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. F (UK) LL . 405
REPROC‘ .,"..3H|CS
UNIVFFM r1 ()3: Ky
. ' LFXINGION KY 40506-003
l Volume 71. Number 6 - June 2000 I I as S l
Pl'lilJSllEl) .'\S .-\ MEMBER SER\ l(‘E (ll: 'l‘llE KENllt‘lx'Y PRESS .-\SS()(‘l.-\'l‘l()_\' .»\_\'|) KliN'l l '(‘K\' PRESS Sl:R\'|('l'
O M —- m C ‘ n-— M~—;—'.—“---v—Hflv—MAN
‘ i "i l"
2 ()0 Summer COHVCUUOH ldhl approachl n 2
(._, »
RyLISAVAHNAHAV \t'MHm 'l Hillt' l“.z!l\ .inl .‘".i\ :I.l .! :‘E‘ihiz' «NHL.» uj imml» {HEW suit: . . ‘i'i'i‘t‘ftllllil"'l
KPA News BureauDirector lie. fit~viiim'll_\ '.'-‘1l: 2: "w'i' ;- .i:'..i_
ll «\Hi'l hum? Emiilr Maw» t lwlill'l‘llil (min tum wilutw. EvaM-i: ‘_ v. Minna ; ~ 1" ,il.ii{il‘»\'ll\~!~iji~i.i i‘,PM?“ '5 Példp‘ltfiilmnl‘v“‘“' District 14 Pikeville—area businesses to make a Truesdell has moved from sports _
pug-"nits;intirifllllifil:kizgwfihrffiil ”Mid ““‘mbcrlF?“m““l““wci‘llll’l‘“lmdl bigger impact with their advertis— editor to general assignment
“much We”,1m(“lmnmrifllwl _ , _ ing message." said Publisher Marty reporter, and J. R. Liston has
lmnkiort. KY. 40ml, 6oz) 211MB DBHKF 17A , Backus. become sports editor.
l)oanhite/ Anderson News The paper also recently
‘ll‘llk‘t‘l‘Mmd Illn‘ilm installed a new )ress and new com- ' s ' ‘
“tilt nuns isii . l Richmond Register
- , , _ _ puter equipment throughout the
lolin Nelson, Damille Adimate-Messenger . . V
imam burldms- , , adds Dooley, Ide ,.
l'eresa Revlett, .'\1cl.e.inCeunty News Stateat large LOCkard 15 {i 1999t5radl13t9 ”I ‘ . ‘ . , ]
1m“,Maddm,HundwwnGimme, Morehead State University. In [0 IICWSI 00m StaII l
l'l‘t‘fihlt‘mlli‘t'l ' addition to his sports work, he , -, ,,~, , , .
“hm. ““‘il‘l‘t' "\l‘ll‘fl‘l‘hm” N‘M‘Ele‘” shir »n 'I‘uminski \Vin‘hest ,1. sun writes a 0 culture column for the Tm Richmond R£ “bur has
‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ' ‘ “ L * ‘ " p p ' I added two employees to its news- i
I‘M President T” H B T 'l C . paper. LOCkad .rep aces ROb room, Karla Dooley, a reporter, and . l
Iomcandill, l..e\ington Herald-Leader ”n ”m' ““0” mun“— mm” Ilerbst, Wh” has Joined the Staff 0f Shawn Ide, a page designer. ?
the Winchester Sun as a sports and Dooley 23 most recentlv
.' .i w . , Taylorllaves, Kentucky New Era , H , ' , ' ‘ ' ’ ‘, , -'
\itc I rtsitiiiit ‘ - - . “(“5 “Tm r. worked as a reporter tor hPA dur-
llm e l-ldridge, Jessamine lournal . , . ,
‘ V ,. - - ing the 2000 sessmn of the General
At sociatts Du ision .
Tmmmr Armando Arrastia, WKU grad [0 head Assembly. She continues to free— ,
Dayid Green The Kentucky Standard, Kentucky Departmentot Education ( ‘ V ‘ . . lance for The Kentucky Press and
