Section 1.02. Gender.

           Words of the masculine gender shall be deemed and construed to
include words of the feminine and neuter gender.

           Section 1.03. Plural and Singular.

           The words "Bonds," "Owner," "holder" and "person" shall include the
plural as well as the singular number unless the context shall otherwise
indicate.   The  word  "person"  shall  include  corporations  and  associations,
including public bodies, as well as natural persons.


           Section 2.01. Authorization.

           Pursuant to the authority contained in the Act, there is hereby
established and created an issue of Bonds of the Board to be known and
designated as "University of Kentucky Hospital Revenue Bonds" which Bonds may
be issued as hereinafter provided without limitation as to amount except as
provided in a Series Resolution.    Said Bonds shall not constitute an Indebted-
ness of the Board, or the Commonwealth, within the meaning of any provisions or
limitations of the Constitution and Statutes of the Commonwealth but shall be
payable solely from the Revenues and any other revenues provided therefor in a
Series Resolution.   The Board reserves the right to incur Parity Indebtedness
for any purpose *for which Bonds may be issued, provided that the provisions of
Section 2.02 are complied with by the Board.    The Bonds and Parity Indebtedness
shall constitute a paramount charge on the Net Revenues in the manner and to
the extent hereinafter provided and over and ahead of all claims or obligations
of any nature against the Net Revenues hereafter arising or hereafter incurred.
All Bonds and Parity Indebtedness shall be equally and ratably secured without
priority by reason of series designation, number, date of authentication, date
of sale, execution, maturity or delivery, by a charge on the Net Revenues.

           Section 2.02. Issuance by Series Resolution.

           The issuance of Bonds and Parity Indebtedness may be authorized by a
Series Resolution of the Board adopted pursuant hereto in one or more series.
The Bonds of each series shall, in addition to the title "University of
Kentucky Hospital Revenue Bonds," contain an appropriate series designation.
Each Series Resolution authorizing the issuance of a Series of Bonds or Parity
Indebtedness  shall   declare   that  said  Bonds   or  Parity   Indebtedness   are
authorized and issued under the Resolution and shall also specify:

           (1) the authorized principal amount of said Series;

           (2) the purposes for which such Series are being issued, which
shall  be  only  for  the payment  of the cost of Additional Facilities,       with
necessary  appurtenances   and  which   Additional  Facilities   will  become  and
constitute a part of the Hospital Project;