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Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, January 16, 1987, no. 495 text The Green Bean, January 16, 1987, no. 495 1987 2014 true xt7p2n4zj20q section xt7p2n4zj20q r···** , _ ...—
” The Newsletter of the University of Kentuck_y Libraries
Qj No.495 January 16, 1987
é January 16 Gallery Series: A Program in Honor of Dr. Martin
Q . Luther King.
gf January 17 Benjamin Franklin,_1706 - 1790.
Q January 18 A. A. Milne, 1882 - 1956. British writer, author of
é~ the Winnie the Pooh children's classics. z'
2 January 19 Robert E. Lee, 1807 — 1870. A
`Q January 21 John C. Breckinridge, 1821 - 1875. Fourteenth Vice- Q
1 President of the U.S., born in Lexington, Kentucky. 3
r _ January 22 August Strindberg, 1849 — 1912. Swedish dramatist &
Q T,._ Vplaywright. _
1 January 23 Gallery Series: Percival Everett, author of Cutting B
; Lisa, reads from current works. J
Y1 January 27 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756 - 1791. Austrian 1
y musician and composer. [
Ei January 30 Gallery Series: Dr. Lance Brunner, "Music and ·
Q Hea1ing" . I Z
ug Next Green Bean issue: January 30, 1987. ?
{ Deadline for inclusion: Friday, January 23, 1987. ,
{ Production Staff: Editor, Kerry Kresse; Printer, Cecil Madison. V
Aft 1  

Welcome to 1987 and Happy New Year! As most of you already know, at the
LSO lunch the move to rename the GB was soundly defeated, despite a strong
effort from a last minute entry. Therefore, the title of this publication
will remain the same, as will the color.
A Happy reading. j ——KK
The new W4 forms, a result of the recent overhaul of the tax system, are
now available through the Director's Office. Copies have been distributed to
all departments. However, if you haven't received your copy, please contact
AND PART—TIME EMPLOYEES. Although the forms are not due into the IRS until
October 1987, please fill them out as soon as possible, and return them to Ann
Howell in the Dlrector's Office.
Although they cannot offer advice on filling out the forms, the
Government Documents Department in King Library has copies of the necessary
supplementary materials published by the IRS. The IRS has also provided a
toll—free number if you need help filling out the forms. The number is l—800—
The ACTS Executive Committee has announced a General Assembly meeting to
” be held on Tuesday, January 20, 1987 at 10:00 am. The meeting will be held in
} the Gallery of King North. The featured speaker will be Dr. Raymond Betts,
,* Director of the Honors Program, and he will address the search for*the new
{ president of UK.
Special thanks should be given to those people that helped to plan the
LSO Holiday Luncheon. Many people came, and there was no shortage of fun or
good food. The people on the LSO Social Committee are : Judy Eugate, Barb
Gardner, Kim Stinnett, Mary Geyer, Patty Powell, Patty Hornback, Kerry Kresse,
Joyce Welch and Jennifer Geran. Patty Hornback receives an honorable mention
for her musical expertise as the composer of the adaptation of the "Twelve
Days of Christmas." _
A major obligation for those who receive journals in the Journal Routing
Service is to dispatch the journal within THREE DAYS OF RECEIPT. There have
been some complaints recently concerning non—adherence to this policy.
If you receive a journal and know that you cannot dispatch it within
three days, send it on to the next person on the list. You can put a note on
the routing slip to have the journal returned to you after the last person on
the list has seen it. Also, do not cross_through your name.
I As you can easily see, the value of this service is greatly diminished if
this policy is not followed. Thank you for your cooperation. (Submitted by
Mary Welch)

 r' if
Fifty—minute presentations are being offered again this semester for
._ faculty, students and staff who want an introduction to the LS/2000 online
catalog. The first two have been scheduled for:
-——Thursday, January 29 at 10:00 am in the Gallery
———Monday, February 9 at 2:00 pm in the Gallery
There is a sign—up sheet at the King South Reference Desk. (Submitted by
Laura Rein)
A special training session will be held on January 28 at l0:00 am in the
Gallery for branch librarians, department heads and selectors who want to
learn how to give the fifty—minute presentations to their departments.
Details on other subsystem training and remote access rill also be
disseminated at this meeting. (Submitted by Laura Rein)
p The Staff Development Committee is sponsoring a workshop in February.
Q This free workshop will be conducted by Ms. Gaye Holman of the Human Relations
Development Office, and will deal with the subject of coping with change in
our workplace. It is a 3—1/2 hour program, and we are offering it on two
v` different days and times in order that as many library staff members as
j possible may take advantage of it. Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) will
1 be offered to all participants. We would like to encourage all library staff,
1 professional and technician, to attend one of the sessions. They will be held
. on:
——-February 11 at 8:30 am ~ 12 Noon
‘ ———February 12 at 1:00 pm — 4:30 pm.
Both sessions will be held in the Peal Gallery, King North.
If you are interested in attending one of these sessions, please fill out
the form below and RETURN THE FORM BY JANUARY 30, 1987 to Roxanne M. Jones,
I Interlibrary Loans, King Library South, 00391. (Submitted by Roxanne M.
(Check one)
[ ] I would like to attend the workshop on February 11 at 8:30 am.
[ ] I would like to attend the workshop on February 12 at 1:00 pm.
Nam¤_____________________l_#_____________________i_______i_ ____,,       ._,__ _-i___.,,,l_--....,.
Department_____________M“__w ____ _g______m“__Ph¤n¤__________g___mmMmy

