August 1, 1996, through and including August 1, 2000                     103a
August 1, 2001, through and including August 1, 2004                     102%
August 1; 2005, and thereafter prior to final maturity                   101%

           The Series A Bonds shall also be subject to redemption in whole or
in part on any date, at the option of the Board, from the proceeds of casualty
insurance or condemnation awards, at a redemption price equal to 100% of the
principal amount thereof, without premium, plus accrued interest to the
redemption date, if all or any part of the Hospital is damaged or destroyed or
taken through the exercise of the power of eminent domain; provided, hwoever,
that such redemption in part may be made only if there shall be filed with the
Trustee a report of a Consultant that the failure of the Board to repair,
restore or replace the property damaged, destroyed or taken will not impair or
otherwise adversely affect the ability of the Board to produce Income Available
for Debt Service in an amount sufficient to comply with the provisions of
Section 6.01 of the Master Resolution.     In the event of a redemption in part
pursuant to this paragraph, the Board shall redeem Series A Bonds for each
maturity then Outstanding, to the extent practicable, in the proportion that
the principal amount of Series A Bonds of such maturity bears to the total
principal amount of Bonds issued under the Resolution and then Outstanding.

           The Series A Bonds shall be called for redemption by Trustee upon
receipt by Trustee at least forty-five (45) days prior to the redemption date
of an Officer's Certificate directing such redemption.      Such certificate shall
specify the redemption date, the principal amount of the Bonds to be called for
redemption and the applicable redemption prices.

           The Issuer may purchase or otherwise acquire Series A Bonds and
deliver such Series A Bonds     to the Trustee for cancellation and receive a
credit for payment of any such Series A Bonds which prior to the maturity date
of such Series A Bonds have been cancelled by the Trustee.      Each such Series A
Bond so delivered and cancelled by the Trustee shall no longer be considered as

           Section 3.03.  Notice of Redemption.

           Notice of any redemption identifying the Series A Bonds or any part
thereof to be redeemed, the applicable redemption price and the provision or
provisions of the Series A Resolution pursuant to which the Series A Bonds are
being called for redemption, shall be given by Trustee by delivering or mailing
notice of redemption by regular first class mail at least thirty (30) days
prior to the date fixed for redemption to the Owners of the Series A Bonds to
be redeemed at the address shown on the registration books; provided, however,
that failure of any such Owner to receive such notice, or any defect therein,
shall not affect the validity of any proceedings for the redemption of any
Series A Bonds with respect to which no such failure has occurred.

           Any notice given as provided in this Section shall be conclusively
presumed to have been duly given, whether or not the Owner of the Series A Bond
receives the notice.


Redemption Dates

Redemption Price