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 cut. 'I used to tr to bus up a ainst his in the

THE DOUBLE. CLOSET lunch line,” saysy Michael. "it was the only

‘VOI Life guilt-free incident of av closeted gay life.‘

part two of three Michael was the glgest of five boy-g, thgee gr
. . whoa are now a . i e can a ac ivis s, e

. So_the gaY father lives 1“ 3 dDUbIE FlDSEt- does not care guyspeculate abdutchuses. ”People

He is 15013 Ed froo straights because he 15 day who hunt for a cause are really hunting for a
and froa gays because he is a father. It is a cure,“ he says. 'I can’t be cured of w o I an
Catch-22 hat insgired Frederick Bozett of the and now i wouldn't want to be. This is as. l
University of Okla ooa Health Sciences Center to hope that if I ha pened to be a fat, black, left-
cooduct an extensive study of the gay father as an handed Jewish lesgian, I'd feel the sale way about
exalple of cognitive dissonance. . (Cognitive . self.‘ His anther, a housewi e, was
‘ dissonance theory deals with the tenSions groduced aifectionate and attentive; his father, a factory
when a person EEFCEIVES his attitudes and EbaV;0f office worker, was undeoonstrative and aloof. Froo
gs inconSisten .) Bozett concluded that BCOIBVIOO early childhood Michael felt different froo his
COOOTOEOCE 0‘ both IdentltlES' dEPEOOS .0“ schooloates in the working-class industrial town
accepting the two halves of oneself and developing of Haoilton. He used to listen secretly to
a SOCli network of hooosexual and heterosexua classical ousic ~- his favorite piece was
friends who also accept both. Only then does the Beethoven's Pathetique -- because he was afraid
paralyzing sense of dissonance -- what one gay his friends would laugh. Hhen he asked for an
father in New York calls 'fragaentation froo he albuo of 19th century rench ousic for his 13th
root of Iy body to the roo of oy soul' -- birthday, his father asked if he wouldn't prefer a

disappear. footbal . .

The fastest route to reconciling identities, 'I expended an aIaZing alount of energy on
of course, is to seat other gay fa hers. More repression ' says Michael. Hhen I was seven een
than 25 cities in the ".9. and Canada now have I fell in love with the boy across the street. My
local chapters of the Bay Fathers Coalition a heart would pound whenever I saw his, but 0
Mashington-based network 0 support groups. éooe , course I wasn‘t a hoaosexual. Holosexuals hated
of the larger chapters such as the Bay Fathers woaen; i didn't hate wooen. Hooosexuals wanted
Forul in New York and the Bay Area Gay Fathers in to be wolen; I didn't want to be a wolan.
San Francisco, have over 00 oeobers. In the Holosexuals flipped their‘ wrists; I lifted
Toronto group to which Robert and Michael belong, wei hts. Hhew! I wasn't a hoeosexual!’l Hhen
sole oen are divorced, sooe still carried sooe Michael was 19 and working for a steel coapany, he
conSidering separation sole still so closeted wrote a personal oanifes o describing how Canada
they introduce the-selves bg_first naaes only. should be run. In it, he recon-en ed that all
Here, diapers and. PTA IEE ing are acceptab e hooosexuals should be iogrisoned. 'I really
topics of conversation. . So are such questions is believed it,‘ he says. ' fter all, if I could
how do you tell your wife? How can you avoid lake such a state-en , how could I be anything but
alienating your adolescent son? Should your lover straight?l
play the re e of stepparent? Hhen Michael was 24 gears old he let a

The sense of cocoonality that arises froa pretty dark-haired prioary sc ool teacher naoed
such discussions has proved a powerful healing yon Owyer. She shared his interest in leftist
force. Even so, integrating two roles that bot golitics, the environ-ant, the peace loveoent and
gay and straight society have gronounced ero Population Growth. Michael felt an iaoediate
incolpatible is a grocess so arduous tha lost gay sense of belonging, aloost twinship, with her that
fathers never coop ete it. They relain instead in continued throug out their nine-year carriage and
a lilbo of divided identities, down-playing their gersists today. He had always wanted to carry and
sexuality before one audience and their parenthood ave children -- indeed, that is the only goal he
before another. Michael Borneo and Robert Knight releobers listing on a high school guidance class
are aaong the few gioneers who have succeeded in questionnaire -- and, since he ha never had sex
coling ou of both heir closets. . with a can and hated hoaosexuals, he had a clear

On the bottoo shelf of what Michael and , conscience when he proposed Iarriage.

