On behalf of all Kentuckians, I extend a sincere welcome to those who have come from afar to help celebrate U. of K's centennial year and to those who reside within the shadow of the University.
There is no better way to contribute to school spirit than a basketball game.    The gaiety and tenseness, the shouting and laughter, the milling crowds filled with the spirit of the occasion unite to promote that special feeling of appreciation and thanksgiving for this great institution of learningKentucky's University.
It is my pleasure to welcome those who participate in this Centennial observancethe Alumni,  other former students and witnesses to this third annual East-West All-Star game.
My congratulations to the National Association of Basketball Coaches of the United States for making this sports event another delightful occasion.    Through the efforts of our schools,  coaches, players and spectators the NAISMITH Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame will become a reality for the entire nation to enjoy.