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nd cnrcfuHy, then punt. In this you fall you still have an opportunwny you mfty not ,ct thc opponcig ity for making first down. Remember, one point ls victory, especially
outpunt you too much.
Another situation almost of ns late in thc game. Therefore, be
you must careful of calling dangerous passes
great Importance as when
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punt Is that of when not to throw ihat afford thc opponent easy opbig boy. I can move my mnn bnck a forward pass. This will have to portunity of Interception In this sitto his own goal line." They try, deal, of course, with the type of uation. Always stay to your open
but some other nlcrt defensive mnn pass Involved and thc down and formation, generally called punt
takes the piny for no gnln nnd now ynrdagc.
The quarterback must formation, bnck of your own
the quarterback has exhausted nil nevep
pnss ,n dcfcnslvc tcrri- - line. In the event you use your
thc downs but the last nnd the op- - tory It sccms ns thollRh thc flnt compnet formation ln this area you
poncnts arc positive of a punt on
,s tho grctltcst scoring play In merely let your opponent become
If nll footbnn. it cither scores for you more familiar with your close forfourth down In this situation.
the center makes a bad pass now or the opp0ncnts score by Intercept- - mation plays bcforc you nre ln
It's Just too bad for our dear quar- - ,
striking distance of their goal line.
ln Rn minols-Wlsconsmistakes now
tcrback's team-- all
I saw Mr Zuppk0 It ls generally best to use your open
turn Into Immediate gains for the
ry cnoUgh to have granted thc, formation almost entirely ln your
defense, due to possession posslblll- - llllno)s quartcrback n w nftCr one own kicking area.
ty at the point of thc preceding of such fcnts
After you pass thc center of the
AnoUlCr situation,
It Is human nature for all qimrtcrbncks, why pass on third field ncarlng thc offensive zone keep
ns much t,own wlth bl(? ynrdngc stneked In mind the fact that It ls generally
tenms to try to gnln Just
ground nnd to maintain possession nBni,lst you. The opponents know easier to score from the 40 to the
of thc ball as long ns possible. In bcforc you stnrt thnt lt must be n
line ln one play than lt is
the dnngcr zone the qunrtcrbnek pnss ,f lt ls nny plny nt nn other from thc 20 to tho goal line. The
should cnll for n punt on first or thnn a punt, you might ns well closer thc opponents' goal the more
second down. This Is the territory hnvc puntcd ln the first plncc. The' Intense their defense generally bewhere fumbles nnd other mistakes sccond down seems to be n good comes. A young quartcrback will
are disasters and. therefore, ns few passiIlg down, especially when the . often become discouraged against a
chances ns possible should be tnken yardage ls not too Brent.
Your team that shows its best defense
here. From thc dnnger zone to the thrent ls doubled ln this ense. will during thc first quarter of thc game.
middle of thc field, lt ls best never lt bc a run or n pass?
Most teams generally stand out a
tp wait until fourth down to punt.
jf you nre forccd to send your little better during the first quarter
All men who carry the bnll ln the ends down on n long pnss nnd fall, due probably to a great deal of outzone of grcntcst defensive eagerness let them have some opportunity to side inspiration ns well as physical
should be men of experience who rest bcforc you send them down tin- -, condition. Quarterbacks must realize that in the big games of two
nrc cool under any condition. Look der a punt.
out, quarterbacks, that you do not
when ncarlng the scoring zone equalhalf to that lt may take an entire
become thoroughly acass Vcr thc ;oal
T5 quainted with the opponents' defenSCCOnd dWn5
,, l
sive personnel.
All quarterback should save the
game--n- n
exception to this would be in lls c,asc to opponents on their
line. In this nrea utilize nil opponents'
ncmincf n tnnm wiMi n irrnnt nf frnsp
eak spot to strike at
and no defense. In this case you four downs, If necessary, you score, when A'ney are close enough to utilican't ze; .Its value ln scoring. We see, so
would conservatively bring Into use so have them before you;
your running attack, thus constant- afford to be wasteful here. Glib, many times, teams go on a big parly mnlntnlnlng possession of the ball our qunrtcrbnek of last year, was too ade in their own defensive end of
as much ns possible. See to It that eager for a second down Opening to the field striking desperately at the
your punter kicks high so as to give score against Northwestern, nnd lt opponents' weak spot. It becomes a
your ends plenty of time to get , cost us by a -pass Uver the goal line. great show and then by the time
Quarterback- are criticised for mis- they get near the goal they are not
down under punts.
Height in punting is Just as im- demeanors 0f this type and In some only fairly well exhausted but the
portant as distance ln this case. wa,vr should be. But Just let one opponents have an opportunity to
When nearlng the center of the H them pass over thc goal line and adjust their weakness by this time.
a team marches twenty yards
, If
" """&
field place your punts to tne pjde v11"1-"- "
lines. Give up the ball to tviem lndown on flrst down and he will us- - over one of our tackles any poor
fool coach can have ample opporJ" cheered from coast to coast for
tho wnrst. nnssihin nnsi ,
dome in crossing up tunity to correct
speaklng of keeping
in llif "marble rules. If he falls, of of course, you havethe situation, if,
any material to
the proper position be careful
d"b In chooS
patch up the gap with. In other
to get them alo-utne right hind cours?' he
opponents' end words, don't allow the opponents to
Pass to score ln the
side line 1ust,w f
get too familiar with your best
y !!
the end
tm nut- nf
ji alfly-Los- s have to be caught overopponentsline. plays until they are in a position to
on produce touchdowns for you. Many
,PrdS herilmT k
of ball aaln to
ckl?! their
line. Never pass when of us as coaches and as players have
your running game is going good. often experienced situations of this
caffi your w,n Bfal on
fndThis seems almost impossible for a type when we lose the game and do
JJwlth the and counts possession. b d tQ do such thln but lt often
a safety
ncrin.io1itf whor, ho Whn is
Jfagalnst you. For those who are un- - galng ',s the qUarterback. Refer- m.
to our own quarteruacK
is the line at which the goal posts
of fast year ag&in Elmer Gllbf after
are erected.
going nearly fifty yards by carrying
On a rainy day, kick the ball con- - the ball himself against the great
stantly. Let them handle that wet Tennessee team, called a forward
ball and perhaps a few breaks will pass and failed. Due to his own
come in your favor. Never be too modesty he felt forced to divide
anxious in this case to go on parade, honors and cut loose on the slight-L- et
the grand march go until even- - est pretense.
ing. perhaps; at least a little later
when in the middle of the field
ln the game. You might fumble, it may be well to throw a long pass
you know.
in the opponents' end zone In case
Against a high wind disregard you have a poor punter,
Second down and two yards is
normal punting rules and delay or
play slower. Make first down slowly generaly a good passing down. If


