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                    JUNE 5, 1917

     Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky met in an-
nual session in the Trustees' room on the University grounds at
11 A.M. As the full Board was not present, it was deemed wise
not to enter into any routine business that comes before the
Board at such time other than to pass upon the degrees and. hon-
orary degrees, recommended by the faculty and to be conferred
by the President during the Commencement exercises on June?.

     On motion of President Barker, the following degrees were
presented for confirmation:

                                          June 4, 1917

Board of Trustees,
University of Kentucky.

             The Faculty of the University of Kentucky recom-
mend the following persons as eligible for the degrees indicated

                    3ACHELORS' DEGREES

               Bachelor of Arts in English.

                    Elizabeth Crow
                    Jane Kennedy Dickey
                    Emmett Presley Hatter
                    Nancy Webb Innes
                    Mlary Dedman Stagg
                    Rose Lenore Hampton

               Bachelor of arts in Latin.

                    Lillian Askew Gaines
                    Margaret McCarthy

               Bachelor of Arts in History,

                    Helen Pauline Burkholder
                    Marion Uri Condltt
                    Frank Moore Crum
                    Arthur Sewell Kelley
                    Bart 'Nixon Peak
                    Roy Cunningham Scott

               Bachelor of Arts in Education.,,

Marie Caroline Becker


     Carrie Frances Blair
     Albert Byron Crawford
     N'Telle Florence Crawford
     Benjamin Franklin Fo ster
     Mary Katherine Hamilton
     Kate Gray Hieatt
     Miriam Virginia Horine
     Nfattie Brooks ivicMDurtry
     George Herbert Schaber
     Blanche Annette Wieman

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics..

     Clarence Wilbur.Hprney

Bachelor of Arts in Anatomy and

     Harry Davis Abell
     Stanley L. Engle

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

     Myra Katherine Gay

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

     McClarty Harb-ison.
     William Shinnick

Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and

     Reuben Pearlman

Bachelor of Science in Education.

     Martine Catherine Ratican

Bachelor of Science in ?hysics.

     Clarence Clark

Bachelor of Science in Industrial

     Williard Frederick Cramer
     Elizabeth Thane Kastle
     Eugene Avery Taylor

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

     Carlyle Wilson Bennett
     Lawrence Allen Bradford
     William Thoma s Clark
     Homer Burke Combest



    Thomas 3ostrt Gordon
    Ivay Clay Graddy
    Richard M. Greene
    Rutherford B. H1ay2
    Julian Adair Hodges-
    Clyde Murphy Hifubbl e
    Ronald Hutchison
    John B. Hutson
    Frank H. Johnson, Jr.
    Elmer Lee Lambert
    Fowler Orem LaMaster
    Thomas Chenault McCo wn
    James Edward McMurtrey, Jr.
    Joseph Samuel Mc)Aurtry
    Charles Hartford Matherly
    Earl Mayhem
    Gordon Bennett Nance
    Warner W'ellman Owsley
    George Vernon Page
    Curtis Field Park, Jr.
    Vivian Richard Pfingstag
    Floyd Wellman Potts
    Robert Bryan Rankin
    John Peter Ricketts
    William Henry Rochester
    George 1-. GumbOrt
    Charles R. Smit-h
    Frank Tandy Street, Jr.
    Silas Johnston Stokes
    James Wright Wesson
    Carl Anton Wicklund
    Clovis Ray Wilkey    c
    Elizabeth Homer Peewry

Bachelor of Civil Engineering.

     William Mason Adams
     Edwin Ratcliffe Burnley
     Marifred V. Burgin
     George Marvin Parr.is
     Rutherford Y. Fishback
     Hyman Fried
     Kenneth C. Frye
     Clarence Russell Gaugh
     George kammneken Hill, Jr.
     John H. Hogrefe
     Elmer Woodson Hopkcins
     John Thomas Rawlings
     James Givens Roney
     Burton F. Williams

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.

George Doan Aaron
Leo Steel Borders


    Morrie Julian Crutcher
    Arthur Wayne Davies9
    Ellis Ewen Drake
    Alber't Lee Eimer
    James Howard Evans
    Henry Price Horine
    C:pilton Frazier Lee
    Luther Cleveland McClanahan
    Joseph Emmet McIamara
    Murray Matthews Montgomery
    William Shultz Moore
    Morris Eades Pendleton
    Everett Sleet Penn
    Thau Gi vens Rice
    Elmer Kranz Robert son
    Charles Christoph Schrseder
    Ja sper Griff Scott
    Harmon Courtney Smiser
    David Sumner Springer
    John Newland Waters

Bachelor of Science in Home Economics

     Vie T. Cramer
     Jessie Florence
     Frances Geisel
     Tlinda B. Purnell

Bachelor of Mi.ning Er.gineering.

     William C . Fyl
     James J. Hume
     Elmer B. Jones
     Cal J. Schirmer
     Otto G. Schwant
     Louis S. Ware
     Harold H. Hines

Bachelor of Laws.

     Roscoe Conklin Back
     Earle Cassady
     Jerome Vize Chamberlain
     Jam e.s -.Henry Coleman
     Thomas Lindsay Creekmore
     Clifford T. Dotson
     Kit Carson Elswick
     Orie Lee Fowler
     Crark Selser (Godman
     Jesse Forrest Gregory
     Lee Ste-hens Mloore
     Johnst Northcutt
     James William NorrIs
     Lena, Madesin Philli-s
     Amos Gharles Preston



                      ADVAN CED DEGREES

                    Laster of Arts.

                    Charles Leroy Bowers
                    Elizabeth Fldridge
                    Otto J. Jones
                    Dudley H. Starns

                    Master-of j  nci e

                    Escn Firman Ellzey
                    William Albert Johns

                    Civil ngineerin&

                    James T. Madison

                    MX' e ,5iE,1 wn gj~

                    Arthur Ray Bennett
                    Howard Payne Ingels
                    Virgil Didc Roberts

                    Ele ct riclEgne  

                    Achilles Calloway Gough

                    Hon orary Deg~rees.

                    Benjamin Ide Wheeler, Doctor of Laws

                    James Lane Allen, Doctor of Literature

                            Respectfully submitted,

                                 Ezra L(D Gillis
                                 Secretary of the Faculty.

     The motion vias carried unanimously. The Board adjourned
until June 7, at 3 P.M.


                           (signed) Enoch Grehan
                                    Secretary Board.