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     The following blank pages have been reserved for
the purpose of recording thereon an important report
which has not yet been found.

                                  V. E. Mauncy,

Dec. 10, 1894.

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          Robert S. Bullock Treasurer of A.& M.College
June 7    To Balance June 7/81.          $35,605.65
July 2    Kentucky      3635.54
     6                    49.50
Nov.23                  3337.38
Jan.                      49.50
     7                  3634.78
Feb.        I'           873.40
Apr.14                  3163.85
June 3                  1750.87            26295.82
July 6 Wit to May 1st.                       392.17
Aug. 3 Pasturage           55.50
Dec.24     "               24.00              79.50
Aug. 9 Produce             51.35
Sept.22   "                53.25
Oct.22    "                20.95
Jan. 7    "              241.65
Mar. 9    "                92.50
i 18     "               18.20
Apr.22                    130.35             608.25
Sept22 Tuition           1WT.
Oct. 3    "1              195.
     8    t              140.
     22    I              150
Dec.24    "               183.
Apr. 6    '               151.
    29    "               21.
Mch. 9    t'              144.              2049.00

vCI .t I

Eiy. university


To Balance
Add for error reported by Committee









page 150


    MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,                   page 151

In Account with A. & M. College              CR.
By Stone work                                2147.07
    Iron work & Etc.                        13998.07
    Brick Work                              15162.66
    Carpenters work                         11723.30
    Plastering                               6404.99
    Farm & grading                           5964.02
    Sundries                                 3183.71
    Salaries                                 9284.94
    Painting                                 1813.60
    Insurance                                 235.50
    Apparatus                                1786.05
Balance  -     -     -                        333.48

     X Error of $1. reported by Committee.



    To the Board of Trustees of the A. & M. College of

      The Committee appointed at the last June meeting
of the Board of Trustees to consider the report of the
President of the College, have the honor in completion of
its duties, to report now on the subject of the regulation
of salaries.

     We have corresponded with various institutions with the
view of ascertaining their specific rates of compensation,
and the general conditions which attach to the service. We
find a considerable difference in the practice on both of
these points, not only as between different institutions,
but also in the same institution.

     In some cases the rate is entirely a matter of special
agreement, the recognized principle being, that " Every man
has his price - that is, his special labors have a market
value."I In other cases the salary attaches to the position
and a uniform rate for all full professorships is aimed at.
In some cases a uniform probationary rate is allowed, with a
precise ultimate increase after from 2 to 5 years. But
whatever may be the general rule, exceptions are recognized
as sometimes expedient or unavoidable.

     The greatest disparity that is observed in these
particulars among different institutions relates to the
rate of compensation. It has recently been stated on the
iaThority of President Harper of the New Chicago University,
that " College Presidents receive salaries running from
$620. to  10,000., with an average of $3047.;  that the
salaries of the higher class Professors run from $5500
down to $540., with an average of $2045.; and that the lower
grade of instructors get from $400, up to $4,500.; the
average being $1,470.

Page 152



    The wealthy institutions, especially those endowed
and managed under the conditions of large private bequests,
pay large salaries, without perhaps always securing the best
service; and it may be imagined that they are often more
accessible through favoritism or influence, than through
personal qualification. It would be difficult to under-
stand how otherwise a " low grade Instructor could command
a salary of $4,500. High Schools in large cities generally
pay rather high salaries; but the service is more laborblus
than in colleges and the tenure dependent on election at
short periods.

     For institutions corresponding nearly, in resources
and other particulars, with our State College, $2000. for
Professors is a common rate, and $3000. for President is
much below the usual allowance. For example, the University
of Kansas and that of Illinois, pay full Professors $2000.
The University of Indiana pays full Professors from 1500
to $2000. The allowance to the President is, respectively,
$5000. $6000, and $4000, with a house. The annual income
of these institutions, respectively, is $85,000.; $100,000.;
and $67,000, with an annual increase in the latter case,
against our $64000 with some annual increase. Perdue
University pays full Professors $1800 with a house, "' but
less when first called to the institution." The Agricultural
College of Michigan pays its President $3200, with a house;
Professor of Chemistry $2000, with a house; Veterinary
Professor $1500 without a house; other full Professors
1800 with a house; Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
81800 without a house; All assistant,   Professors $1000,
and rooms; Instructors $500 to $750 and room,    The A.
& M. College of Virginia pays its President $2,500. He is
also Director of the Experiment Station. It does not
appear whether this brings him any additional compensation.
Professors $1800 Professors of 5 year's standing $2000.;
Adjunct Professors $1,500.; Assistant Professors $1,000,;
Instructors $600. The University of Tennessee pays its
full Professors $1800, - after 2 years $200O,J " Associate
Professors usually young men who take charge of new De-
partments " $1500.