Robert call 'the gay bookcase' -- five sagging They were both virgins on their wedding
shelves double—s acked with books a ou night. Michael found Lynn beautiful and did no
hooosexuality -- lies a photo albuo with a pink have to fantasize about wen. 'Looking back,’ he
triangle on its cover. I is a gictorial record says, 'I wasn't a very ioaginative over. Now
of Michael's life as a gay can. _ e assegbled it that Lgnn has had sex with other son and I've had
four years ago, he says 'so if anything ever sex wit other can, we both know how ouch better
happened to oe Iy son would grow up unders adding it can be.‘ They loved to a little country house
who his father was.‘ The trajectory that ends wit in Attercliffe, Ontario a counterculture Eden
a snapshot of his and Robert in the Canadian with an organic garden and an outbouse, and in the
Rockies, posed are in are like bashful evenings after Lynn becale pregnant, they lay in
honey-boners, begins with a 1952 group portrait of front ‘of the wood stove, practicing natural‘
his second-grade class in Haailton, Ontario. childbirth exercises together. Michael says the
Michael has rawn an arrow with two hearts between Eryn's birth was one o the two cost elotionally
hisself and a little boy with a bristly brown crew powerful Iooents of his life.

They talked about how they would raise their night picking things up without a word, with both
son: how he would read nonsexist books; how he of our faces covered with tears.‘ .
would always get plenty of hugs and kisses fron Soon it becane clear that Michael could not
both paren 5' how he would learn to respect confine his identity to one seventh of his life.
people of all races and religions. Lynn, the The spoke for the first_tine of seganation. Eryn
younger of two Sisters, know little about babies still renenbers thisugerlod as the tine when Papa
and depended on Hichael for lessons in diaperin saw sad.‘ Once, an Eryn was three he saw
and burping. They heated water on their wood Michael lying across the double bed that Robert
stove _and oak turns taking baths with Eryn in a now shares. 'Hh is Papa crying?‘ he asked Lynn.
galvanized iron tub. H en he went 0 town, 'will it help i¥ I give hin a ug‘?I He toddled
ichael carried his son in a little backpack. back with a roll 0 toilet paper to wipe his
Shortly before Ergn's birth, during a father's cheeks, and clinbed into the arns 'that
European vacntion, Michael ad had his first had bathed and diapered hin a thousand tines.
sexual experience with a nan. He was deeply 'Hy baby, by baby,“ said Hichael, over and over.
shaken because even though the nan neant nothing Frederick Bozett the_author of the study on
to hin, the nenory of t e experience filled his ay fathers and cognitive dissonance, would call
head when he nade ove to Lynn. Feeling like a the final six nonths of Michael's narriagn a
sleepwalker inpelled by an uncontrollable force, search for the reconciliation of d1v1ded
he ' began cruising for non after work along identities. Depression over the collapse of his
Hanilton's single 'gay street.” L on had no idea narriage alternated with exhilaration_ as he
. how her husban was spending his a¥ternoons during explored his expanding new world. He discovered
Eryn's infancy because he was always hone in tine Blad Day Books an intellectual gay bookstore in
for dinner. I blanked by brains out,ll Hichael Toronto, and walked out with shopfling bags full of
says. 'I never even knew heir nanes, and when it books by and about honosexuals. e earned in his
was over I sort of pretended that they were they ni ht school anthropology courses .that nany
gay ones and i wasn't. I kidded nyself tha cultures are tolerant of sexual variation. He
ecause it was other non and not other wonen I discovered, through the Toronto Gay Fathers_group,
wasn't really baing unfaithful.‘I He was terriiied that other gay nen had narried and had chi dren.
he night give Lynn a venereal disease, so after Eventually, a collaborated with sons of the other
each eniso e he ad tests for gonorrhea. Finally, nenbers on a book about their _experiences. he
he to d one of his sex partners that he was gay. told his nother and his best friends that he was
The word felt strange on his tongue. He felt hat ay. He tried to explain it to Eryn. _ For the
by pronouncing it he had burned a bridge. girst tine he had a sense of the closet in which
In the Eighth year of their narriage, on a he had been living as a palpable entity. _ 'It has
balny 'lune evening of or Eryn had been tucked in dark and cranged and narrow,‘ he says, 'Just like
bed, Michael_told ynn he was bisexual. 'That was its nane. nside, I did nothing but hedge and
a conplete crock, of course,‘ he says 'but l was lie. Once I started stepping out of it a little,
keeping one foot on dry land.. Lynn turned pale. I began to realize how nuch energy I'd been
She _had never suspec ed it; instead she had ' bottling up. I laughed acre and ny whole body
worried that her husband's passion was dininishing becane lore relaxed. t was like haVing the righ
because she was an inadequate lover. But since terninals connected for the first tine. _
she had always been a resolute supporter of all One sunner day, he was bicycling alone in the
ninorities, both ethnic and sexual, she said she country, thinking about how di ferent his new gay
thought she could live with the news. In bed that friends were fron the nonsters of his adolescen
nigh she told hin she had never felt closer to fears. He turned to the cows in a nearby gasture
bin and she recalls their subsequent lovenaking and said to then, quietly, 'l'n free.‘ his is
as the nost tender of their entire narriage. the nonent he ranks with is son's birth.

There followed nany nights of negotiation in Separation was difficult. he and Lynn agreed
front of the wood stove. Couldn't Hic ael, out of to share custody; Eryn would spend hal his tine
familial responsibility suppress his feelin s for with each of then. ' was terribly upset that l
sen? He said he had tried, that it wasn'g just wouldn't be able to bathe Eryn every night and
sex it had wore to do with his entire soul, he read In- his hedtug story everymg t,‘ e says-
couldn't explain it....Finally they hannered out 'And I often couldn t bear to t Ink about LInfl-'
an agreenen consonant with L nn's generosit and HE bECilE lore and ours BCtlYE 1" thE OaY 5i “ETS
Michael's confusion: he would be straight six group, .and through it five nonths after his
days a week, and on Thursday nights he would be separation he IEt Robert Knlahtg .
pernitted to be ga . L on says '0; course, "a Robert was the son of a anilton assenblyline
were both niserable. it didn't take ion for n worker. Like Michael. he believes he was _a {ways
facade to crunble. One night I said, ‘Hicgael, ll honosexual, and today he narvels at his prodigious
Just 'hurts. it really hurts.’ He started faculties of self-deception. One of his ear lest
throwing chairs, tables, lanps, everythin all nengries is ,of looking at photographs of unclgd
over the living roon. He said he wanted to drive African _tribesnen In h15 grandnother 5
his car off a nountain because he couldn't stand encyclop2d1a- The naked "0'39 SEEIEd neither HOIY
hurting ne, but he was dannad because even if he nor bE§Utlful. JUSt dull; the_naked nan raised
killed hinself, he would hurt soneone. He was RObETt 5 pulse alarningly, ‘5 d1d the '319 l°d915
thinking about Eryn, He spent the rest of the in the departnent store catalogs that he secretly

 pored over when he reached adolescence. He had no "but since I had no jdéa what they looked like I
nale for what helexnerienced._ He Sllply called it couldn't find any. Finally I walked past the
'th059 feelings, “059 feelings, Ol course, hhd Blueboy Bookstore, which had nay erotica in the
"0th1n9 to 40 “llh the drag QHEEQS “h” paraded 1" window. l was IUCh too scared o go in. You have
front at the St. Charles bar 1" Zoronto every no idea of the paranoia that seizes you inside the
Halloween. They revnlted IE. he saYS- closet. when I got hole I tried to phone the
'Stralqhts used 0 line Up and throw egos and store but there was no listing. I thought if I
toaatoes at then. That "as what It wean t0 be called lnforaation, they'd trace the call and
nueeri to_wear a dress and have 999 0" your face. everyone would know i was a homosexual. It took
had no idea that there were noraal-looking QaY ae two months to get up the courage. All i wanted
Ien who 10VEd 95C“ other, that they were hagfiY and was some advice, and it's sad that the only place
firoud! that the ancient 5F99k5 had ought I could think of to ask questions about my entire
oaosexuality was beautiful...1t lakes ae choke to identity was a porno raphic bookstore.“
think of wha I BlSSEEl. l thought'l was the only He finali “do the C811: thinking to
person in the norld with those feeltnns.‘ himself, 5I'm actually talking to a nay person!‘
Durinn 'hlS'SDphDIan year in co lege Robert The gay person led hi- 0 a gay counse or, who led
had. an af air with a aale clnssaate. ll was a his 0 a gay bar. Unlike Michael, he was cruisin
strictly. sexual transaction, furtive and only for colfianionship, not for sex. 'l were such
unaffec ionate, during flthh Robert S teeth Lin—gay clot inn,” he regenberS, 'A blue velnur
chattered ,Hlth fear. Afterward, he lay 1" bEd top, bought specially for the occasion. I had no
punching hiaself in a frenzy of self‘flagellation idea what gay people wore.“
reneating over and over hat he had to. start pt hone, his sex life had €’°“"d to a halt,
?9 ting EXCllEd b? "0'9" or all th? EODd lthQS 1“ and one night Rose asked him if his was because
ife would pass hll by. Rose Raydiu , when he had he was gay. 'I didn't answer,' he says. "There
net on a b 1nd date end worked up to leSlhq 10 was a silence in the kitchen but there wasn't
days later SEEIEd llke a potential SBVIDK- Hhen silence in ay head. I felt like there was a loud
they finally wade lOVE “T "llhOUl cuddlinn,' he siren in ay head and it was getting louder and
recall5i ”because cuddling SEEIEd 90‘? 1" inate louder, because i knew that if I didn't answer,
than sexl ‘“ he dEC1d9d those tEElINOS had been then she would know. Finally she walked over and
forever banished to a padlocked closet. looked into ay face. And hen she started to
Marriage to Rose in l969 brought the welcone cry."
heterosexua talisaans of dolest1c1ty_ and Unlike Lynn, Rose knew little about
children, but the closet door began to strain at hoaosexuality and was unprepared to accept it.
the hjnnes. ”I bought Rose a gif subscription to She felt their marriage had een a lie. In the
Playgir ,' says Robert. "Of course, It was really weeks that followed she frequently burst into
for Ie. I'd take It out 0* its brown {HPEF COVEF tears in restaurants and shopping centers.
bElOTE 5h? 9°t hose, fantasxze about he la“ 12 Meanwhile with the sane aixture of anguish and
the centerfold and then carefully PUt 1t bBCk- exciteaent Michael had experienced, Robert was
Although Rose's _fr1ends env1ed her because her tentatively exploring the gay subculture. He
husban conscientiously shared all the cooking and bought his first 'gay clothes (a pair 0+ blue
housekeeping chores, Robert worried that he was jeans, suitable for the gay world's nan nacho
not giving her enough ewotional sustenance. aesthetic); danced for the irst tine with another
durinn these years his hree children were a_|aior nan; tried, and disliked, his first popper, an
conso ation " EVE“ Brittan, who drew PllYlnfl lnhalable stioulant fashionable in EDIE gay
nlances when he wheeled her praa dOlllh the street. CerlES. The greatest revelation was is
he delight that thOdEdhll nhen the children discovery of Hichael's gay fathers group -— “a
Cllflbed on his lap wade hl! think that perhaps be whole raogful of people just like I9." He and
was not, after all, an irredeenably cold and Hichael iaeediately becaae friends. They started
unfeeling person. . _ _ having long telephone conversations in which
Hhen Britten was fiv , She was hospitalized Michael shared his newly acquired knowledne of nay
for eaernency surgery to repair a congeni al_heart history and Eolitics. One night Michae visi ed
Ialforaa lo". a potentially fatal couplication Dl Robert when use was out and said sonething no nan
Down's syndrOIe. . 'Tbere were Wires and beepers had ever said to hie: 'Do you know what you need?
and thinns blifiptng,” says Robert. 'So many You need to be held and cuddled.“
thinns at over er. Her whole bony was swollen. They becale lovers a week later. 'I couldn't
She ooked like a frog. She couldn talk because believe it,“ says Robert. IIt was the lost
she had a tube in her south, but she dllle there satisfying experience of ny life. I had never
mouthing ‘Moaay, Daddy Honey, Daddy. I had a been el lovingly by a Ian before, and when
hollow feeling in Iy Sldlach be whole oonth She Michael kissed we it was as if all the different
was in intenstve care.” . . . , narts of Iy life I'd been keeping apart -- sex,
The pressure 0* Brittan 5 Situation erkE ove touching, friendship, canaraderie, emotion
solething down in Robert's carefully constructed all the little boxes —— finally cage together. i
defenses. fine day he left the hospital and knew I couldn't let go of it ever.
started walking down Yonge Street in Toronto, the But he alaost did. A aonth later, after a
heart of what the city's inhabitants call the Bay screaoing arnunent with Rose in which she forbade
Ghetto. 'l was looking for gay people.‘ he says, bin to tel their children he was gay. and a

 ' )
w Lady L1berty Takes a Beating on Her Blrthday

. Howard Armistead, operating from Los Angeles, has
organized a nationwide call—in campaign to let the
\ President know that there are citizens of this nation who
" do not approve of the Justice Department's decision nor

:\ .. the federal government's lax attitude on funding AIDS ,
research. Hopefully, enough concerned people will call
the Executive Office of the President at (202)456—7639 and
_ voice their opinion on this (and, maybe, the Supreme
‘| Court's decision on the constitutionality of consensual

sodomy statutes) .

Until 1968, Georgia defined sodomy as 'the carnal Justice white delivered the opinion of the Court, in
knowledge and connection against the order of nature, by which Cnief Justice Burger, and Justices Powell,
man with man, or in the same unnatural manner with woman.‘ Rehnquist, and 0' Connor joineu.

It is now defined by '[a] person commits the offense of
SOdOTT‘Y when he performs Of SUbHLitS to any sexual ad: The following are excerpts from the dissenting opinion
involving the sex organs 0f one person and the “011th or filed by Justice Blackmun, in which Justices Brennan,
anus of another.‘ In Thonpson v. Aldridge, the Georgia Marshall, and Stevens joined.
Supreme Court‘held that (the sodomy st..tute) di not
Promblt lesolan aCthltY' 1” Riley V‘ Garrett, the "This case is about "the most comprehensive of rights and
Georgia Supreme Court held that (the sodomy statute) did the right most valued by Civilized men," namely, "the .
not pronibit heterosexual cunnilingus. right to be let alone."
"It is revolting to have no better reason for a rule of
EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is a Shimmy of the Suarene law than that so it was laid damn in the time of Henry IV.
Court's decision on the sodomy statute. Following this it is still more revolting if the grounds upon which it
are excerpts from the dissenting opinions filed at the was laid down have vanished long since, and the rule
time of the decision. simply persists from blind imitation of the past." ~—
Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes
No. 85—140 Argued March 31, 1986 —~ Decided June 30, 1986 "...the Court's almost obsessive focus on homosexual
activity is particularly hard to justify in light of the
After being charged with violating the Georgia statute broad language Georgia has used...[t]he sex or status of
crinlinalizing sodomy by committing that act with another the persons who engage in the act (of sodomy) is
adult male in the bedroom of his hone, respondent Hardwiq< irrelevant as a matter of state law."
brought suit in Federal District Court, challenging the .. . . . . , . .
constitutionality of the statute insofar as it lfisglitevhiigrigal Vliw: :: lgmsemfiality, lit 15 n:
criminalized consensual sodomy. The court granted the ._.g , . Y men a a 'pro 9551095) ° 55 .
defendant's motion to dismiss for failure to state a disease or disorder. "‘Blf‘t' ODVJ‘OUSIY’ neither 15. it

, Simply a matter of deliberate personal election.
claim. The Court of Appeals reversed and remanded, Homosexual ori tat' n ‘ well f0 N t f the ve
holding that the Georgia statute violated respondent‘s f, _ , e? , lo Imay . rm par 0 Iry
fundamental rights. ibel of an lllleldLlal‘S personality. Consequently, under

Justice White's analy51s in Powell (v. Texas), the Eighth
. . . . . Amendment may pose a constitutional barrier to sending an
Held: The Georgia statute is constitutional. . . , . _ . y _ .

(a) The Constitution does not confer a fundamental right individual to prison f.“ acting on 'that lldttrd??on
upon homosexuals to engage in sodomy. None of the regard ess of'the‘Circumstances. “1.1“”.le 5 am fty
fundamental rights announced in this Court's prior cases to make constitutionally protected decisions concerning
involving family relationships, marriage, or procreation sixual relations, ”1 ishrendergdtemptyligdeed‘ifl he or
bear any resemblance to the right asserted in this case. s e .15 given‘ no tea C Olce u a l e Wlt‘ out any
And any claim that those cases stand for the proposition thSlcal intimacy.
that any kind of private sexual conduct between consenting "And we protect the family because it contributes so
adults is constitutionally insulated from state powerfully to the happiness of individuals, not because of
PIOSCIiPtj-OD is unsupporta‘ole. a preference for stereotypical households."

(b) Against a background in which many States have
criminalized SOdO'W and Still do, to claim that a right to “...a necessary corollary of giving individuals freedom to
engage in SUCh COUdUCt is "deeply 1’00th in this Nation's choose how to conduct their lives is acceptance of the
history and tradition" or "implicit in the concept of fact that different individuals will make different
ordered liberty is, at b95tr facetious. choices. ...the Court declared: 'There can be no

(C) There ShOUId be great resistance to mm the reach assumption that today‘s majority is 'right' and others
of the Due Process Clause to cover new fundamental rights. are 'wrong.’ A way of life that is odd or even
Otherwise, the Judiciary necessarily W°U1d take upon erratic but interferes with no rights or interests of
itself further authority to governl the country without others is not to be condemned because it is different."
constitutionality authority. The c aimed right in this , , .
case falls far short of overcoming this resistance. With respect to the . Equal Protection Clause's

(d) The fact that homosexual conduct occurs in the applicability to “.3“? Georgia. sodomy statute), .(1t 15)
privacy of the home does not affect the result. note [d] that Georgia 5 excluSive stress before this (:0th
. (e) Sodomy laws should not be invalidated on the on its interest in prosecuting homosexual act-.LVity despite
asserted basis that majority belief that sodomy is imroral thethe gender—neutral‘terms' 0f the statute may raise
is an inadequate rationale to support the laws. serious questions of discriminatory enforcement...

 new UFKI: Statement on salary Ruling
'm _ . ’
With T “\‘| ..-_~ The Board of Elders of the Universal Fellowship of
fifik“ Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC) is shocked and
; 3% dismayed at the ruling of the United states Supreme Court
/ I 3 .t._,'_‘3-) _ that the Constitution does not protect the privacy and
; ’ . /\;<% ,, ,at'q}$i\; ) rights of consenting adults when the law of the land makes
3 V' ,.-3 » 3 ’3 m3 .393) '1 it illegal for two people to love each other freely and
l '4‘ .\ 12;; l Sfi‘ £13353. 3:“. , express that love in the privacy of their own homes, such
\. é, [7:7 ' “% , ,‘ "-:-: -- 3’1 a law is unjust and inmoral.
K 3' ’ '%L-fi;5i :— . v It is a violation of the spirit of the framers of the
\f.‘ v”,..~i - :3? ’tys._3?fiii constitution whose dream it was to have a government that
53%" E}. .43.; ' \' ..,;,‘,‘“ “hf. - afforded citizens maximum protection from undue
153*... ' ‘3‘ 23". ufi % governmental interference in the pursuit of life, liberty,
33 r' ;-"\ ' and happiness.
3. 3.3g; 1 ‘5'@‘ It is significant that it was such a sharply divided
3'32?" ‘3 ”9 decision. The lack of agreement within the court reflects
the conflict surrounding this issue in America. We are
"333 State con no more 3 3 3 encouraged by the Justices who opposed this decision and
3 3 punish private behaVior because of regret the action of the narrow majority.
religious intolerance than it can punish such behavior It also gives a signal t0 the gay and lesbian citizens,
because of racial animus. 'The Constitution cannot and to all who do DOt conform t0 the CCU-ft in "approved
control such prejudices, but neither can it tolerate sexual practices,“ that they cannot expect to receive
government protection f