Bardstown IOWd preSS aSSOCIaUOn has also done free—lance work for
AdvertisingDivision A Western Kentucky the Associated Press and the
Districtl Elaine Morgan, Owensboro University graduate and former Lexington Herald—Leader. Dooley
{XIICC [{OUSC, N1Urray Lfi‘dgL‘r & Til‘ncfi Niessenger-lnqu1rer ‘ ' ‘ (
' Frankfort reSident has been See PEOPLE, page10
District 2 News Editorial Division
it‘d Dillingham, DdVVbOl] springs I’I‘Ogl‘CbS Chns PHONE, Lex1ngfnn fleraldJJeadef
District3 Journalism Education D th
Ed Riney, Owensboro Messenger Inquirer Buck Ryan ea S
University of Kentucky
District4 —______.___—.——-——————————
Charlie Portmann, Franklin Favorite General Counsels Ronald “Ron” Greenwell His death. came just months
District'fi Jon Fleischakerand Kim Greene Joseph Ronald "Ron" after he semi-.retiredfrom The
David Creer, The Kentucky Standard, Dinsmore& Shohl Greenwell, 55‘ Of Bardstown, died Standard. On h18‘55th‘ birthday, he
Bardsmwn of complications from cancer traded his full-time JOb as. Sports
Kentucky Press Association Wednesday, May 10 at Norton- editor for a part—time pOSition of
District6 Kentucky Press Sex-Vice Staft . Suburban Hospital in Louisville. writing sports, his news and sports
Dorothy Abernathy, Oldham Era Eavxd THThomcfsgn,fxencutive Director He was a native of Nelson cqum'ns and serv1ng on the papers
Di‘ . 7 9m“? ”war ’ on m er . County, an employee of The editorial board.
~5me Lisa Camahan, News Bureau Director A graduate of St Jose h ,
Kelley Wamick GallatinCounty News La — - Kentucky Standard for nearly 36 ' . ‘ p
, ~ ri'y Brooks, Advertising Director . . . . Pre arator School and a ournal-
Rebalewis R ch/Marketin Coordinator years, retiring as assomate editor, . p y ‘ J .
DHtTi‘tB-g . ‘ ’ . 3., . U S A f h ism student at bt. Catharine
‘ ‘ , DaVidSpencer,NewMediaAdimmstrator ‘1, ' ' rmy veteran 0 t‘e. C II G ) 11 - d t‘l
KenMetz,BathLounty News Outlook Sue Cammack Administrative Assistant Vietnam War and a member 0f bt- . 0 ege, recnwe was in uc cc
' . . Jose h Church into the Bardstown-Nelson County
Di‘tri ”041 Buffy Sams,Bookkeeping ASSistant ' ~ P , -
b c .. C nq'd d th) d le Chamber of Commerce Hall of
MTV Pennington, Ashland Daily Independent Rachel McCarty, Advertismg AsSistant 0 -1_ ere f can 0 9 50“ F . I h
I HollyStigers,TearsheetCmrdinator County journalists, Greenwell am'e m 1996- A year ater, e
Districtiz Karen Martin, lNAN Account Executive spent his entire journalism career published a b00k about Bardstown
Stephen Bowling, Jackson Times Tina Shryock, INAN Bookkeeping Assistant at The Standard. See DEATHS, page 3
. ‘--.'-'r.‘m'--."‘-..‘.‘v'-”—_--'-"-"“---”——.‘--m--J »I- | . l;,' .i' .5. I i‘L)‘ i ., ..:A .i. v . .. ‘v 4')

