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Vol. LXV No. 128
Monday, March 11, 1974

an Independent student newepaper

y Kernel

University of Kentucky
Lexington. KY. 40506


TKO begins
battle against

road extension

Kernel Staff Writer

Organization (TKO) has lost the first
round in its battle against the Newtown
Pike Extension. But according to attorney
Patrick Prosser, the fight has only just

TKO filed suit last Monday against the
Fayette County Board of Education and
the Kentucky Department of Highways to
halt the sale of the Lincoln School in

Alda Prosser, TKO president, said the
group opposes the extension because it will
destroy the community

“WE'RE GOING to have major high-
ways running through our city" unless
projects like Newtown Extension are
stopped. she said.

TKO favors increased use of mass
transit to solve traffic problems.

The proposed four-lane expressway
would connect Newtown Pike at Main
Street with Euclid Avenue at Rose Street.

LINCOLN SCHOOL lies under the West
High Street viaduct, directly in the path of
the proposed $6.5 million expressway.

The Highway Department purchased the

rRusk doubts Nixon

will be impeached

(Editor‘s Note: These are
excerpts from an interview aired
Sunday on WLAP’s “Com-
monwealth Conference". The
interviewers were Jeff Marks of
WLAP and the writer.)

Kernel Staff Writer

State Dean Rusk rejected the
notion that President Nixon
should resign, and expressed
doubt that he will be impeached.

In an interview after a speech
to the Lexington Rotary Club,
Rusk said, “I don’t think much of
the idea of removing a president
by a clamor for his resignation. If
we should discover that we can
remove a President by deman-
ding his resignation, we would


“I am inclined to think that ifI
were Jimmy the Greek, I would
place odds against his im-
peachment,“ Rusk said. He went
on to say that a final decision
could not be made fairly until all
the facts were in. At this time,
such is not the case, he added.

argument that incidents such as
the Watergate scandal were
common things in past ad-

“I never heard of any such
things while I was there. I must
confess, I never had the slightest
interest in what was going on in
the Republican National
Headquarters. President
Johnson hada very strong feeling
of repulsion against the use of


inject an element of tumult into
our politics."

News In Brlef


0 30-year holdout
'Embargo not discussed
e Silence broken
'Missing gondola?

0 Chase me! '

e 'Rekindle the spirit'

e Today's weather...

such techniques."

Continued on page 5

O MANILA —— Japanese Lt. Hiroo
Onoda, a World War II holdout for nearly
30 years after the conflict ended, emerged
from the Philippine jungles Sunday. He
told Japanese newsmen he had not come
out before because “I had not received the

Onoda, who turned 52 on Sunday, met
with searchers briefly and then returned to
his hideout to retrieve his Samurai sword.
In a formal act of surrender, he presented
the sword to Maj. Gen. Jose Rancudo,
commander of the Philippine air force.

0 CAIRO, Egypt — Six Arab oil
ministers met here informally for 90
minutes Sunday but did not discuss lifting
the oil embargo against the United States
an Egyptian spokesman told newsmen.

Describing the Cairo meeting as “a
family get-together,“ spokesman Salim
Rizakallah said: ”Certainly there was no
discussion of the oil embargo."

The ministers of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,
Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Qatar and Egypt
agreed to meet Wednesday in Tripoli,

school at the F.eb 18 meeting of the
Fayette County School Board for $29, 450

Fayette Circuit Judge L. T. Grant heard
TKO‘ 5 arguments Wednesday to halt the
transfer of the deed from the board to the
Highway Department. As predicted by
Prosser after the hearing, Judge Grant
denied the injunction Thursday.

PROSSER SAII) school board attorney
William Slone proved transfer of the
Lincoln School deed to the Highway
Department was complete.

TKO claimed the purchase was in
violation of State Board of Education
regulations requiring a public auction.

