,. . . . · Y t
- xii - Nineteenth Annual Report of the i.
V t Seeds were matured under bag to prevent their being crossed. ·  
l These seeds a1·e being used this year in our breeding work. Six tg
? experiments are installed at six different places in the State— J
l three in the White Burley District and three in the Dark To- *
f baceo District. The line of work is: - ·'—
’ V.   . The test of varieties, · t
J Introduction of foreign varieties, _ t _
; Improvement of native varieties, and_ I _
i _ ._ Obtaining new varieties by hybridization. I
Q. l Division of Animal H usbanrZ1·y.~—As authorized at tl1e meet- `. V
l l ing if tl1e Board of Trustees in June, Mr. E. S. Good was elected
  Animal Hnsbandman of the Station, and began his work with us -
Q September first. The greater part of his time for two or three ,;
¤— ; years will,.be occupied in work under the Adams Act, studying
l 1 conta ion§“ abortion amontrcattle and horses. Ile will need at ` .
l . » . °° - , . .
{ A least_ two assistants to carry out the work planned for this
    Division. ·_
  { l Itmprovements.—During the year a building has been erected —· t
’ 5   .for the purpose of studyingther"house—burning" of tobacco. It T I
  -—»E , is so constructed that it has eight compartments and each com- '
I   partment has control of the amount of moisture, heat and air,
jlj,   which is effected by means of steam coils, fans and live steam. \ ‘
· ,Qi g The Board has authorized tl1e construction of l1ot—houses for _
" A. ’   the use of pot experiments and for entomological and botanical ,
_·—e .» °   { experiments. °
`1—·C=-z 1 The Board of Control has also authorized tl1e erection of a
1 "V . . ‘ _ l
jj y I piggery to be modern in every way. _ - . ·
,   pl(U'})'l€7‘8) I7?Sli?·t/Zlt€S.—··Tl1E* Station Staff has assisted in farm-
·l;4€·}l , · . . . . . »
’Z_   ers institutes verv trenerallv. This is an im iortant work of the
.:r`t».; . .‘**”   . I. . I
  ‘ Station, 2111tl brings the College and Station directly in contact
  with the farmers of the State. Professor lYG\V1]1tl]l’S hill creat-
  ing the State Board of ;\grieulturo and authorizing an institute ·
`~``’   { in each county each year, and appropriating $20,000 for the