 The Kentucky Press, June 2000 — Page 3
o o .
Marketin g power IS keen knowledge of the basms
, , You may want to take it yourself beyond will not belong to managers 2. What is the full~run contract
Marketlng before giving it to anyone else to see who make the numbers dance, as rate'.’ “MW u
I o hts \ t ' what information you may need to we used to say, or those who are
11519 ‘3 brush up on. The purpose is to get conversant with all the business 3. What day is our TMC distrib-
everyone thinklng about what they Jargon we used to sound smart. The uted? __.,,._ How many house-
. . . g ‘ should know versus what they world will belong to passionate dri- holds does it alibi
By Llsa DIXON. I. think they kn0W~ ven leaders —— people who not only ,-,,,,,, WWW!” ”7
. . * . Successful selling happens have an enormous amount of ener- 4‘ What counties do we cover in our
Keeping up With technology is a when salespeople have the informa— gy but who can energize those circulation area"
must in this day and age. But don't tion and training needed to do their whom they lead." ‘ ‘ '
underestimate a strong under- jOb CffeCtht’ly. AS w- Edwards Make it a point to cultivate ‘_V—‘ Viv-_“_N—>*AIW#‘—WT"—ifi—‘_—~W
standin and knowled e of “the Deming once stated, “There is no your employees knowledge of your ) ._ x . . ‘ . ‘
basics,” vgvhich is also keygto remain- substitute for knowledge." products, services and customers. 2 0;” paper lb ddw‘ “d by mm‘ M
ing competitive No amount of tech- In the broader sense, everyone Provide them With the tools and ay _f_..___,,__-,,,,_____
- - ' - - ho works at our news a er is a trainin ' the need in order to
l i w y P P . ta . Y . . .
“guigéifioynlzlifggl :lelgzfimze “marketer.” rem ain Vital, involved and b- What 15 the name “th9 company
gttention to undergtandin End Every one of your employees informed. Ask for their input. Wh" “Udlts our CerUl‘m‘m?
buil ding on a strong foundatiogfi represents your newspaper in your Listen to their suggestions or con— ig-._~._...-_a-__---_-_ A-..
. _ ' . community. cerns. Keep them abreast of product
P0P thls qUiz on your add??? m Are they representing you well? changes and improvements. Ask 7. What are the names of the sec-
your next weekly meeting. 1t out Do they know the products and ser- them to be your ears in the commu- tion fronts that appear daily (or
warning. vices you offer to both readers and nity, they may uncover and identify weekly)?
k Fm?) 0“: tthW "“3011 they 5931137 advertisers? Can they articulate the hidden product or service opportu- Sunday? (use back nf sheet)
now a 0“ e pro “C 5 an 59‘” benefits of reading your paper or nities in your market.
Vice;you 0 er t t h th usmg your advertising products PRODUCT 8. What percentage of households
ou may wan o c ange e and serVices versus your competi- KNOWLEDGE UIZ do we cover in our rimarv market
questions a bit to better reflect your tors? Q area" p -
market and product offerings. You Jack Welch, Chairman and 1. What is our daily (or weekly) ‘ ’ ‘_‘#—*—_”—m
~ may want to give the quiz to other CEO of General Electric, once noted readership? ————-——————
employees in various departments. that, “the world of the 90’s and Sunday readership? __M See KNOWLEDGE, page 11
After retiring in 1968, Ruby M d t 1 d l< PA,
Deaths continued to write a weekly out- ea OWS 0 ea S '
doors column for the C-J until
1989. He had lived in Naples, Fla, ' ° ' °
m New Media D1V1Sion
d N l C t It Ruby was one of four Derby
ar: t. e sofn 1oun y. dwats Er cor}? Festival co-founders. On April 14 The Kentucky Press sions, operating Jig“ 5;;
£1310119hcra9m¥iarslt Sdorlgs 8 Of this year, he received the Association added another divi- very similar to .. ”U W‘
a gradivfellnwa: raenceéiired in Distinguished Service Award by 310“ t9 its corporation in r’arl)’ KPA'S other g; - W
d th b h' f th Fp . El the Kentucky Derby Festival, only May With a New Media Division, diVisions for ‘legs’fi
ea y 15 a er, ranCIS mer h h h d ‘ ha deSigned to help the assoc1ation News Editorial, ‘1, if" 33?;
Greenwell and a brother Billy t e sevent s'uc awar m t L d - b , . Ad t‘ _. "
‘ Keith Greenwell ’ Festival Committee’s 45 years. an “5 mem er newspapers Stéy . V9r .lhlng,
S _ _ - l d h' th The first festival event orga- abreast of technology changes in Circulation and .1
urv1vors me u e ‘3 mo er, - ~ _ the newspaper industry. the Assoc1ates. if
Hester Rogers Greenwell of nized by Ruby and ms fellow co R' h d M d k t' “It's an
Bardstown' a sister Joanne founders was the 1956 Pegasus ‘c ar Ea ows,Lma3 e "If: 't' t' f
Johnson of gardstown. {wo broth, Parade that had a budget of $640. ganggerit N05” 3'3 Eli’s if; :“egwgm: 2: MEADOWS
ers, Roger Greenwell and Mickey The festivgl has sincedgrobwrc; to Oglfneggwicesfwaggfizctzd chair- industry geclause of the impor-
Greenwell, bOth 3f Baiglstown; and $::a:lfi5 giifizrrs an a u get man of the division for 2000-01 tance to keep up with all the
severa niecesan “9P ews. ' . and Jason Dick, of the Benton technological issues,” said
Funeral services were held at . Ruby was a popular writer and Tribune Courier, was elected vice Thompson.
St. Joseph Church and burial f0]- tireless worker. He once estimated chairman. In his capacity as “This is the first division KPA
lowed in St- Joseph Cemetery. that he wrote more Fhan 9'000 chairman, Meadows will also be a has added in at last 20 years and
Honorary Pallbearers were present COIRTlnS id: '(Il‘he Colurilerl-ggurnal, voting member of the KPA/KPS it's one that's been sorely needed.
and past employees or The an e a e near y , more Board of Directors. We had a lot of experience around
Kentucky Standard, PLG-TV 13 after his retirement. “I look forward to working that table and feel comfortable
and Kentucky Homes Magazine. He also wrote three books and with an the members of the KPA that the members will keep both

The family requested that gamed international recognition in over the next 18 months. It is my KPA and the newspapers ‘on the
expressions of sympathy take the 1961 when UPI asked him to write hope that the committee can help edge’ of technology.”
form of contributions to the a series of stories on basketball for the members utilize the new Those attending the meeting
American Cancer Society Relay for worldwide distribution. media and that the division is 3 also saw a preview of the
Life. Ruby received numerous resource for all the KPA mem- wwwaccesskpacom website that

awards for his sports writing, bers,” said Meadows. W111 US€d_t0 transfer display ads
includin the National Headliners’ Eighteen newspaper and electronically to newspapers;
ar 11 y g . . . . . .

Former Courier-Journal sports Award in 1945 for the best sports Assoc1ate DiViSion representa- transmit stories, photographs

editor and columnist Earl Ruby column in the nation. He was tives attended the organizational and other information from the
. ’ ’ - - k meeting. News Bureau; and to post news
7 died May 9_ He was 96. inducted into the Kentuc y _ . _ l b , d f d' _

Ruby, the co-founder of the Athletic Hall of Fame and the “The_d1V131°n got 9“ to 'f‘ 800d {,9 eatses 3“ mitte or ‘Stnbu'

Kentucky Derby Festival served Kentucky Journalism Hall or start mm a IOt 0f discussmn on ion 0 newspapers. .
. ' KPA's technology efforts as well The new Site. St!“ In construc-
as C-J sports editor from 1939 to Fame. . . . . -
. . . - - - as what the diViSion can do to tion, 18 scheduled to be shown to
1968 after mining the paper’s He is survnved by three chil- , .
- help member newspapers ” said those attending the KPA Summer
sports department in 1921 as an dren, Joan R. Perry 0f Durham, . .' . .