Marvin Anderson, chief of right-of-way
purchasing for Highway District Seven,
said Tuesday no public auction has been
held. However, no violation was com-
mitted since such transactions occur often
between agencies of government, he ad-

MILDRED .\Ic(‘l7LLOl‘(;H, president of
the lrishtown Neighborhood Organization.
testified at the hearing that many people,
some having lived in the area 60 to 70


0 SAN FRANCISCO -— Newspaper
heiress Patricia Hearst, in a tape-recorded
message which broke a long silence in the
kidnaping case, has accused her parents of
indifference and says, “It’s the FBI who
wants to murder me.”

She added, “I really want to get out of
here. Iask you not toaid the FBI."

She said the_§LA has taught her how to
fire a shotgun to prepare for a possible
raid by the FBI or police.

0 LONDON — Two ships reported
sighting large drifting objects in the
Atlantic Ocean off the Liberian coast that
might be the gondola of missing American
halloonist Thomas Gatch Jr., Lloyds of
London reported Sunday. The 48-year-old
adventurer from Alexandria, Va.,
disappeared Feb. 21 while attempting to
cross the Atlantic by balloon.

O HULL. England — A naked man
rapped on the windows of police
headquarters in this eastern port city
Sunday and shouted ”Chase me!" before
streaking through the city center.

years, will be forced to move if Newtown
Extension is built.

“After they sold the school it made me
think they would slip around and buy some
of the other property in the neighborhood,"
she said.

We don t want no road ~ it will destroy
the community,” she said. The sale of the
Lincoln School has made the people of
lrishtown feel as though they have lost
everything. she added.

MARGARI-‘T DAV IS. a co plaintiff with
TKO said no one from the Highway
Department has talked to her about the
sale of her property. She lives behind the
Lincoln School.

Joe Jasper, urban council represen-
tative from the Third District which in
cludes lrishtown, was also called to testify
by TKO attorney Jon Larson. Jasper
expressed opposition to the Newtown Pike
Extension and said he thinks the injunction
halting the sale should be issued.

JaSper said the urban council should
have been informed of the transaction.
Construction of the expressway can be
stopped if sufficient opposition is ex-
pressed on the council, he said.



O KI-IY BISCAYNE. Fla. — President
Nixon called upon Americans Sunday to
put aside disagreements and disap-
pointments and rekindle the spirit that in
200 years built the 13 colonies into the
strongest nation in the world."

In a nationwide radio address from his
bayside home, Nixon announced the ex-
pected nomination of Navy Secretary John
Warner to head the bicentennial ad-
ministration and ordered him to ac-
celerate planning for a “truly national
celebration...a citizen celebration" of
America‘s 200th birthday.


The weather will continue to cool off as
showers and thunder showers begin. The
high today should be in the upper SOswith a
70 per cent chance of rain. The low tonight
should be in the 40s with a 80 per cent
chance of showers or thunder showers.
The outlook for Tuesday is continued
chance of showers with a high near 50.



editorials represent the opinions of the editors, not the university



The Kentucky Kernel

Published by the Kernel Press Inc. Begun as the Cadet in 1094 and published continwusty
es The Kentucky Kernel since Wis. The Kernel Press Inc. founded WTI. Third class
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Steve Swift, Editor-in-Chiel‘

Grin and bare it

While forecasted rains and cool weather may put a
damper on this week’s streaking activities, we have a
few suggestions for those who intend to gun and bare

it until spring break.

Group streaking is out. It’s become

too easy for

authorities to collar streakers travelling in large
groups. Avoiding Lexington’s $5,000 fine andor one-
year prison term requires us to use our imagination
and become innovative. (:uerilla streaking is now the
strategic move —- ambush ‘em when they least eXpect


Transylvania students set a good example of
guerilla streaking on Friday. When all of Lexington,
including half the local police force, was searching
this campus for streakers, about 20 kids on the 'I‘ransy

campus ran wild.

Other accounts of guerilla streaking that will be
remembered for a long while include:

—The lone streaker who dared interrupt the Iowa
legislature. (Both of Kentucky’s homes will be in
session every afternoon this week.)

—Four parachutists who landed on an Illinois

university campus.

