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he University Sena—

t 'he Assembly Room of Lafferty Hall Minday,
January 13, l94l. Pres'

t 1 t
dent Coooer nresided.
The minutes of December 9 were read and aunroved.

The following retort o the Curriculum Committee was nresented to the Senate
by Chairman R. H. Weaver:

"The Committee recommends that the Senate annrove the following recom~
mendations from the College of Arts and Sciences:

1. Change title and distribution of time of Psychology 116.
Comparative Ps cholovv, to Ps‘cholovr 116. Animal Behavior. Three
5. _ .1: 3/ -

credits. One hour lectu



and four hours laboratory a week.
Prerequisite: PsycholOgy 2a and 2b or Psychology 1 or 10.

2. Dron Geology 211. Sedimentation.


3. Change title of Political Science 204 from 'Lnternationat
Organization 23d the League of Nations“ to 'International Relations





and Organization”. Three credits.

4. Change title of Political Science 205 from 'Freedom 2: the
Eeas' to 'Pacific Settlement, War and Neutrality'. Three credits.



5. Anprove El§tOTX 134. History g: Canada. Three credits. A
brief survey of Canada under the French: increasing emnhasis on the
development of Canada under British control; evolution of the Domin-
ion; relation with the U. S. and British Commonwealth of Nations.


Lectures, discussions and reports.
Prerequisite: One year of college history.

6. Approve History 350 a,b,c,d. Seminar in the French Revolu—
tion. Three credits each.


7. Annrove Political Science 217. Contemnorary American Qiflig’
matic Problems. Three credits. The following tonics would be in—
cluded in the scone of the course, the specific subjects Varying from
time to time: The Monroe doctrine, Pan-Americanism, the Open Door,
arbitration limitations of armament, non~recognition doctrine, nroblems
of the Philiopines, American~Canadian relations, American~Mexican rela—


tions, and such other current issues slang this line as may arise from
time to time.


Resources. (3 credits each). The aim of this course 1
students to particioate in nrograms which are esnecially nlanned to
improve instruction. The following topics will be studied and discussed

8. Approve EduCation 2 0a b. Educational Problems and Community
5 to nreoare

in class: the utilization of community resources in imnrovement of in~
e es

struction; national, regional, and local agenci s necially concerned







. - A- s 7 '3 '1 T: ,-
Niun‘ec 11 U10 Uriver‘itv ten Le - obnuerf l3, lj4l
, . .
. , . . . h- . “A ~V-:1 4:,_. _ ‘n, ’fii“ m 1 3' M
w to nrorroms desan5d to iznnrove lJSLIuCulOU, exoenlmelur :31 memtn*
l. _ -4. ' . a l ‘ , . .1
l ‘11“le (1;, -’13"‘l‘1~ lull 11:3 u‘u ‘0 ’.‘Q CJllUKTILU 1K 8leC~o1CYw 1,1, 13.18 $
‘ ’ ‘ 2 a n ‘ w . , ~ an ‘ .. .. ,l J. .
(1 nirice \,' ‘m‘YLL\LIVJE‘ in 'w;1 "Wlt"ll s; :1 l!) r negr‘wm 1'1: 112‘:(1'euweo J ‘,
é, '> ‘- I “a": -.x ‘7‘ . a: ’i<' 1 (wrwav (~Q¢(‘i".'r H l
73. A ')l 111:", 54T..l(,.l21.’) LL. CO} bile ._ /.~ .': 11101.16 ,_ “ml-2.1-9:)...
‘E 1 . 1 1 rim, g" ‘ 1. m f“ .
:; ins abov nresenteo. lne uncricolim o,mm
* 7 , , . ~z " . * ..,.
1 3 » He: me rlv rurtoer c ns.de:.ti n to
" r‘; x. , _ f - \ h
7 3 z70n,b. e sowcwuion (3 crefixos shes}, .1
‘9 ‘777777. . . .. “l. j? 7* _. ‘._ _%. .- .p 1..
nermztted to t‘ie Iin l nrrirmntixe CCLZOD or this course 11 ofll;
‘ ‘ ‘ " ‘ s ' A.“ ' .. . .. . - .. .1 ‘— - A " A» .. '~ ‘ a . 1 , .3. ...,-
desirable, such ncji~n to be renostel L) toe hontte. lnis request Wm)




Petitions 1)? the Iorz rltion of three student organizations were nresented




to the 9:1: wiLn recommendations from tre Council The oe.ition f10m
ano and CroFS, to become a cn1ntcr of ”Flue Key”, was aocomoenied by @
recommendction from the Conn ci' thit it be disannroved. :ue genete votef

nnnr:y w:l of this recommendation f:om the council.