. . . KPA/KPS Executive Director CODVGDUOD With a launch date or
office boy while attending the N.C.; Margaret R. Smock of » DavidT Thompson mid-summer. The site is being
University of Louiswlle. His assolcli- Iliaples,.ll;‘la.;Hand Pfaul fH'i3RUby of The division will be holding designed and hosted by Network
ation With the newspaper actua y ouiSVi e._ is w1 e o . years, seminars and convention ses- WCS in Evansville, Ind.
began when he was 13 as a carrier. Evelyn Reiling Ruby, died in 1999.

 Page 4 - The Kentucky Press, June 2000
G d (1 ° k 1 ' t'
Thomas, dean oo es1gn ta es p anning, 1me
f Wh°t d 1 °th t ' '
House pr€s S , . had any design training?
. DeSIQn ls ‘ How much longer will it take for us to under
corps qUItS o - stand that design is the first factor that readers see
9 Everythlng -, if" 3 with every page of every issue?
_ $ ,‘_\_ How much longer will it take before publishers
KentUCky natlve ———“-———_—_ ’ . and editors demand the same level of expertise from
By Edward F. Henninger those who lay out pages as they demand from those
Spent 57 years as 5 who write or edit?
Shame on us. How much longer will it take before we under-
UPI correspondent For the past 25 years 01‘ 50) we’ve pretended that stand that there are levels of design and that some
design is important —— that it really matters in our people can do design and others can’t?
WASHINGTON (AP) _ newspapers and m 9‘" newsrooms. . . How much longer will it take before we realize .
Veteran White House correspon- Yet any commitment we have to deSign — if that a good editor is not necessarily a good designer?
. dent Helen Thomas reSigned there s_a commitment at all — is weak at best. How much longer will it take before publishers
May 16. from United Press This was driven home at a recent workshop. and editors do more than pay lip service to design by
International, eadmg a tenure During the introductory seSSion of my presentation, committing to long-term design improvements for
that spanned 51x decades _. I asked for a show ofha”nds. “ their newspaper?
longer than the lives 0f 1 (111ml, "‘3’”. 9f you, I asked, half: had ailiyhfor- If you think it’s time for you, then do something
PreSident ChntOh and mOSt 0f ma eSign raining ‘— a preVious a ay wo): S op, about it. Plan for design training. Budget for it.
her press corps colleagues. a cogigfhcoggse, somethinlg alonghthose lines. h (1 Create time for it.
. Thomas is a native of went up gne -or-so peop L m e room, one an Call your state press association and ask them
Wln;2:5t:ro_ ear—old Thomas I was flabbergasted. Perhaps, I thought, they to plan a dtgognkworks:op —b emfdmt‘; tgke :0 {.01.
d hy . t' d didn’t understand the question. I asked again, mak- :1“ answer. ec out: e we sate MT E of"? y or
announce er reSigna ion a ay ing sure I had made myself clear. Again, only one ews DeSign (www.sn .org) an see i t eres some—
after UPI was sold to News hand. one nearby who can help.
World Communications Inc., the One in 25. Four percent. Call me if you need further guidance on design
parent firm of The Washington OK, there may be some extenuation in the fact training. Call someone! Do something!
Times. that most of those in the room were from smaller Commit to (1931311.! . .
News World Communications newspapers __ weeklies and small dailies. But, real- Don’t let the one-in—25 who has had deSign train-
was founded by the Rev. Sun ly: four percent? ing be in someone else’s newsroom.
Myung M000, leader 0f the That’s ridiculous. Ludicrous. Laughable. (Edward F- Henninger is an independent news-
Unification Church. Embarrassing. paper consultant and the director of OMNIA
Thomas did not say why she It is shameful. Consulting in Rock Hill, SC. You can reach him at
quit up], which hired her as a How can we expect to communicate with our 803—327~3322, fax: 803-327-3323, e-mail:
$24-a-week radio script writer readers if only one in 25 people in our newsroom has go2omnia@aol.com)
during World War II. M
