffin Elizabeth G. Chapman Jane Chesnut Virgil Christian Virginia Clark Charles K. Clayton Laura Cleveland Van Deren Coke Bruce S. Coleman Richard H. Colvin A. V. Combs Sarah Combs John Cook
Margaret F. Bradshaw Pearl J. Braun Gertrude Breckinridge James L. Breed Betty J. Brewer Milvin C. Brewer Lucille Britton Roberta Broughton A. Charles Brown Charles Brown G. A. Brown James Brown Lucille Brown Nancy Brown Newton Brown Clemant H. Bruce Otes C. Brumfield Juliette Bryson Helen I. Buckley James J. Buckley Robert Ross Burk Roy Burnette Edna M. Burton Hubert S. Caddy Colonel L. Caldwell Dalton Caldwell Mary E. Calloway Virginia Callos Clifford Campbell Elizabeth A. Campbell Donald C. Carr James H. Carroll Stanley Carter
Eugene A. Cooper Harold L. Cooper Evelyn Cox Douglass W. Cox Willard F. Cramer Gene Ray Crawford Mildred Crawford Clara C. Crook William Crouch George A. Cubbage Elinor Cullison Guy Cunningham Roy A. Cunningham Carlisle P. Cutchin Charles A. Cutler Bettie M. Dalzell James Daniel Charles R. Daniels Betty Daniels Harry Daugherty Ralph E. Davis Leland E. Day Charles W. DeHaven Sarah Denny Betty S. Dew Douglas Dick Martha Dickstein Nerita M. Dodge Dorothy A. Douglass George F. Doyle George K. Doyle William B. Drane Carl G. Draper John L. Drummy Ruth Dunbar Mary L. Dunn Sarah C. Durr Norma C. Dury Kenneth Dutton John W. Duvall Hollis E. Edmonds George Edwards Kathleen Elerd Winifred Ellis T. Fred Erwin Aubrey Evans Howard M. Evans Marjorie R. Ewing Frank Thomas Farmer Jack J. Farris Bob Farriss Demetrius Fassas John Feamster George Feierabend Virginia Ferguson Ruby Fitzhugh Elsie Fleishman Billie Fogle James Foley Lloyd T. Frazier Robert E. Frazier Mabel Fugett Erwin Funk Clyde Fuson
Lady Gray Marilyn Greathouse Jamie Greene Sarah K. Greene Marian Greer Beverly Griffith Ronald Grogan Raymond Grubbs Mitchell Guthrie James E. Hale Lois E. Hall Marjorie Hall Ted Hall Jack M. Hamilton Henry Hammack Frank Hancock Thelma Handy
Denver Haney John H. Hankins Lee L. Hanks June Hardie Ruth Hardman John F. Harper Ann Harpring Betsy M. Ha-riss J. O. Harris Paul Harrison Chester Hawley Oscar Hayes
John C. Hubbard William A. Hudson Elmer C. Hume Russell Hunt James R. Hunter Bette Hur Betty B. Hurdle John L. Hurst Virginia Hutcherson Frank Y. Hutchinson John Hyatt John T. Jackson Frances D. Jaggers Agnes Jennings Donald C. Johns Clyde Johnson J. Edmund Johnson James W. Johnson O. B. Johnson
Agahajan William Gabrelian Dorothy Haynes
Robert Gambill Audrey Gamble Richard Gard Richard Garrett Vernon Garrison Evans Gasser Mary Margaret Gentry Marian V. Gilbert Russell Gilkey Eva Gill La Verne Gillen Bryant Gilliam Jackie Godhelff Mary M. Godman Sarah G. Goering Mildred Gooch
Mary Hayworth Billy Hearin Charles Heath Carl T. Henderson Joseph Hendricks Mary G. Henry Robert D. Henry Thomas V. Hensley Martha Hiatt Daisy Higgins Dorothy Hill John W. Hinkle Marian Hixson Dorothy Hoffeld Clois Holmes
Jane Gower Walter Granbart F. Jeanette Graves Wilyah Graves Bess Gravitt Billy Gravitt
Harriett Hord Eli Horwitt Mary J. Hoskins Geneva House Ethel Howard Mary C. Howard Flowra Howell
Mary Elizabeth Johnson Raymond E. Johnson William T. Johnson Alfred H. Jones George F. Jones E. Harold Jones Peggy Jones Ruth E. Jones Mildred Juett David Kahn Cecil Kaufman Arthur Kelley John M. Kelley Ralph A. Kemp Dorothy Kerr Barabara Kilpatrick William Kincer David W. Kinnaird Karl Kirk Gene Kirkpatrick Asa Kitchen Alice Kling Eugene Konsler Albert J. Krabill Edward Kueler James D. Lail James Gano Lail Ann E. Land Mary F. Leach Charles J. Lear William J. Lee Kenneth LeGrande Larry Lehmann
