- 5 -

       Governor Breathitt said that he was a student in the College of Law
during this period and provided some background information. He noted
that the Fayette County Bar Association has recognized Dr. Hatch by asking
him to speak on Law Day. Governor Breathitt stated it was very
appropriate for the University to honor Dr. Hatch with this resolution.

       H.    Personnel A       (tionsPR- 21

       President Wethington said that PR 2 reflects personnel actions
since the last Board meeting. He recommended that approval be given to
the appointments, actions and/or other staff changes which require Board
action; and that the report relative to appointments and/or changes
already approved by the administration be accepted. On motion made by Mr.
Chellgren, seconded by Mrs. Bell and passed, approval was given to the
personnel actions in PR 2. (See PR 2 at the end of the Minutes.)

       I.    Honorary Degree Recipients (PR 3A)

       President Wethington expressed pleasure in recommending that
approval be granted to awarding honorary degrees of Doctor of Engineering
to Ralph G. Anderson, Doctor of Letters to Bobbie Ann Mason, and Doctor of
Science to Phillip Allen Sharp. He noted that the Committee on Honorary
Degrees recommended to the Graduate Faculty and the University Senate that
honorary degrees be awarded to these individuals, and these bodies
expressed their approval of the recommendation. The motion, made by Mr.
Sturgill and seconded by Mr. Shoop, carried unanimously. (See PR 3A at
the end of the Minutes.)

       J.    University Research Professorships (PR 3B)

       President Wethington said that PR 3B is a recommendation that the
Board approve the naming of Professors Kathleen M. Blee, Joseph W. Brill,
and Salvatore J. Turco as University Research Professors for 1994-95. He
provided background information, noting that the professorships were
established in 1976 and the first Research Professors were named in 1977.
He said that the purpose of the professorships is to encourage, recognize
and enhance the scholarly research activity at the University. Mr.
Chellgren moved approval and his motion, seconded by Dr. Powell, passed.
(See PR 3B at the end of the Minutes.)

       President Wethington congratulated Professors Blee, Brill and
'lurco, who were in attendance, and asked them to stand and be recognized,
following which they received a round of applause.

       K.    Appointment of Chancellor for the Albert D. Chandler Medical
Center (PR 30)

       President Wethington said that PR 3C is the recommendation that Dr.
James Wilson Holsinger, Jr. be appointed Chancellor for the Albert B.
Chandler Medical Center effective July 1, 1994. He informed the Board
that a nationwide search process began when Dr. Bosomwcrth announced his
intention to step down in June, 1994. He said that the process involved
an advisory committee and a professional search firm that assisted with