“I have no plans to join the ' o
...d a Registry. Endorsements protected as free speech
U '“Tdh‘I’ n‘eaIrly century—old (Editor’s Note: The following ——'—“"—_—"—’T———_'—‘-—
mt" re” internag‘fina 'Sda story was written in May by “What we’re talking about here, political speech,isthe
great news agency an , as ma e Associated Press reporter Mark R. very core of the First Amendment.”
a remarkable contribution to the Chellgren )
le ac of American 'ournalism,” ' __ - ~ ,
5th SZld- J enflgrgdqmiitos It); newspFagel'grdi'ld Davnd Fleenor
. “I have loved working for political free speech protected by Attorney, Lexmgton Herald-Leader
this organization for 57 years in the First Amendment and not _______________________________
Washington, and especially akin to cash contributions that
loved covering the WM” House. must'be reported, the Registry Of The “huge political value pers said the Kentucky restric-
I WlSh the new management well Election Finance has ruled. dwarfs the monetary value” if the tions fail when compared to the
and hope they Will continue the The case in question brought space devoted to an editorial were u_s_ Constitution’s guarantees of
tradition in the future that this up the seeming contradiction available for sale as advertising, a free press.
wire‘ service has represented.” between the state Constitution’s Riley said. . “What we’re talking about
She has outrun the best of prohibition against any corporate Who does this agency serve here, political speech, is the very
them — because she is the best support for POhthal candidates and protect?” Riley said during ~ »
. . . , core of the First Amendment,
of them,” said UPI Chief and the traditional role 0f news- the registry hearing. said David Fleenor an attorney
Executive Officer Arnaud d9 paper political coverage’ even If Riley called the report by the for the Lexington nelfispaper.
Borchgrave. practiced these days by large cor~ registry’s staff attorney that rec- The registry dismissed the
The news made its way into porate oWheI‘S- ommended dismissal of the case com laints but re istr member
The 1891 Kentuck “t t l and utt r ” th t p ’ .g y .
the oval Office- - y 0 a e nonsense a Robert S nde a (1 th t
u .- . Constitution prohibits corpora- attempted to provide political . . a rs s I e ques "m
Prebldehtb come and go, bUt - - - - - is an interestin one for future
. 79 - tions from political actiVity and cover for the newspapers and . . g
Helens been here, Clinton told conSideration
reporters “I'll feel a little better orders that a corporate charter be Patton. ' .
about in icountr ifI know she'll revoked if a company is found to Riley and Richard Lewis, who ,If a compapy not 1“ th? .news
t'll b y d'y t' have violated that restriction. has failed in several attempts to busmess used It? own fac‘l‘tles to
S I deh spent thngwshqli‘wH ime John Riley, a conservative win political office in Jefferson produce materials endorsmg a
aiioun 11ereah e h 1 e 0988' activist from Louisville, said County, said the newspapers are candidate, won“ that also be pro-
‘A ter a ’ w‘t out er saying, endorsements by The Courier- owned by large companies and tected speech? “I believe it
Thank you, Mr. PreSIdent, at Journal and the Lexington violate the Constitution when WOUId,” Sanders said.
least some 0f us might never Herald-Leader of Gov. Paul they offer editorial support for Lewis said he has been in con-
have fhded our news confer- Patton’s 1999 re-election cam- candidates. tact with attorneys about whether
ences. - . . ‘ . _ paignwereoo‘f‘incalculable value. But attorneys for the newspa- to appeal the registry ruling.

 The Kentucky Press. June 2000 - Page 5
P k can rent for $15 per night. Staffers C 9
er S who volunteer for extra duty get ShOW and T61] themé
first dibs when the summer sched-
ule for the cabins is set.
C O O .

Continued from page1 “'I‘hey stay pretty booked up.“
. . . . said Beth lliefenback. human €ff€Ct1V€ 1n adVErtl Slng
incentives being tried across the ‘ y . . . _.

