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The annual colloquium series I G R E E N A
sponsored by the U.K. College of
Library Science will begin this! . B E A N
fall on Monday, September 15. ,hT.
Ms. Alice Ihrigl Trustee at ·_, ,
will be the speaker. Her topic - NEWSLETTER 9/12/75
Library Trustees: Community
Commitment and Political Involvement. The colloquium will be held
from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the President's Room of the Student
Center. All interested staff are invited.
LIBRARY EAgg|Iy gggggliggg 1975-76 .
Library Policies, Guidelines & Rules Personnel I
Jessie Adams Rhoda Channing
Bill Cooper, Chairperson David Farrell
Norma Gibson Faith Harders, Chairperson
Lucille Keating. Bill James
Francis Kelley Sally Johnson
Bill Marshall Claire McCann
Mary Welch
Professional Activities Promotion & Tenure
and Staff Development
Ellen Baxter
Terry Birdwhistel Russ Powell
Evelyn Evans Edna Pray
Faith Harders, Chairperson Emilie Smith
Susan McCargar Y
Mary Owings
I Toni Powell
Patricia Renfro
Lynn Shrewsbury
The University Libraries and the College of Library Science agreed
to sponsor an assistantship program this year. The library science
- graduate students will work 50 hours per month for a twelve month
period. The Library has three students on the program this fall:
Dru Myers — Agriculture
John Griffin - R.U.D.
Victoria Thomas - Solinet Unit
The Medical Library has one student, Chuck Lynd.

 . E2-
The College of Library and Information Services, University of "
Maryland, is planning the Tenth Annual Library Administrators Devel-
opment Program to be held May 9-21, 1976. Concentration will be on
the principal administrative issues which senior managers encounter.
For further details see CLIS_Re1ease #190 in the Director's Office.
At the faculty meeting on Friday, September 5, 1975, someone asked
for the average professional salary in the library. The average ·
professional salary, including Director's Office salaries, is
$13,249; excluding the Director's Office, the average is $12,654.
Both sets of figures exclude the Medical Center. a
_ __ > FOHI
Head, Acquisitions Division, University of Washington Libraries,
Seattle, Washington. Salary: $17,000 minimum
Head, Business Administration and Social Sciences Division,
University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Salary: $16,000 minimum
Public Services Librarian, University of North Carolina. A
V Salary: $9,500 minimum
New Staff Member: A
Virginia Dunn, LT III, Engineering Library, September 8.