—A few brave persons caught the St. Louis police
with their pants down in a streak through department


—Cold-blooded students in Alaska who withstood
minus-eight-degree temperatures to put their names
in the record book for having completed the coldest


Innovation has been shown only by spectators at
UK, especially capitalist spectators who charge their
friencb $1 per beer during complex streaks. Now that
authorities are calling our bluff, we’re going to have
to spare the large audience for the notoriety gained
when the imagination is used.

Nicholas von Hoffman

‘The search for inflation-proof places'

WASHINGTON — There is a
story going around about a guy
who makes $100 a day simply by
exchanging paper money for
metal at the bank. He goes from
bank to bank swapping green
bills for half-dollar picccs.

He then sorts his coins. picking
out the older ones with the high
silver content which he sells for
considerable more than 50 cents.

With silver dollar pieces selling
for six onedollar bills. and the
price of silver going higher every
day. the story may not be true
but it certainly is believable. It‘s
not the only story of its sort
going around. For months it has
been rumored, although not
confirmed. that the H.L. Hunt-
Texas oil people have been
buying huge silver-futures
contracts and taking delivery on
the bullion.

MUST PEOPLE in the futures
market. who buy contracts to
purchase metal or grain or what-
have‘you at a stipulated price at
a certain date. sell the contract
off to someone else before it
comes due. l'nless one is a

manufacturer with a physical
need of the commodity, accepting
actual physical possession is
unheard of.

The story also is part of a
pattern of tales, all of which have
for their moral the attacking of
the integrity of American
money. Over the last couple of
years we've gotten used to
hearing the man on the radio say
things like “the dollar was up.“
or “the dollar suffered a reversal
on the London money markets,”
but that‘s abroad.

We may know abstractly that
such announcements will
ultimately affect the price we pay
for wine and Toyotas. but still a
dollar was a dollar and. as far as
going over to the supermarket on
Saturdays. it appeared to be the
same. old. reliable unit of green

Now for the first time in living
memory the dollar is being at-
tacked in the country where it is
printed. its value is dipping
before our eyes; its price is
falling daily. not in the money
markets of Paris and Zurich. but
right here in the l'nited States.
Whereas the price of necessities




Letters to the Kernel

Disappointed in streaker treatment

We would like to register a
complaint against the University
police in their treatment of a
“streaker" in the process of
arresting him. As witnesses to
the event, we would like to point
out that he was thrown to the
ground by two officers and
handcuffed. then forced to
parade slowly through sorority
rowfs courtyard without even
having any sort of covering of-
fered to him.

One witness even suggested to
an officer that the man be offered
just a hat to cover himself as he
was marched past all the girls,
but there was no reply: the of-
ficer ignored the request. He was
then taken to the police car
located on Columbia Avenue.
under all the streetlights, where
he was forcedtostandin full view
of everyone who passed by for at
least a full two minutes. Then he
was walked into the street and

would inch upward a few pennies
a month, you can now come back

.to the store and pay a dime more

for the same thing 24 hours later.

Tlil~1 Rl'Sil to convert green
dollars into metal was so great
last week that certain types of
coins disappeared from the
market entirely. Major specie
dealers ran out of stock. They
simply stopped selling, and when
you called them up they told you,
”We‘re only buying. We‘re not

NObodywith any dough wants a
paper asset with a fixed
numerical value. That includes
$100 bills, mortgages, bonds.
notes and insurance policies.
Wait until the millions of people
who‘ve been paying in and saving
on their insurance policies realize
that cash value they were
counting on has been reduced to
next to nothing in real buying

The same even goes with those
seven per cent interest. four-year
time deposits at the savings-and-
loan. (liven current inflation
rates. you‘ll lose a quarter of
your money or better letting it out
at seven per cent.

placed into the opposite side of
the car. whereupon the police
drove off with the lights on inside
the car and with the blue lights
flashing. (Nothing conspicuous.
you understand.)