. resource assistant for the paper, It
nation. , keeps morale up." .

lit [\(‘ntUL‘k‘V' thl‘ klldns vary The li'tliei‘ ‘tls‘o liolds '1 golf «m .. end l” ”M ”’“T Ml lll'llihl'
from birthday cards to trips to a scramble {n the ‘siimmer :1 $3an A O \C ~' .5 '5‘” .éi‘.‘ 'l‘o make sure we weren't inad
movie for an entire staff. picnic in the fall and in winter. 1 d-llbs «F‘- ’— 41' \‘ertently exaggerating, m: “MPH”

However. the question “what (‘hristmas party complete with m * "'- "‘ ' the distance to an even all miles
does your company do to keep prires and a band a; ,9 Once .W“ nailed that down. the
employees happy‘.” all too often ‘At the Kentucky Standard By John Foust 1 y . headline was easy: “We‘ve sold
provoked a laugh from the one I’ublisher David (”W‘r said that “1‘ Raleigh, N.C. W enough equipment to stretch So
answering the phone. the past year. he's taken employees A ‘ ”“1”“

And at several newspapers to a movie matinee at lunchtime Sump 511ng points lend ”Him. It was a strong statement. But
throughout the state, no one was on train rides with a catered lunch selves to dramatic visuals, Years hf)“ Whl‘l “'V (h‘l’h't lhi‘t 1“ ”h ”(l7
willing to tackle the query. and to a local pizza restaurant that ago, I put together a full page ”(I lit elementary school. children

But at smaller daily or weekly offers arcade games and rides. “P for a heavy Nuimnpm distributor have “show and tell. lhey “show

' newspapers that did dare to tell said the eventsare offered as treats which had been in business for :32 f””“:ll“”§5 1“ ”W” classmates ”h‘l
what thf‘)‘ (’fh‘h managers said for meeting financial goals or siin- WWW-"r h‘ 113'th” (“”11“ “it “hh 4‘” ”H mm" ”hm” ll” At “ll "mil-V
human resources workers said ply working hard during an “5”,- idea, I wondered how we could ”3‘" ”W." learn‘to ""hhhuhlml“ “h
even little rewards can mean a lot. ciallv busy period. graphically depict the equipment 1“" “"9th l“ 5 " Shim” that 5'“ ’

At the News-Democrat & 5.1-“, hm.” seen adults get 5“ they had sold since they opened ”hmfi' khls h’r‘s’hl this “'th 1ht‘.\'
Leader in Russellville, the paper excited about pinball games," an,” their business. ‘s‘hm' hf) ’ , , _ ’ ’
pays for a monthly luncheon for all said. I dropped by to see their ad li'kt‘WlSt‘. advertising is at its
employees to celebrate holidays The company that owns the manager. “I'm curious." I said. l"""l~ “Ill“n '1 shows Ah” “ll“-
and birthdays. Although Editor paper. Landmark (‘ommunitv "”lmm ”W number ”it machines t 1k ()l1lili)iltli‘i\fi. lh;“":‘ '“(lllhiilH \lliiiyiiii
Jim Turner said the lunches may ,v, ., 2 , S ; -,, _-_.. -‘ you‘ve sold in 3:3 years. is there “ “ ‘_ ' i“ f’ ‘ " ' " "
“”t be fancy, he said they do make ziwhfldfffgrpeoplelwl'liiinhtlievlilolii ”h." “WW 1“ ”Wk“ Uh NllH‘ith'tl ”l ”llnl)”.w.m' 5“ m! lmlll 1‘ “hm”,
a difference. goodjob," he said. - guess?" graph of tour machines. parked

“It promotes togethemess," he Although the Lexmgtoii He smiled at the challenge, eiitlgto—end, “Ill“ lh“ iiiiage l’lt‘h‘l-
said.“We’re all on the same team." Herald~Leader ”up”. numerous “Let's figure it out " l was siir- ”is 'hh’ lh‘t‘ h'