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NEWS 1987““ L5@
Free at Selected Buninas Locations
Home Delivery at $5 per year '

AVOL OFF TO A GREAT START involve as many people as possible to raise

local awareness of AIDS. To get involved

Announced in October to coincide with simply come to the next meeting, 5:30 pm,
national AIDS Awareness Month, the AIDS Sunday, Jan 10th at Comp Care. If you have
Volunteers of Lexington are off to a strong AIDS, ARC, or are HIV positive and need help
start under the leadership of Chuck Conn. or support, please call Edwin Hackney at
The volunteers have been manning an 233-0141“? during normal business hours.
information table on Saturday nights at The
Bar for the past two and a half months. This GLSO LEAVES FIRST SECURITY
high visibility serves as a weekly reminder to
the gay and lesbian community that AIDS is At the monthly meeting of the Board
real, and responsibility is the only way to held on November 30th, the Board of Directors
avoid infection. AVOL also hopes to set up unanimously voted to close GLSO's accounts
the information table at future 'GLSO and with First Security National Bank, Lexington.
Court events. The Board also agreed to notify the bank's

The group held fund raising events management of the reason for the account
during both November and December and the closing.

Newsletter hopes to publicize future events. This action was taken to display support
Proceeds from the fund raisers have been used for Tom Kahn, an employee of First Security
to order new brochures which deal with the for six and a half years who was forced to
disease, safer sex practices and related resign because of anti-gay prejudice within the
issues. These new brochures, including one bank. CLSO had maintained its checking
specifically for lesbians, should be available at account with First Security for at least eight
the information table later in January. years.

Condoms have also been ordered and will be

available free of charge at the information NAMES PROJECT QUILT TO TOUR COUNTRY
table, at least during the introductory months.

At the end of November AVOL sent If you attended the March on Washington
Chuck Conn to a conference in San Francisco you probably saw the huge quilt organized by
sponsored by The San Francisco AIDS The Names Project. Each piece was made by
Foundation. As a result AVOL expects to the family and friends of an AIDS victim and
affiliate with the STOP AIDS Project, a highly included the person's name and personal
successful program begun by the Foundation mementos. The quilt made a deep impression
in the city of San Francisco but now having on those who worked on it and on all the
an international scope. Representatives from March attendees.
the STOP AIDS Project are tentatively The quilt makes an important statement
expected during February to train volunteers about the impact AIDS is having on all
to conduct rap sessions on fact versus fiction, Americans. As a result it will be touring the
the psychological impact of AIDS, and safer country during 1988. The quilt is not
sex practices. New recruits for the local scheduled for Lexington but will be displayed
"Buddy System" have also begun training in Cincinnati on June 3rd. If you want to
sessions. renew the feelings you experienced in

Current volunteers have been invited to Washington, or, if you haven't seen this
a ”get to know each other better" party at a expression of community, plan to visit Cincy
member's home on Jan 3rd, but AVOL needs to at the beginning of June.

