General Fund Budget Units 1960-61
                                                              Agr.      Agr.
                Total      Colleges &   Medical    Geolog.   Exper.    Extension
 Source-        Increase    Administra. Center      Projects  Station   Service
                            --- (Z)                   (3) r               (T4)'-

Student Fees  $  118,630 $     84,000 $   34,630 $         $          $
Com. of
  Kentucky     3,121,260  1,326,700
Federal Gov-
  ernment           4,520       4,520     996,800 $316,560   242,000     239,200
Endow.Income       3,150        3,150
Sales & Services  25,000                                     25,000

Total In-
  creases     $3,272,560 $1,418,370 $1,031,430 $316,560$267,000  $239,200

       The increase in income from Student Fees is based upon an expected rise
in student enrollment on-campus and off-campus.  This increase in income will
be realized on-campus from the seven colleges and Graduate School, and from the
opening of the College of Medicine and Nursing for the Fall Term beginning Sep-
tember, 1960.  The off-campus increase in Student Fees is expected from the
rise in enrollment within tke three existing centers (Ashland, Fort Knox, and North-
ern) and the opening of the Cumberland and Henderson Centers for the Fall Semester.
Also, additional increases in income are anticipated from evening and extension
classes and home study.  Pages two and three reflect a more detailed analysis
as to the various sources of income for the major budget units for the fiscal years
1959-60 and 1960-61,

       The state appropriation increase in income represents the amount recom-
mended by the Governor and appropriated by the State Legislature for the first
year of the coming biennium. Again, page two indicates the various divisional
allocations made to the University of Kentucky by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

       The increase in grants from the Federal Government will be made through
the Smith-Hughes and related Acts.  These funds are used in the College of Edu-
cation for the Vocational Education Programs.

       An estimated increase in Endowment Fund Incomre is to be realized from
the Patterson Trust Fund.  This fund was endowed to establish and support the
William Andrew Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce.

       The anticipated increase from Sales and Services is from educational
departments and farm sales, public services, and regulatory sales and services.
The sources are detailed within each division on page three.

       The proposed expenditure for the 1960-61 fiscal year is $17,476,887.
This is an increase of $3,013,505 over the estimated expenditure for the fiscal
year ending June 30, 1960.

       An analysis of the increase in expenditures by function for each major
budget unit is as follows: