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Pell's Gators hope to end
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from punter Paul Calhoun to Rob Mangus. At the end of the half, UK trailed only by 18-13. But in the second half, Peace and Anderson took over, and they helped Florida score 21 second-half points. The Cats finish their 1982 campaign next week when they travel to Tennessee to face the Volunteers in Knoxville.
*Prep standout Winston Bennett, a 6-7, 195-pound forward from Louisville Male High School, considered by most to be the best power forward in the country, signed a national letter-of-intent to play for the Kentucky Wildcats. Coach Joe. B. Hall said Bennett "is one of the finest players from a long list of great players to be developed through the high school ranks of Kentucky. He is an on-the-court, off-the-court All-American." As expected James Blackmon, a 6-3, 170-pound guard also signed a letter-of-intent to play at Kentucky, as did Paul Andrews, a 6-3, 170-pound guard who is best remembered for making a midcourt shot in the final second of the high school state tourney to win the championship for his Laurel County team last year.
*The Russian National Team will play the Wildcats in Rupp Arena next Sunday in an exhibition game. The Russians are making a tour of the U.S. playing many major college teams including Indiana and Virginia.
*Alan Duncan, who had kicked only six field goals all year entering the game, booted five against UK as the Tennessee Volunteers beat the Cats 29-14 in Knoxville. The shortest oi Duncan's field goals came from 36 yards out as the Vols ended a two-game losing streak against UK.
As has been the case all year, UK was a victim oi its own mistakes, losing four interceptions, fumbling once, and missing a sure touchdown when a wide open Bill Tolston dropped a half-back pass from Freddie Williams.
UK finished the year at 4-6-1.
*"You did a hell of a job," said Head Coach Fran Curci to his players
who were surrounding him, "you played lousy.''
But the Cats overcame mistakes to beat Vanderbilt 27-17 for their third win in a row. Kentucky fumbled the ball seven times and lost it five of those seven and according to Curci, just went through the motions the first half.
"We lacked the spark to set us off in the first half but we came back to set the tempo in the second half," said Curci.
UK scored 20 third quarter points on their way to their third SEC win of the year. Star running back Sonny Collins was held to 83 yards on 23 carries, but quarterback Mike Fanuzzi was six of 11 for 132 yards in the passing department.
TCP Wildcat Quiz
UK - SEC Record Holders
1. In which one of these records does former UK great Sonny Collins not rank in the top ten among SEC players?
a) rushing yards in a season
b) rushing yards in a game
c) rushes per game
d) yards gained in a season
2. Babe Parilli shares one SEC record with three other players. Which category is the record in?
a) touchdown passes in a game
b) most attempts in a single game
c) consecutive completions in a game
d) completion percentage in a career
3. This former Wildcat is third on the SEC all-time record book for having the highest yards per catch. Which receiver is he?
a) Felix Wilson
b) Johnny Mills
c) Al Bruno
d) Larry Seiple
4. This ex-Kentucky punter holds the SEC mark for kicking the most punts in a single game. Who is he?
a) John Tatterson
b) Ralph Kercheval
c) Bert Johnson
d) Dave Hardt
5. How many punts did that player kick in that game against Washington & Lee?
a) 20
b) 25
c) 30
d) 35
6. This field goal kicker of the past for Kentucky is second on the SEC list for most attempts in a season when he kicked 27. Which kicker is he?
a) George Blanda
b) John Pierce
c) Tom Griggs
d) Tom Kirk
7. Bobby Majors of Tennessee is the only player ahead of this former Wildcat  on   the  list  of most punt
8 -	E '01
3;Big uuaj	- P 6
e ui paujniaj spiBA jsour	- P -8
soueSjs a^ijAI	- P "
aojaij uqof	- q -9
OS	- o -g.
uosuqof uag	- 3 "fr
3[dl3g Ai-IEI	- P s
3uie e ui sassEd uMopqonoi	 * z
3uie B ui spjEA Suiqsnj	- q i
8-10 correct- Big Blue Trivia Expert	
5-7 correct- Wildcat Wiz	
3-4 correct- Average Fan	
0-2 correct- Barely Blue	
returns in a career. Which Wildcat returned 116 punts in his career?
a) Andy Molls
b) Phil Cutchin
c) Dicky Lyons
d) Mike Siganos
8. Greg Long, former defensive back for the Wildcats, made three interceptions against North Texas State in 1981, but he is second on the SEC list on a different category. Which category is it?
a) career interceptions
b) yards  gained per interception return
c) interception returns for touchdowns in a career
d) most yards returned in a single game
9. As a team, Kentucky topped the top ten on the SEC list for most rushes in a single game. Against which team did the Cats run 75 times?
a) Georgia
b) Tennessee
c) Mississippi
d) Penn State
10. Also as a team, Kentucky is sole owner of the SEC record for most touchdowns in a single game. How many did they get against North Dakota in 1950?
a) 8
b) 7
c) 6
d) 9 TUvemkn 12, 19X3
1U &*U' Pcutto,
Cats9 Pause Publisher
This season's slogan is "one more in '84
"One More In '84.
That's the slogan on bumper stickers appearing everywhere around Kentucky these days as the Wildcats aim for a post season bowl. One more victory would insure UK such an invitation.
Kentucky's 17-8 win over Vanderbilt has the Wildcats right back in the bowl scene and all that's needed is a victory over either Florida or Tennessee. That, my friend, is a pretty tall order when one considers the obstacles.
Florida is reeling from back-to-back losses to Auburn and Georgia, but should be eager to get back on the winning track. Whether or not the Gators will be able to bounce back is the big question.
Not only are the Gators licking their wounds from two sudden losses, the Florida program is still in the midst of an NCAA investigation which has attracted dark clouds for the past several months.
Two weeks ago, Gator fans were talking their usual line of their first ever SEC championship, And just as quick as you could say Auburn and Georgia, the Gators are now trying to just salvage a solid winning season. For Florida, that should be within reach as the Gators will be the favorite in remaining games with Kentucky and Florida State, both played in Gainesville.
Unless Florida takes UK for granted, the Gators should be eyeing an 8-2-1 record with a win over arch-rival Florida State on December 3 with a national television audience looking on. What Florida must fear is a letdown and not taking UK seriously.
Kentucky, on the other hand, isn't about to take anyone lightly. The Wildcats will be heavy underdogs in each of the last two games. In fact, UK was even a four-point underdog to Vandy last Saturday.
What started out to be an injury-free season has developed into a red-cross clinic the past couple weeks. The latest to head for the medical unit were Matt Lucas and Ron Bojalad.
A win over Florida is not impossible, but very improbable. The Cats have shown they can get up for a game. If, by some chance, the Gators should be discouraged and down mentally, then UK could be primed for an upset. We keep remembering what Auburn's Pat Dye said after his Tigers zipped by UK earlier in the season. He hinted then that UK would shock someone before the season is over. Well, there was the win over LSU, but that wasn't in the category of "shocks" as it now turns out LSU is headed for a total disaster.
Dye could be proven a prophet with a UK win in either of the next two games.
On hand to greet Kentucky coach
Jerry Claiborne after the Cats' 17-8 win over the Commodores was Hall of Fame Bow! selection committee chairman Hall Thompson, a Vandy alumnus who was instrumental in luring Vandy to the same bowl last year.
Hall of Fame Bowl officials have been interested in UK since the Cats' opening win over Central Michigan. There have were those who wrote UK off as early as the Auburn loss, but most kept coming back until the 13-13 tie with Cincinnati.
After that, the number dropped dramatically. The only ones mentioning UK lately have been the Hall of Fame Bowl and the Independence Bowl. There will be many, many more at Florida Field this Saturday, but most of them will be there to eye the Gators which own a 6-2-1 mark, the same as UK.
Should UK spring a major upset, there will be some scouts saying they were there all along to watch UK. The winner of this match will have many scouts following them in their season Finale while the loser will have only a couple small bowls hanging on, just in case.
It's no secret that the Hall of Fame Bowl officials would prefer going with a Southeastern Conference team as the host school. At the same time, however, the Birmingham folks certainly don't want a team with four losses.
That could present a big problem for the bowl which enjoyed the fourth largest attendance and bowl receipts last year.
One has to figure that Auburn, Georgia, Alabama and Florida are all cinched for a major bowl over the level of the Hall of Fame Bowl. That would leave Tennessee and Kentucky as the likely choices, if the Hall of Fame Bowl goes with a SEC school.
Tennessee, unless there is a major (no pun intended) disaster, will go 9-2 this year with a win over Kentucky and almost assuredly headed for a bigger bowl. Should UT lose to Kentucky (probably the only team which has an outside shot at the Vols), then UK would be at least 7-3-1 and the Cats certainly wouldn't be worrying about an invitation to Birmingham.
The way it looks today, Kentucky has a shot at some kind of a bowl unless the Cats are totally embarrassed in the final two games. A 6-4-1 record, the school's first winning season since 1977 and its legions of followers should be enough to warrant a trip somewhere unless the Cats get blown out by lopsided scores of 40-0 or so.
A 6-4-1 mark could result in an Independence Bowl bid while a 7-3-1 worksheet could be good enough for the Hall of Fame, the Citrus or the
Peach Bowl. That's all purely speculation.
While we're at it, our apologies to Jerry Claiborne for bowl talk, but Jerry, you gotta remember, it's been six long, lonesome years since UK fans have been able to talk about a winning season. And, oh yes, one more in '84.
By the time you read this, many of the nation's top basketball prep seniors will have signed a national letter of intent to attend college next fall.
As the signing date neared last week, several players made public statements about their intentions. Kentucky and Notre Dame were losers to Bobby Knight and Indiana in the Delrav Brooks Sweepstakes in the biggest news of the week.
While in Nashville last Saturday, one of the first people we bumped into was Henry Clay's standout prepster Steve Miller who was in town for his official visit with C. M. Newton and his Commodores.
Those close to Miller say he will sign with either Western, Vanderbilt or Kentucky. Syracuse was eliminated earlier.
Kentucky's signing list could increase, perhaps with Brooks' decision being a blessing in disguise. UK is still recruiting Gary Grant of Ohio and Grant might be more interested in UK since Brooks is not coming. Grant, a true point guard, is considered by many as the finest at that position in the prep ranks this season.
Also in the picture are Altonio "Shotgun" Campbell, not to mention the possibility of LeRoy Byrd returning to Lexington in January.
The real question marks (you'll probably know the answers by the time you read this) rest with Cedric Jenkins and Robert Locke of California.
Kentucky would love to have both in the fold early. Jenkins could go down to the wire in April, but those close to the UK scene believe Kentucky's chances of signing Locke are good if Locke decides to sign this week. If he should wait to April, those same people believe it will be difficult to keep those West Coast teams away from him.
In Bill Cronauer's latest scouting service report, he lists Jenkins as the nation's fifth best power forward behind Danny Manning, Cedric Henderson, Al Lorenzen and Charlie Smith. He lists another UK recruit, Craig Jackson, as the No. 7 player in his Super Seven at that position.
Locke is ranked as the Fifth best low post man on the prep circuit, behind Chris Washburn, Andrew Lang, Eddie
Collins and Steve Wright.
Ed Davender, who probably will have signed by now with UK, is ranked as the fifth best big guard in the country by Cronauer, behind Delrav Brooks, Mike Brown, Mike Abram and Troy Lewis. Roger McClendon is No. 6.
Gary Grant is ranked the nation's top point guard, followed by Kevin Walls (headed to Louisville), David Rivers. Craig McMillan and Glynn Blackwell. Altonio Campbell is list No. 12 in the country among the point guards.
Cronauer's latest recruiting ratings will be published entirely in an upcoming issue of TCP.
NOTES HERE AND THERE Governor John Y Brown was doing a little recruiting last week while speaking in Owensboro. Brown, with a smile, warned prep sensation Mark Higgs that he would be making a big mistake if he should decide to leave Kentucky for his collegiate future. Brown, no doubt, was refering to the fact that several big-name schools are trying to lure the fleet Owensboro running back away from the Big Blue. Those close to the situation say the decision may come down to Kentucky and Indiana. Mark's brother, Kenny, was a star basketball player at LSU, but Mark has never indicated any interest in LSU because of the Tigers' large stable of young running backs. Brown told the Owensboro Rotary Club that UK has a lot to offer Higgs and that the youngster has a lot to offer UK. It was this type of recruiting which brought smiles to Fran Curci's face during Curci's early years at UK. That all ended in bitterness when Brown decided that Curci was no longer the man for the UK job . . . And speaking of governors. Martha Layne Collins, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee who either was elected or defeated this past Tuesday, was spotted at a recent photographing session of the Kentucky basketball Wildcats. Mrs. Collins was one of several prominent citizens having their picture made with the Wildcats, compliments of Coach Joe B. Hall . . . And guess who is one of Mrs. Collins' biggest supporters who has spent many hours on the campaign trail? None other than the one and only Fran Curci.