forty-eight Marjorie Moran Jack Stanford Morris Kathryn Lane Morrison Sam A. Morrow Stanley Scott Morton Thomas Mucci James Murray Len Loring Murray James Reuben Myers John Carlisle Myers John Phillips Neely, Jr James Leonidas Neill Wharton Nelson Mary Elizabeth Newell June Virginia Nicholson Alfred Dearing Nicholson Jane D. Noble William Oiver, Jr. James Coffman O'Mar James Orndorff Joan R. Osborn Anne C. Overstreet
Joseph E. Leonard Madelyne Levy David Little William N. Logan Herschel Lowenthal Robert C. Lundquist Thomas Lutes Ruby Lynn Emma Lyons James Lyttle Laura Darling McCcnathy Hersel Florence McCoy William Newton McCrasky Miriam I. McDowell Joseph McGinnis Eunice Mcintosh John Kenneth Mclntyre Trilby McKeehan John Sidney McLellan William McLellan Joe McMillan Sam McMillan Charles Rankin Madison Daugh White Mahan Miriam Virginia Mangum William David Mar,, Margaret Elizabeth Marks Mary Kathryn Marshall Ursula Joe Marshall Darwin Joseph Martin George Clarke Martin Elizabeth Logan Martin Mary Elizabeth Martin Chester Robin Martin Glenn E. Martin William Bryan Martin Erby Lee Massie Wesley James Mastin Nancy Claire Maxwell Mary Nell May Bobbie Kiser Megibben Muriel Rita Meiselman Jane Gordon Meyers Charles Harris Michler Thomas Miles Elizabeth Miller James Robert Mockbee Glenn Elwood Mohney John Moler
Robert Keith Montgomery Billy Hudson Moore Swinford Deming Moore
Betty J. Pugh E. Rosalee Pumphrey Betty Ann Queen Henry Ramenda Jack Ramsberger Marjorie Randolph Mary E. Ratliff Bettie Reddish Lee Redmon Bronston Redmon Mildred V. Reeve Frances Louise Renfro Robert M. Reusch Henry E. Reynolds Marjorie J. Reynolds William Reynolds Thomas Rheajr. Louise Riddell Brom Lewis Ridley
Willard A. Overstreet Betty C. Paddison Janet Palmer Mary C. Papania David E. Parker James W. Parker Chester Pedigo Horace Pendleton Olga Pennebaker Ada C. Perkins Marjorie J. Perry John W. Pfeffer Arville Phillipps Robert R. Pierson William T. Pinkston Margaret L. Pitman Martha F. Poe
Lorene Poisal Frances Pollock Tom Poole Emma Bell Porter Fletcher S. Porter Bette S. Potts Lloyd H. Powell Luther Powell Mary S. Prather Glenn A. Price Mary R. Pry or Jennie C. Puckett Seymour Pudding
Sue Riley Mary L. Rion Anne Ritter Helen M. Roach Lily Roach Marie Robards Mary L. Roberts Mary E. Robertson Ella B. Roby Janet Rodes Joyce Anne Rogers Charles R. Rose Irving Rosenstein Joe H. Ross David T. Roth George Roth William Routt Elinor Rounsavall Perry Arthur Rowe Ralph Royster Leah Rudicel Charles L. Russell Amy Rutherford George Ryan, Jr. Judith J. Ryley Phillip R. Sallee Wilma Salmon Buford Salyers Jane Sams Leighton Sams William Sanders Charles Sargent Paul Savage
forty-nine Charles Schifler Ida Schoene Warren Schweder Robert Seaman Frank Sebree Margaret Settle Cyril Shadowen Gordon Lee Shaw Monroe Shepherd Buford Short Jessie Shuckman George Silliman Charles Sither Frank G. Skillman Agnes Smith Ethel L. Smith James Smith Marshall Smith Vivian Mae Smith Patricia Snider Robert Snowden Howard Southwood Constance Sparks Ann Spicer Margaret Spicer Mary A. Spilman Antoinette Stabile Joseph C. Stallard Louis Stamper Thelma V. Stamper Lucille Stanley Brice Steele Siles Steele Chares Steinfort Ross E. Stewart Joseph Stites Joel L. Stokes Gene B. Stokley Richard Stoll Robert Stone Marion E. Stratton Marion Street Cofer Sunderman Eva Suter Jane Swartz H. E. Tanner Robert L. Tanner Lillian Tate Francis Taylor Harry Taylor Jack Taylor Joan E. Taylor