We feel that the officers
behaved in such a manner as to
totally degrade and demean their
“victim“. If he was being
arrested for indecent exposure,
the officers defeated their own
purposes by parading him openly
past all the sorority houses
without even the decency of of-
fering him a little bit of “cover".

We think it unfair and totally

, unnecessary that one person out

of probably hundreds who have
engaged in “streaking" in the
past few days, be arrested in this
demeaning manner. (But then we
suppose it takes less guts to
tackle one guy in front of a group
of girls than to wade into one of

The search for inflation-proof
places to put money has led to
gold and silver. It is also going to
lead to interest rates we have
heretofore associated with un-
developed countries. How does
a 17 per cent mortgage grab you
and, if so, where?

The governmentwill. of course,
move to stop that. not by
restoring people‘s faith in the
worth of the dollar. but by
printing more of them, which will
in turn aggravate the situation by
forcing lenders to charge yet
higher rates of interest to protect

Tlll'S WE ARE moving
toward a situation where people
won‘t be calculating how much
money they can make. but how
little they can lose. In general,
businessmen will discover that
the less business they do the
better off they are. You already
hear the Arabs saying their oil is
worth more in the ground than in
the barrel. but this is true of
almost everybody who risks
being paid in paper.

The builder is better off not
building his house. the farmer not

the crowds at the Complex or
Office Tower plaza, right?)

Susan E. Watson
Barbie l). (‘asper



Thanks to Dean Jack Hall for
his firm stand against the efforts
to censor the Student Center
Board Film Series. The single
criterion that most clearly
distinguishes a first rate
educational institution at any
level is a policy that welcomes
controversial topics. Dean Hall's
action is in the best traditions of a
quality academic institution.

Wayne H. Davis
(‘ha ir man. F ree Speech Com-

Kentucky (‘ivil Liberties Union

growing his wheat. etc. Their
only protection is charging ex-
tortionate prices in anticipation
of the money being worth ever—so—
tnuch less by the time the work is
done or the crop is harvested.
Outside of Arthur Burns at the
Federal Reserve Board. nobody
in the Administration seems to
understand how far and how
damaging this inflation has
become. They think they‘re back
in the Sixties. when a five percent
inflation rate was considered

outrageous. They‘re not. And
even though inflation always
favors debtors, and this is a

nation full of them corporate,
governmental and personal — the
older rules of our economic
system are still in play.

That guy who‘s going from
bank to bank swapping green for
silver, he’s the cop enforcing
(iresham‘s law; and when he‘s
gotten all the good money and left
us paper, we're going to find out
how very expensive cheap dollars
can be.

Nicholas Von Hoff-
man is a columnist for
King .Features Syn-










It's been amazing year for women's rights


It has truly been an amazing year in the
area of women’s rights or rather the lack
of women’s rights.

The Kentucky legislature has shown its
deep “concern” for equality by doing
everything possible to push us all back into
the “barefoot and pregnant” syndrome.
They have run the gamut from trying to
dissolve the Kentucky Commission on
Women to attempting to rescind their
former ratification of the Equal Rights

UNDOUBTEDLY ONE of the top 10
idiocies of the year is the legislature’s
support of a constitutional “Right to Life”
amendment. In brief, this amendment
would prohibit abortions in all cases, in-

cluding cases of rape and the like. A vocal,
well~organized minority of people would
like to see our freedom of choice taken
away from us.

The term “Right to Life” under which
these people organize seems very ironic.
While they are quite emphatic about a
child’s right to be born, they seem con-
cerned very little about the quality of life
that child will have to face. Evidently the
idea of unwanted, abused children is more
attractive to them than the thought of an
aborted mass of blood and tissue (By the
way, the Right to Life propaganda is full of
pictures of fake “candy apple" babies, not
actual aborted fetuses.) If these people
will figure out a way to stop over-
population and a way to improve the
quality of life for thousands of starving or

unwanted children, I'll listen to their
”Right to Life” arguments a little more

The sickest thing about this amendment,
however, is that it will take away a
woman’s right to choose whether or not to
bear a child. It will not change a person’s
moral feelings about abortion; instead it
will try to force everyone to adhere to the
laws the Right-to-Lifers feel are “morally
correct”. Abortions will not stop, but more
and more women will die at the hand of
quack abortionists because they cannot
afford to fly somewhere to get a legal
abortion or to pay a qualified doctor to
perform a clandestine illegal abortion.