     The lowest and most varied salaries that have come to
our notice, are those of the Kansas State Agricultural
College. It may be interesting and suggestive to study
them somewhat in detail , and the table in full is
included herewith.

Page 153-154


    MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,                page 155

    It will be observed that it gives the President
$3000 and Professors from $1600 to $2000.

    These examples seem to suffice as guides for a system
of salaries for our institution. Although the financial state-
ment of the College shows still some average, and the rate
of increase in the net income is not quite determined, yet
we think that the schedule of rates which we submit here-
with may be safely adopted. Its general plan consists in
attaching the salary to the position in the case of the
full Professorships, because it is not easy to grade the
value of unknown candidates, or even of tried incumbents
who cannot usually be brought under the test of expert super-
vision; to determine the allowance by special discrimination
within certain limits for subordinate employes; and to make
it nearly uniform in the Professorships, with a certain in-
crease after 5 years of service, in the grade. The details
are as follows:

    President                $3000.
        added to such sum say       $300. as
        may be required of him for the rent of
        his house, and pasturage - increased
        from $2500 with house and pasturage - say  $3300.
    Veterinary Chair:  -    -   -  -               $1500
    Anatomy and Physiology; increased from $1000 - 1200
    Geology and Paleontology;increased from 1200 - $1500
    Military science and Tactics: The
         head of this Department, an
         officer of the army, has his
         salary from the General Government.
         No additional compensation is
         allowed by any institution for
         his services in that capacity, and
         we recommend none under
         present circumstances.
    Principal of Academy: -     -   -   -    -     $1500
    Principal of Normal Department: increased
              from $1,750  -     -   -   -    -    $1800
         Same after 5 years service in #he grade   12000



Business Agent, in addition to his regular
   salary in the College reduced from $600      $400
   The Business Agent should give a bond
   for a suitable sum and the checks of
   the Agent should be compared with the
   vouchers and countersigned by the
   President of the College.

The Secretary of the Board of Trustees is reduced
   from $300                                 ^$150
The Treasurer: - - reduced from $300             $100
The salaries of all other officers and em-
ployes of the college proper, and the Exper-
iment Station, not above specified shall be
determined by a special vote of the Board
of Trustees, and for the present are
established as follows:
M. A. Scovell, Director Experiment Station:
such gross sum as shall be equivalent to
the net salary of $2500, and the extra
allowance heretofore accredited to him
which hereafter shall cover all compensation
allowed to him.                                  2660
A. M. Peter, Chemist Experiment Station          1500
Henry E. Curtis, Assistant Chemist   do          1250
J. S. Terrill assistant Botanist and
          Entomologist                            750
Miss Alice Shelby, Stenographer                   600
Mr. Martin, duties not stated                     480
Hawkins, Farm Superintendent                    $ 480
Jordon, assistant Horticulturist                  480
         McFarlin, Milking cows                   240
M. L. Pence, assistant Professor of
       Civil Engineering                        $1500
J. L. Logan, Instructor in Academy              $1200
J. W. Newman Instructor in Normal Dept.         $1000
R. L. Blanton Assistant Professor of
       Greek and Latin increase from $1200      $1300
J. M. Davis, Instructor in Academy              $1000
V. E. Muncy Instructor in Academy
        increased from $750                      $ 900
Mrs. Lucy B. Blackburn, Matron and
       Instructor in the Academy
       increased from $750                       $ 800

page 156 -1.57



James H. Wells, Assistant Professor of
    Mechanical Engineering
    increased from $900                       1000
Miss Mary Hodges, Stenographer & Clerk          600
Mr. Miligan, Carpenter,                         600
Thos. Aubery, fireman.,                         393
James Murray, Gardener,                         750
George Peak, duties not stated                  480
Joe Dicker   duties not stated                  480
Janitress           -     -                     156
Janitor       -     -     -                     135
Janitor       -            $                    180


1st. No increase of pay or salary in any case under this
      Schedule shall take effect prior to January 1, 1894.

2nd. All appointments to positions in the college proper and
      Experiment Station, shall be subject to termination at
      the will of the Board of Trustees: and for flagrant
      cause The Executive Committee when the Board of Trustees
      is not in session, may suspend the service and pay off
      any employe, until the case can be acted on by the
      Board of Trustees but not otherwise.