Labrys Records has released a new
. album by Labrys entitled M-
D Egizeogeré néiSaOfrtggwlsntgguiitfommation Including the title song, the album contains I
on GLSO -—-—— or nine Labrys originals that address the
' concerns of women, gays and people of color.
I'd like to beco e a v . Labrys continues to express themselves With
IEI GLSO entitling :e to E’fié’éghgfii‘bfiufiry “"95 am”? I°Ve' . Strength Pride and
of the GLSO News and discounts at freedom. Sisterloveis an excellent display of
GLSO fficfioTMy annual Member— their de’pth, versatility, and talent._
ship fee of $10 is enclosed. Since the release of their first album,
Turn Around, Labrys has performed in
I donlt wish to become a voting Member various communities and at women‘s music
S. but please send me the GLSO News festivals. . Labrys Records has been laying the
each month. The “WWW $5 groundwork for recording other women who
is enclosed. perform women-identified music.
Sisterlove was created through the
efforts of several women. Labrys is Elena l
ame: Jordan and Patricia Lyons, with Elena doing I
the vocals, guitar, trumpet and programming,
and Patricia on bass. Four other women
ddress: helped with the production, and Maxine
Machke, a Macintosh computer, assisted in
. synthesizer control. The album is available in
CltY. St, Zip: women's and alternative bookstores throughout
. the U.S., and by mail order from Labrys
I 8-11 ‘03 Newsletter, P-O- BOX 11471 Records, Box 1714, Tolland, CT 060814. . A
Lexmg'ton, KY 40575 ,c.‘\
GLSO News is published monthly by the )w‘ ”
Lexington Gay Services Organization, Inc. ,9 3 CD "3 one}:
(d.b.a. Lexington Gay/Lesbian Services f}, v A. 5%???
Organization), Box 111171, Lexington, KY l10575 , ' fisgfg::
Steve Savage, Editor a '_ g. 5;?
Craig Clere, Asst Editor, Events Calendar -./E_§:E§-
Edwin Hackney, Asst Editor, AIDS Information . I, ; Vii—2:};
Laura Joans, Asst Editor for the "‘A“dII.“s"’f 3 ' 1. wi‘,
Esmerelda Collective (Women's News) °°“§,sfs't,‘fi:,‘,','_ (I ”'3': \f‘fl ;
Aunt Mary, Advice Columnist 7’ w'
Additional Contributors: Dave, Christine ‘1‘“.2
Maier, Teresa , Debbie, Kathy Rorrer; AVOL, \ v5 }
ICBE, The Advocate, NGLTF, WSJ, Frontiers: \ i‘
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Karen; Typesetting: Matt; Layout: Dave, { . ,I.
Keith, Gerry, Mailing: Bill, Dave; Courier:
Barry; Folding 8 Stuffing: Mark, Steve, Jim, GREAT MOMENTS HOSTS ICBE SHOWS
John, Gerry, Dave, Jonathan.
Beginning in December, the Sunday
Views or opinions expressed in GLSO News are shows of the Imperial Court of the Bluegrass
those of the authors and do not necessarily Empire moved to Great Moments at 137 West
represent those of the GLSO Board of Vine Street. The move has been an
Directors. Submissions are welcome. All unqualified success. Great Moments provides
submissions become the property of GLSO and an excellent atmosphere for the shows as well
must indicate the full name and address of the as a convenient downtown location. Crowds
author. Anonymous submissions are not have been large with around 130 people
accepted. The editorial staff reserves the attending each show. The shows get
right to alter submissions (including ads) to underway at 9 pm and this month are on the
meet publishing requirements. 10th and the 214th of January. See you there!

Since the House Judiciary Committee's support. Action on the Bill is expected in the

, October 20th vote to favorably report the Hate upcoming Congressional session.

, Crimes Statistics Bill to the House floor, the On the state level, California approved

; I National Gay 8 Lesbian Task Force has legislation that raises penalties for crimes

3 secured co-sponsorship from 71 members of the motivated by prejudice, including homophobia.

_ House of Representatives. The Bill (H.R. This legislation makes these crimes felonies

1 3193) would mandate the collection of statistics punishable by up to three years in prison.

j on crimes that manifest prejudice on the basis Connecticut became the first state to enact a

f of race, religion, sexual orientation and law which requires gay-related hate crimes to
ethnicity. The Bill represents the first time a be recorded by the police, though the

, piece of Congressional legislation containing a legislation itself does not mention sexual

, "sexual orientation" clause has advanced this orientation. The legislation requires police to

; far. "monitor, record, and classify all bias crimes."

3 H.R. 3193 was introduced by Michigan Police in Connecticut have agreed to include

) Rep. John Conyers (D). Despite the many sexual orientation when collecting statistics.
co-sponsors, none of the Kentucky members of Attempts to pass bias crimes laws have been

3 the House of Representatives have lent defeated in IL, MN, OR, and WA.

