I -—·"’""“""__'”_*H”L A in
§° Harlan City¤G0unty Defense Council
é The Harlan County Defense Council is affiliated
%V with the Kentucky'Defense Council
.Q _ ` Frankfort, Kentucky
Q Honorable Keen Johnson, Governor of Kentucky
Q Chairman `
i dohn J. Greenleaf, State Director of
·§ Civilian Defense _
g Major J. A. Gregory, Chairman
§_ D. E. Perkins, Vice—Chairman James F, Bryson, Coordinator
V Richard Helms Kyle Whitehead `
“ F. R. Trovillion `W, EQ Arnold
C Gus B. Bruner C. D. Evans
, Dr. P. O. Lewis J. W. Oakley
l` This guide is prepared for the official use
5Q· of the Defense Council of Harlan County and
§ other agencies engaged in defense work; It
%' “ . should not be made available for conmercial
T uses Additional copies can be obtained at
$4 the office of the Harlan County Defense