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Monday, April



Chicago Seven Attfy
William Kunstler
Speaks At UK
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Vol. LXI, No. 119

William Kunstler, defense attorney for the
Chicago Seven, threw a number of sarcastic barbs
at the principals in the Chicago conspiracy trial
and called on students to "resist illegitimate
authority" at a rally outside the Student Center
Saturday afternoon.
Kunstler had no problem relating to the highly
which roared as he
partisan crowd of 500-70- 0
rattled off some of the "revolutionary" acts cited
in the indictment.
"Tom I lay den was charged with spitting at a
policeman, letting the air out of a police car and
throwing a sweater at a cop. Then there was the

Kunstler implied that even Foran didn't believe
the prosecution witnesses who said the protestors
attacked the police. He said Foran saw the major
violence and two weeks after the trial said "the
police were relieving their frustrations. After the
beatings were over, the police were smiling."
'American Way'

Four jurors wanted to acquit the defendants
but gave in to the majority. When asked why
there wasn't a hung Jury, Foran, according to
Kunstler, said "the government spent a lot of
money on this trial. They deserved results. We
compromised. Isn't that the American way?"
After entertaining the crowd with the "absurdities" of the courtroom, Kunstler got down to the
heart of his speech.
"People have found that the courtroom is no
longer a place that demands respect just because
a judge says 'quiet'. The court has to earn respect."
He said he hopes defendants in future political
trials will speak out and not be intimidated by the
verdict in Chicago. "Things are going to get tough.
Adolf Hitler used the courts just as Julius Hoffman does and it was all perfectly legal."
Student Power
"You have the power to turn the university
upside down like they did at Columbia, if that is
necessary. You have the power to break that draft
in half. You have the power if you only knew it.
You are the new enemy of the republic.
Please Turn To Pare 7

Charade A Co Co
plot and the conspiracy to kidnap the deputy police chief."
Kunstler said even the jurors, none of whom
had gone to college, could not believe the prosecution's charge that the defendants attempted to
use molotov cocktails to blow up an underground
parking garage.
Jury Criticized
Kunstler gave a personal description of a few
of the jurors, saying one "squatted like a toad"
and another "could have been dead except that
she left the jury box each day." He summed up
the jurors as "straight out of middle America."
Kunstler saved some of his more scathing
remarks for the prosecuting attorney, Thomas
Foran, whom he pictured as having no control
over the witnesses.. "Isn't it true, Mr. Hoffman,
that you stated 10,000 people would fornicate on
the shores of Lake Michigan?" Abbie answered,
"I never used that word."
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Smith Releases Platform;
Bright Suggests SG Structure Change
jects which would make a "uniBy JERRY LEWIS
fied student body in a better
Kernel Staff Writer
The invisible SC candidate community."
The seriousness of the platteam of Gary Smith for president and Dan Crabtree for vice form in contrast to Smith's campaign statement which calls for
appresident made a "half-way-"
at the a "bipartisan committee to study
pearance Sunday night
final SC sponsored open debate. and then table all problems until
Neither of the two candidates at least 1972" was a prelude to
have actively participated in the the rest of Crabtree' s speech.
election campaigning so far.
'Quirk Of Fate'
Dan Crabtree, who has been
"If by some quirk offateGary
ill for the last two weeks with would not have enough votes to
mononucleosis and unable to parwin," Crabtree said "there is
ticipate in the election campaign, one candidate of the remaining
released his and Smith's platfour whom I favor vastly above
the others."
His running mate was not
He asked the audience to conpresent at the debate, but a sider what that candidate and
campaign statement for Smith Ids party has to say. (Bill Dawwas released to the Kernel over son is the only presidential canthe weekend.
didate associated with a party,
In describing the team, Crabthe Student Issues Party.)
tree noted that "Gary is an Abbie
In other developments in the
Hoffman in sorts in contrast to SG election race, Steve Bright,
my Spiro Agnew style."
candidate for president, drew atIn his campaign statement, tention at the debate to a new
Smith held true to his description plank to his platform calling for
in saying that "it is time for a a General Student Assembly givnew leading man in the UK Stuing all attending students voting
dent Government scene of the power in the student governCreat American Cuerilla Theater ment.
of the Absurd."
Creek Democracy
'Student Involvement'
This plan, based on theCreek
The platform of Smith and Democracy concept, would hanCrabtree was divided into four dle any issues raised by intermain sections: academic affairs,
ested students desiring to take
athletic affairs, student affairs
an active part in the particular
and student involvement.
The last section entitled stuSome of the points of the
dent involvement places an emplan are.
phasis on students taking an acy Any UK student could attive part in University and comtend the regular meeting of the
munity affairs, noting the two general assembly and would have
candidates would encourage and the right to vote.
Elected students would serve
support student volunteer pro- in the president's cabinet, and
one student, the Speaker of the
Assembly, would be elected to
direct the business of the asThe annual Focus program
begins tonight with Dr. Gene
All meetings would be well
Mason on "Politics of the Fupublicized and all orders of busture" and Dr. Dean Jaros on iness would be aiuiounced in ad"Awareness of the Environment." vance in order to encourage conDr. Donald Nugent will speak
cerned students to vote on maton "Witchcraft and Mysticism" ters
pertaining to them.
and Dr. Clifford Cremers will
Provided it is submitted in
discuss "Moonrocks" at the Tuesadvance of the meeting, any moday session. Both programs begin
tion may be presented by any
at 7:30 p.m. in the Student Censtudent for the assembly's

