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uxmcron GAY/LESBIAN snvxcn onmumon, v.0. nox 11471, “XI-ml, M 40575
Have you ever considered what it's like to be a sexual minority in
another country where your basic human rights are not guaranteed? Around
the world, gay men and lesbians are murdered by paramilitary death
squads, jailed, have their publications censored or suppressed, lose
custody of their children, are
denied jobs and housing and the
right to form organizations. SODOMITESINTHE SNOW --
These types of flagrant, and often STATE SUPREME COURT HEARS
violent, discriminatory practices ARGUMENTS ON SODOMY LAW
occur too often without any
international concern or protests. By Jeff Jones
The International Gay and As the Kentucky Supreme Court
Lesbian Human Rights Commission is heard arguments in challenge to
dedicated to researching and the constitutionality of the
documenting human rights abuses state's sodomy statute on April 2,
against gays, lesbians and other 45 people gathered on the steps
sexual minorities around the and rotunda of the Capitol to show
world. support for protecting the privacy
The group is currently expanding rights of Kentuckians.
our Emergency Response Network for The court is reviewing the
the express purpose of bombarding decisions of the Fayette District
the offending parties with phone and Circuit Courts that ruled the
calls, letters, petitions and statute prohibiting homosexual
demonstrations. Our hope is that sodomy between consenting adults
one day soon, (Continued on page 5) as unconstitutional.
If the Supreme Court upholds
the decisions, Kentucky will join
In This Issue 25 other states by making all
private sex acts between
SUMMER WOMEN'S EVENTS scheduled consenting adults legal. Such a
around the county are previewed by ruling would make Kentucky the
Mary Crone — page 10. third state in the nation (after
N.Y. and Penn.) to overturn the
FAIR! SUPERHERO Rupert Kinnard's sodomy law in the state courts.
comic about a superhero who is a The Kentucky statute forbids
gay, radical, black genital—oral, genital—anal, and
teenager, is now in . anal-oral acts between same—sex
a book, reviewed ‘ couples.
on page 9. You can \ 7. The demonstration in favor of
discover how humor Imp/«,4 privacy was organized in response
and whimsy are used to an expected protest by
on behalf of truth, '. ._ J _ .11.,“ christian fundamentalists who want
justice and the fight “ N” v to keep the sodomy statute. The
against homophobia. .f I demonstrators included people from
the Kentucky ACLU, KY Lambda
issue we report reader's views on Lambda.
the area's best pizza, restaurant, Gathering from around Kentucky
drag queen, etc. -- page 8. with signs in tow, (Continued on page 5)

 A word from the editor
By Chuck Smith
. Between June 5 _ 14 we in the
1)“,thth monthlfiby Lexington area will observe Gay,

LexmgtonGay/Le8_1an Lesbian and Bisexual Pride Week

Semce Orgamzatlon 1992. The event celebrates the
P-O-BOX11471 anniversary of the Stonewall
Lexmgton,KY40575 Rebellion, which is considered to
_ mark the beginning of the modern
Editors: gay liberation movement in

Beth Dally, Jeff J ones, Ame r ic a ,

T0mMurphy,Chuck Smlth One night in June 1969, some
street queens and the patrons of
the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in

a. New York City, refused to
cooperate with a police raid on

GLSOAnnual Dues $10.00 tile bar- They foughtk bdaCkhand
t eir resistance 5 ar e t ree

DuesforCouples$15.00 nights of rioting bl; gay people

Newsletter0n1y$5.00 and the notice of gay men and
lesbians across the nation.
a 5 Our Pride Week provides the
E opportunity to find out more about
our history as gay men and
GLSOMAYFORUMADDRESSES lesbians, enjoy some arts {find
NEEDS OF LEXINGTON'S GAYS social events and show your pride
as a gay person. You should look
A public forum for discussing at the schedule printed in this
the needs and challenges faced by issue and plan to take part in
the lesbigay community in some of the events.
Lexington will be held at 7:30 * * * * *
p.m., May 6, at the New Morning With this issue, the GLSO News
Coffee House. is passing into the hands of new
Keith Elston, will make some editors. Beth Daily, Jeff Jones,
brief introductory remarks and and Tom Murphy have agreed to
moderate the discussion. This jointly take over the editorial
forum provides an opportunity to responsibilities for the news—
express your views on issues letter. Furthermore, several
important to lesbigay people in others in the community have
Lexington and to suggest services volunteered to assist with the
that GLSO might prov1 e. work. There are still other jobs
The New Morning Coffee House is that we could use assistance with.
located at 504 Euclid Avenue. Someone to manage advertising is
our biggest need. If you would be
GROUPSUPPLIESSUPPORT interested in helping with the
FOR LESBIAN OVEREATERS newsletter call Chuck at 275-2069.
If there are particular issues
A group to help lesbians deal you would like to see addressed in
with the problem of over eating the newsletter or features you
meets each week at Faith Lutheran would like to see included, give
Church on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. us a call or send a letter at P.o.
Anyone interesting in taking Box 11471, Lexington, KY 40575.
part in the group or joining it, We want the GLSO News to serve the
should call Nancy at 268-3941. Bluegrass lesbigay community.

