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IMorrison College, Lexington, Ky., June 11, 1972

Meeting of
June 11,

of the Exec.
Con . r eO d

Motion to
arove made
& withdrawn

report read
Same rec'd
& refered

Curator W. C.
Rogers substi-
tuted for Cura-
tor A. a. $ow-
Eafl  .

Curator Henry
Bell substitu-
ted for J. P.

report read &

     The Board of Curators met at 2 o'clock Chairman R. I.
Bishop in the chair Session opened by Prayer by- Rev. G. W. Elley-

     The roll being called the following Curators were found
present. R. M. Bishop, J. B. Bowman, John G. Allen, Genj. Gratz,
Andrew Steele, Joseph Wasson, D. S. Goodloe, G. W. Elley, J. S.
Woolfolk, A. H. Bowman, C. T. Worthington, Joseph Smith, i. J.
White, R. C. Rciketts, B. B. groom, J. P. Tarbitt, R. R. $ban,
Enos Campbell, L. R. Wilkes, Horace Miller, Henry Bell_ Landon A.
Thomas, "7. T. Withers, William E. Rogers, G. W. Givens.
     The proceeding of the Eoxtive Committee for the current year
just ended were read by Dr. Smith the secretary.
     Curator Elley moved that the report be approved but Curator
Worthington objected for tne reason in part that he had not heerd
a large portion of the report read an& at hisTrequest Curators
Elley withdrew said motion.
     Regent Bowman then read his report giving detailed statement
of the Condition of the various Colleges and departments of
Kentucky University.
     Curator Worthington moved to receive the report and its
various portions be referee to the proper standing Comtees which
was adopted.
     The various Comtees were requested by the President to report
as early as possible and returr to the secretary all the papers/228/
connected with the Regents' report.
     Curator A. H. Bowman asked to be excused from the Comtee. on
the College of Arts - which upon motion was done and Curator *t. C.
Rogers elected to fill the vacancy.
     Curator J. P. Tarbitt asked to be excused from the comtee. on
the Medical College whi ch upon motion was done cnd Curator Henry
Bell elected to fill the v.-ccancy.
     The report of the Treasurer wa8s then read - and ordered to be
receive-' and filed.
     On motion of Curator Elley the Boarl adjourned to meet to-
morrow morning at 9 otclock.
     Benediction by Curator L. B. Wfilkes

     /229/    Morrison College, June 12, 1872

     The Board met at 9 o'clock in oursuence to a&journment.
     Roll being called the following Curators answered to their
names.- P. M. Bishop, J. B. Bowman, John G. Allen, C enj. Gratz.
4ndrew Steele, Joseph Wasson, D. S. Gooiloe, G. W. Elley, J. S.
Woolfolk, A. H. Bown-n. C. T. Worthington, Joseph Smith, W. L.
Williams, R. J. White, P. C. Ricketts, B. B. Groom, John Shackel-
ford, Z. F. Smith, J. P. Tprhittt. R. B. Sloan, W, T. Withers,
Enos Ccmpbell, C. W. Civens, L. B. Wilkes, J. 1141. Sherley, Horace
Miller, Henry Bell, W. E. Ro-ers, Landoon A. Thomas, Judge Cald-
7rell afterwards care in.



Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky.. June 12th, 1872

Majority &
Mi no ri ty
Report of
Corn on

Motionr. to
postpone lozt.

Nomi nati on
o f Wnm. Nitchell

Pojht of order

Five minute
rule ado:pte

Com. on Com.
mercial Col.

Report of
Comr. on said

     Session opener: Bly Prayer by Curator Snoa Campbell.
     The minutes of the Previous meeting being read" wer'- ap-
prove d.
     Report of the Comtees. being called for.
     The majority of Con. on Nominations reported the neme:*. of
Cr. Crutcher of Henry County and James G. Kinnaird of Fayettte.
     The Contee on Nominations made two reports.
     The majority reported the names of R. M. Gano, Hamilton
Headley & J. G. Kinnaird.
     Upon which a protracted discussion en-ued.
     Cur-,tor White moved to postpone the election of Curators
until to-morrow morning at 10 o'clcck- The motion lost.
     Curator G. W. Elley nominated.
     Mr. Mitchell of M-t. Sterling
     Curator White rose to a point of orier asking the Chair/230/
to explain which the Chaid did to the satisfaction of 8ll.-

