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I   j = i;.  A L U M N U 5
' seeds ofthe .
i Sixties
i Seeds of the 60s  
  Programs plonted In the turmoil ofthe Sixties beor
PRESIDENT fruit in the Eighties ·
G, Dovid Ravencrolrt ’58
Reston, Vo.
PRESIDENT-ELECT Wh¤t's Going on in the Medical Center I 6
JS@njsbrn¤i|Tu¤ker The Albert B. Chondler Medical Center mcirks its
TEE/zgb`;Ei6 silver ctnniversory with ci review of the post
l It/Irs. Joe F. Morris ’38
l SEZEEEEY Perspectives I 9
my Bmmhejd ,48 Faculty potients ond olumni shore their viewpoints
j€Xj,,g,On on the I\/ledicol Center
{ my Bwmjjejd TAB BIueprInt of Success I `I2
. ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR The UK College of Architecture, formed in the
l B¤b C Vt/hit¤ker ’58 Sixties, enjoys on internotionol reputotion of
L_ H d D success. wo eons on o umni e w y   A hl
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- IZ OWOI €I’i’iOI'GH v
» tty rc vc:
E ,68 mvers
t ME”‘BERSH"’ Th P tt S h I I 20 M eq I. Kin Library - North
l COORDINATOR On; OT th;rT;x;i scfhcisls in the count directed mgm - 8 k
j Ada D. Refbord ’39 _ _ _ ry _ _ UQIVQISIIY of KBUIUC Y
t STAFF: toward Internotionol relotions hcis been building ct k 40506
I Brenda; Bain fine Teputotion for O cjuctrter century I-QXIVVJAOIII KEMUU Y
Julia Brothers
1 Lindo Brumtield
j It/Iorgie Corby Mr. Ambassador I 22
j Ruth E'lI<>” Thomos Niles enjoys his recent ossignment os
° A"‘el'° GB"? ombctssodor to Conodo
I Carolyn Griffith
l Ruby I·I¤rdin  
I Ennis Johnson
°   Betty W. Nelson '52 , ,
l ARU>·RE¤T·¤~ Eat1ng D1s0rdc1‘s
I Elaine Weber
U€$l9"$ A UK physicion is using reseorch to define ond
7 Therm Odell treot bulimia ond cinorexio nervosa. O
I ISN O732-6297
I Th I< L AI ·
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