The following paragraphs from the "Regulations" are
added for the benefit of intending matriculates:
Admission of Students.
24. By the acts of the Legislature each legislative Repre-
sentative District is entitled to send, on competitive exam-
ination, one properly prepared student each year, between
` the ages of twelve and twentyfive, to the College, free of
_ tuition. The candidate presenting himself at the College
for admission under this authority shall deliver to the Presi-
dent a certificate from his district Board of Examination i
setting forth " that the Board- was duly appointed by ‘the V
court of claims,’ as prescribed in the charter of the College,
approved March 4th, 1830; that he is between the ages of
twelve and twenty·five, and that he has been selected on
competitive examination from all of the students (of whom
there shall not be more than one from each common school),
sent before the Board by the trustees and teachers of the
several common schools in the district." The candidate
. shall then be examined by the Faculty, or a committee
appointed by it, and must pass a satisfactory examination in
Spelling, Reading, `\Vriting, Arithmetic, English Grammar, ~
and Geography, in order to be admitted as a "_;§raj1wr@» juv-
_;>zzrm"’ student in the meaning of the act of the Legisla-
25. The charter of the College also provides " that teach- l
ers or persons preparing to teach may be admitted free of ,
tuition charge for one year, at the rate of not more than four,
at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, for each Legisla-
tive Representative District." A person desiring admission
under this provision must present to the President a certih-
T cate from the School Commissioner of his county, or from
some other satisfactory source, setting forth " that the ap-  
plicant is a citizen of the county from which admission is 5
claimed, and that he is a teacher, or is preparingito teach."
A 26. The charter also provides " that other students, with-  
 ‘ out regard to place of residence or biirth, may also be admit-