xt7p2n4zhb3c https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7p2n4zhb3c/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky (Fayette County) McDaniel, J. M. 1896 v. : ill. ; 38 cm.  Monthly during the collegiate year, September-May. journals  English Lexington, Ky. : State College Cadet, 189u- Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The State College cadet University of Kentucky. Kentucky University. State University, Lexington. State College, Lexington. The State College cadet, vol. 7, no. 1, October 1896 text The State College cadet, vol. 7, no. 1, October 1896 1896 2012 true xt7p2n4zhb3c section xt7p2n4zhb3c r 
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’ :    $5 —~`· * ·*`‘‘ " "“ ’*/W/JM · , Qs;  gw
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Q ..   r  [   __4+   Ngg; _V_L.  
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i_I  {A \;{   / q,£:J;__·.,.T;_Ak'·\,.%,a»·.,.`__,  , 74   KYM Xg
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I _   *‘* q:¤;@§&g§’>f§gé‘—N:§;g{@-··?é’;R M  };- y
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N0. ] `
. . I 8 9 6 _

  ’1_- . ’ I
ii   I
Largest Assortment (}_ T_ M ARTIN, is  s
¤·  » .
Shaving Parlor.   I  
A h Hair Cut l5c. Shavé 100·  
First-class work guaranteed. I i , _
I T ’
S ' l l  
I0 E. I'IAlN STREET.    
Lowest Prices.
otlers to the public the following Courses of Study, viz:     _
Agricultural, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering,  _
Classical, Normal School and three Scientitic Courses, ‘‘=  .
each of which covers four years in the College  
proper and leads to a degree. r  (
` Its Faculty contains twenty-eight professors. Its grounds, buildings and equip-   .
ments represent $450.000 in value. Its laboratories Chemical, Physical, Biological,   `
Botanical, Geological, Physiological and Mechanical are the largest and best in lll
Kentucky.   ,
Each Legislative District is entitled by law to free tuition, room rent. fuel and l ig
lights for four properly prepared students in the College proper, and to an equal
number in the Normal Department, Alumni of other college in Kentucky are entered I
in post graduate courses free. For catalogue and other informalion apply to .
President of the College, Lexington, Ky-

 Q V i 4 l V A 7
" lr I ` . `
. 7 rv `
Q  C » 'Dhe great rainy weather shoe for men. Drill or calf lined. They look
_ ‘ I aswell as patent leather, never cv·ar·k. always remain soft and are prac-
15; tlcally waterproof`. If they don‘t. suit you, we have hundreds of others.
,   “'Student’s Headquarters for Foofwear 4 W, NIAI Q STREET. · I
l { 2  §_"””T`NNN"_‘_
.   7 i
l tl   VANDEREN cc SCOI I S .
ll .
  Is the place to buy your
EY RAZORS» STRAPS, PEN KNIVES, All the boys must have one
  V of the above; each and every one guaranteed Ca?] and see our line and prices. ,
  Agent for Stearne’s YELLO\V FELLOWS-
E    £é£§§'I_Ei§“—i?; cc.i . __.__;
GO TO l E (*3 KIDD
. • • 9 -
    8   Innporter and Dealer in
V For Picture Fraines, Wall <>*·i··¤·G¤==·SS»°*·**·¤=*>’·¥=···{¤·¤·
P nd w_nd0 sl des Toilet Sets and jardxneries.
aper a 1 w na . ·
5 . . . Y Many beautiful pieces in Cut Glass and
' Bear this In nund `vhcn ,0u Mantel Ornaments and Decorated Ware ‘
, want your DiPl0nl35 {rained- for wedding and Christmas presents.
. *  
l · Invite the attention of Professors and
M P   8   , Students of the diiferent Colleges
' ' to their FA LL Sl-IQES which have
been selected with great care Spec-
·     ial inducements offered to College
· y trade. .
f   ’ Xi or   ‘-1 ll ".l@ G)
t l.L.E'.2&!.l¥..§¥lQ*?r’.r'I.`l“©.>M 13   @I lll *“©et
F l·li<~·h Grade Plumbin , Steam and Hot Water Heatinv.
{ as vt 5
V ll ~ . `AT'°'Z'I`$ •
M   ,..;   ,Wlllm5lFl“*°\~ V B
li l . ...»i=.==» r e  aw lCI0l° ogaert,
l`  _ ·   . 27 ~{”"“‘·"i.i lghi i"*  · .r. i
j   gt .;-% ; _  I L \I11n]\t1$1€§1§§>§·§»3¤‘&$1°.@d·Z1·>$§5·>$¤{:><€:§iiaiéiétiéa&>$£§:·;1·>1¢E§M}: *:1*:    
Tiers CADET bids all its readers and friends a happy greeting. May .
this year prove fruitful to every student of knowledge. Under fair  
` omens we launch into the editorial combat, armed to the teeth and Q
resolved to conquer. We have consulted the oracle at Delphi, and »
Apollo is for us. We shall bend to the task, a mightier Hercules.  l-
No bewitching Sirens shall capture our crew as onward we speed over  L
the tracklcss main. Into the limitless ocean ofliterature the fairest Q,
breezes are bearing our barque. There we shall probe its depths for il. 
pearly clusters, gems and golden nuggets of thought wherewith to `
laden our happily riding vessel. Of these may you partake as from _g;
the feasts of ancient Bacchus, and may you revel in the gleam of an  
unsullied literature published in the interest of State College, her  
L students and her friends  
Subscribe for 'l`r1E(}AnEr, because it is your only college paper, in  
your interest and worth the small price of its subscription. VVere i
you the editor or manager would you sell it so low? Would you .`
» spend the time and effort upon it that we do and then give away the  `
` paper? It is not right and we will not do it. \Ve propose to issue T 
a first class college journal and if you do not wish to pay the paltry A
gum of fifty cents, as Z1 subscriber should, why, j ust let it alone and  ·
' let your paper die. ·~