3 j m--. . . V, V,



I Burroughs-Wellcome Co. announced a 20% Congratulations to the womyn's theatre

3 cut in the wholesale price of AZT on December group "Between the Acts" for their great

' lthh. Sold under the brand name Retrovir, performance of Sarah Dreher's 8 x 10 Glossy.

' AZT is one of the most commonly prescribed The group played to full houses Nov. 20 and

E and controversial drugs used for AIDS 21 at the Unitarian Church. Thanks to

’ patients in the U.S. performers Carol Filson, Barbara Scherrer,

‘ Approved by the FDA in March, AZT Nancy Haney, Phyllis Giberson, and Sharon
was priced at about $7,000 per year wholesale Ruble, the play was not only a technical
or about $10,000 per year retail, depending success, but also provided much food for
upon pharmacy markup and dosage prescribed thought. How many of us recognized a bit of
for a particular patient. The new wholesale ourselves in one or more of the wonderful
price is about $5,500 per year. characters in this play?

Burroughs-Wellcome has been criticized After the last performance, some of the
on humanitarian grounds by AIDS advocates audience showed their appreciation by staying
and gay groups for its pricing policy since the to help tear down the set. It was almost a
drug was introduced. With 19,000 people shame to tear down such a great set -
currently receiving the drug and no especially that apricot tree! A good time was
alternative expected soon, industry experts definitely had by all. Hopefully there will be
believe the company may have recovered its more great performances by "Between the
investment already. Acts". We'll be looking forward to them!


. Twelve lesbians and gay men were their own expense, the court Commissioner
granted dismissal of all charges resulting from said, "I cannot ask them to return two or
their civil disobedience at the US Supreme three more times just because the District of

Y Court on October 13 during the March on Columbia cannot manage its own security

5 Washington. The group appeared in a D.C. forces and guarantee the appearance of the

t Superior Court on December 2nd. Each had state's own witness." Of the twelve, seven

1 entered a plea of not guilty at the October traveled to Washington from the New York -

s arraignment to charges of unlawful entry and New England area, but one man made the trip

ll demonstrating on Supreme Court grounds. from Georgia and one woman rode a bus from

S Charges against each were dismissed San Francisco. The cases of four other

e after the prosecution's witness, a police participants in the Supreme Court disobedience

t officer, did not appear for the trials. Noting were scheduled for later in December and in

e the activists had traveled great distances at January.

