William E. Plunkett, Technical Aid, Horticulture, beginning March 14,

      Wanda Crosby Poore, Stenographer, Experiment Station, beginning March
 1, 1960.

      Evelyn Lyons, Clerk, Rural Development and Local, Barren County,
Glasgow, Extension, effective March 1. 1960, ending June 30, 1960.


      Margaret Cook Casey, Home Demonstration Agent, Anderson County,
Lawrenceburg, effective April 19, 1960.

      Dorothy Lucille Kelley, Clerk, Extension, effective March 15, 1960.

      Omer T. Shelton, Technical Aid, Horticulture, effective March 26, 1960.

      Ora S. Black, Temporary Instructor, School of Home Economics, effective
March 10, 1960.

     Clara Arnold, Secretary, Agriculture and Home Economics, effective
February 29, 1960.

     Fern R. Johnson, Assistant Consumer Marketing Specialist, Louisville,
effective April 30, 1960.

Changes in Status

     Fred Brockman, Extension Specialist in Young Adult Work, to Extension
Specialist in Young Adult Work-Group Leader, beginning April 1, 1960, ending
June 30, 1960.

     John H. VanCleve, Assistant County Agricultural Extension Agent in Train-
ing, Monroe County, Tompkinsville, to Assistant County Agricultural Extension
Agent, Monroe County, Tompkinsville, beginning April 1, 1960.

     Patria Lee Russell, Assistant Home Demonstration Agent in Training,
Laurel. County, London, to Home Demonstration Agent, Laurel County, London,
beginning March 15, 1960.

Leaves of Absence

     W. Wilson Hourigan, Area Agent in Rural Development, Warren County,
Bowling Green, sabbatical leave for the period beginning October 15, 1960,
ending June 30, 1961, effective October 15, 1960.