 U p l THE CADET. V 13
  Do you want five dollars? Write for it. A
‘· A Patronize home industry—your college paper. l
 A Profess to be nothing more than your life proves.
 . It prospereth any paper to have many advertisers.
 . How many students dare toenter our contest for $21.
l Support the CADET. It is yours—if you subscribe for it. ‘ ‘
f A word to the wise is sufiicient. Advertise in the CADET. A l l
_ We are going to try to be an honor to our College this year. i
I  Much advertising bringeth large returns——from our College.
A \Vhoso loveth his money more than the Cixnntr will surely die.  
” Confound the student who has no spark of college spirit in him. . A
  \Ve are for State College of Kentucky first, last and all the time. "
'_ The Lord deliver us from the blinding meshes of gold and silver. p
 I The CA1>1sr is of the students, for the college and by its adver-  
Q  tisers .
Q Remember that we give $10 for the best literary production from .
ii.  any student. ‘
 l Good-day, college magazines and journals. This is the CADET.
Qi Who are you`?
  This paper is run on a money basis ; money first, the journal next.
  How about yours.
  It is said that "Whatsoever a man seweth that shall he also rip.’ V
  Not so with college boys. A
  Kentucky, fairest daughter, pet of the States, will you not recog-
.` nize your representative`?
 A \Vhat powerful influences are begotten of little tl1ings——the pin _
  (pen) point, for instance.
v_ A happy greeting to all college publications that are imbued with
  genuine college cntlnisiain.

 ‘ 14 ' THE oitnirr. _  T
ij Are you what you ought to be—a subscriber to the CADET.  _
No matter whether you are for gold or silver. We are for both and  .
take either.  V
T "Owe no man anything.” Therefore pay us what you owe us-  ‘
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"An honest man is the noblest work of God," and a dishonest man V 
the meanest work of the devil. r
It profiteth a student to pay 50cts for the Ciinmr, yet how much p
~ _ more profiteth the CADET for a professor to pay it one dollar. =
T L O, far away on the unfathoined deep, _ V
· Sails the bark of collegiate faine,  V
And dangers iinperil the Pilot, meek, ·
\Vh0 bears but lo, an editor’s name. CV
How often her Captain, sailor bold, .
C Rallies his forces to save her,
Duns, ads. and schemes untold, T
For the sake of his dear college paper.  .
VVe are hack again.  
Three cheers for the new students.
Three more for the State College girl.
The majority of the students thus far enrolled are new ones and  li
represent every section of Kentucky. V
The young ladies who have been enrolled'are such as uphold Ken-  T
tucky’s fame for fair and beautiful dainsels i
Profs. Wernicke and \Vells, who spent vacation abroad, are back
in their accustomed places looking well and saucy as ever.
Mr. Duncan, captain of the foot ball team, is here and on the look-
out for men to train on the team. There arc several fine men here  
who only need the training to become line players. _ .