. _—

‘ 3

”- To the Editor:
A friend of mine sent me a November
issue of the GLSO Newsletter and | read about
Dear Aunt Mary: My male boss is Tom Kahn being fired. It made me very sad
harassing me no end for being a lesbian. He to hear of such treatment. I have just
insist that if I ever slept with him, or any finished a letter to that bank telling them what
other man, I would never go back to women. I thought of the way it was handled. Mostly I
I like my job, and actually like my boss, all in did my best to shame them, and at no time
all. | just need something to put him in his were my words evil. l do not know if they
place on this one issue. will reply, but I doubt it.
Semi-Steamed, Lexington It is an ignorant World and l am doing
what I consider to be my part of the battle to
Dear Semi: Tell him you think that if make changes. I am doing my best to do it
he ever slept with another man, he would with love, but there are times when I feel that
never go back to women. Suggest you put a 2 x 11 added with love is the only way.
him in touch with a very good friend of yours Name Withheld
who just happens to be a gay man who enjoys
sleeping with "straight“ men. When (if!) he
tells you how gross he finds your suggestion, WOMEN MAKE MOVIES
explain to him that his proposal is equally ,
unappealling to you. Let me know how it Women Make Movies, Inc. is pleased to
goes. announce the publication of its 1987—88 15th
Aunt Mary Anniversary catalog. With more than 100
titles, the catalog highlights the work of
If you would like to write to Aunt Mary, Women Make Movies as distributor of the
send your letters to: Aunt Mary, c/o GLSO, largest collection of films and videos by and
PO Box 111171, Lexington, Kentucky H0575. about women in the U.S.
For a personal reply, include a stamped, self The titles of Women Make Movies
addressed envelope. All names are strictly represent the wide diversity of issues, styles
confidential. and ideas that women have brought to the
screen. With the acquisition of 20 new
releases in 1987 alone, WMM distributes works
SUBMISSIONS SOUGHT concerning young adults, women writers and
artists, women and labor, women's history,
Frontiers, a journal of women's studies, health, cinema studies, international
is accepting contributions (fiction, narratives, perspectives, and a series of films by Latinas.
poetry, photographic essays, etc.) for a The catalogue is available upon request from
special issue entitled Women and Worth. Women Make Movies, 225 Lafayette Street,
Subjects include: Suite 211, New York, NY 10012.
women and economic theory
women, worth and power 3 m
current social and legal issues \1\\\\\\
women and unpaid labor “M ..
women and wealth Iii/III“ 3'
institutional devaluations of women Ni \\ C
worth beyond wage work \\\ f \
xiii \ s\<
Deadline for submissions is March 15, \\\\\ "_ §\ g:
1988. For more information, write: Editors, '@ — -‘3‘ g C“ V
Frontiers, Women's Studies Program CB 325, _ y a ‘— a ”a
University of Colorado, Boulder CO _‘ T"*" ‘ ' €69
80309-0325. . «5%,, - .4—
" ‘Lover’ may be too man); 4: mm. Lzr‘: in." say we live under III: mm: rock."

_.__/ ‘ :
-- , ‘5 i «m
: I I gig/8:): ' g\ 2:}
: y #5 L
I They’re straight, fi‘ ,7 : ' ;;:T/
3 but they’re very EV a In ff iy/
v mce people. " Q‘ ‘Ej V iv ° W“ \,_ “
t ‘ \I I I‘ , lg; 4/ 4‘
, \3 7, \ \'\\.,Q ‘\““—r,_?'"."§ WC
. H ,4 §YA \ i "‘Ma'gw‘gf. '\ .5
; Ex W424 % ; .3 L,
- .\ ». \\\:::;‘ , 2} '5 "my,
I ~ . - 33‘“ 3%. gym
”Whv can't we wnle In a gay character?”
1,, -- - . . W” ,
, . / j. /—\ (44$
: (3% 7/73 my
'\ t ’
3 '« {£4 Mm ”4
. (§\ , { 4 .’ 4% 2' a“? 413 g
i 3 w Jim}? WW kg; .62”; 537.15 9;; g S v_
x - ' (fia'i'fi A W , 4 gt.” 41 4;
. 1'3 ,3 :: Us 6 jfif H";
’ ~55; __ ‘._ .r - (— fg . [a
i J '- «3m-
a cm: W _
i ( I \ ~01 /, ,
. boost/m
i 44:12. .
‘1 ":32: .gtfépzuflimlmlx' only “I. And \fhal’s even udder is. . .lhey’re holh named "Mary."
V #:2’W /
' w}
k 7 ‘_,
, K \
{f 5:23-37 m ‘/m 3‘ (n:
g g5 , ‘ 7 ‘ R
(" \3= 4 '45" V’L @75qu [77
\1 a?» jvfg‘bza émy ;. ./
' 1);; / 4;" /
. 5%) 5 ‘4? "‘ ’4‘" x. .1'
l “W211, a: The'New York Time: wauld ya! it, we'rz sharing III: .mme apartment."

