(3) the date, maturity dates and the interest payment dates of such
Series or the dates of payment of such Series on demand of the Owners of the

           (4) the interest rate or rates applicable to the Bonds of such
Series, or the manner of determining such rate or rates, which may include
variable, adjustable or other rates, original issue discount and zero interest
rate obligations;

           (5) the denominations and the manner of numbering the obligations
of such Series;

           (6) the redemption prices to be paid upon the redemption of the
obligations of such Series prior to maturity of such Series and the terms and
manner of such redemption, which may include mandatory redemption at the
election of an. Owner of the obligations of such Series, if and to the extent
the obligations of such Series are to be redeemable prior to maturity;

           (7) provisions for the sale of the obligations of such Series;

           (8) the form of the obligations of such Series and the form of the
Trustee's authentication certificate; and

           (9) any other provisions deemed advisable by the Board not in
conflict with the provisions of the Resolution.

           Section 2.03. Refunding Bonds.

           Anything in this Resolution to the contrary notwithstanding, the
Board may issue Bonds on a parity with Bonds previously issued for the purpose
of refunding all or any part of the Bonds of one or more Series as may be
Outstanding as of the maturity thereof or at any time prior thereto either
through the exercise of an option for redemption or by an agreement with the
Owners of the Bonds to be refunded.

           Section 2.04. Maturity Limitation.

           Bonds of a Series shall mature not more than forty (40) years from
the date thereof, all as more fully set forth in the Series Resolution
authorizing the issuance of a Series of Bonds.


           Section 3.01. Trustee Certification of Authentication.

           Only Bonds that bear thereon an endorsed certification of authentica-
tion executed by the Trustee shall be secured by the Resolution or be entitled
to any right or benefit thereunder.      The authentication of any Bond by the
Trustee shall be conclusive evidence and the only evidence that the Bond so
authenticated has been duly issued under the Resolution and that the Owner
thereof is entitled to the benefits and security of the Resolution.