TCP learned just before going to press that the date of the Kentucky-Illinois basketball game has been changed from Dec. 31 to Dec. 24.
The scheduled starting time remains 1:05. The game will be played in Champaign. It will be televised on a pay-per-view basis by Sports View. 4
*76e ?>cuc)		
+ Rick Norton		(7963-	65 30	garner)		
CLOSING IN. . . on Vanderbilt's runner is Kentucky's senior defensive guard Keith Martin. 1t*vem6vi 12, 19X3
76*, T^euoU.
"Master Blaster" makes verbal commitment
Madison on his way to UK
Kentucky basketball recruiting fanatics, the thousands and thousands of them, have heard about him for the last couple of years. Now it looks as if they will have four years of cheering him on.
In the middle of leading his Northside High School football team to the playoffs, 6-7 Richard Madison announced last week he will play basketball for the University of Kentucky.
"I made up my mind a while back," Madison said last week. "I was interested in others but Kentucky has always been number one. I like the school, I like the crowd and that big home they play in. I like the idea of playing in front of 23,000."
A fluid player who can play any number of positions, Madison is < onsidered one of the top hoop seniors in the country. He may also be the top
He was an outstanding baseball player before giving up the sport.
He is considered one of the top prep receivers in the nation and has been recruited by most of the football powers. This year, Madison has played both receiver and quarterback. As Northside hoped for a playoff bid last week with a 7-1 mark, Madison said he had seven TD passes and seven TD receptions. On the side, he had a 43-yard average as a punter.
"He is a true All-American in both sports," says Northside basketball Coach Marion Brewer.
Madison, nicknamed the 'Master Blaster' since junior high, grew up in Mobile, Alabama. He moved to Memphis during junior high days and it was not until then that he started playing basketball. It was also then that he took an interest in Kentucky.
"Kentucky was the national champion
followed them since," says Madison. "I was a Goose Givens fan. He was the man."
Madison excelled in Joe B. Hall's summer basketball camp after his sophomore year,in which he averaged 14 points and 11 rebounds as a guard-forward for Northside.
Since that time, the UK staff has kept close contacts with Madison. They often watched him play as a junior and Madison has made frequent visits to UK the past two years, including attending Hall's camp last summer. Madison admitted everytime he visited Lexington, he did not want to leave.
Along with Kentucky, Madison visited Alabama-Birmingham and Ole Miss this fall. The football recruiters were also knocking on his door. Madison decided basketball was his future and Lexington would be his future home. He wanted to commit
1983-84 University of Kentucky Basketball Schedule							
Dec.	3	(Sat. )	INDIANA		LEXINGTON	4:05	(CBS)
!>ec.	10	(Sat.)	Kansas		Lawrence	8:35	
Dec.	16	(Fri.)	UKIT (Brigham Young	vs. Virginia	LEXINGTON	7 :00	&
Dec.	17	(Sat.)	Commonwealth, UK vs.	Wyoming)		9:05	(UK TV Net.)
Dec.	20	(Tues.)	Cincinnati		Cincinnati	8:05	(ESPN)
Dec.	28	(Wed.)	Purdue		Louisville	8:05	(UK TV Net.)
Dec.	31	(Sat.)	Illinois *		Champaign	1:05	
Jan.		(Mon.)	Mississippi		Oxford	3:00	
Jan.	7	(Sat.)	LSU		Baton Rouge 1:05		(Sports Prod.)
Jan.	9	(Mon.)	ALABAMA		LEXINGTON	8:05	(ESPN)
Jan.	11	(Wed.)	MISSISSIPPI STATE		LEXINGTON	7:30	(UK TV Net.-Del.)
. I a n .	13	(Fri.)	Auburn		Auburn	8:10	(WTBS)
Jan.	17	(Tues.)	Florida		Gainesville	8:05	(USA)
Jan.	22	(Sun.)	HOUSTON		LEXINGTON	12:05 (CBS)	
Jan.	28	(Sat.)	GEORGIA		LEXINGTON	2:05	(CBS)
Feb.	4	(Sat.)	Alabama		Tuscaloosa	3:05	(NBC)
Feb.	6	(Mon.)	Mississippi State		Starkville	8:30	
Feb.	11	(Sat.)	AUBURN		LEXINGTON	2:05	(Sports Prod.)
Feb.	13	(Mon.)	FLORIDA		LEXINGTON	7:30	(UK TV Net.-Del.)