myself and everyone - everything around me -
P l have God."
J' ’ C. - "Varies, in general most are
/3 smerelda 5 par] against (Priest, etc.), yet it is becoming more
“ O‘r accepter‘jd."
5“ .J. - "It has been my experience that
Q“ the 'Reform Temple' is not necessarily anti-Gay
3;” > from a religious standpoint but is anti-Cay
.t‘!‘ from a survival standpoint. There is an
everlasting underlying pressure to blindly
—————_—— unite and support the culture and fight the
Greetings! oppression/prejudice as a single unit. It is
Last month Esmerelda's Parlour was from this need and 'history' of religious
devoted almost entirely to the subject of oppression that 'The Temple' can not allow
Womyn's Spirituality. Please feel welcome to homosexuality to be an acceptable lifestyle.
write with questions or comments about the We are pressured to believe that in order for
column. This month we continue the subject us to survive as a culture/religion, we must
of spirituality/religion with excerpts from procreate and continue the accepted family
interviews with lesbians who practice more structure.“
traditional religions.
Next month, depending on the response, 3. How has your denomination's attitude
we may continue with this subject by printing affected you personally?
your opinions, or we may move on. If we do
move on, one suggested topic is lesbian O.D. - "I love even those who have
separatism and its effect on the cohesiveness already judged me and have sent me to hell.‘I
of the "gay community." While I personally C. - "It does bother (me) at times, but
live my life in an almost all-women atmosphere I don't let it get in the way of my beliefs."
and socialize primarily with lesbians, I don't R.J. - "Being Jewish separates you from
consider myself a separatist. Anyone who the rest of the world and being gay separates
would like to write or contribute to this you from the rest of the Jewish world."
column, please call me. Our deadline for copy
is the tenth. it. How do you balance your denomination's
This month's poetry arrived in attitude towards gays and being gay?
Esmerelda's first mail! Keep it coming.
Don't forget about the Lesbian Potlucks O.D. - "I don't attend 'church'
- bring a friend! Finally, I would like to regularly and when I do go - it's for my
extend a warm welcome to my friend's newborn mother. I find God outside the church -
son to our community! Happy 1988! Laura everywhere.
C. - "I feel that the God Catholics
INTERVIEWS believe in is a loving, caring thing and sees
only the love and does accept gays."
1. What religious denomination do you
belong to? 5. What experiences have you had . . .
O.D. - "Pentecostal through age 13, O.D. - "The only bad experience is
open denomination since then" getting stared at or avoided while attending
C. - "Catholic" 'church' with my family. No real harm. Good
R.J. - "Reform Judaism" experience is they always want me around
when softball leagues begin. Funny, but
2. Tell me how you believe your true."
denomination feels about ”homosexuality." C. - "i really haven't had any. It may
be because I have not been active in my
O.D. - "Most of the people in my church say church for about Ll years. I go about once a
that I will burn in hell, but there are month."
exceptions. There are a few who believe as l R.J. - "l have been lucky in that I
do - that God is love and to have love for have been exposed to Jewish Gay/Lesbian

 I M
' organizations and found a network of Jewish UNTITLED
Lesbians all fighting similar inner struggles by Kathy Rorrer
with this conflict. Where I have lived prior to
3 moving to Lexington, the Jewish culture was
e integrated into mainstream greatly reducing Affirmation, how that word fills my brain.
the impressions of isolation due to a lack of Women loving women.
t understanding." The sight of you loving each other thrills me.
>’ 6. What would be your advice to someone No fear in the place, this sanctuary.
>’ just coming out who wished to remain active Arms encircling waists.
‘ with their denomination?
Y You restore me.
e 0.0. - "First to decide what God is to A sense of rightness fills my heart.
5 you and then where you believe you can find Hands clasped together with love.
5 him. You don't have to give up God to be Friends, lovers, women.
M gay." A coming together to bask in the music of one
- C. - "Co talk to a priest and learn to of our own.
r understand more about being gay."
t R.J. - "An excellent book to read would As I look around, drinking in
Y be Nice Jewish Girls, A Lesbian Anthology, the sight and sound of you,
published by Evelyn Torhon Beck [Persiphone i realize that this is a celebration of joy.
Press). Many major cities have Jewish A rare sense of rightness
e Gay/Lesbian organizations but my experiences in a too often alien world.
has been that if that is not the case in a
specific city, the local Unitarian Church can
e provide religious guidance, without pressure
to deny your Jewish heritage. A5 with any #
lt group of people, it would be up to the .
individual's discretion at to whether they feel ' .i 2
11 they could be active in the established Temple c," _ Z
s as an openly gay person." "$2“ "_ -
‘ B ismi‘
\A .
W . 7 :3 j
by Christine M. Maier \ v ‘. .
1' ‘5
Y Each night she comes .
‘ another form of beauty . » '
a new description for strength. \ . .
,5 Each night someone new ,g‘ . .
:5 packages unopened ' é\ l. .
wrapped in velvet skln. L j {EFT-\‘LQXN
I can touch her, and her, ‘5
and her skin thaws my fingertips
is and her fingers trace a blaze 7 """'"-"V“"°""d'”°“"9""
9 Upon my Skin w
d and her eyes sear my flesh.
d I sense the clean core of me
It she could expose.
‘y Then she is gone. I 5
a Each night someone new.
I Each night the slow burning.
- M

Our January program will be a review of
the March on Washington. We'll look at tapes
taken of the March, the Nightline program
- - following the March, and a discussion of its
effects on you, the gay community, and the
U.S. It should be fun and interesting. If
you'd like to bring your pictures from the
March, or a snack to share, feel free. See
P. .Box 19840 Lexington, KY 40593 JANUARY DIGNITY CALENDAR
7‘69 8417 Tuesday 12th 7:30 Liturgy at Don's
Thursday let 7:30 Rap Session at Keith's
Thursday 28th 7:30 Program Meeting at
It's January. Christmas is over. 1988 Keith's: Video, Reflections
lies ahead. This means misdating my of A March on Washington.
checkbook until March, snow for the same
length of time, most of my days spent indoors. JANUARY COFFEEHOUSE
It's also a time of Reflections and
Resolutions. Last year, I actually made three While we are already looking ahead to
resolutions. I still remember them. Two were the New Year and all the possibilities it
no Coke (diet only), and no alcohol. I was offers, we, the GLSO Coffeehouse 8 Dance
reasonably effective at keeping those (2 Committee, would like to take a moment to look
Cakes, 1 glass of champagne, 20 pounds back upon our first six Coffeehouses and
lighter). thank you all for helping to make them a big
The third was to accept change. There success! Whether it was behind the scenes,
was a lot in my life in 1987. I moved. in the limelight sharing your talent, or
Friends moved away. I dated one person for through your attendance and word of mouth
six months (and still going). I live with a promotion, your support was most appreciated.
friend as opposed to alone. l balanced my Each Coffeehouse has been profitable, and the
checkbook and paid off VISA. I didn't get to series has turned into a tremendous fundraiser
play as much tennis as I'd like. Some good for CLSP. In the future we plan to continue
and bad things. a var ety of themes and types of
Life is constantly changing. I never entertainment, and Welcome any suggestions or
feel I deal with change as well as I could. I comments you might have. We are always
feel like I did only fair on changes. I like looking for fresh ideas. At the January
some constants in my life and I realize I have Coffeehouse, a questionnaire will be available
relied on those too much. Therefore, I will regarding the Coffeehouses. We hope you will
keep that as a continuing resolution. There help us by filling one out. Thanks!
will be others. I want to write daily. I love
to do it, but l don't allow myself the time. I For January we will be doing something
will this year. I will work at taking criticism a little different. For those of you who have
more effectively. I always take criticism too been wanting to just DANCE, DANCE, DANCE,
hard. here's your chance. The doors will open at 9
Well, those are my resolutions. What pm, and we will have four continuous hours of
are yours? l hope one is coming to Dignity. great dance music. There will also be plenty
Our next Rap Session's topic is Change. of room to just sit and visit and catch up with
Come and talk about change in your life and all of your friends after the holidays. No live
how you feel about it. entertainment is planned because we will be
Have a good 1988. I hope to see you at too busy recuperating from the holidays. The
Dignity soon. cost will be $3 and it is BYOB. Looking
ahead, we hope to have something special in
In Peace, February for Valentine's Day. And after that,
Keith who knows? .

 m WW recs. 7. 64/21

3: A; 7 M402” J/wié

5233— 000 /

. é) / M (@234 / z/aég.
QZ? W 326425.