In a letter he addressed to Randy Klose of the Human Rights Campaign
Fund, Governor Bill Clinton claimed to be a strong supporter of ciVil
rights for gays and lesbians. An earlier uestionnaire Clinton returned
‘ to the fund expresses reservations about the lack of some provisions in
the federal gay civil rights bill.
Clinton maintains that the bill
should not require religious
organizations to hire gay people prohibiting discrimination against
if they are opposed. He claims gays and lesbians in federal
that such a requirement would hiring and contracting.
violate the constitutional right
to free exercise of religion. '
But, Clinton maintains he has a g Airline Tickets -- Cruises -- Tours ,
"fundamental commitment to civil : 3
rights for ga%s and lesbians." He 3 f
also has pu lically committed ; PEGASUS TRAVEL INC. ,
himself to sign the gay rights i .
bill when it is passed by the l '
Congress. ; GLSO Donation With Each Purchase ‘
Clinton has called for a repeal i ‘
of the ban on gays and lesbians . 20401dleHourCenter
serving in the military, and IRichmondRoad Lexinbg‘ton,KY40502
pledges that if elected, he will i 800228-4337? 60 268-4337 I
issue an executive order .

Protect yourself and your partner by
using latex condoms, and by arming
yourself with information about how
AIDS is affecting the gay community.
For More Information About AIDS, call:
Kentucky AIDS Education Program
Cabinet for Human Resources
Department of Health Services
4 - GLSO/May

 Local News

By The John Michaels

on Tuesday, April 7, 1992, an AIDS Memorial and Benefit was held at
The Bar Complex Showroom in Lexington, Kentucky. The event was to honor
persons liv1ng with HIV or who have died from complications from AIDS.

It was sponsored by Friends of
Kevin Drury (1963-,1992) and STATESUPREME COURTHEARING
benefited AIDS Volunteers of Continued frompagel
Lexington (AVOL), Friends of the the protesters battled an early
Quilt (Lexington Names Project), morning snow storm to arrive in
and the Hospice of the Bluegrass time to greet the Supreme Court
AIDS Pro ram. The theme of the judges as they arrived at the
memorialybenefit was "Don't let Capitol. The demonstrators first
the sun go down on me." stood on the Capitol steps, then

The event was a resounding moved into the rotunda.
success, raising over $2000. It Except for a man taking photos
proved that the gay and lesbian of the pro—privacy protesters, the
community in Lexington can be just 60 or so fundamentalists who came
that, a community. to the Capitol that day, sat in

A memorial table and personal the court room along with about 40
affects display was prOVided for who supported privacy rights.
the public who attended. The In the case itself, several
Lexington signature Panel of the friend of the court briefs
Names Project was provided by the supporting overturning the statute
local chapter. had been filed by legal, health,

The cast of 16 performers religious, and psychological
donated all of their tips to the organizations. On the other side
benefit fund. Natalie Gay was several legal briefs asking that
hostess and MC for the event. the law remain in force were filed
Cammie Detrich, Janelle Claiborne, by legal and fundamentalist
Stacy Bryant, Rhonda K. Steele, groups.
Leslie King, Briana Carey, and To overturn the statute at least
Dale Lee performed at the event. 4 of the 7 judges must uphold the
Representatives from the three lower court's decision. Although
beneficiary groups made short the judges will render their
presentations. decision in legal terms, political

The Complex Showroom remained considerations will certainly play
packed throughout the evening and a part in the outcome.
Lexington got one of the best Last November, Lewis Paisley,
shows ever put together. the District Court Judge who first

