- 2 -

       2.    UK has been named one of the top 100 colleges in the country
             for African-American students.

       3.    The UK College of Medicine has been awarded a $5 million
             grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the
             secondary effects of head trauma.

       4.    UK's College of Engineering and the Center for Robotics and
             Manufacturing Systems is administering a special initiative
             that could help Kentucky manufacturers lead the way in
             efficiency and high quality. UK professors will teach "lean"
             manufacturing principles and practices to interested Kentucky
             manufacturers. Toyota will support UK's Lean Manufacturing
             Program by providing personnel training, technical support
             and funding.

       5.    Forty UK employees participated in the UKadvance Leadership
             Development Institute, an intensive two-week program designed
             to offer personal and professional growth opportunities for
             UK employees. Board of Trustees member Deborah Powell,
             spoke at the Institute's "graduation ceremony."

       6.    Nationally known author James Still received the Medallion
             for Intellectual Excellence on March 28 from the University
             of Kentucky Library Associates.

       7.    UK is offering a new five-year degree program combining
             business and engineering. This program will allow students
             to obtain the Bachelor of Science in Engineering and the
             Master of Business Administration degrees.

       8.    Forty-five percent of the College of Medicine students who
             participated in this year's National Residency Program have
             chosen to pursue postgraduate residency training in primary
             care specialties. The national medical school average is 30
             percent. Thirty-six percent of the class will enter
             residency programs at UK.

       9.    James L. Applegate, chairman of UK's Department of
             Communication, has been named a Fellow by the American
             Council on Education for the 1994-95 academic year.

       President Wethington asked the members to peruse the other good
items in the report at their leisure.

       E.    status Report on the Budget

       President Wethington reported that the state's Operating Budget had
been approved by the House and Senate but was still subject to
consideration for veto by the Governor. He expressed disappointment that
there were no new building projects in the budget. He said that there is