John Phillip Pickett, Chief Histological Technician; Assistant Instructor
 in Anatomy, beginning May 1, 1960, for three years.

      Nishio Honda, Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Physiology, beginning
 September 1, 1960.

      Marion Pearsall, Associate Professor of Behavioral Science, College of
 Medicine and Associate Professor and Coordinator of Behavioral Science, Col-
 lege of Nursing, beginning July 1, 1960, for three years.

      James Hallis, Supervisor, Research Electronics Shop Central Services,
 beginning May 15, 1960.

      Elizabeth M. Caldwell, Secretary, Medical Center Administration, begin-
ning March 30, 1960.

      Paul F. Parker, Director; Assistant Professor of Pharmacy (College of
Pharmacy), Pharmacy and Central Supply, beginning April 15, 1960.

      Nell Thomas, Secretary, Medical Center Admissions, beginning March 21,

 Change in Status

      Elaine P. Hoffman, Statistical Clerk, Behavioral Science, to Teaching and
Research Assistant in Statistics, beginning April 1, 1960.


      The following people , teachers at Fort Knox Center, February 8, 1960,
ending June 11, 1960. All have rank of Instructor: Gerald G. Daubek, Lucien
Lyne Smith, Bernard Greenbaum, Marvin J. Herbert, Albert L. England,
Margaret Hoyt Smith, Donald Lee Hochstrasser, William J. Spahr, James M.
Collier, Yolanda F. Blatteis, Paul Jennings Brown, Martin Cohn, Thomas F.
Cole, Clark Blatteis, Clyde Ray Smith and Ollie E. Bissmeyer.



     Joyce E. Hall, Admissions Clerk, Dean of Admissions, March 1, 1960,
ending June 30, 1960.

     Helen G. Williams, Full-time Assistant in Photography Laboratory,
Library, beginning March 1, 1960, ending June 30, 1960.

     Ernest Jouett Sheetinger, Jr. , Photographic Assistant, Library, beginning
March 1, 1960, ending June 30, 1960.