The seCOnd netit on was for the formation of a PnilOSLUhy Club. ths net
t es


tion was nresen d in accordance witn t:1e rul



the uni er tiity Sen~


end was accomoenied by a Coon: i.lcec; ter ndat ion that lb be anoroved. The


Senate an rovef the recommendeLzon oi





The third netition was for e C

It was aocomoonied by s rGCmeendat



annroved. The eoomneioqui n of the Coons 11 we



In connection with the netition of Blue Cross, the Se;


mendation from the Council that "e Ojlnzltt ee be ennointex to see what activ~



ities of a worth while nature the women students may en? age in in connec~
Lion with national defense This


ocommendetion of the Council was
annroved. The Senate voted that the members of tllis Committee are to e

A. .

named by the President of tne University.


Sean Boyd, Chairmen of the Senate Committee on Accredited nelstions, ore“
sented n renort for that mnmfittee. Ihe renort was rece eiv ed and is made Q.“

a Port of these minute“




”COMMI‘H‘ s on leg EDI ED RELAT: 018




aspoem To 333 sxlrr, January 13, 1941


When the Committee on Accredited Relations was established in 1919
or 1920, only the University of Kentucky, the University of L0uisville,
”lransylwv ia College, Centre College and Georgetown College were members
of our regional accrediting body, the Southern Association of Colleges and
Secondary Schools. The University was being frequently asked to bass on
the standing of Kentucky colleges by the federal office of eduCAtion, by
the state denartment, by colleges and universities throughout the country.
Many ouestions faCed us in connection with students of colleges that had
gone out of existence, as well as with those of colleges th1t were in oner-
ation but not yet able to meet acceota ole standards, and we were destined
to deal with nroblems connected with colleges yet to be born.


















r i to collect information concerning Kentucky
use of other institutions and agencies. to advise with the

“*4 P3
o w
m m
’3 c“




minutes of the University Senate a January 13, 1941

Registrar concerning the treatment of students asking for advnnced standing,
to set standards by means of which we could evaluate and did those of our
Kentucky colleges not yet ready for membershin in the Southern Association.

The committee has during the years helned in the solution of many ruin“
ling nroblems of admission end advanced standing; has advised with sister
institutions of Kentucky in e kindly, helnful snirit that has earned for the
ity lasting gratitude and friendshin, and has been o marked influence
ing and nreserving standards in the state. Accreditation by the Uni—
versitv, according to law, entitles a college to train teachers for the nublic

It Can be easily imagined that as our work has nrogressed through the
years, it has grown less burdensome. Fewer insnections of colleges now need
to be msde, renorts required need not be so fullsome every veer, stan nrds
need not be revised so frequently. Having discontinued the examination of
colleges when they secured membershin in the Southern Association, we now
have under our Care, so to sneak, only three four~year colleges of the six-
teen in the state ~ Bowling Green College of Commerce, Kentucky Wesleyan
College and Villa Madonna College, and only eight of the fifteen junior col-
leges; namely, Ashland, Camnbellsville, Caney, Lees, Lindsey-Wilson, Loretto,
Padncah and St. Catherine. One of our Southern Association junior colleges,
h0wever, is now ennlying for accreditment as a four~year college and was
insnected by us last week.

Our efforts, then, during the nest year, have been confined largely to
urging and siding these eleven institutions to attain a status worthy of
membershin in the Southern Association.

During the year 1939~40, the committee held five meetings. At the
first we adonted a new renort blank devised by Dr. Chamberlain, and annroved
the annointment of a teacher in Paducah Junior College concerning whomthere
was some question, At other meetings we considered the renorts from our
eleven "charges", and determined those noints of weakness thst seemed most
serious. Later we studied the reolies to our suggestions. Dean Taylor, at
the request of the committee, visited the Bowling Green College of Commerce
to inquire into certain phases of their work. Finally, all but one of the
institutions have been accredited for the nresent year. This one is being
investigated with some care in response to charges that its administration
is such as to jeonardize effective educational work.

There will probably always be need for a committee on accrediting,
even after all institutions of the stwte have attained that delectable 5
state of Southern Association membershin, for advice to sister institutions
must be given and the committee might again be of service as an advisory
committee in matters of admission and advanced standing. However, if, as
an ivory~soen official said here a few years ago, the object of the scan—
maker is to make a bar of water stand alone, so my it be said that the aim
of the Accrediting Committee is to make itself superfluous.

