There shall be no charge to the Owner of a Series A Bond or such
Owner's transferee for any such exchange or registration of transfer of such
Series A Bond, and all expenses incurred by the Issuer or Trustee in connection
with any such exchange or registration shall be an expense payable by the
Issuer.  The Trustee may require the Owner to pay any tax or other governmental
charge required to be paid, with respect to such exchange or transfer.

           The person in whose name a Series A Bond shall be registered shall
be deemed and regarded as the absolute Owner thereof for all purposes, and
payment of either principal or interest on any fully registered Series A Bond
shall be made only to or upon the written order of the Owner thereof or his
legal representative, but such registration may be changed as hereinabove
provided.   All such payments shall be valid and effectual        to  satisfy and
discharge the liability upon such Series A Bond to the extent of the sum or
sums so paid.

           Section 2.09. Cancellation of Series A Bonds.

           Whenever any Outstanding Series A Bond shall be delivered to Trustee
for cancellation pursuant to the Series A Resolution, upon payment of the
principal amount and accrued interest represented thereby, or for replacement
pursuant to Section 2.08 or 2.10 hereof, such Bond shall be promptly cancelled
by Trustee.

           Section 2.10. Mutilated, Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Bonds.

           In the event any Series A Bond is mutilated, lost, stolen, or
destroyed, the Trustee shall authenticate and deliver a new Series A Bond of
like date, maturity, and denomination to that mutilated, lost, stolen, or
destroyed, provided that, in the case of any mutilated Series A Bond, such
mutilated Series A Bond shall first be surrendered to Trustee, and in the case
of any lost, stolen, or destroyed Series A Bond, there first shall be furnished
to Trustee   evidence  of  such  loss,  theft,  or  destruction   satisfactory  to
Trustee, together with an indemnity satisfactory to Trustee.     In the event any
such  Series A  Bond   shall  have   matured,  Trustee,  instead   of   issuing   a
replacement Series A Bond, may pay the same without surrender thereof, making
such  requirements  as  it  deems  fit  for  its protection,    including  a  lost
instrument bond.  Issuer and Trustee may charge the Owner of such Series A Bond
with their reasonable fees and expenses for such service.

           Section 2.11. Temporary Bonds; Single Typewritten Bonds.

           Until Series A Bonds in definitive form are ready for delivery,
Issuer may execute, and upon the request of Issuer, Trustee shall authenticate
and deliver, subject to the provisions, limitations, and conditions set forth
above, one or more Series A Bonds in temporary form, whether printed, type-
written, lithographed, or otherwise produced, substantially in the form of the
definitive   Series A  Bonds,   with   appropriate  omissions,   variations,   and
insertions,  and  in  authorized  denominations.   Until  exchanged  for Series A
Bonds in definitive form, such Series A Bonds in temporary form shall be
entitled  to  the security and benefit of the Master Resolution.         Upon  the