The event is on video tape. overturned the statute on
Copies may be obtained by constitutional grounds, won a
providing a VHS tape to either landslide victory in an election
John Michael—l or John Michael—2 for Circuit Court. His opponent
at the Bar Complex Showroom. made the sodomy statute a major

campaign issue.
INTERNATIONALGROUP A year ago a University of
Continued from page 1 Kentucky research poll found that
if a gay bookstore is closed, if a 2/3 of the state's population
gay newspaper is censored, when believe that all private sex acts
our fellow homosexuals are jailed between consenting adults should
for their sexual activities, we be legal.
can be there in solidarity to The Supreme Court is expected
provide a voice of protest from to hand down a decision on the
the four corners of the earth. sodomy statute's constitutionality
Continued on page a during the next few months.
' GLSO/May-5

 Sunday Monday May WWW-“y “d“ .. SM” DIRECTORY
manna annual-3a 7 am/Ams supp gp GLSO Gayline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 231.0335
I I pm gay mens spr grp. am . .
EH 7 Ham“! 7 HHIEEHEEE 8pm gay/lesbianAA 9am frontwnners GLSO Board (Craii) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .271-8477
[BEEEEIIEEEIEE IIIEEIEIEEIEEE 81538 @1921“? ) . . . (1.31.1). . . . . . Egg-39232
I. I e ers ureau 1 . . . . . -
[Emma 23 512mm GLSO Pfionehne (Tony) - - ~ - - . - - . . 266-9175
EEIIEEEI BEEEEII GLSO Support Group (Mary) . . . . . .266-5904
(Cole). . . . . . . . . . 233-1782
" 4 Bluegrass C.O.L.T.S (Mark) . . . . . . 233-7266
4 5 6 gm ¥aint 0w growling1 Leaéue . .). . . . . . . Egg-gig
M . _ _ . bian AA am HIV/AIDS supp. glP- rl-s ate ay 0 e0 erry . . . . . -
4 b AA 7-91wb1 a su . grp. 12pm UK Lambda Lunch 4pm1$b1an overeatexs pm HIV/AIDS supp. grp 8pm gay/1w NAMES Pro ect Kentuck (Katie) . 223-3855
4:11:11 iii-1656;: rodeo g y pp 7pm gay/1mmam AI'ADOD 89m gay/155191311 AA 7‘30 UK 13mm meet 98m mamas Lesbian Potlluck . . . . . . . . y. . . . . . . . . 231-3851
8:45 Rainbow Bowl. lg. 7:30 GLSO forum, p. 2 Esmerelda's Parlour (Debbie) . . . . . .255-3851
Front Runners/running club (Dan) . 254-6850
UK Gay/Lesblan Students (Keith) . 266-3934
Lexmgton Men's Chorus (Shelby) . . 231-0090
(Michael)................. 233-3709
.4 5, :3“ Lesbian Overeaters Anon. (Nancy) . 268-3941
b‘ AA 7-91 b' . . 12 In UK Lambda Lunch 4pm lesbian overeaters pm HIV/AIDS supp. gp. 8pm gay/lesbian AA am sapp- grp- ay es Ian - on o ert . . . . . -
4pm gay/16s nan as gay SUPP grp 7p; gay Aesbian Al- Anon 8pm gay/lesbian. AA 7pm Names let making 7pm gay men s splntual 9am frontrunners RELIGIOUS GROUPS
8:45 Rainbow bowl lg- 7pm Names PmJact me“ Dignity: Catholic (Don) . . . . . . . . . . . .299-4458
In erweave: Unitarian (Crai ) . . . . . 271-8477
Gay Mens Spiritual Group (gteve) . .233-1782
AIDS Information & Services
”4:: 2:54:24: tug; *: Kentucky AIDS Hotline. . . . . 800 645-2437
v 1 8 1 9 20 2 1 (3353;353 IAI¥€L (githa figgiges) . . . G. . . . . . 254-2865
' +, , u ort rou s
2pm lesbian potluck 7-9 lesbigay supp. grp. 12pm UK Lambda Lunch 4pm lesbian overeateis pm HIV/AIDS supp. grp. 8pm gay/lesbian AA am HIV/AIDS supp- grp~ (AVOL) _ _ _ _ ~ . _ pp . ' . _ ' . p ' 254-2865
4pm gay/lesbian AA 7pm gay/lesbian Al-Anon 8pm gay/lesbian AA 9am frontrunners An AIDS T t.
; - 1 _ ~ 0 ous es 1n
4pm Avg: Board Elect“ 8 45 Rainbow bOWI g Lemgton-nglyette County . . . g . . . . 288-2437
PmAV mm“ 55 Madison County. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 623-7812
Jessamine County. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 885-4149
4;; 29 Mix National Gays/Lesbian Crisisline
25 i (80 ) 347-4283
E, ~:-::-:2-' . _ . b. AA 1'11lele su ' ' ‘ .
4*” gayflesb‘MA ”may 3“” g4. iiimaufifiaflfifi‘ 332155123233; pm “AIDS 5“” g‘P 1"“ W“ ‘a" grammes" g‘p Lexmgton Gayzgmnggm Information
8:45 Rainbow bowl 1g. 8pm gay/lesbian AA
Teenage Gag & Lesbian Support
. (so ) 347-TEEN
This line is staffed by teenagers
GLSO/May - 7
6 - GLSO/May '