Paul P. Boyd, Chairman."

the schedule of classes:

The Senate adopted the following report from its special committee to study 4'









































Minutes of tee Vuiv

In order BHHL

L118 lgrij‘flfel‘Slzv' Cir);-
.,V a ,
DOSSiDLe eXbEfiL. on

a Wr’lV :35; to “0,730



w ‘ " ~- . rl’i ‘ "f if
A '7 H‘ "”7 ,TTw 1‘ t, :
' >1: bkéI — .J ’xJ‘J-1“v.; _,‘ A e V e /L ‘ .
"1""; fl


schedule couflicts may be reduced to a minimum, that I

I??OOMS and laboratories may be utilized to toe fullest

‘ ‘ ‘ ' K ‘. ‘ w A 7 ~.—. 3
d tfi“t students’ oroqrems may be distributed i. suen

-, ‘2. Afie’fi, 4.1- .1» WA -.-.~ -H.“ ‘ H.395 L’ ,«

tne mObb eriective study, vuh. connittee n» es unc


tollowim7 recommenCations:


and heads


of d


a study of oresent orqctice ifidith3s a deed, leuns
., ‘ _ e i =‘1 I“ A:
eoartments shall arrange their class someduies .c »h t: ‘
.21 . .4 ' ‘ 7»,‘- " . 4‘
1«“e-ver non~luoocnisvw seetionn ere cneduied Io: Ufle
seco-ul ihd.1*11rd ‘nnurs,

More laboratory sectaons are scheduled in the forenoone
(This should be tossible if a larger number of non- 3
laboratory classes are scheduled in the nfternoonle


As far as oossible, tne lecture, recitation aid lab-
oratory of a warticuler course are 'e
a way as to affect only a sing

More non~laboretory sections are scneduled for the ‘
terms cycles. l


Senate shall have a stlnding Schedule Committee whose
duties shall be as O 10



The Registrar of the Universitv shall be Chairmen of
the Committee. There shall be one reores ntative from f i
each of the colleges, exceot the College of Arts and l

Sciences, which shall have one reoresentative from

each of the four fields of study. These members are to
be nominated by the Deans of the resoective colleges
and annointed by the President.

The duties of the Schedule Committee shall be investi~ i

gationnl and adviswry in character.

The Committee shall make studies of scheduling Droblems
on its own initiative. It shall also consider oroblems
or difficulties submitted to it by detartments and col—
leges. Nhere conditions warrant advice shall be offered
directly to deoertments ant colleges concerned. However.
all findings and recommendations of the Committee shall
be reverted to the Senate.



Horlacher Edward Wiest

W. E. Freeman Otto Tn Koppius
J. R. Mitchell L. M. Chamberlain

Morris Scherago, Chairman”

I l
minutes Of the Universitr Senate ~ Januarv l", lQ l ‘(i
J ‘ ,

wing recommendation from the CniVersitv Council was nresented to i

”The Council recommends to the Senate that the President be " H
Defense Council to determine the activities in which the Univer-
sity may nrooerly be engaged in connection with national defense.”

urged to annoint a Senate committee, to be known as a University

The Senate sonroved this recommendation with an amendment oroviding that EVW
the COmmittee be composed of seven members, to be annointed by the Presi-
dent of the University. V :

President Cooner announced to the Senate that the Commencement Exercises mW
would be held on February 3, at 3 o’clock, with President Raymond A.

Kent, of the University of Louisville as the sneaker. He also announced , d“
the Baccalaureate ServiCAs, scheduled for four o'clock on Sunday, Febru‘


ary 4, with Dr. JeSSe Herrmann, Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church, ,.
as tie speaker. l





The University Senate met in snecisl session in the Assembly Room of
Lafferty Hall Friday, January 31. 1941. President Cooner oresided.


The following named nersons who have comnleted all reouirements
\_) 9
recommended to the Board of Trustees for the degrees indicated:

, were



‘ I



.1: 11% 293169 93° 3:19.121?! 93? £115

Edwin Josenh David ' John Bell Lovett

Arthur Johnston Dotson John Moody McFarland ‘4 ,
Peter Alexander Gragis Jean Eucker Mahan l“
Minta Anne Hockaday Jack Maxwell Ramos I
Nancye Lester Kidwell Anita Elizabeth Ware 4 ‘
Charles Allen Larnard, Jr. :3;

Candi ates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science





Harry Clayton Denham GeneVH May Smith

Arthur Henry Drucker Norman Nilhoit Staker .
Marguerite GeneVa Ford William Harris White #I J
Buckner fioodford Hamilton Charles Byrd Nilliams r” «f