John Taylor Theresa Theiling Harold Theobald Jack Thoman Houston Thomas Shirley Thomas Dolores Thompson Margaret Thompson Marjorie Thompson Mary Thompson Norma Thompson Roger G. Thompson Julia Thrasher Milton Ticco James C. Tobin Gladys Towery William Traber
Marjorie June Wyatt Richard Joseph Young Louise Hester Young ENGINEERING Bob V. Abram R. W. Alexander I. C. Anderson J. F. Atkins, Jr. Cecil Ballard D. E. Barker K. C. Bass C. N. Beck Daniel Benchart W. L. Blythe J. B. Borders
Harold Trader Claude Trapp Edward Traylor James Trice Henry Clay Valentine Betty Smith Valentine Jeanne VanCott Arthur Vogelmann Charles Wade Charles Walker Mary Jane Watt Gene Weatherford Marjorie Webb Paul T. Westerfield Kathryn Wetherby Patricia Wetherill Anna Sue Whalen Peggy Wheeler Lynette E. White Horace Wilder Emily Wigginton Rosetta Wiggins Lillian Wilee Berta Williams Frances Williams Hazel Willis Estill D. Wilson Jay W. Wilson Louise Rodes Wilson Robert Wilson Ellsworth Winn Clark Wood Helen Woodrum Kate Woods James Wooldridge
N. F. Botts W. A. Bowling Aubrey Boyd F. G. Brady, Jr. R. W. Buffington S. L. Bugg C. S. Calvert R. J. Calvert W. M. Campbell W. J. Carroll G. P. Casper John W. Cassidy A. L. Chambers Kindel Clark Joseph Clements Howard Coffman P. J. Cohen David V. Cole J. M. Cole W. S. Costello J. R. Cowherd Douglas Cox P. R. Cramer R. N. Crapster B. E. Craycraft G. A. Cundiff J. J. Curtis, Jr. W. D. Danks T. L. Davidson J. A. Dearinger Martin E. Delaney G. G. Dixon G. A. Dodson J. M. Dooley C. W. Downs David Dunn W. R. Edmonson
fifty R. J. Eschborn Joseph A. Eyl E. R. Ferguson Alex Fielder, Jr. B. W. Floyd Phio Foley Billie Glass James E. Gonyer Gus E. Green K. R. Grunewald T. A. Guthrie
C. H. Hall M. R. Hawkins
D. H. Heaton J. W. Hebden G. B. Helton C. B. Hill, Jr. J. S. Hinton, Jr. R. G. Howard P. W. Hunt J. A. Irvin J. P. Jackson R. D.Jones J. M. Karandy Wilfred Kelly P. T. Kemper W. P. Kemper James Kindrick E. J. Knepfle P. A. Laine, Jr. Kenneth Lawrence W. T. Liles R. B. Litsey, Jr. Walter B. Lowrey R. R. Luffler O. G. McBreath R. D. McKitrick J. B. McNamara L. P. McNeill A. F. Mayer A. R. Mann Maurice Mitchell
D. W. Moore Stanley Moore
James L. Morrissey G. P. Mundrane A. C. Nichols W. R. Nickel W. E. Nolan L. T. Ockerman S. C. Pace C. H. Paris
G. R. Parsons B. L. Patton W. T. Perkins W. R. Peyton H. J. Phoenix Junior Phillips Jewel Piper Thomas Price, Jr. G. J. Rappleyea Jack Raybourne, Jr. W. H. Rayburn W. A. Reese N. O.Rice Bill Richardson J. C. Rinehart J. W. Rogers
J. L. Rogers Tom Rogers D. L. Sallee A. H. Sawyer Edgar Sawyer W. W. Schick James Schreck P. R. Schule O. L. Schultz W. L. Shaw D. A. Shearard J. P. Sheehan R. D. Short, Jr. A. E. Smith C. D. Smith C. G. Smith P. L. Southern V. D. Splane Paul Spurlock W. C. Staley J. A. Stewart R. C. Stone Jack Taber C. L. Thomas L. H. Thompson Clyde Tipton, Jr. G. R. Turner
Joe R. Twinam J. B. Walters, Jr. W. R. Ware, Jr. J. A. Weaks W. W. Ward W. H. Webb John Wiggin B. W. Wilson J. N. Wilson
