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COnLoQUiUM; Dr. oesse Bhera will oe tne speaker & jg g; y 4; Z i» xg
at*themE5llege of Library Science meeting Wed- `““ ®"”“`“”'m“° ` " ’
nesday Oct. 17 in the Fresident's Room of the
Student Center. Time: 7:30 pm. All are invi- UK§V§R$ITY GT KEMTUQKY
ted to attend LIBRARIES
DlRECTOR’S OFFICE: A realignment of duties and`
· responsibilitiefwhas been decided; to become October lQL_lgZ§_§oL gl
effective october 15, 1973. This new arrangement _______ __ ____ __
is to remain in effect at least until a permanent
Director is appointed. Mr. Gardner will take the title of Associate Direc-
tor for Planning and Development. Ms. Budson will take the title of Spe-
cial Assistant to the Associate Director for Planning and Development. Ms,.
Drown will take the title of Associate Director for Operations. Mr. Marcpm
will—take the title of Assistant Director for Administration. Bill Gardner
will take on the task of SOLINET and its related planning and implementation
requirements; union list of serials; acquisitions lists; stepped-up activi-
ties dealing with the new building, renovation and the move; and a myriad
of other items facing the library system and requiring considerable plan-
ning before implementation actually begins. Deanna Hudson will leave the
Acquisitions Department to assist Bill with these projects. Ruth Brown will
take on the responsibility of ALL operating units of the library system with
the exception of Special Collections, Law and Administration. A translation ‘
of this says that with the exception of the three departments mentioned,
every other department and branch library will report to Ruth on the day—to~ .
day operational details. Tom Marcum will take on the task of a Management
Review and Analysis Brogram (MRAP) in addition to the other duties he has _
had. The MRA? may or may not be a full blown project. Further details "
about timing, degree of completeness, involvement of library staff and just
what MRAP means will be made available as soon as they are known. The fol-
lowing diagram is a very rough picture of our organization chart incorpo- »
rating these recent changes:
I Director of Libraries I
 .;`."""  ......;.........r-..,..__.__,_____r___ . _____,____.
I Associate Director Associate Director for Assistant Director I
f`L_ fo£‘Dperations It Planning and Development for Administrationw—i
I V ALL other Departmegtgi Special Assistant to the Administrative Services]
S L_ and_§rancE"libraries.j Associate Director for I Department ““j
I Planning and Development “""_—“i”mf"mm:
L~4 Agriculture Librar[J I I , ,
I Special Collections I |Law Library§’Special Assistant tc;
Ithe Director of Lib.
PER5ONNBL_C§ANGES: Terminations: Deborah Marshall, classified, Interlibrary
Loan; Lisa Bullock, classified, Cataloging; Laura Dickinson, classified, Cir-
culation. - `_—`_—`—_"
QQ§l@ION OPENINGS: Circulation, classified VI, open now; Reference, classi-
fied VI1, open now.
63 days to the BIG MOVE