xt7ns17sr944 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7ns17sr944/data/mets.xml  Portugal   books  Latin   This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed in accordance with U. S. copyright laws. Medieval Manuscripts Gradual Iberian Peninsula Liturgy damage binding waste Gradual, 15th century (MS Latin Kentucky XIV) text Identifier: MS LAT KY XIV Summary: Through the text is uninterrupted throughout, this gradual contains two radically different styles of execution. Fol. 1- 108 is remarkable for the marginal foliate decoration and distinctive puzzle piece illuminated initials. Fol. 108- 124 features simpler red and blue or black cadel initials. There are no remaining full-page illuminations. Origin: 15th century, possibly Portugal Decoration: One notable two-stave illuminated puzzle initial. One-stave illuminated puzzle initials throughout. Very intricate. Marginal floral sprays through fol. 108. Black cadels after fol. 109. Provenance: Purchased in Spain, 1958, with Library Associates' funds by Lawrence S. Thompson. Notes: Font and back paste down from de-luxe Italian antiphoner/gradual, in texualis precissa. Fol. 8 has been cut almost in half (post production). Fol. 44r: Trimmed marginal notation indicates foredge sides have been trimmed. Spelling of Introytus and Cothidie suggest Portuguese origin. Spelling shifts to Introitus after fol. 109. Fol. 60r: Marginal notation by scribe "Non dicitur. Flectamus". Shift in style from 109r forward. Fol. 116r: Black cadels replace earlier colorful penwork initials. Fol. 119r and 122v-123r and 124v: Table of Contents (or concordance). Rust stain at bottom of fol. 81 and 82. Front and back paste downs are Italian. Script: Gothic texualis rotunda formata Support: Parchment Binding: Original 16th century binding with brass bosses on the foredge corners and four central ones. Small paper stamp indicating 34 on back cover. Layout: 5 staves Gradual, 15th century (MS Latin Kentucky XIV)   2021 true xt7ns17sr944 section xt7ns17sr944