Five wooden arches inscribed with quotations from the Bible lead into the  
` graveyard. The field is divided into square plots, surrounded by wide paths. ·  
To the north are the graves of married women; east of these are single  
women, girls, and female infants; south are married men, and east of these  
single men and male children. The uniformity of the white marble markers  
lying Hat on the ground is intended as a reminder that “in death all are _  
6. The HENRY LINEBACK HOUSE (private), 508 S. Main St., built Z
in 1822 and later occupied by Henry Lineback, a photographer, is a one-  
and-a-half-story clapboarded dwelling with two large dormers and a chim-  
ney of hand-made brick. The symmetrical, five-bay facade has a plain door- —  
way with simple molded trim, a dark paneled Dutch door, and a four-light A
transom. The original design has been altered by an addition on the north ll
7. The WINKLER BAKERY, 527 S. Main St., occupied by a tearoom, was  
erected about 1800 and for a century operated by the Winkler family. The  
main Hoor was used for the bakery, the second floor as the family residence.  
In 1936 a stoop entrance replaced a porch which extended over the side- E
walk. Otherwise the building, its first story of uncut stone and the second  
of hand-made brick, remains unaltered.  
(open by appoinlment; W.   Hull, custodian, 4 E. Bank Sz.), NE. corner  
S. Main and Academy Sts., maintained by the Wachovia Historical Society, ;·
was erected in 1794 and occupied until 1896 by a boys school. The building  
has two stories and an attic. The basement and first story are of stone, E
covered with stucco, and the superstructure is of hand-made brick, laid in .;
1. The Cohfee Pot. 2. The Belo House. 3. The Salem Land Oflice Building. 4. The `_
House of the Community Physician. 5. The Moravian Graveyard. 6. The Henry Line-
back House. 7. The Winkler Bakery. 8. The Museum of the Wachovia Historical T
Society. 9. The Brothers House. 10. The Home Moravian Church. rr. Salem Col- 1:
lege. I2. The Community Store. 13. The Iohn Vogler House. 14. The Blum House.  
15. The Christian Reich House. 16. The Salem Tavern. 17. The Chimney House.  
18. The Brown-Williamson Tobacco Factory. 19. The R. ]. Reynolds Office Building. p
20. The R. ]. Reynolds Tobacco Plant. 21. The P. H. Hanes Knitting Plant. 22. The ;
Tobacco Warehouses. 23. The Nissen Building. 24. The ]ournal and Sentinel Building. I
25. The Centenary Methodist Church. 26. The Richard ]. Reynolds Memorial Audi-
torium. 27. The Chatham Manufacturing Plant. 28. The Winston-Salem Teachers Col- 1
lege. 29. The Nissen Wagon Plant. °‘
A. Courthouse. B. City Hall. c. Central Park. 0. Twin City Athletic Park. E. Wash-  
ington Park. F. Waterworks. c. Union Station. 1-r. Fair Grounds. 1. Airport. x. Post
Ofhce. 1.. Chamber of Commerce. M. Bus Station. N. P. H. Hanes Park. o. Polo _
Field. P. Crystal Lake. Q. Runnymede Iris Park. R. Forsyth County Golf Course. -
s. Hill Crest Golf Course. rr. Municipal Stadium. ·