March 14, 1960

Dr. Frank G. Dickey, President
University of Kentucky

Dear Doctor Dickey:

         I am submitting herewith the Financial Report of the
University of Kentucky for the eight months period ended Febru-
ary 29, 1960. This report contains a balance sheet and related
financial statements which present a complete financial picture
of the period for all funds of the University.

         The Current General Fund budgetary operations for
the period reflect income realized for educational and general
purposes in the amount of $11, 777, 669. 42 or 82. 3%o of the
budget estimate of $14,318,431. 10. The expenditures, includ-
ing encumbrances outstanding, amount to $9,251,205.50. This
represents 64. 9% of the total Current General Fund Appropria-
tions of $14, 250, 060. 92.

                               Respectfully submitted,

                               Frank D. Peterson
                               Vice President
                               Business Administration