3” 4M 0% o

W 4% dfi/AW'

ii Qfl 76w

M WM {a %M

: %/M M gm 026/ /997

ii 94%

.9 W 3/ /%’8

By unanimous vote of the King County On Nov. 20, the District of Columbia
Council, Cal Anderson was recently appointed Court of Appeals ruled that the District of
to fill a vacancy in the Washington State Columbia Human Rights Act requires
Legislature. Anderson is the first openly gay Georgetown University to provide tangible
man to hold office in that body of government. benefits to lesbian and gay groups as it does
to other student organizations.
MATTAWAN, MI Judge Mack wrote the majority opinion,
"This country has a long and unfortunate
With a vote of 62-61, members of the history of discrimination based on sexual
First Congregational Church (United Church of orientation The compelling interests
Christ) declined to renew Rev. Cyril that any state has in eradicating discrimination
Colonius‘s contract because he is gay. The against homosexuals or bisexuals include the
UCC is one of a very few religious fostering of individual dignity, the creation of
denominations that ordains openly gay a climate and environment in which each
ministers. Decisions about ministerial individual can utilize his or her potential to
appointments are left to individual contribute to society. and the equal protection
congregations. of the life, liberty and property that the
Founding Fathers guaranteed to us 91”.”
After 5 years of court battles, custody
of 16 year old Brian Batey has been granted Black and Gay American essayist,
to his late father's gay lover. Judge Judith novelist and playwright James Baldwin died at
McConnell based her decision on the "stable age 63 of stomach cancer. Baldwin's early
and wholesome environment” the gay man could fame was achieved by his ground~breaking
provide, which the boy's fundamentalist essays written in the 19505 and 19605 about
Christian mother could not. racism in America. His 1985 essay Ihg
Evidence of Things Not Seen discussed the
CHICAGO, IL infamous Atlanta murders of Black children.
Among his novels, Another Country chronicles
Senator Paul Simon (D) signed on as the experiences of young British gays, and
cosponsor of the federal gay rights bill. Giovanni's Room details experiences of Black
Simon is presently campaigning for the 1988 Gay American men.
Democratic presidential nomination. Both the Lexington Herald-Leader and
the Courier-Journal carried articles announcing
Recently deceased Mayor Harold Baldwin‘s death and discussing his works and
Washington's Committee on Gay and Lesbian life, including his homosexuality.
Issues held a zit-hour read-a-thon at the Daley
Civic Center. The project, called Naming ENGLAND
Ourselves, raised $2,000 for gay charities.
The policy-making General Synod of the
CHAPEL HILL, NC Church of England has rejected a resolution
which would have declared homosexuality
A local cable TV soap opera, called "sinful in all circumstances" and removed all
General College, includes a gay male couple. gay clergy from their ministries. Archbishop
In a recent episode, the two men separated, of Canterbury Robert Runcie, leader of the
and one of them is currently dating two Church 10f England and spiritual leader of the
women, though the other man wants to resume world's 70 million Anglicans [including the
their gay relationship. The couple are US's Episcopal Church), stated ”In the face of
non-stereotypical, and the director has said he much cruel prejudice, I want to insist that to
will not introduce AIDS into the story line be homosexual by nature is to be a full human
since he believes that would incorrectly AIDS being. We need to listen to what such
is a gay disease. homosexuals say about their situation."