Foe us

ter Theatre.

After stressing that "the only
qualification for full participation is concern," Bright stated
that he would strongly encourage the plan entitled "The Politics of Participation" oidy if it
were obvious that no better alternatives existed and that the
student body were in support of
the proposal.
Lack Of Interest
As the other candidates for
SG president, vice president, and
representatives spoke, there
seemed to be the common concern about lack of interest by
students in the campaigns.
Jerry Springate, independent
candidate for representative,
noted that "We have four more
candidates here at this debate
than we do people," and by the
end of the candidates' speeches
more than half of the original
people had left the room.
"There are more people outside going to the movie," said
Doug Stewart, SAR candidate
for representative, "than in here
listening to the speeches."
Stewart noted however that
he couldn't blame the students
and called the presidential canrundidates,
for a political
Please Turn To Pae 7







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Kernel Photo by Dave Herman


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On Campus

William Kunstler, attorney for the Chicago
Seven, spoke to a crowd of approximately
700 Saturday afternoon. Kunstler related
incidents which occurred during the
Chicago conspiracy trial, spoke on student
power, and discussed the new resistance,,

Greek Sheet
Futrcll Denies Creating The Document
" I cannot remain silent while such preposterousKernel Staff Writer
ly false statements are being made," said Futrcll
In the midst of charges and counter-chargein his statement. "To me, Bright's charge is a
it has been discovered that a "Creek sheet" has dishonest, desperation claim, the kind of which
been distributed to several UK Greek houses.
has characterized las demagogic campaign."
Whether it is a true "Greek sheet" or not, the
Futrcll said he intended to vote for independent
slate has been posted by some presidents of Greek and Greek candidates.
houses. Meetings have reportetlly been scheduled
Futrcll speculated that the Greek sheet "came
to announce the slate.
from that ironic alliance of Bright and Juul since
A number of sorority presidents contacted said it appeared to be an attempt to embarrass Cited
the Creek slate was mailed to them in a Student Jeiuiings."
Government envelope with metered postage.
Despite all attempts to deny the existence and
Student Government President Tim Futrcll validity of the Greek sheet, the slate is evidently
denied last night that he had anything to do with being taken seriously.
If Bright did distribute the Greek sheet as an
a Creek sheet. Steve Bright, candidate for SG
president, has claimed that Futrcll drew up the effort to embarrass Jennings, it may backfire if it
is accepted by the Creek community, Futrcll said.
Creek slate.