 Local News

In a March ploll, GLSO News readers named several "bests" in the
Lexington and B uegrass area. Here is a reEort on their views.

The top three places to meet gay LEXIN TON MEN'S CHORUS
men are (1) The Bar Complex, (2) GROWINGAND MOREACTIVE
UK Lambda, (3) Crossings. If you
are interested in meeting lesbians The Lexington Men's Chorus joined
look at (l) The Metro, (2) friends the Heart Strings cast in
and potlucks, (3) UK Lambda. To "Sometimes When We Touch" adding a
meet bisexuals you should go to splendid full, rich quality that
(1) UK Lambda, (2) The Bar b ended elegantly."

Complex, (3) the Unitarian -- Louisville Courier Journal
Universalist Church.

Readers felt the best nightspots Lexington and Kentucky can be
for lesbians is The Metro; for gay very proud of the Lexington Men's
men, The Bar Complex; and for Chorus' participation in the Heart
strayts, Lynaughs. Strings performance in Louisville,

Alfalfa's and Fleur—de-Lys tied April 11 and 12. This national
for best restaurant. tour is a fund—raiser for AIDS

The best music group is Yer organizations. The money raised at
Girlfriend. Crystal Blue and the Kentucky performances was
Sirocco tied for the title of best distributed to AIDS service groups
drag queen. Chuck C. of the Bar throughout Kentucky.
Complex was named best bartender. The Lexington Men's Chorus has

other businesses thought to be grown, but they still need you.
the best are: pizza, Joe They will now be preparing for an
Bologna's, florist, Darryl's Gratz AIDS memorial service and pride
Park Flowers; men's clothes, week. Come join us if you would
Lazarus; women's clothes, like to sing with a fantastic
McAlpin's; and Cut Corner and Disc group of men and are able to make
Jockey tied for best record store. a commitment to rehearse.

The best lesbigay neighborhood

is the Chevy Chase area. UNITED WAY TO CUT BOY SCOUTS
The San Francisco United Way

INTERNATIONALGROUP chapter notified six local Boy

Continued from pageS Scout councils it will withdraw

This is an exciting time in its support unless they stop
which to live, and we can surely excluding homosexuals.
make a world of difference to
those less fortunate than ___—-_—-I
ourselves. ! ,
b Letter griting campaigrgs have :3 7
een, an continue to e, an : S S 7%
extremely effective means for , L16 t/rOTI‘B‘ -p
promoting change worldwide. This
is pharticularlhy trucks3 with respect - . I
to uman rig ts a uses against )7 S
sexual minorities whose rights are . Sycfio 091g:
rapidly gaining legitimacy
internationally . i

To participate in this important ‘ 277~3l IQ
work, write International Gay and I
Lesbian Human Rights Commission, 1
540 Castro St., San Francisco, CA f '
94114. —————'—‘—‘

