G. The right to reject bids for any reason deemed advisable by
the Board, and the right to waive any possible informalities or
irregularities in any bid which, in the judgment of the Board, shall
be minor or immaterial, are expressly reserved.

    H. Bids must be made in writing on forms which, together with
a  Preliminary   Official  Statement,   must   be  obtained   from   the
Financial Advisor,

              J J B Hilliard, W L Lyons Incorporated
                 545 South Third Street
               Louisville, Kentucky 40202
                     (502) 588-8472

Bids must be enclosed in sealed envelopes marked "Bid for University
of Kentucky Hospital Revenue Bonds, Series A, dated           1, 19 _",
and  bids  must   be  received   at  the   office  of   the  President,
Administration Building, University of Kentucky Campus, Lexington,
Kentucky  40506, prior to          p.m., E.D.T., on _     _  , 19 _ , at
which time they will be opened and considered by the Board or its
Executive Committee.

     I.  CUSIP identification numbers will be assigned and printed
on the Bonds without expense to the purchaser.      Neither the failure
to print a CUSIP number on any Bonds nor any error with respect
thereto shall constitute cause for the failure or refusal by the
purchaser thereof to accept delivery of and pay for the Bonds.

     J.   Delivery of the executed Bonds will be tendered        to the
purchaser at a bank or trust company in Lexington, Kentucky or
Louisville, Kentucky, within 45 days from the date of sale.      Payment
for the Bonds by the purchaser shall be in immediately available

The purchaser may elect to require delivery at any bank or trust
company elsewhere in the Continental United States, provided the
purchaser agrees to pay any additional expense in connection there-
with, such expense to include shipping expense and insurance in
transit.  In connection with the issuance of the Bonds, the Board
shall pay for the printing of the Bonds, which will contain the
opinion of Bond Counsel.   The purchaser will pay for the printing of
the  final   Official    Statement,   which   can   be   obtained   from
Westerfield-Bonte,   Louisville,    Kentucky,   the   printer   of   the
preliminary Official Statement.    Any fees charged by the bank where
delivery of the Bonds is made will be paid by the purchaser.

     K.   Upon wrongful   refusal of the successful     bidder  to take
delivery and pay for the Bonds when tendered for delivery, the
amount of the good faith check shall be forfeited by such bidder,
and such amount shall be deemed liquidated damages for such default;
provided, however, if said Bonds are not ready for delivery within
45 days from the date of sale herein provided for, said bidder shall
be relieved of any liability to accept the Bonds hereunder.