     Curctors then proceeded to ballot for Curntore and upon
counting the vote it wes found. that Dr. Crutcher of Henry and
Jamrs G. Kinnatra of Fayette wore declared only elected they
havir.g read a majority of the votes.
     Curator Campbell offered the following motion.
     Resolved that no member shall be allowed to speak on any
one question more than five minutes, nor to speak twice untill
all who desire to speak have had an opportunity - unless by
permission of the Zoard - adopted.
     Curattor Withers offered the following Resolved - Thn.t the
Rule requiring the sessions of the Board be closed., be suspended
temporarily during the present sitting of the Board - &dopted.
     The report of the Stpnding Committee on College of Arts
by their Chairman Curator Campbell approved and ordered filed.
     Curator Ricketts as Chairman of Comtee on the Bible College
read his report which is filed together with the amendments of
Curator Joseph Smith who also moved that the Report & amendments
be postponed to the opening of the meeting of the Board this /231/
evening and made the special order for that time - adopted.
     Comtee on Commercial College asked for farther time -Crantel.
     Comtee on LaW College offered by their Chairman Curator
Worthington as their Report, the following, resolutions.
     Resolved by the Board of Curators, that the arrangemert tn-
tered into by the E:xtive Comtee find the Faculty of the Law College
is adopted as a tempcrary settlement of the question of collect-
ing the fees fron the students.



Kentucky University, Lexingtcn, Ky., June 12th, 1872

Substi tute

of fees in
the Co l.
of Law.

     Curator White moved a substitute but it was rejected.

     Curator Z. F. Smith offered the following amendment - kich
was adopted-
     That the Exective Cos. be instructed to confer with the
Faculty of the law College and. with their consent permit the
Treasurer to report in his annual account the tuition fees of
students of said College as received hy him in full and the same
as paid in full to the said. Faculty to preserve his accounts in
due form of layi, the s.riid. Fnculty being allored to collect or
these fees of the students and divide among themselves as they
wish, the matriculation fees to be collected & accounted for by
the Treasurer and that the Students of this College be required.
to observe the rules of matriculation and discipline impaired on
Students of all other Departments - Adopted.

Report of
Con. on

Officers of
the Bible
Col. invigeJ
to be present
at the consid-
eration of the
Regent on
that Col.

Com. on

Com . on Farm
& Con. on A.
& M. C. Mili-
tary & Mech-
Depe rtment s.

           Morrison College 1872 June 12th, 2 o'clock.
      The Board met and. roll called and the members present this
 morning answered to their names or came in afterwards.
      The Comrittee on the Commercial College mede their report
 which was adoited and filed,-
      On motion the officers of the Bible College were invited to be
 present at the diqscussion of the report or Comtee on said College
 and make any suggestions they desire there on.
      The report of the Comrtee. on the Bible was then taken up and
 discussed - as also the amendment of Curator Dr. Smith.
      The discussion was participated in by Curators Smith & Elley
 and Prest. Milligan was called upon to give his version.
      Professor 14cTarvey was also called upon to ex:press his views
 on the same report.
      Prof. Pickett also (at length expressed) his views of the
 wants of the Bible College.
      On motion of Curator Z. F, Smith the amendment of Dr. Smith
 was laid on the table-
/23Y The Gomtee on the Cimmercial College read their written
report through Curator A. H. Bowman the Chairman which was read
and adopted.
          Reports of
 The Comtee on Farm and also the Comtee on the Military & Mechani-
 cal Departments were read. and adopted which reads as follows-
      The Comtee recommend 1st That an outline course of History
 Ancient and Modern Geography headdied to the preparatory students
 already provided for & that a suitable Tutor be provided etc.
      2d. That for present assistance and relief in the college of
 of the Bible - W. B. Smith be constituted and adjunct Prof. of
 Eh}glish literature, This will give Prof. Pickett more time for the
 critical instruction of av1a-nced classes - relieve Prof. Mc'arve~y
 of the Sophomore class in Sacred History and give other needed aid
 in this department.


Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., June 12th, 1872

Request of
Prof. Mc-

Memorial of
Prof. McG.
refered to
Conf. Com .

Curator Sloan
aided to Con.
Commi ttee.

Curator Wilkes
ruled out of
His appeal not

Curator Wilkes
permitted to
read his paper.

Conf ering
Degrees on
students of
College of Arts

  Degrees on
  Students of
  the Bible
  Co 11 edge

with regard
to J.T. Haw-

     Amended to read provided the funds of tne University will
justify. Adopted.
     On motion it was resolved that the Board now go into Zxecu-
tive Session.
/234/ Prof. Mc garvey asked permission to read a memorial to the
Board of Curators iTl re,-- rd to certain charges against him and
asking for an investigation.
     Which was granted -
     Cutator Sloan moved to refer the above document to the con-
ference Committee with instructions to report rhet course it
shall take - adoptea.
     Curator Livens moved that Cur*r Sloan be added to the Con.
ference Comtee adopted.
     Curator Wilkes rose to a point of order and after an ey-
plenction commenced to read a memorial which the Chair out of
order on a point of order -
     Curator Wilkes appealed from said decission - And upon the
question shall the opinion of the Chair be sustained being put-
It was decided  that the Board sustained the decission or rul-
ing - of the Chair.
     Curator Z. F. Smith moved that Curator Wilkes be permitted
to proceed with the reaiing of his memorial - adopted.

     Curator Worthington moved that the memorial be respectfully
returned to Curator Wilkes.
     It was move-L as a substitute that the memorial be refered to
the same Comtee that Prof. McGarvey's was -adopted.
/235/ Regent Bowman read off names of the candidates for grr~4Iua-
tion in the College of Arts to whom he was directed by the Board
to iL sue diplomas.
     Their names are as follows
                  James Lane Allen
                         Fayette Co. Ky.
                  Samuel Davis Pinkerton
                         Lexington, Ky.
                  Henry Marland White
                         Leirington, Ky.
     Regent Bowman then read the names of the candidates for
graduation in the College of the Bible.

     Curator Shackelford moved to issue Diplomas to all of said
graduates except J. T. Hawkins of                adopted.
     Curator Z. F. Smith stated that the young marn exempted - he
was informed had denounced ani circulated slanderous renorts in
regard to Regent Bowman upon which Curator Allen moved thp't a
Committee of three be appointed to see Mr. Hawkins and, renort to
Exective Committee amended that if the young man shall deny or
make a proper retraction said Committee shall direct the Regent
to sign his degree - Adopted.
     Curators l len, Campbell & Sloan were appointed said CoMtee.



Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., June 12th, 1872

List of
gra duates in
Bible Col.

Col. o' Arts.

Col. of Le.

Commeercia l

     Thos. Babes, R. S. Cave, J. D. Dillard, Thos. =. Foster,
J. K. Farrow, Virgil M. C-ains, R. M, Geijeus, J. T. Hawkins,
Thos. J. Lyle, L. D. McGowan, J. G. Mayfield, Manville, S.  
Moser, 0. S. Soper, C. P. Williamson, G. W.Yancey.
     It is ordered that the degree of Bachelor of Arts be con-
fere& on the students of the College ef Arts wbose rnsamres are
given below. viz.
     Allen- James Lane Jr. Lex. 'y.
     Pinkerton   Se,:uel Davis LLB. Lex. Ky.
     WThite- Henry Warland  Lex. Ky.
     Adams, Djvid William Lex. Ky.
     Belcher, William C. Austin, Tex.
     Chur - James Higby, Lex. Ky.
     Elstner, Milton Cparter Shreverort, La.
     Graves, E. Price, Cold Spring, Te$ s
     Snowden, McLaawrin Homcz', Dtiraugh N. C.
     Thomas, S nford Alexr.nder Georgetoivn
     Bee:ch, 7ugene S. Franklin, Tenn.
     Berry, James Taulandingham, Lex.
     Harper, John Franklin, Kenston, N. C.
     Harris, John Woolfolk, Versailles, Ky.
     Lee, Mathepr L. Clinton, Y. C.
     Mclen, Jac. Shirley La Grange.
     Shaw, Emison, Sorghstown
     Sneed, John Shannon, Brentwood, Tenn.
     Graves, Samuel Overton, Hopkinsville, Ky.
     Leigh, Wm. Archer huntsville, Texas.
     Payne, Leslie Elwood, Hlopkinsville, Ky.
     Rientfro, Robert Byron, Huntsville, Texas.
   Fogers, William Ficklin, Danville, Ky.
   Williams, John Nottle, Lexington, Ky.
   Williams, Leslie A. lamestonntown
   3roxton, Azro Davis, Wyorcester Mass.
   Crass, George Woodland M. Tenn.
   iiad.aJen, Clifton C. North Middleto-rn
   Howard, Sarago Z Ark.
   Jeffreyp, Thomas Mathenw, Weisar P. 0. Idaho
   Haufman, Holidoy Clay, Hustonville, Ky.
   Primer, Philanda Holcamb Telataba Sta. Miss.
   Ryle, Ja-s. Lewis, Bellview, Texas.
   Totten, John Churchill- Belford
   Walker, James Loi s, Douglas, Texas.
     Warren, Freeman William, Leington
     Webb, William, Lexingt'n, N-y.



Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky. June 12th, 1872

Busine es
reporte1 by
Exec. Comr.

LMotion to
lay on table
Motion tO
carr i e (1.

M{eeting of
June 13, 1872

Paper from
Dr. Joseph
Sm it h

The Exec.
Co. .

Action of
the ESxec.
Com. Ratified

Offense of
Students of
the Bible
Col. passed

Report of Con.
of 3 to whom
waz refered
the case of
J.T. Rawkins.

        Cura L 0 Jese-h Sr.ith road to the Board. a document from the
   Extive Comtee containing sudgestions of business for the action
   of the Board.
        It was move4 to refer the docuimer' to a Contet of three.
   7    It was moved to lay it on the ta'ble but the resolution was
   re ec t cd.
        ,ueztion on reference was then carried and Curator Campbell,
   Sloan & Judge Caldwell were appointed the Committee.
        It was then movel to aajnurn till 'a otclock tomorrow morn-
   iLg, - Benediction by Cur-itor Sloan.

         /237/ Morrison College, Kentucky University
                        June 13, 1872

        The Board met pursuant to adjournment anct the roll being
   called the following Curators were fo-ond1 oresent. R. M. Biel`op,
   J. B. Bowman, John G. Allen, Beaj. Gr-Oz, Andre7.r Steele, Joseph
   Wasson, D. S. Goodloe, G. W. Elley, J. S. Woolfolk, A. H. Boyr-
   an, C. T. Worthingt'n, Joseph   Smith, P. C. Ricketos, B. B.
   Xroox, John Shackelford, Z. F. Smith, J. P. Tarbi t,, R. P. Sloan,
   W. T. Withers, Bnos Campbell, James S. Caldesll, L. B. Whilkes,
   Z. M1. Sherley, Horace Miller, Henry Bell, William E. Rogers,
   Lenlon A. Thomas, Dr. Crutcher.
        The minutes of Previous meeting viere read and approved.
        Curator Dr. Smith presented a paper suggesting some matters
   of business for the consideration of the Board Which upon re-
   quest of the Fogent was hell up for the present.
        Curator Worthington called up the report of Curator Sloan
   offered the follo-ing Resolution.
        Resolved that we noet5fv the action of t he Exccutive Committee
   ad interim and tha:t while their ,minutes show a failure CrJ part of
   the students of tne Bib'e College to meet the requisition of the
   Board a't its 'November aecission. We are several less in the exer-
   cise of clergency pass by their officer on that matter and in the-,t
   view approve the 2action of Presilent `Iilligan in the final des-o-
   sition of the oase - adoptel.
/233/   Jllil',e Caldwell Chairman
        The Co"s-ittee on the La-wl College as reauested made their re-
   port which was red.l and ad..opted and is now filed.
        The Comt" to whome was refereJ the case of John Tm. Hawkins
   report by their Chairman the document filed. & marked A. as the
   report of the Comtee ,which document reads as follows