 Book Review
. . by Chuck Smith
This isn't going to be an objective book review; it is about the
Brown Bomber, my favorite superhero in the whole world. What, you've
never heard of the Brown Bomber? You are forgiven. His regular
appearances are in West Coast gay papers. So, exce t for the few times
wetlinl the rest ofldthe coulntry catch a glimpse opr.B. in gay comic
an o o ies, we se om see 1m.
Fortugnately, B.B. is now at the NAME; ER‘C (BROW’J BOMBEK)GAMBRELL
local bfok stork'Del in B.B. asnd the AGEZPERPETUALLY 19
Diva (A yson Pu ications, 6.95 . _
a collection of the Rupert Kinnag'cli OCCWATION' PART “ME SUPER'a
comic strips featuring B.B. and HERO/FAIRY (THEMYSHCALKIND)W
his friends. h h %,°
50, you say, w o is t is Brown M74;
BgTbei? He describes himself as a ”H AN WNOCENT BOW /;’/l l ///{/j/.
“ ac , poor, radical fairy." (My F | AL 4 ./
friends now understand the reason UNPCSSN C L ED /.... W
he is my favorite superhero. I HICCU ‘G,ER]C J J ./
Eight adcjl- that Se also lias the ABRUDTLY CHANGES, " I %'
ottest egs an most a lurin ‘ ' "" \
smile in all comicdom.) g SOMETIMES AEAINST HIS '1. ‘xéé‘
Kinnard explains that although WILL-YO AND FROM HIS ’ / Q .
he rarely hasl 13:.B. uhsek hlius B.B. PERSONA EACH TRANS' §
superpowers, "I i e to t in t e ' _
Brown Bomber is the most powerful FORMATlON i5 FOLLOWED BY/ %:
superhero of all. A fairy can do AN INTENSE COCOA AROMA/ §%/
3““ ab°ut anything" HIS PASSIONS INCLUDE TIME ‘ %
The Bomber does have one . .. [g4 2/6/4‘
weakness, sweet potato pie. It's W'TH DNAMY GIRL BY 'luflfll “fl
not his kryptonite, just something THETEMPTATIONS AND = 9
he can't turn down. , :3: 9.
B.B. is quite a contrast to his Hi5 ONLY WEAKNESS ‘5 .gf—ga “'fi—t’v.
frequent com anion, Diva Touché SWE I ._’-J.?..1._ a?"
Flambé. She Es a black, leftist, ET POTATO ME «I —'-"fit\
vegetarian, lesbian educator. She Michael J., who wears only one
hosts a TV show, "Dishing With glove and has a pet chimpanzee.
Diva," that asks questions such B.B. and Michael J. liked to think
as, "What do gay men have in those of themselves as comic characters.
Macys bags they carry?" "of course, that makes sense
B.B. and the Diva use wit and for B.B." was the Diva's retort.
humor to combat homophobia and But there is also work for B.B.
other unenlightened behavior. in the gay family. He is always
For example, not long ago, they trying to raise the political
baby—sat for Gaylord, the infant consciousness of his friend, the
son of conservative, straight, Vanilla Creampuff. Puffie's big
Christian, Republican, yuppies Kay concern is trying to understand
and Ray Sediah. why, although he spends loads of
Under B.B.‘s influence, Gaylord money to have his hair done and
said his first word. No, it wasn't buys great clothes and cologne, he
"mommy" or "daddy." It was "Simon still can't keep a boyfriend.
Nikoli," the name of a black, The time spent with B.B., Diva,
29-year old, openly gay, South their friends and adversaries will
African anti-apartheid activist. be a time of enjoyment, whimsy,
Several years ago the Bomber had and occasionally of keen social
a short fling with a certain and political insight.

 $1 - B
Bax“; IRE—7 911-7 ENEFIT
\ / 1 ENT 4
‘a Q 2 "L
\ Wwow‘r 5
Friday, May 8
($4.00 with GLSO
Membership Card)
0‘3 p
WEEK ‘2 AT 9:00 pm WEEK
«F»? BE
BE Unitarian Universalist Church NEFIT
3564 Clay's Mill Rci., Lexinéton, KY
10 _ GLSOfMay For more information, call 31-0335