Claude Wiseman, Jr. P. G. Woolfolk G. O. Wymond Robert B. Young L. J. Zimmerman C. A. Zoellers AGRICULTURE A. P. Adair Leonard B. Allen, Jr. Lynn Allen Vernon G. Alexander Joe B. Arnold Ira G. Barton Kenneth K. Bell Evelyn Berryman William E. Bewley Ermen L. Boyd William F. Boyer Melvin C. Bradley, Jr. James Maurice Brumback Robert O. Burke James H. Casey Henry Clay Caswell Carl Wade Chester Arthur W. Cisler George W. Close John Coldiron David G. Collier Clint R. Collins Sam B. Coppock James E. Corbin Robert E. Courtney Holton R. Craig Clark Cramer Jane E. Cramer William B. Cropper James Crowley Raymond V. Cruce George L. Cunningham Ward T. Darnell, Jr. Charles W. Dawson Beattie M. DeLong Scott Dickstein James S. Dinning J. C. Dowden William L. Duggins Francis E. Ekart Reid B. England Harold J. Evans William R. Eyl Armstead M. Feland Francis G. Fogle
fifty-one J. S. Robertson Algernon W. Rowland Evan R. Russell Samuel J. Sauer Frank Scanlon, Jr. Gerald Johns Schaffer William R. Scherer George L. Semonis, Jr. John F. Shouse James E. Shouse Richard T. Snelling Jack D. Spickard Phillip M. Stearns William Stone Donald Taylor John L. Taylor
Billy Joe Foster Allen T. Fuller Paul C. Gaines Robert L. Goodpaster John I. Gray, Jr. Leonard F. Greathouse Colburn Greene Fischer D. Harned John S. Harrison M. Daniel Henderson, Jr. Bill B. Hendrickson James K. Henshaw John B. Herndon A. Frank Hicks, Jr. Elmer L. Hixson Samuel M. Horwitt Robert L. Howard Robert M. Hunt Roy H. Hunt Luther J. Hutcherson Hugh C. Jackson Charles L. Kaenzig Edsel F. Karrick Vivion M. Lankford Carl Hestain Lay James M. Leers, Jr. Lew D. Lewis Robert McConnell, Jr. David C. McCord Samuel M. McElroy Marshall McKenzie Norbert M. Michels Charles R. Moore - Leslie H. Moore Raymond M. Moore Robert S. Moore Richard Mulberry, Jr. Roe Myers Charles A. Nutting Bernie Pember J. W. Poe, Jr. Albert F. Pogue James A. Porter John C. Posey Tommie Prather Robert H. Price Rodney L. Reams Daniel A. Reynolds J. Stanley Richard, Jr. Marion Roberts
Russell E. Taylor Walter E. Thomas Gilbert Thomas Jesse W. Thorton John Tracy Trigg Leslie Van Hoy Franklin M. Walker Gilbert H. Williams Curtis S. Willmott William A. Woods George Wooton Home Economics Ann Adams Martha Ray Adams Dorothy Angle Imogene Art Roberta E. Berkshire Myrtle P. Binkley Georgia T. Booher Frances E. Bosley Marian Bradford Mary Louise Breeden Barbara Burnett Carol Case Dorothy Clark Dorothy L. Collins Alice Connell
Rhema Ewing Elizabeth Gary Dorothy Garrison Virginia Gay Genevieve Gee Josephine Di Giacoma Lorraine Harris Jane Hayes Sylvia Henderson Gladys Hill Emma L. Hines Martha M. Hixson Mildred L. Hudnall Marian Kendall Betty Jane Kington Josephine Knight Dorothy Jane Lawrence Mary D. McChesney Mary K. McClanhan Margaret E. McDaniel Mary H. Manley Martha Marlowe
Catherine Cooper Eulice Cornett Edith M. Coyne Margaret Cramer Beulah Cropper Dorothy F. Darnell Meta Dowden Olive P. Drummond
Martha D. Meador Helen O. Moore Sarah F. Moore Nancy F. Morgerson Glenda M. Moultrie Virginia Noland Caroline R. Nye Lois Ogden Lucille Plummer Betty C. Proctor Barbara Rehm Virginia L. Reimer Floy Russell Bertie Sexton Mary R. Singer Virginia Skidmore Mildred Snapp Katie L. Snyder Margaret G. Stephens Lottye L. Stewart Frances Timberlake Alma R. Vinsant Mary A. Wallingford Allie Webb Dorothy Weller Mary F. Wilson Vera Virginia Williamson Edna H. Willmott
fifty-two Founded 1938 PURPOSE
The purpose of this organization is to help freshmen adjust themselves to university life and grow in Christian ideals.