UNDER THE Supreme Court ruling of
1973, all women are legally entitled to

choose whether or not they wish to have
abortions. No one is forced to have one if
they are morally opposed to it, but
everyone has a choice. A Right-to-Life
amendment would take away that choice.

At the end of this week, a a US. Senate
subcommittee will begin hearings on two
anti-abortion amendments. I urge
everyone concerned about losing their
abortion rights to write, call or wire their
Congresspeople and Sen. Birch Bayh (D-
Ill.), the chairperson of that sub-
committee. A woman must have the right
to control her own body.


Gail E. Cohee is chairperson,
Council on Women‘s Concerns




brown paper bag?

“How about the diaper?"
“Too childish."
“Okay. The goalie’s mask?”

“Okay, what do you think of the


“It clashes with your pubic hair.’

work. At 10:55, just as classes are
getting out, car number one will let
you out on Limestone in front of
Kennedy‘s. You run up the circle
drive toward Patterson’s statue. If
you want to scrub the mission, like if
you see a campus cop or something,
car number two, a blue Vega, will be




uTHAT MIGHT be all right for
daytime streaking but at night
you're liable to scare somebody.”

“This is a daytime streak.”

“That's right, I forgot for a
second. Keep the goalie‘s mask as a
last resort. What else have you

“These stockings."

“Let’s see."

“Well, what do you think?"

“LOOKS LIKE you‘re getting
ready to pull a job."

“How about these black lace

“Don't even bother putting them

“Well, I've got to wear something
over my head. I don’t want to be

“Try your laundry bag."

“I'm not going to cut holes in my

laundry bag.”

“IT WOULD only be two small

“I’ll need a third for my mouth.”

“What do you need a mouth hole

“I may meet a female streaker
coming the other way. Think how
much we’d have in common."

“Two holes should do it.”

“Okay. But not in my laundry bag.
My mother would kill me."

”HOW ABOUT your motocycle

”I’ll try it."

”Hay, that red’s a nice match."


“I said, ‘It‘s too hot in here’.”

“THE ONLY thing we’ve got left
is the catcher’s mask.”

“Forget it. Iguess I’m stuck with
the goalie‘s mask. There, how do I


“Have you got the cars lined up?"

“Right, I've got it all planned.
This is going to come off like clock-

waiting near there. If you think you
can go on then you run between the
Office Tower and the fountain."

”HAVE WE decided whether I
should sign autographs or not?”

“A modest bow will suffice, I
think. If you see trouble near the
fountain then car number three, a
green VW, will be waiting in the
parking lot to your right."


“But if you elect to keep going
you’re committed to finish the entire
streak. Understand?"

“I understand.”

“Now from the fountain you run
down the walk next to the Classroom
Building, by Lafferty Hall, under the
library extension and down past
Singletary’s house. I’ll be in car
number four, the blue Eldorado, on
Rose Street in front of the Fine Arts
building. Any questions?"

”CAN I wear shoes?”

“No shoes. Haven’t you been
running in place in that box of gravel
I bought you?"

“I tried but it hurts.”

“You've got to sacrifice to be the
best. This could be the nation’s
longest streak.”

“All right. No shoes.”

“Now I’ll explain my Emergency
Recovery Plan.”

“WHY DO I need an Emergency
Recovery Plan if you’ve planned this
out so well?”

“I'm just demonstrating how well
I‘ve planned this. Good planning
also includes another plan if the
main plan doesn’t pan out."


“Now, should you get to Rose
Street and I‘m not there...."‘

“Why wouldn’t you be there?"

