W. lnvNtations to Luncheon at Maxwell Place and to Visit the Medical
 Center, and DistTbiEonTof Pamphlets.

      President Dickey stated that the staff of the Medical Center had issued
an invitation to members of the Board of Trustees and their wives to visit the
Medical Center after luncheon.  He also reminded them that he and Mrs.
Dickey would be delighted to have them to luncheon at Maxwell Place.

      The President called to the attention of the members a bulletin which he
had distributed to them from the Kentucky Geological Survey entitled Proceed-
in.s of the Technical Session, Kentucky Oil and Gas Association, Twenty-thira
Annuat Meeting, June 5, 1959.  He then distributed a statement by Paul
Engle, printed in the Saturday Evening Post, entitled "In Defense of the State
University", and recas good reading for members of the Board
of Trustees.

      X. Budaets and Financial Reports to Be Given Prior Study.

      Mr. Watkins moved that, in connection with the submission and approval
of the Budget, wherever possible the budget documents should be submitted ten
days in advance of the meeting of the Board to consider the budget. He also
advised that this could be done on the second year of the biennium and might
be done on the first year of the biennium by delaying the Board meeting.  Mr.
Smith also asked that copies of the financial report be sent to members of the
Board prior to the meeting of the Board, whenever feasible.

     Upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously carried, the budget
document was ordered submitted to members of the Board of Trustees ten days
in advance of the meeting whenever feasible.

     Y. Blanton Collier Praised.

     Mr. W. F. Foster stated that he had invited Mr. Blanton Collier to speak
in Mayfield to a large group of salesmen gathered from a wide area of states
of the Union. Hle stated that Mr. Collier did make a speech to the group, that
his enithusiasm and delivery electrified the audience, and that he made a great
talid lasting for an hour and 15 minutes. He praised Mr. Collier as a great
man who speaks from the heart.  Mr. Hobson thanked Mr. Foster for his words
of praise in behalf of Mr. Collier.

        Ad journment,.

     Without objection and without a motion, the Board adjourned at 1:10 EST.

                                                   Frank D. Peterson, Secretary
                                                   Board of Trustees and Executive