 Esmerelda's Parlour
FUN, PRIDE-ENHANCING EVENTS May 28-31, in Bloomington, IN.
NWMF, Dept. LC, PO Box 1427,
B; Mary Sojourner Crone Indianapolis, IN 46206. ph: (317)
It's estival time again! I want 636—7382. The closest and only
to encourage all of you to indoor festival. Lots of known
consider a trip to one of these musicians and activities this
wonderful gatherings.‘ There is year.
enough variety so that you should June
be able to find one that fits your WEST COAST LESBIAN FESTIVAL—~June
interests and needs. All 5—7, on the beach! in Malibu, CA.
festivals, to my knowledge, Particular Productions, 279
provide space and services for Lester Avenue, Oakland, CA 94606.
differently-abled wimmin. Ph: (510) 763—9228.
Some wimmin may want to start EAST COAST LESBIAN FESTIVAL——June
with a small festival or one that 18—21, at Lakeside Camp on the
does not require camping. Others NY/PA border. ECLF, 132 Montague
may want to jump into the Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Ph:
intensity of a week at the (718) 643—3284.
Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, August
my personal favorite. MICHIGAN WOMYN'S MUSIC FESTIVAL--
Each of the festivals is a Aug. 11—16, near Hart, MI. WWTMC,
stimulating, fun, pride-enhancing Box 22, Walhalla, MI 49458. Ph
event. There is music, comedy, (616) 757—4766. This will be the
dancing, sports, politics, and 17th year for the largest and for
spirituality. You can relax in the me, most interesting festival.
sun, you can do work shifts and Its like coming home.
learn new skills. You should also Labor Day Weekend
plan to spend some time for WEST COAST WOMEN'S MUSIC & COMEDY
shopping at the "Lesbian Mall" FESTIVAL—- Robin Tyler Pro-
filled with beautiful and unusual ductions, address in Memorial Day
items offered by (mostly) lesbian listings.
artisans and buSiness wimmin. RHYTHMFEST—-in north Georgia.
Here is a list of festivals Rhythmfest, 2009 Chapel Hill Rd.,
scheduled for 1992. A few comments Durham, NC 27707. Ph: (919) 419-
are included concerning the ones I 1923, small but growing.
have attended or have some NORTHEAST WOMEN'S MUSICAL RETREAT—
information about. in Tollend, MA. NEWMR, PO Box
550, Branford, CT 06405
CAMPFEST-—near Oxford, Pa. ph: Sisterspace, 315 S. 47th Street
(609) 694-2037. Campfest, RRS Box B-lOl, Philadephia, PA 19143. Ph:
185, Franklinville, NJ 08322. (215) 476—2424.
WIMINFEST--Wimin, PO Box 80204,
Albuquerque , NM 87 19 8-2 04 . LESBIGAY PARENTS ORGANIZING
FESTIVAL--near Ashville, NC. Gay, lesbian and bisexual
Robin Tyler Prod., 15842 Chase parents, are you interested in
street, North Hills, CA 91343. starting a gathering for lesbigay
New location (easy drive from parents in the area? If so, call
Lexington) and new scheduling to Jeff at 253—9729. other cities
accommodate wimmin who wish to have similar groups to meet the
stay in motels off festival special needs of lesbigay parents
grounds. A relatively small in the areas of relationships,
(1000) and fun festival. Cabins custody matters and "fami y"
available. family social outings.
, GLSO/May-ll

 33E .333;
;E-__‘:;l 1992 LEXINGTON E
E JUNE 4-14 E
K E Thur.. 4 -- Movie at the Kentucky Theater E
,E Fri. 5 -- Movie at the Kentucky Theater E .
. - Sat. 6 -- Ride For Pride (Bicycle Ride) f ‘
_ _ -- Movie at the Kentucky Theater 1'.
, - ' -- Plays by Between the Acts E
. .~: -- "This Brooding Sky" ' '
"E -- "Dos Lesbos" E2
.-"E Sun. 7 -- Pride Church Service, Unitarian Universalist Church :-
_ ' _' -- Movie at the Kentucky Theater E
.Ei E -- Barn Dance, Tri-State Gay Rodeo Association i u,
I I E Wed. 10 -- Bowling Night
r: Thur. 11 -- Speakers E
E 7
_ - Fri. 12 -- Plays by Between the Acts E
. E -- "This Brooding Sky" ‘
i E -- "Dos Lesbos"
E Sat. 13 -- Arts Nifiht, sponsored by GLSO
- E -- Bar Nig t, sponsored by area bars -
l ,
- E Sun. 14 -- Salute to Lexington Volunteers Bantgluet "
E -- sp‘onsore by Tri-State Ga Ro eo Association. 1
- E Tic ets, advance sales only £20, may be purchased
'1 E at Crossings and from association members. E ‘
, . E Watch for the final schedule with complete information on E
. E times and locations. It will be posted around town and included E
_ E in the June GLSO News. E
E Help is need in the final plannilgfi for Pride Week j r
. E Call Debbie, 255-3 1. t E
' , E j E
1 3,
\M~W*wW—-Ww—-M*_.M.“W,m ”va—o->»~v——-~_—“,____~_____ —-~—-,_.....~__....__._,_,/:} V‘
E - - . . . - , E
12 - GLSO/May