Favor the Dixie Dealer
f avors y ou
--- he


students, were to shop

Makes It Purer
and Tastier

for your ice cream at some of the different sources where it is made in-

Real Fruits Are
Its Flavors

You enjoy the refreshing delight of ice cream, but you
like best that ice cream which
combines with creamy richness and smooth texture the

stead of at the different stores where it
is sold, you would get a clearer, sharper
pidure of just how much your Dixie
dealer' is favoring you.

Step right up to the fountain
which sells Dixie and get some
pure, Heathized Ice Cream

with the flavor of fresh fruits.
Luscious peaches, sweet, mel- low and freshly picked, the
kind which makes your mouth
water. Juicy red strawberries, the pick of the cop.

Fresh ripe bananas, wiin their
wholesome, easily digested
nourishment. Delicious Pineapple with its shredded bits of
glorious Hawaiian flavor.
grapes,-cherrie- s
Oranges, lemdns,
and all the other
tasty fruits are used to make
these wonderful Fresh Fruit
Flavors in Dixie Ice Cream.


delicate and pronounced flavors of the fruits with which it
is made.


You would realize what it means to


Pure Rich Cream
Makes It Richer
Cream the richest and finest
that money can buy from se-

lected dairies throughout the
Blue Grass Section of Kentucky, in quantities far greater than the average person
realizes makes it richeV.
And through this all cream
Ice Cream is the absolute purity and deepness of flavor
that Heathization alone can

you to 'be protected with Dixie quality and purity to eat ice cream rich with the wholesomeness
of pure, sweet cream, sweetened with pure cane
sugar and filled with the juicy goodness of actual

Insures Quality
We make our ice cream by the

HEATH method, a scientific
improvement on all other
ways of making ice cream, for
two reasons. Firstly, it is a
safeguard of purity. Our ice
cream is made- in freezers
from which the air has been
expelled and replaced by a
sterile, pure, clean atmosphere. The second reason is
that Heathization intensifies
the flavors, increases the
creamy, velvety texture of the
ice cream and makes it
smoother and more delicious.
You will enjoy our ice cream
more than any you have ever
tasted because of these added
features which are our exclusive right in this city.





You'd begin to realize,


that this

dealer whose policy will not tolerate a substitute
for quality in the ice cream he buys for your
table, isn't likely to tolerate substitutes for quality
Cerin other things he buys to sell to you.
tainly you are only being fair to yourself when
you favor the Dixie Dealer Near You who is
doing so much to favor you.

The Dixie lee Cream

Our ice cream is sold only
through the Dixie dealer near
you. Insure getting the best
and purest ice cream by buying it where you see our sign.

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