Henry Hammack...............President
Virginia Williamson and Robert Ammons..... Vice-Presidents
Edna Mason Burton.......... Secretary
Social Publicity
Membership , ,
Elizabeth Chapman Bob Ammons
Ed Hank Katy Lee Snyder
Owen Cox Program
Worship                                      Miriam Mangum Glenna Ballard
Martha Adams                                    Jean Williams Frances Jaggers
Wilfred Kelly Eileen Shults
Joseph Hendricks Glenn Mohney
Ulty-three Established at the University in 1935
The purpose is to create more interest in the field of poultry, to develop ways and means of furnishing students in the College of Agriculture whose major interest is in the field of poultry with a broader understanding of the poultry industry, and to bring them in closer touch with its leaders.
FACULTY ADVISER Dr. Arthur T. Ringrose
Elmon Salyer...............President
Glenn Clay.............Vice-President
Robert H. Cleveland..........Secretary
estill noffsinger......... Treasurer
Terrell Noffsinger.......Reporter
J. C. Barnhill Garland Bastin
John Bauer Sam Baughman James Blue Warner Braughman Omer Bryant Ben Butler Glenn Clay Robert H. Cleveland Sam Coppock Allan Davis Kenneth England D. L. Estes Charles Futrell Mclntyre Gaunce
Charles Gibson Clyde Gilliam Leonard Gooch Stanley Hager Floyd J. Heird Kenneth Helton Maurice Humphrey James H. Ison Lloyd Johnson Paul Keen James Lee Harry Lindberg Bob Meshew John Montgomery
Chad Mullins Homer McAllister
Lester McDaniel William Newell William Newman Estill Noffsinger Terrell Noffsinger Ed Pasco Julian Pierce
Jim Rees Elmon Salyer Martin Shearer
L. H. Smith Alfred Strauss John Tuttle Franklin Walker E. P. Walters Howard Webb
fifty-four Founded May 16, 1933 PURPOSE
The purpose of this organization is to provide closer contact between students in the College of Agriculture majoring in dairying, and leading men of the industry; to enable the students to obtain employment and experience; to sponsor a dairy cattle judging team; and to recognize men in the state who have contributed much to the dairy industry.
Stanley Howard...............President
Clifton Hardesty...........Vice-President
Glenn Clay........... .Secretary
Garland Bastin.........Treasurer
James Blue                                     C. W. Dawson John Montgomery
Glenn Barton                                  Kenneth England Leslie Moore
James Barnhill                                    Delbert Estes Marshall McKenzie
Warner Broughman                                Leonard Gooch Earl Netherlands
Billie Bryan                                       Mac Gaunce Ed Pasco
Garland Bastin                                   Charles Gibson Thomas Pettus
Everette Beers                                    Clyde Gilliam Robert Price
Benjamin Butler                                 Clifton Hardesty Robert H. Rawlins
Nelson Cande                                      Tom Harris Paul Robbins
Terry Campbell                                  Stanley Howard Ray Russell
John G. Clore                                      Elmer Hixon Edward L. Sanders
Glenn Clay                                         James Ison Edwin Stamper
Robert L.Connor                          William Frazier Johnston Clinton Tucker
James Corbin                                  Lewis W. Marker John Tuttle
Bernard Dorsey William Threlkeld
fiity-fwe PURPOSE To keep alive the spirit of 4-H Club work.