The Social Work Library has moved again, this time to the 4th floor.
They are now in the old Maps/Library Science room.
Phil Roeder of the Martin School reports that the Council on State
Government is computerizing their library, and needs student help, mainly for
p data entry. If you know of any students who would be interested, please call
, Phil Roeder at 257-5741.
The LSO officers for the 1987 calendar year are as follows:
Joyce Welch, President; Paul Fuller, Vice—President/President-Elect; Patty
Powell, Secretary; and Steve Savage, Treasurer.
Tari Keller and Kerry Kresse are compiling a directory of library-
purchased software. As those of you with PCs have already discovered, the way
to computer literacy is torturous and long. There's nothing like somebody to
§ call when you run into a snag. In addition, as the Library purchases more `
{ software, it will become more difficult trying to remember who has what.
To this end, please fill out the following form for the software that you
` have that is library purchased. If you have software that you own, and don’t
mind helping other people out, please also list that. The list will probably
· updated quarterly, at least for a while. Thanks. °
¤¤¤***¤¤¤***¤¤¤***¤¤e***¤¤¤***===***¤¤=***===***=¤e***¤==***=¤e***;s¤*** =¤*** ° _P  
j Name _
L Department Phone J g
Please choose from the following when describing software:
1. Graphics 2. Word processing 3. Spreadsheet
4. Database Manager 5. Communications 6. Utilities
Software Version Function

` The 1987 GROW Conference will be held February 26-27, 1987 at Northern
» Kentucky University. This conference will feature scholarly inquiry of
· particular interest to women, and runs the gamut in areas ranging from the
_ humanities to the natural and applied sciences.
The registration fee will be about $30.00, which includes coffee and
doughnuts and dinner Thursday evening. For more information, please contact
Ms. Nan Littleton, Coordinator, GROW Annual Conference, Northern Kentucky
University, Highland Heights, KY 41076 or call (606) 572-5279.
We will be offering two sessions this month. The first one will be held
on Wednesday, January 21, 1987. It will be a beginning DOS workshop, given by
Tari Keller. If you want to learn about diskcopying, formatting, keyboard
commands, other copying commands, directories, preparing files, etc., this is
the workshop for you.
The advanced DOS workshop, given by Bonnie Cox, will present the more
complex commends available in DOS. This_workshop will be held on Wednesday,
January 28, 1987.
Both workshops will be held at 3 pm in the King Library North on the
third floor (using the MSOO terminals). Meet at the elevator on the third
floor and we will go to the terminals from there. If you have a copy of DOS,
please bring it, your DOS manual, ggd a blank diskette to work on.
In order to allow as many people to attend as possible, yet
` still keep the groups small enough to be useful, please plan to attend one or
the other of the workshops. The advanced DOS workshop will be repeated later
in the semester. '
Please call Joanne Goode at 257-8365 or Kerry Kresse at 257-5954 to
register. Attendance will be limited to 15 per workshop. (Submitted by
Joanne Goode)
Joanne Goode announces that the Math Sciences Library will now be open on
Saturdays. The Saturday hours will be 11:00 am — 3:00 pm.
The new schedule for the Spring 1987 Gallery Series is out. Please be
reminded that all programs are held at Noon in the Peal Gallery. There was an
omission in the printed schedule for April. On April 17, Keith MacAdam will
perform a voice recital. The completed schedule follows.

