Kentucky Basketball Pr
A Special Message From Joe Hall.
During my nine years as head basketball coach at the University of Kentucky, it has been a tremendous thrill to see our basketball teams gain success and notoriety in the academic arena. It has always been my philosophy that a college athlete's number one objective should be to earn an undergraduate degree. In our basketball program at U.K., we are always conscious of this goal and motivate our players daily in this direction.
Our coaching staff demands the same from our players in the classroom as we do on the basketball court.
Through daily academic meetings, tutoring sessions, and study halls, our players develop a sound routine that is conducive to self-discipline and scholastic emphasis. Our Athletics Association has established a full-time academic advisor, who directs these activities and reports our players' academic progress to me on a daily and weekly basis.
I am convinced that academic success in college athletics today is being achieved at a high rate, and am very proud to say that with our 88% graduation rate over the past nine years, it is definitely being achieved in
Head Coach Joe B. Hall
the basketball program at the University of Kentucky.
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