Glenn Clay................President
Sara Triplett.............Vice-President
Christine Barlow...........Secretary
Percy Adair..........Treasurer
Ernest Harris........ Reporter
Percy Adair              Carl Chester              Berl Fowler              Lucille Jett Glenda Moultrie Ruth Scott
Lynn Allen                Paul Clark           Franklin Frazier         Laura Johnson William O. Newall       Kathryn Sebre.
Dorothy Angle            Glenn Clay       Dorothy Jean Garrison  Pauline Johnson Jean Potter James Simpsoi
Sarah Armbruster        Dorothy Cook              Joe Gayle          William F. Johnson Reginald Prather     Virginia Skidmo
Christine Barlow          Joyce Cotton           Genevieve Gee            Gene Jones Tommie Prather        Ruth Slaughtei
Garland Bastin            Evelyn Cox           Dorothy Gentry            Ester Kalb Robert Price Marietta Smitl
Myrtle Binkley             Frank Cox              Clyde Gilliam         Allie G. Kendall Fern Ratliff Helen Stafford
Evelyn Ballingol   Margaret B. Cromwell    Robert Griffith         Marion Kendall Porter Read     Margaret Stutzenb
Sue  Ballingol          John W. Crowe        Margaret Gulley     Margaret Kendrick Rodney Reams Agnes Sublett.
Georgia Booker         James Crowley        William H. Hale        Thompson Kent Virginia Reimer       Floyd Thompson
Robert Booton           Helen Culton            Ernest Harris           Dorothy Klapp Russell Reynolds        Jesse Thorntoi
Harry Boyd             Frances Dale          Lorraine Harris      Martha D. Meador Marion Roberts     Frances Timberhi
Chester L. Brown       Dorothy Darnell        Kenneth Helton        Robert Meshew Russell Rowland Sara Triplett
Howard Campbell      Cathryn Diachun     Kenneth Henshaw     John Montgomery Elward Royster John Tuttle
Isabelle Cash              Kitty Earle             Lula Hibbard            Leslie Moore Elmon Salyer        Rachel Underwo
Roberta Cherry           Helen Early          Mildred Hudnall       Robert S. Moore Gerald Schaffer        Beatrice Waym
B.J.Foster              Mary Hume        Frances Morgerson William Schneiter
fifty-six PURPOSE
The purpose is to train active and efficient leaders among young women for home and
community life, and to furnish opportunity through organization for professional activities.
Joyce Cotton................ President
Jane Allen ............Vice-President
Margaret Boyd Cromwell........Secretary
Allie Garnet Kendall.......Treasurer
Wilma Abrams             Margaret Kendrick            Ruth McKenzie                Ruth Keeney Sarah Veech
Lucille Bertram                Helen Mastin                Betty Mulberry              Allie G. Kendall Dorothy Warner
Mary Clark Carmen           Marjorie Helton                  Lois Straus                Gladys Kilpatrick Mary F. Wiley
Dorothy Cook              Sarah Armbruster             Beatrice Wayne               Dorothy Klapp Dorothy Angle
Joyce Cotton                   Frances Dale                 Kathryn Wiley                 Rose Nesbitt Marion Bradford
Margaret Boyd Cromwell          Jane Farmer                    Jane Allen                  Nettie Lee Riggs Eulice Cornett
Martha Cravens                  Ester Kalb                 Christine Barlow           Taylor Bess Rollins Dorothy Darnell
Helen Early                 Gaynell Mallory             Mary E. Bennett                 Olive Roser Lorraine Harris
Eleanor Edwards                 Lyda Short                   Jeanette Blain                Kathryn Sebree Dorothy J. Lawrence
Betty Feland                 Ruth Slaughter                 Isabelle Cash                  Ida Jo Shouse Martha Marlow
Dorothy Gentry               Dorothy Stiles               Cathryn Diachun              Marietta Smith Martha Meador
Jean Hadden                   Mary Stokes                   Janet Ferbus                 Nancy Stevens Mary K. McClanahan