Feb.	19	(Sun.)	Vanderbilt		Nashville	4:05	(Sports Prod.)
Feb.	25	(Sat.)	Georgia		Athens	4:05	(NBC)
Feb.	27	(Mon.)	Tennessee		Knoxville	8:05	(ESPN)
Mar.	1	(Thurs.)	MISSISSIPPI		LEXINGTON	7:30	(UK TV Net.-Del.)
Mar'.	3	(Sat.)	LSU		LEXINGTON	1:05	(NBC)
Mar.	7-	-10	SEC Tournament		Nashville	TBA	
* Game has been moved to Dec. 24					All	times	Eastern and p.m.
Richard Madison
and get the hassles of recruiting over with.
"I wanted to sign early because so many recruiters were talking to me in football also. I was considering football but I like basketball more," he says.
Brewer says the announcement came as no surprise to him. "I was not surprised at all. I was somewhat sure he had decided on Kentucky all along. He made the other visits and then saw no need to keep visiting. He knew where he wanted to go and he wanted to get on with his senior year.
"Kentucky was the first school to ever send him a letter back in the ninth grade. He always admired Kentucky when he was a youngster. The Kentucky staff was very nice and hospitable and showed more interest early than the other coaches. All of that had a bearing on Richard."
There was rumors in the past few weeks that hometown Memphis State was making a late pitch to keep the blue-chipper at home. Apparently, a late pitch is all it was.
"Memphis State did not become interested until late," says Brewer. "I guess they feel that whenever they tell a kid from here to come to Memphis State, then he will. That seems to be their attitude and they have lost a few-good ones because of it."
What makes Madison such an attractive prospect is his versatility. He played forward as a junior, averaging 19 points and 11 rebounds. He has an excellent outside and his combination of grace and shot power is rare.
"He is a great athlete with a great body," says a recruiter at one SEC school. "He has an unusual combination of finesse and power. He is a good ballhandler with good passing ability. He can score at will inside or out.
"He is a swing player who potentially could play three positions. He does a lot of things, is a very good shooter and a team player."
Brewer, who has won over 350 games and made nine trips to the state tournament, says Madison's stats are deceiving.
"We have a lot of good players here and if Richard had not been at Northside, he probably would have averaged 25-30 points. This coming year, he could average 35-40 points somewhere else. We expect him to average 25-30 points this year."
Brewer has coached some outstanding players over the years but says "Richard is certainly one of the best of all times here. He should be one of the best in the country.
"And once he puts his attention in sport, he could be a superstar."
Madison, who averaged double figures while being one of few players who had not finished high school who continued on page 22 6
lite Paute
%uwh6vi 12, ?9Z3
Wayne Peace, 6-2, 215, senior quarterback, Lakeland, FI...Leading returning passer in nation, in passing efficiency, after setting NCAA record as junior by hitting 70.73 percent of passes. . .Nearing the 7000 yard mark in career passing yardage, second of all time in the SEC behind Florida standout John Reaves. . .Peace could rewrite all the league records with a strong finish... One of the top pro quarterback prospects in the nation.
Dwayne Dixon, 6-1,207,senior wide receiver, Alachua, Fl...Has long been the favorite target for QB Wayne Peace. . .Excellent hands, good blocker and has knack for coming up the big play. . Missed two games with knee injury but still has 32 catches in the first six games. . Has over 100 career receptions and is approaching Chris Collinsworth to become fourth all-time Florida receiver. .. Was '82 MVP in Gator Bowl with eight catches, three for TD's.
Wilber Marshall, 6-1, 230, senior linebacker, Titusville, Fl. . Preseason All-America who made several A11--America teams a year ago... Top candidate for Lombardi College Lineman of the Year Award... Slowed earlier in year with broken right hand. .Has over 300 career tackles and 20 sacks ...Led team in tackles last two seasons, with 17 behind the line of scrimmage in '82... Most definitely one of the best in the nation.
Florida Preview
Cats don't want to end Gators' losing streak in the SEC
Neal Anderson, 5-11, 197, sophomore   tailback,   Graceville, Fl...At
times in '83, he has led the SEC in rushing. .. Going into last Saturday's game with Georgia, he was third in the league with 661 yards on 123 carries, a 5.4 per carry average. . Also had seven touchdowns running. . Already has over 1000 career rushing yards and has been over 100 yards in one game at least five times... Career really got started in first start last year against UK, when he ran for Florida freshmen record of 197 yards on