3rd. All professors, instructors and other employes, shall
      be available at the call of the President of the College,
      for any appropriate temporary duty for which they may
      be qualified, and which an emergency may require.

4th. The Board of Trustees may modify in any manner, the
      organization of any Department of study or studies of
      any employe; but no department shall be created, or
      discontinued or modified either in the matter of organi-
      zation or salaries, nor any professor, principal, or
      assistant employed or discharged, except by the
      express order of the Board.

5th. In those cases where the service is divided between the
      Experiment Station and the college proper, the salary
      shall be divided proportionally from time to time -
      not in a permanent manner - between the respective
      funds according to the condition of each; provided
      that no portion of the Station fund shall be
      diverted from its legitimate object.

page 157-158



6th.  The Executive Committee shall employ - except salaried
      employes - such mechanics, janitors firemen and other
      laborers paid by the day, week, or month, as may be
      authorized from time to time in the appropriations of
      the Board of Trustees, for necessary work on the
      farm, college grounds, and buildings, in any
      Department of the institution.

7th. All annual salaries shall be payable in ten or twelve
      equal installments according to the character of
      the employment.

                       Explanatory Remarks.

     The pro osed modifications will make an immediate
increase of $2,450 and an ultimate increase of about $3,450
er annum in the amount of the present pay roll of the

     They reduce Professor Nelson's salary for the present
$200 and the Business Agent $200 while they increase the
aggregate salary of the latter by $50. It has been consider-
ed proper and expedient to include the salary of the
Business Agent in this revision,  $400 for the duties of
that office, added to the full salary of the rather light
duties of the chair of Mathematics and Astronomy, is believed
to be ample compensation.

     No modification has been proposed in the pay of the
subordinate employes, there being no evidence to indicate
the propriety of any increase. The current wages of the
locality, and the Epecial recommendation of the officers
who supervise the work, afford the evidence which should
determine such cases.

     The documentary information which has in part afforded
the basis of this report, may be useful for future reference,
or even for the present consideration of the Board. It is
therefore enclosed herewith, and recommended to be
                         D. C. Buell, Chairman of Com.
Dec. 6, 1893.

page 159-160


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES.Dec.ll, 1894 - page 161

    The Board of Trustees of the Agricultural and
Mechanical College of Kentucky met, in regular session in
the President's room in the College Building at 1 0 A. M.
Dec. 11, 1894.

Present           Messrs.    Bird,
                             Dr. Spurr,
                             R. A. Spurr,

     On motion Dr. Spurr was nominated and elected chairman
of the Board to act protempore in the absence of Governor


     The proceedings of the previous meeting of the Board
were read.

     On motion of Mr. Johnston ordered " that the designation
of the duties discharged be substituted for the names of
persons, it being distinctly affirmed that the salaries
attach to positions and functions and not to persons."

     The minutes of the previous meeting were then approved
and signed.

BOARD, Members of, qualified.

     Messrs. Flourmay, Hindman and Hines were duly qualified
as members of the Board by taking the oath of office.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES ,Dec. 11, 1894 -page 162

EX. COME. Minutes of, read.

    The minutes of the Executive Committee were read, but
their consideration was postponed till the afternoon
session of the Board.

     On motion ordered that the Board adjourn to meet
at 1:30 P. M. standard time.

     Pursuant to adjournmant the Board of Trustees met in
the President's room at 1:30 P. M.


        His Excellency, John Young Brown, Governor of Ky.
                                 Ex-officio Chairman.
                             Dr. Spurr,     Chairman,
                             R. A. Spurr,

Presidentts Report - read.

     The President of the College then read his Report and
in connection therewith the following subsidiary Reports vize:
    Report of the Head of the Department of Physics.
    Report of the Dean of the Normal Department.
    Report of Dean of Scientific Course.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 11, 1894 - page 163

   Report of Dean of Mechanical Engineering.
   Report of Commandants of Cadets.
   Report of Dean of Classical Course.
   Report of Principal of the Academy.

   Mr. Gathright moved that the President's Report be
received and that with the appended Reports be referred to
appropriate Committees.


  SUITABLE REGULATIONS and Rules," Report of Com. on.

     The Committee, composed of Messrs. Gathright, James,
and Buell, appointed at the last meeting of the Board, sub-
mitted its Report on " Suitable Regulations and rules for
the government of the meetings of the Board and the guidance
of the Executive Committee.

     On motion of President Patterson the Report was received,
and on motion of Mr. Clardy same Report was made a special
order for 9 A. Mi. Dec. 12.