Marjorie Hayden              Agnes Sublette                    Ann Ford             Margaret Stutzenberger Nancy Morgerson
Nola Jayne                   Sara Triplett                 Nancy Goodin                Margaret Trent Glenda Moultrie
Laura Johnston                Mary F. Kells                  Dorothy Hill              Rachel Underwood Virginia Skidmore
Florane Justice            Louise McGoldrick            Helen Horlacher              Marion Valleau Frances Timberlake
Pauline Johnson
fiity-seven Booton        Frazier Smoot Strauss
Fowler Cox Corbin       Campbell        Smith Salyer Hancock
Ewing Knight       Clarkson      Hawkins       Harney       Caldwell        Judge Clore
Robbins       Ramsey       Howard        Rogers Webb        G. Gibson       Pierce Connor Conover
Cande      McConathy       Estes Ison Beers       Thompson       Harris       C. Gibson Clay Stokes
The purpose is first: To promote a higher scholastic standard among the students of animal husbandry; second, to promote more interest at intercollegiate judging contests by
presenting suitable awards; third, to bring about a closer relationship among the men				pursuing
some	phase of animal husbandry as	a profession; fourth, to	encourage students to	take up
animal husbandry in some phase as a		profession.		
	W. P. Garrigus		L. J. Horlacher	
Franklin Frazier ....			.....President	
Robert W. Booton			Vice-President	
	William Duty		Secretary	
	Benjamin Butler			
	Tohn G. Clore			
James Barnhill	Buck Clay	Franklin Frazier	Homer Lee Knight	Paul Robbins
Buddy Beers	John Clore	Charles Gibson	James Lee	Frank Rogers
James Blue	Robert Cleveland	Clyde Gilliam	Otto Losch	Elmon Salyers
Robert Booton	Jewell Colliver	Stanley Hager	James McConathy	Frank Satterwhite
Warner Broughman              Bob Conover		Curtis Hancock	John Montgomery	Harold Simpson
Ben Butler	Robert Connor	Tom C. Hardesty	Earl Netherlands	Charles Smith
Logan Caldwell	Frank Cox	Ernest Harris	Terrell Noffsinger	Harry Smith
Howard Campbell	Robert Davis	Glenn Harney	Estill Noffsinger	S. J. Stokes
Terry Campbell	Bill Duty	Arthur Harney	Ralph Overfield	A. Strauss
Nelson Cande	Delbert L. Estes	W. D. Hawkins	Eddie Pasco	Warren Thompsor
Frank Clark	Sam R. Ewing, Jr.	Charlie Hogg	Sam Harrison	J. B. Thornton
Louis Clarkson	Theodore Forbes	Stanley Howard	Tom Pettus	John Tuttle
Glenn Clay	Berl Fowler	James Ison	Wm. J. Pierce	Howard Webb
	Richard Foy	Wm. D. Judge	James Ramsey	
		Willard Welch		
fifty-eight )4
Highlight of the Agriculture college's autumn activities is its annual Fall Festival, sponsored jointly by Alpha Zeta, the honorary agriculture fraternity, and Block and Bridle, a group composed of Animal Husbandry majors. The celebration's fame is state-wide. Correspondingly, a large percentage of its visitors are from outside the University populace.
Function of the Festival is to offer a representative show of Kentucky's farm products and to provide entertainment in the traditional rural manner. Officials make a special attempt each year to reincarnate some of the country customs which, unfortunately, have become almost extinct in recent years. This year's affair was the fourth consecutive Festival to be held.
In accordance with school tradition, a queen is chosen each year to reign at the occasion. Elected by a popular vote of the agriculture men students, the office is considered the highest honor accorded any woman student in the College of Agriculture.
This year's queen was Miss Louise Barbara McGoldrick, a senior from Versailles, who was crowned by Alpha Zeta's Chancellor, Alfred Strauss of Louisville. Miss Marian H. Bradford, a Lexington freshman, and Miss Ann Adams, a freshman from Versailles, served as the queen's attendants.
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