“Who knows what could happen?
A flat tire. Heavy traffic. We must
be prepared for all contingencies.
But don‘t worry, I‘ve planned
everything. Each car will be
carrying a walkie-talkie and if

A day in the life of a streaker

something goes wrong at any point
along your route I‘ll be informed of

“THAT'S GREAT. Who’s going to
inform me?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve got it all
planned out. But in the event you
reach Rose Street and I’m not there
your best bet is to keep moving.
Cross Rose and head for sorority
row. You‘ll come to a Dempster
Dumpster. A pair of jeans and a T»
shirt will be underneath it. You can
put them on right there or get in the
Dumpster to dress. Whichever is
more comfortable for you. See? A
foolproof plan.”

“Somehow I wish this was being
handled by somebody other than a
guy who washed out of ROTC.”


“Uh, car One to car Four?”

“Go ahead One.”

“We are at the drop-off point
slightly early. Please advise.”

“Car Four to cars Two and Three.
Are you in position?"

“Two, roger.”

“Three, roger.”

“VERY WELL. I have 10:52, One.
I am approaching my position. You
are free to make the drop at any
time. Good luck.”

“Uh, roger Four. We have a drop.
Everything looks good from this
end. Turning it over to Two.”

“Roger, this is Two. I have subject
in sight. Looks in good shape.
Running effortlessly.”

“Car Four to car Three. How
crowded is the fountain area?"

“VERY DENSE. Four. Subject
will have a nice audience.”

“Roger Three. I am in position.
How do things look, Two?"

“Very fine, Subject looks in
shape to finish the entire mission.
Not a cop in sight. He‘s going by me
now. Looking good. He's all yours

”Roger. Two. I have subject in
sight. He’s stopping to shake hands
with a basketball recruit."

“Roger. Three. Any police in

“NEGATIVE, Four. Things look
rosey. Subject is off and running
again. Getting quite a hand. too.


Passing out of sight now. He's all
yours, Four."

“Uh, Roger. We have a possible
mayday situation at the take-up
point. Campus police vehicle has
stopped behind me Any chance of
recovering subject?”

“Negative Four. He should be
nearing Lafferty now.”

“I knew I should’ve put another
man in the library extension. Clear
the air waves and return to Base.
Pour, over and out. Oh, hello officer,
I can‘t seem to get this monster in
gear. These big cars. if it‘s not
drinking gas something else is going

“YOL’ WANT me to call a tow

“Oh, that won‘t be necessary. I’m
sure I can figure out what the
problem is.’

“Hey Harry? Don‘t you drive a
Cadillac? My partner may be able to
help you.”

“I don’t want to cause you any
trouble sir."

“No troubleat all. We had nothing
to do anyway. Harry, see if you can
get this thing in gear. Come on son.
Slide over and let him take a look at

”I DON‘T understand, Mike.
There's nothing wrong with this

“But the kid said...hey, Harry.
Look. One of them streakers."

“I’ll get the net.”

“Don‘t bother. He’s heading
straight for thiscar. You must be the
driver of the getaway car. Did you
know you're an accessory to in-
decent exposure?"

“All rightfella. Take off the mask.
Hallowe’ens over. You got any ID?"

"I LEFT my wallet in my other

“Don‘t get smart kid. This is a
serious matter, running around in a
goalie's mask. What are you trying
to accomplish anyway?”

“Don’t ask me. Talk to the guy in
the Eldorado. He’s the brains of the

Charlie Dickinson is a
UK graduate and former
Kernel Sports editor.




 l—'l'llE KENTl't‘KY KERNEI”


Monday. March ll. um

15: ‘l‘


ital W
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tilt ‘






Eumpean summer in Romania
offers cross-cultural education

Kernel Staff Writer
If you are in a quandry over
whether to go to summer school
or to Europe this summer, an
associate professor of economics
at UK has a solution.

Dr. Curtis Harvey is heading a
program where you can receive
up to six hours while studying
abroad at the University of Cluj,

THE PROGRAM tries to give
students a cross-cultural
education while earning hours
that can be used for un-
dergraduate or graduate credit,
according to Harvey. It will last
from July 9 through August 16.

