There is another matter in connection with the Federal Gov-
ernment.  This relates to the attitude of the government in the
continuance of aid to students who are not able to remain in
school without this assistance.  I have a telegram from the secre-
tary of the National Association of State Universities, it reads:
"Chancellor Lindley Lawrence Kansas has been asked to secure
opinions on following m estions please wire him first, 'Do you fa-
vor continuation FERA student employment next year under same con-
ditions,second, could your institution handle quota fifty per cent
larger or more, third, would you favor increasing average and max-
imum monthly allowance, fourth, would you favor addition of schol-
arships on Federal funds for especially deserving students under-
graduates or graduates, fifth, would you favor government loans to
students, sixth, would you suggest other modifications.'m My own
view of the matter is that a continuation of Federal aid for stu-
dent employment is quite necessary if many are to remain in school.
We have 286 students on the FERA list.   There are probably 150
more who have made application, so the University could use 50%
more of such funds.   When it comes to an increase in the average
monthly allowance, I find that many students are unable to give
enough time.  The present allowance requires two hours per day
and many students can not give that much time.   There might be
an increase to $20.00, because there must be some element of stimu-
lation.   I am not in favor of scholarships for undergraduates,
but there might be some for the use of graduate students doing work
of a specialized nature.   I wcould not be in favor of loans to stu-
dents.   I should be glad to have later comments on the questions
raised here.

     I might say in connection with the public works movement that
we probably need a heating plant more than any one other thing.
The plant would materially help to beautify the campus and reduce
the amount of smoke and the expense for labor necessary to continue
the heating on the campus.   We are working on plans, but whether
we are working fast enough for the Federal Government, I do not

     The library has grown considerably in the last year, especial-
ly in the number of old books.   The number of new books acquired
has been comparatively small for the very great needs. The libra-
ry also needs additional equipment and lighting fixtures.

    *The University needs new equipment for the science divisions
-- for bio-chemistry and physical chemistry in laboratory equip-

     The Departments of Art and I,1sic and also the radio studios
are housed in a small wooden building.   The confusion from broad-
casting, practice and the band is very great indeed.   I hope
something can be done to relieve this situation and we ought to do
something, if possible, this summer.