Tilke On
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Smart Hate that
Reveal the Face
a la Gretaar1o






Modern Miss America has
adopted the fashion of reveal- -





Garbo" and wo present scores
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enough gaining to score a dozen
touchdowns but lt ls at the wrong
end of the field. We have all heard
this expression, "Yes, we lost but
thc other team was sure lucky. We
made. 14 first downs to their two."
Thc only plncc that gaining counts
ls nt thc goal line, so we might ns
well adjust
this point rather than too deep out
ln thc field.
I firmly believe that ln our game
with Tennessee this past season we
would have lost had they not run
over one of our tackles with such
ease and consistency on one constant march, thus giving us ample
time to send ln n new tackle and
adjust his position differently for ,a
couple of plays nnd, therefore, stopping their march nt the five-yaline. Teams nre often too cnger to
do things enrly ln thc game and
they expose too much of their importance before it reaps reward. I
do not mean to criticise any team ln
speaking of certain experiences, and
beyond nll means, I would not criticise Tennessee, a team with n reputation nnd record thnt they maintain. At any rate we must be sure
that Tennessee's record ;,iil go on
unblemished for the.' season of 1929
providing no grout amount of injuring should strike their camp during
the cjy.palgn.
Tennessee football
Pliers should now be proud to say
that they have never lost an intercollegiate football contest during
their college careers, both freshman
and varsity. That record is not
held by any other institution at the
present date to my knowledge.
Now, to get back to our subject,
should try by nll
menns to gain fouur or five yards on
first down. If a quartcrback can
call a play that will net this amount
on first down, it will relieve him of
a great deal of strategical worry,
put him ahead, and let him take a
few more chances in securing the
remainder of yardages to net another flrst down again. Remember,
don't try to get a first down with
small yardage to go when you
should punt.
In conference with quarterbacks
during their off seasons we try as
much as possible to get them to do
all the thinking. We tell them very
little but ask them thousands of
questions. There ls so much to be
learned in covering quarterback
play that lecturing would be futile.
They will learn only by their own
thoughts of mental experience. We

only try to help out a little by constantly forcing situations to nrlsc
which they must try to correct be-f- or
they get to their games. We
gcnrally make sure they absolutely
know the numbers of thc following
1. Strongest
running play they
may use and first down.
2. Short, sure gainers for one or
two nedded yards.
3. Weak side and reverse plays for
ovcrshlftlng defenses.
4. Gamble plays, such as double
reverses, triple passes, fake punts,
5. Position plays, especially used
before punting.
6. Side line plays to get out of
bounds for better position.
7. Scoring plays near thc goal line,
plays with a punch.
8. Psychology ploys generally used first play of game or first play
after thc recovery of one of opponents' fumbles.
9. Trick plays.
JO Change In starting signals.
11. Sacrifice plays sacrificing one
or two plays for thc success of a
third in a scries or succession of
Quarterbacks often make the mistake of starting thc signals before
his other team mates nrc ready. See
to lt they have finished waving to
thc girl friend ln the stands and
are nil set for business or, otherwise, your energy ls wnsted. By all
means, never allow the members of
thc team to talk to you; if you do,
you are already on the way to the
sidelines as a leader of your battalion.

Teams should develop the spirit of
"every play for a touchdown." This
sounds ridiculous because we all
know that lt is impossible. However,
without thisr- - perfect execution of
plays would never be carried out to
the letter. Statistics show that in
the big games, evenly played, that
oftentimes only one or two plays are
successfully executed and if in the
proper place one play may mean
victory. The University of Kentucky against Washington and Lee in
1928 successfully executed only two'
successive plays from scrimmage
and this brought victory in itself.
If every member keeps on trying,
sooner or later they may all succeed
simultaneously and this spells perfect execution, which, in turn, may
mean victory.



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