 January 16 A Program in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King's
‘Birthday—— co—sponsored by the Office of Minority
Affairs and the University Library. Exhibit: Black
Culture in America.
· January 23 Percival Everett, Department of English, Author of
  Cutting Lisa——A Reading from works in Progress.
i January 30 Dr. Lance Brunner, School of Music-—"Music and
, Healing": Lecture and Audiovisual Presentation.
i February 6 Dr. John Edgar Tldwell, Department of Engllsh——"The
l Critical Realism of Sterling A. Brown": Lecture.
February 13 Dr. W.Y. Adams, Department of Anthropology--"Nubia: ’
l Corridor to Africa": Lecture. t
February 20 Dr. Laurence Prescott, Department of Spanish and
Italian——"The African Presence in Spanish America":
’ Lecture.
February 27 Clay Maupin, Office of Financial Counseling--
, "Information on Tax Law Changes for 1987."
March 6 Appalachian Storytelling and Fiddl1ng——Ron Penn and
Ron Collier.
March 13 Dr. Kathleen Blee, Department of Sociology—i"Women in
the Ku Klux Klan in the l920s": Lecture and Slide
March 27 Dr. Michael H. Harris, College of Library and I
Information Science——"The First Amendment and
Extremist Speech: ALA's Position on Intellectual
Freedom Revisited": Lecture.
April 3 Collegium Musicum Medieval and Renaissance Ensemble.
April l0 Piano Recital——Mina Miller, School of Music.
April 17 Voice Recital--Keith MacAdam, Department of Physics
and Astronomy.
April 24 A John Jacob Nile Song Celebration——Jack1e
Roberts, Soprano: Nancie Field, Piano.
Exhibit: John Jacob Niles: 1892 — 1980.
May 3 Dr. Michael Nietzel and Dr. R.A. Baker, Department of !
Psychology--"The American Private Eye: Fictional I
Modern Knlghts." ,
  . 1

The Acquisitions Department consists of two units, Order Processing and
Accounting, which perform a variety of functions including preorder
bibliographic searching, online ordering, tracking of outstanding orders,
receipt of monographs (serials are received by CSR), and invoice approval and
l payment.
Since Fall of 1985, Acquisitions has been without a department head (the
only professional position in the department). We will continue to endure
this situation until the 1987-1988 fiscal year. During this time, the
Acquisitions unit heads, Joyce Taylor in Accounting and Joyce Welch in Order
Processing, will be in charge of all day—to—day operations. Gail Kennedy,
Assistant Director for Technical Services, will serve as interim Head of
Acquisition when the need arises for decisions at this level.
The Order Processing Unit consists of 7 full-time staff and 4 student
assistants. The are: Joyce Welch, Unit Supervisor, Karen Jefferson, Sharon
Neikirk, Barbara Randolph, Kim Stinnett, and Ron Weber. The Order Processing
Unit is broken down into two sections.
The Searching Section has 3 staff and 2 students. The University of
` Kentucky Acquisition Recommendation Form is a two—part form available from
Acquisitions for ordering. The Recommendation forms are submitted to the
Acquisitions Department with the approval of the library liaison. When
e. Code proper vendor and process order through OCLC The orders are received,
the orders are divided by Rggh, Form Selections, and Regular Monographs. All
serials, sets, and cat—as—mono's (monographs in series) are pulled and given
to the serials searcher. All incoming orders are counted and dated. Rush
orders are treated as priority items and are processed in the same day, if
possible. Form Selections are batched for speed and all regular monographs
are filed in folders by their agency fund code. One month's orders are
completed before starting a new month. The Searcher must: .
a. Establish the main entry for ordering.
b. Verify that the information given is accurate using available
bibliographic tools. .
c. Check all series in CSR, sets file and cat—as—mono file.
d. Check online acquisitions subsystem for duplication.
again counted and filed by agency. The completed orders and all "haves“
(orders for titles already owned by the library) are returned at the end of
each month. The Searching section receives approximately 20,000 order
requests a year.
The Receiving Section has 2 full-time staff and 2 students. We only
receive online monographs. All serials go through the Central Serials Records
Department. All Acquisitions mail distribution is done in this section.
Incoming materials are unpacked by our students, checked off the invoice for
proper shipment, information routing slips are placed inside each piece
G received and shelved for the full time staff. The materials are then taken to
the OCLC acquisitions subsystem for receipt. All information from the book