Four weeks of the program will
be spent in classes at the
University of (‘luj. The other two
weeks will be spent touring
Germany. Romania and Austria
with a three day stay in Vienna.

For Tickets: Send $5.00 Per Ticket Plus 25
cents Per Order To:
Grand Funk Concert
University Center
Richmond, Kentucky 40475

Or come to the EKU Campus in Richmond,
Powell Building, information desk-
Beginning March 18, 1974.
also be available at the door. Do not send
mail orders requests after Marchls, 1974.

Tickets will

; Thursday iMarch 21- 7:50 pm

There will also be three
weekend excursions to a
collective farm. a peasant
village, and Dacian and Roman

(‘Ll'J ACCREDITED courses
will be offered in architecture,
business administration, com~
munications. comparative
literature, economics, history.
political science. Romanian
language and sociology. '

Students entering their
sophomore, junior. senior or first
year graduate school from ac-
credited universities or colleges
are eligible to participate.

All courses will he taught in
English by UK faculty members.
Romanian professors will oc-
casionally be invited as guest
lecturers. Harvey said he hopes
to have around 30 students in
each course but 15 would be
enough to have the course.



program for Kentucky residents
costs $615.50 for one course and
$680 for two three-hour courses.
Non-resident students pay $708.50
for one course and $866.50 for six
hours of credit. Graduate fees are
slightly higher, Harvey said.

These prices include all
transportation while in Europe.
The cost of transportation to and
from the United States is extra.

The program was suggested
two years ago by the Romanian
ambassador, Corneliu Bogdan,
duringa visit to UK. He wanted to
start a program in which his
country and the United States

could develop better relations.
From this, Harvey and Dr.
Michael lmpey, then a UK
faculty member in the Spanish-
Italian department, developed
the summer residence program.


' Passport Photos
Application Photos


Ph. 252-6672 222 S. Lime



If you’re
good enough,
you can be a
Navy Nuclear


The Navy needs some
very special college graduates
who aren't afraid to find out
how good they really are. Who
will consider our extensive
and demanding training pro-
gram (designed by the Atomic
Energy Commission), the most
exciting challenge of their
lives. A challenge that leads to
an exciting future as a Naval
Officer aboard a nuclear-
powered surface ship or

See your Navy officer Programs Team

on the Lower Level of the Student Center
from March "through March l4.


Be a success i
in The New Navy. l



cocoon. a-fla~.,i











Rusk expresses mixed feelings

on Nixon-Kissinger policies

(‘ontinued from page I

Switching to the area of
relations in the foreign affairs
field, Rusk said the new War
Powers Act might alter the
balance of power greatly in favor
of the Congress.

In discussing the new law,
Rusk said, “I do not believe that
any President can commit any
Significant number of our armed
forces to combat for a substantial
period of time without the un-
derstanding and support of the
American people and of the
Congress. I have some doubt
about the constitutionality of the
Wai i’uwei's Act, but i hope that
an occasion will not arise by
which it would be tested."

I”: ALSO SAID the Middle
East problem could not be solved
by any of the major powers.


"I don‘t believe any outside
power can bring peace to the
Middle EastTheparties who live
in the areas, where the emotions
run very strong on either side and
the gap is very wide. must bring
the peace. If he (Secretary of
State Kissingeri is able to bring
the two sides to the table
somehow to talk directly with
each other about the possibilities
of peace. that will be the first
time since 1949 that this has

The domestic crises which
envelop the world powers today
are nothing unusual. he said

RISK SUI) the l'nited States
should rely on the opinions of
other countries in the Western


in— u
, r—








No Minimum While- U»Wait

547 S Limestone 254 6139 .



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Hemisphere in forming its new
policy toward Cuba.

”The United States could defer
to the consensus of the
Hemisphere. If the other
members of the OAS
(Organization of American
States) felt that the time has
come to readmit the Castro