show them  to her.  Indeed, Hannah's last
thought was of her old mistress. She died sud-
denly one morning, and just before her death
she said to her husband, "Open the do', it 's
Miss- ." The door was opened, but the mis-
tress was not there, except to Hannah's dying
gaze. To her, she was standing by her bedside,
and her last words were addressed to her.
  It is a continual cause of surprise among
those who do not know the South intimately
that Southerners should be so fond of the old
Negroes and yet should be so intolerant of
things which Northerners would regard with
indifference. It is a matter which can hardly
be explained, but if anyone goes and lives at
the South, he will quickly find himself falling
into Southern ways. Let one go on the planta-
tions where the politician is absent and the
"bloody-shirt" newspaper is unknown, and he
will find something of the old relation still
  I have seen a young man (who happened to
be a lieutenant in a volunteer company) kiss his
old mammy on the parade ground in sight of
the whole regiment.
  Some years ago, while General Fitzhugh Lee
was Governor of Virginia, a wedding took place