 _ I THE CADET. 15 ,
jp Ere this copy reaches you the new dormitory will be occupied, as
  at this Writing the old dormitory is full and there are more old `
students to come and possibly some new ones still.
_ During the early part of the vacation Prof. Nelson had the misf0r— .
p tune of losing the sight of his left eye. This fact is very much
lamented both by his fellow members of college and also by his
friends. T
 g Mr. T. G. Roach is steward of the mess this year and has made a
 I good beginning. Mr. Roach is a business man and no doubt will
 p save money for the boys this year. The fare is excellent, well cooked  
and well served. ` ·’
1 Our large campus, famed for its beauty, has not been kept mowed
t this summer as it should have been and consequently is not quite so ·
pretty as it might be. However it presents quite a pretty appearance
i even in its unmown condition.
· On account of the financial stringency of the State Treasury but — l
y few improvements have been made around the college this summer.
But still State College surpasses all of her competitors and is the
r best and cheapest college in the State or South for Kentuckians. Q .,
Mr. G. G. Brock now has charge of the work on the campus-a  
· position recently held by Mr. J. VV. Carnahan, graduated. The
V position pays the current expenses of one student and sometimes a
 _ little margin. "Ginral" Brock is a good man for the place and will
-_ do well by the boys who want work on the campus.
. For the past few weeks Pres. Patterson has been wearing broad
smiles because he is so much pleased with the extraordinary large
f  enrollment. Notwithstanding the hard times and political campaigns
of the country, the ambitious young men and women have determined
H to procure a fine education and have come to State college to get it.
 i, Never before in her history has the enrollment been so large as at
 T this opening. The prospects for a large attendance and good work
are quite flattering.
l One year’s subscription to THE CADET will be given to the student
sending us a correct answer to each ofthe the following questions :
  Who is the ugliest boy in school`?

 T ~ 16 THE CADET. g ` t  ‘
  Who is the biggest eater in the dormitories?
` \Vho is the greatest ladies-man?  
l \Vho is the sweetest girl? `
  What man has the largest feel?  
_ Who has the longest nose? r l · 2
Who is the greenest student in school? i
» \Vho is the handsomest fellow in school? p
T Royal was the reception tendered us students last Friday evening T
` by the ladies of the Faculty. The whole affair was a grand success,  ·
j and many lads and lassies will sing the praises of the Faculty and
i their better halves for many days yet to come.
The stereopticon views were especially good. The German jokes ‘
I were all right as well as the State College jokes. Many familiar
scenes of college life were exhibited and all were received with cheers.
Cream and cake were also an interesting part of the program. But »
first and chiefest of the good things was the sociable. The students
had an opportunity to meet those of their classmates who were as
strangers before.
No part of the student body enjoyed this treat more than did-the  .
Dormitory boys. We live a somewhat secluded life and such treat-  `
ment from the ladies of the Faculty makes us feel our indebtedness
. to the Faculty and we shall strive to pay that debt. And there is ·
another good featurclabout such meetings: students who are made to l
feel that they are regarded as worthy to be entertained by such gentle g
folks as the ladies of the Faculty, will go home and tell other students
who are hungering and thirsting after such hospitality and they will T
come, too, to be made to feel that it is good to be at State College. T
Nobody knows better how to entertain than do these ladies. Every l
one was made to feel perfectly at home. Let us hope that the good
work may go on. lt is not the lunch that we desire so much as the ·
l social side of such meet-ing. Long live the ladies of the Faculty.
I·`()O'I`BALL. .
' "First down and five yards to gain." — _
" Down." g  r

 . T ‘ . ` I
i Hippity Hus! Hippity Hus! l _ p
 — What in the world ’s the matter with us? ` ’
. y Nothing at all! nothing at all! ! ·
We’re the boys that play foot ball l _
l  ‘ _ We are glad_to say that foot ball at State College in the future will _
‘ be on a higher plane than it is now. The college is taking more in-
g  . terest, and certain movements have been begun that will raise the
A standard of all our athletics. The Association began with a large
t debt, which, we think, will be removed this season. The manage- J
ment of the Athletic Association consists of one student from each ·
_ class together with four members of the Faculty. This executive i
r committee has supervision of all athletics and decides what games
t shall be played by our teams. It is now thought that, as ours is
strictly a college team, our foot ball team after this year will play V
· only college teams.
· Capt. Duncan is developing his team quite well considering the »
disadvantages at which he works. With the Class of ’96 went our ·
best foot ball men, and so he has much new material on the team. L
Then too, he has no coach for the team, the Association being in debt
Notwithstanding Capt. Duncan has made a fine showing with his l
team. L
V The first game was playe