 M 4 .
GLSO Gayline. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 231—0335
W ’I GLSO Board. ' ' ' ’ ‘ .call Jim, 299—0352
. CLSO Newsletter............
a January 15-17, 1988. 3rd Annual Arizona > ....call Steve/Craig, 265'8887
.f Gay Rodeo. Phoenix, AZ. GLSO Gay Parenting Grouv
5 February 12-11%, 1988. Couples National and
e Network 3rd Anniversary Celebration. GLSO Speaker's Bureau. - ' '-
5 Atlanta, GA. ..........cal| Barry, 268-3935
February 12-114, 1988. 2nd Annual Gasparilla GLSO Coffeehouse 8
, Sports Festival. Tampa, FL. Dance................
.e February 12-1'4, 1988. National Conference for ......call Esmerelda, 231'7985
al Black Lesbians and Gays. GLSO Cards 3 Games. - - - - --
. Los Angeles, CA. ..........cal| Karen, 259-3292
n February 14-17, 1988. Unitarian Universalists Lesbian POtIUCk- - - - - ' - - - - ~
IE for Lesbian and Gay Concerns (UULGCI ......ca|l Esmerelda, 231'7935
)f Convocation. Portland, ME. Gay/Lesbian AA- - ~ - ' . - - 5 - --
h June, 1988. 9th Annual World Conference of _- - - - . - - - ~ .call Craig, 255'8887
.0 Gay and Lesbians Parents Coalition Imperial Court Of th‘?
n International. Columbus, OH. BluegI‘aSS Empire. - ~ ' -
ie June 3, 1988. Names Project Quilt on display. ...........call Mark, 256—1779
Cincinnati, OH. ............or Jerry, 272-7381
July 21-2u, 1988. 6th Bi-Ennial International Dignity/Lexington.....:....
Assembly of Lutheran Concerned/North .1........ca|l Ke'th' 269-81117
America. Toronto, Canada. Liturgy. . . .call Don, 299-141158
L, _—-_____—_ (Lexington's chapter of the national
, _ ° Catholic gay and lesbian support
a; i, 7( :3", \M / Q organization. See the Dignity
‘g a (1; fl page included in this newsletter.)
1t 5 \ M\\\ W nterweave. .. . .ca l ICraig, 286-8887
, ' ‘ (A group wuthln Lexmgton's Unitarlan
E MA . (EC): Universalist Church composed of gay
L a M men, lesbians and non-gay friends.)
as o , \ M ACT/Lexington............. 281-5151
Id // ‘ (AIDS support and education)
2k AVOL......................
for support call Edwin, 233—0LILIU
Id m "Idrenmtlordzredaluc-Pac/t,butiruleadxhzyxemmeaVegemmic." for info call Chuck, 233'0'492
lg _-_——-‘-_——-—— (AIDS support and education)
‘d CLASSIFIEDS HIV Positive Support Group
..........call Edwin, 233-014LILI
fl LeXIngton_Fayette County
Roommate Wanted: Gay male seeks Health Department
roommate to share two bedroom AIDS lnformatlon..... '252-2371
1e apartment close 10 UK and "H .II. (For anonymous AIDS counseling and
)n downtown. Must have own bedroom ' mm”: :3; testing, call Greg Lee at the above
Ly furniture; sofa or color TV a plus. I lll'mll 335;; number.) . _ .
3“ 23347140. Ask for Rex. "' ‘ Lomswlle CI‘ISIS Hotllne...
)p (502) 637—u3u2
1e Owensboro Gay Alliance...
we we” adjusted, outgoing, 35 y/O . ............. . (502) 685‘52Ll6
1e Bi/W/M wants to meet others (21 to National .Gay and Lesbian Task Force
of 110) who enjoy hiking, camping, afiz Crisus Line and AIDS Crisis
to travel and special times. I'm 6'2", P'Tfigg . L'F‘S- - - - - ' - -- I805” 221-701111
an 180 lbs, and enjoy life. Marrieds 2* “