- 7

       V.    The Rosenbaum Chair of Diagnostic Radiology  (PR 68)

       President Singletary indicated he had another recommendation to make
which gave him great pleasure: that the Board establish the ROSENBAUM
CHAIR OF DIAGNOSTIC RADIOLOGY, in honor of Dr. Harold D. and Doris M.
Rosenbaum, in the College of Medicine, Department of Diagnostic Radiology.

       Chancellor Bosomworth stated that completion of the funding for this
Chair reflects efforts that began in 1972. Funding sources include private
and individual contributions and contributions from the Department of
Diagnostic Radiology which dedicated funds for the Chair from the
Department's Medical Practice Plan through the Kentucky Medical Services
Foundation. Chancellor Bosomworth noted that Dr. Rosenbaum has been
Chairman of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology since 1960 and cited Dr.
Rosenbaum's professional achievements. He recognized the significant
contributions of both Dr. and Mrs. Rosenbaum to the College of Medicine,
the Albert B. Chandler Medical Center, and the Lexington community.

       Chancellor Bosomworth stated that he was pleased to endorse
President Singletary's recommendation. Mr. Clay so moved. The motion,
which was seconded by Mr. Jones, was voted on and unanimously carried. Mr.
McCowan expressed appreciation to Dr. and Mrs. Rosenbaum for their many
contributions, and they were asked to stand and be recognized, following
which they were given a round of applause. (See PR 6B at the end of the

       W.    The Johnston-Wright Chair of Surgery  (PR 6C)

       President Singletary recommended that the Board establish the
Johnston-Wright Chair of Surgery, in memory of Dr. Marius E. Johnston and
Margaret Johnston Wright, in the College of Medicine,'Department of
Surgery. Chancellor Bosomworth indicated his pleasure in endorsing
President Singletary's recommendation and explained that support for the
Chair is provided from the will of Mr. Floyd H. Wright. Governor Chandler
recounted Mr. Wright's strong and lasting support for the University of
Kentucky. The motion, made by Mr. Rose, was seconded by Mr. Hershey and
carried unanimously.  (See PR 6C at the end of the Minutes,)

       X.    Acceptance of Interim Financial Report  (FCR 1)

       Mr. Clay, Chairman of the Finance Committee, reported that the
Committee met on the morning of December 9, 1986 and reviewed the eight
agenda items to be presented for action. He then recommended and moved
that the Board accept the University of Kentucky Consolidated Financial
Report for the four months ended October 31, 1986 and the summary report of
revenues and expenditures of the University of Kentucky Research Foundation
for the three months ended September 30, 1986. The motion was seconded by
Mr. Ramsey, and it was so ordered. (See FCR 1 at the end of the Minutes.)

       Y.    Disposal of Personal Property  (FCR 2)

       On motion made by Mr. Clay, seconded by Mr. Black and carried,
approval was given for the disposal of obsolete and surplus equipment as
recommended in FCR 2. (See FCR 2 at the end of the Minutes.)