     On motion of Dr. Clardy ordered that action of the
Executive Committee, in appropriating, from the emergency
fund, $300.00 for the Geological Department be ratified.

     On motion of Mr. Gathright ordered that $200.00, or
so much thereof as may be necessary, be appropriated for
the Department of Geology.

     On motion of President Patterson ordered that a special
Committee be appointed to consider the requisitions contained
in the Report of the Dean of the Mechanical Engineering

     Whereupon the Chairman appointed the following viz:
Messrs. Peak, Gooding, and Wilson.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec.ll, 1894 - page 164

MILITARY INSTRUCTION and College Discipline, Committee on.

     On motion of President Patterson ordered that a standing
committee be appointed to consider Military Instruction
and College Discipline.

     Chairman appointed the following, viz: Messrs.
Hindman, Gen. Buell and Johnston.

     The President called attention to that part of his
report which relates to Athletics and Greek letter

ATHLETICS and Greek - letter   oieties.

     On motion of Dr. Clardy ordered that the consideration
of Athletics and Greek - letter Societies be referred to
the Committee on Military instruction and college

MORRILL, Bust of, $45 for.

     Mr. Johnston moved that $45,oo be appropriated to
pay for a bust of Senator Morrill,   Carried.

C lardy,

Dr. Spurr,
R. A. Spurr,

    Mr. R. A. Spurr moved that $45,00 be appropriated for
a bust of Representative Hatch of Missouri.   Seconded.

    Mr. Johnston moved that Mr. Spurr's motion be laid
upon the table.   Carried.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESDec. 11, 1894 - page 165

Dr. Spurr,

R. A. Spurr,

     On motion of Dr. Clardy ordered that the publication
of a Natural History Bulletin be referred to the
Committee on salaries.

CLASS-DAY Exercises, $50 appropriated.

     Mr. Johnston read a petition, from the students of the
Senior Class, requesting an annual appropriation of a sum,
not to exceed $5O.OO, to defray the necessary expenses
of " Class day Exercises."

     On motion ordered " that a sum not to exceed $5O.oo,
be appropriated for the necessary expenses of class'day

     On motion of Mr. Hincdman ordered by unanimous vote
that section 4, of the Report of the committee on
" Suitable regulations and rules for the governxnent of
the meet in s of the Board and the guidance of the Executive
Comnmittee  be adopted at once and that the committees
therein specified, be appointed by the chairman.

     The Chairman appointed the following committeemen to
serve upon the committees indicated, viz:


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESDec. 11, 1894 - page 166

   On Committee on Report of the President of the College:
       Messrs. Gathright, Riddell, and Flourmay.

    On Committee on Finance:
        Messrs. R. A. Spurr, Clardy, and Bird.

    On Committee on appropriations:
        Messrs. R. J. Spurr, Hindman and Peak.

    On Committee on Buildings and Grounds:
        Messrs. James, Hines, and Wilson.

    On Committee on Experiment Station:
        Messrs. Clardy, Bird, and Gooding.

    On Committee on Salaries:
        Messrs. Gathright, Hindman, and Johnston.

STUDENTS PETITION for Self-Government, in Dormitories.

     A student came before the Board and read a petition,
signed by a number of students, requesting that the re-
gulation requiring that Military discipline shall obtain
in the dormitories be annulled, and the students be allowed
to formulate regulations for the government of, and
discipline in the dormitories.

     On motion ordered that the students petition be
referred to the Committee on "' Military instruction and
College discipline."

ACTS OF EX. COM. approved.

     On motion of Mr. Flourmay ordered that the Acts of
the Executive Committee since the June meeting of the Board
be approved.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Dec. 11, 1894 - page 167

LATIN and GREEK in Academy.

     On motion of Mr. Gathright ordered that all students
in Latin and Greek below the rank of Freshman be relegated
to the Academy, after the close of this collegiate year.

     The Board then adjourned to meet 9 A. M. suntime
Dec. 12th.

     The Board of Trustees met in the President's room in
the college building at 9 A. M. Suntime December 12th,

Present                      Bird,
                             Gathri ght,
                             Dr. Spurr,
                             R. A. Spurr   &

     The President requested permission to read a communication
from     .        Oneill, an attorney in Louisville requesting
that a Record Book belonging to the College be sent to
Louisville to be used as evidence in court.

COLLEGE RECORDS not to be sent away.

     On motion of Mr. Gathbkight ordered that the President
be instructed to say to Mr. cineill that the Records of the
A. & M. College cannot be sent away except by an order
of eourt.


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