 and acquisitions online records are verified and then received by the router.
Printouts are made if needed, and books are divided in groups relfecting
whether they have LC cataloging, OCLC member cataloging or no cataloging M
online. The books are then stripped, counted and shelved in the Online
Cataloging Department by staff and students. Things of not always run
l l smoothly, so all problem invoices, returns, claiming, cancellations, reports
and correspondence are processed in this section. Form selections and Choice
cards are sorted and routed to the selectors. This sections averages about
1200 titles monthly.
The Qat;as~Monomandmgggsmgection is a subsection of Receiving. One
staff member is responsible for the entire operation. Materials are unpacked
and checked—in on the proper Kardex cards, recorded as received online,
invoices processed for payment, and materials stripped, counted and routed.
All claims, cancellations, returns, reports, problem materials and invoices
are processed in this section. The quantity does not compare with monographs
but the system is very complex so accuracy is more important fr‘ proper record
keeping and control.
Our goals are to accurately and efficiently serve the needs of the
Library, Faculty and Students. _
MEET THE ACCOUQTl§§_Q§lT (by Joyce Taylor)
The Accounting Unit is part of the Acquisitions Department located on the
third floor of King North. The unit is composed of two full—time staff
members and approximately 50 hours of student help per week. We are
` responsible for the book budget and the restricted accounts which are for book
purchases. This includes the Agriculture, Biological Sciences and Law
Libraries as well as King Library. '
Our aim is to accurately and efficiently process invoices for payment
through the university’s system as well as the Acquisitions in—house
accounting system. Last fiscal year our main book budget was $2,181,696. We
paid approximately 2l,l30 single titles online and spent $1,267,227 on serial
titles. The llbrary's commercial binding bills are paid through us also. We
process approximately 7020 payment documents. These documents are typed
Our in~house accounting system has changed dramatically over the years. V
In the sixties and through the early seventies we used an NCR posting machine.
This gave us very simple and limited financial reports. In the mid seventies
we went on BATAB (Baker and Taylor Company), an automated system. It produced l
elaborate financial reports, but it was a batch system and soon outdated.  
Then, in the early eighties we obtained the 0CLC Acquisitions online system. j
This system is much faster, but does have some disadvantages concerning the l
accounting module. Hopefully, these particular shortcomings will be addressed E
in the new ACQBSO subsystem. We are scheduled for this in the next year or 5
q so. `
The past year the university changed accounting systems. This not only I
affected the main campus, but community colleges as well. We implemented
different procedures internally to comply with the university's new system.
We did experience some difficulties in processing some of our invoices for
payment. As with any new system, the first year gets the bugs out.
Hopefully, this year will be much better.
We recently prepaid for the publication Awmgartially Annotated

 ( Bibliography of the Clarinet by John R. Snyder. When the material arrived we
also received the following note, which I would like to share with you.
"Paid in full with purchase order. Books have been shipped on
_ this date via insured post. I never thought I would live long
enough to see the day when an educational institution paid for
something in advancellll Especially when I informed you that the
price was higher than what you had originally planned. Evidently
the University of Kentucky Library is better organized and has
more common sense than any other I have dealt with, including New
_ York Public, Library of Congress, etc. My sincere thanks for
consideration of my time and income, and for your professional
attitude vis—a—vis purchasing." Signed John R. Snyder.
There are times when hard work pays off!
Position Opening: LT IV, Grade 8, Online Cataloging Department, M.I. King
Library. _
Head, Government Documents Department, University of California, Derkeley.
Salary: $39,456 — $45,084 based on qualifications of candidate selected.
Deadline: February 16, 1987.
Field Service Officer, SOLINET Preservation Program. Salary: $26,000.
Deadline: February 15, 1987.
~ Director of Collection Management. Emory University. Salary: not less than
$35,000 per annum. Deadline: February 16, 1987.
Head, Science & Engineering Library. Wayne State University. Salary: will
be set competitive. Deadline: February 15, 1987.
Architecture Library. University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Salary: $19,000
minimum. Deadline: February 15, 1987.
Humanities & Social Reference Bibliographer. Dartmouth College Library.
Salary: $18,500 minimum for Librarian I. Deadline: January 26, 1987.

 I 1
_ · Naw JERSEY §
Reference Librarian (Business). Rutgers University. Salary: $21,262 or Q
._ $25,907. Deadline: March 31, 1987.
Health Sciences Library. Information Dissemination Service. State University i
of New York at Buffalo. Salary: $18,000. Deadline: not specified.
Systems Librarian. University of North Carolina. Salary: $23,000 minimum. Q
Deadline: March 1, 1987.
_ onxo 1
Head, Acquisitions Department. Ohio State University. Salary: $32,040 —
$39,120. Deadline: January 31, 1987. I
User Education Librarian. Ohio State University. Salary: $19,080 — $22,800.  
Deadline: February 1, 1987. _ _
German Cataloger. University of Cincinnati. Salary: $18,000. Deadline: T
` March 13, 1987. 2
Two Po:itions — Information Access Librarian for Reference & Documents. !
Texas Tech University. Salary: $17,500 - $20,000. Deadline: January 31, ,
1987. A
Information Access Librarian for Documents and Bibliographic Control. Texas g
Tech University. Salary: $17,500 — $20,000. Deadline: January 31, 1987. 1
Information Access Librarian for Bibliographic Control and Reference. Salary: j
$17,500 — $20,000. Deadline: January 3l, 1987. -
Head, Bibliographic Control. Texas Tech University. Salary: $25,000 — _
$30,000. Deadline: January 31, 1987. I
Rare Books and Special Collections Librarian. Washington State Univer=ity.
Salary: commensurate with qualifications and experience. Deadline: March 1,