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1176 Minutes of the University Faculty, NOVember 14, 1955

The UniVersity Faculty met in the Assembly Room of Lafferty Hall at
4:00 p.m., Monday, November 14, 1955. In the absence of President Donovan
and Vice President Chamberlain, Dean Stahr presided. Members absent were
Gifford Blyton’, Aubrey J. Brown‘, L. M. Chamberlain’, W. P. Garrigus‘,
Sarah 8. Holmes, U. N. Insko, A. D. Kirwan, 3. B. Penrod, Frank E. Peterson,
Neil Plummer, Morris Scherago‘, Dwight M. Seath, Herman E. Spivey’, Dewey
G. Steele‘, D. V. Terrell‘, C. A. Walton, Gilbert T. Webster, Frank J.
Welch', M. M. White‘ and Don Whitehouse.

The minutes of October 10 were read and apyroved.

In the absence of Dean White Dr. William F. Wagner Presented recoma
mendations from the College of Arts and Sciences covering new courses and
course changes. These recommendations Were approved by the UniVersity

I. New Courses

Anc. Lang. ll9a,b HEBREW CIVILIZATION. (3 ea.)
Special reference to relation to Western Civilization.
Emphasis on literature, thought and religion rather than
political history. Given in finelish, No knowledge of Hebrew

Anthropology 181a~d SPECIAL PROBLEMS (2 ea.)
Desiqned for upper division students who undertake minor
research problems in archaeology, ethnology and physical
enthropology in regular consultation with the instructor.

Designed to help beginning libraries organize collections for
and administer school libraries. Planning and managing the
library; ordering materials and preparing them for use; work
with students and teachers.

An introductory course designed primarily for students in the
biological sciences, geology, engineering and agriculture.
Includes fundamental principles of radioactive decay, inter-
actiOn of radiation with matter, techniques of measurements,
and applications. Lectures and recitations, two hours; labora-
tory, three hours. Prereq. Consent of instructor.

Basic study of function of broadcasting equipment and practice
on fundamental operating techniques. Prereq: Sophomore standing-

II. gourse Changes:

23_bg drenped;

*Absence exPlained

 -~—,nu wag" ’1


Minutes of the UniVersity Faculty, November 14, 1955 1177

To be Chan ed in title and credit:

Change Art 64am Intermediate Design (3) to

Wood Carving. Problems of sculptural form and
composition. ?rerca: 61 and 62.


Change Art 64b Intermediate Design (3) to

Clay modelling. Problems of sculptural form and
composition. Prereg: 61 and 62

23 fig changed in title and description:

Change Art 65a,b Painting (3 ea.) to

Principles of pictorial structure and composi~
tion. Still life and landscape. Erereq: 63.

Change Art 165a,b Intermediate Painting, (3 ea.) to
Art 165e,b,c ADVTTCTD PAINTING (3 ea.)
Individual development in creative painting.
Prerec: 65b.


Ethg changed in itle onlx:
nge Art 138 Re naissen nce in th( North (? ) to


Change Art 140 Renaissance Art (3) to


Change Art 142 Modern Art (3) to

Change.Art 143 Contemporary Art (3) to

In the absence of Dean Welch end Actine Associate Dean Steele Dr. L. H.
Townsend presented a recommende tion for a change in a course and also offered
a motion to amend the minutes of the meeting of August 3, 1955 so that the
time for dropping Animal Industry courses numbered 125, 128, 130 and 131 be
extended to the end of the present school year. Both recommendations frOm
the Agriculture Faculty were approved by the UniVersity Faculty.

Change in Descriptign

Farm Tngineering 105, Engineering Practices in Water
Management a change
Lecture, one hour; lab, four hours
Lectures, two hours; laboratory two

In the absence of Dean Terrell Dr. H. A. Romanowitz presented a
a . . - m C
recommendation from the College of Engineering adding a new course. ihlS

was aPTroved 5y the University Faculty.

mama’s—xii: as


u .p....~...,,..







1178 Minutes of the University Faculty, Novcmoer 14, 1955

New Course t b added:


Mechanical Engineering 2“. VAnalysis 3: Experimental Data.
g credits. II II. A study of problems and methods used
in deriving empirical equations from experimental data,
including periodic functions. Graphical and numerical
methods of integration and differentiation. Design of
special slide rules and nomOgraphs. Prerequisite or

concurrent: Physics 3a and A M 2. Prerequisite: E D 18
Course 32 p3 dropped:

Engineering Drawing 1: - Graphical Commutations. q Credits.



In the aasence of Dean Spivey the Secretary of the Faculty presented
recommendations from the Graduate Council recommending approval of graduate

credit for certain courses. The recommendation of the Graluate Council was

I. The Graduate Council reCOmmends approval of graduate
credit for the following courses, previously approved 0y the
University Faculty for underdraduate credit:

English/Anthropology 185a. Descriptive Linguistics
I: Morphology and Syntax. (3)

English/Anthropology 185b. Descriptive Linguistics
II: Phonology; Communication by Lenqgege. (3)

Home Economics 168. Household Eguipment. (3)
(The Council recommends that graduate credit
for this course be retroactiVe to the second

semester 1953-54.)

II. The Graduate Council recommends approval of the following
strictly graduate courses:

Mathematics and Astronomy 230a, b. Tonology.
(3 each). Goodman, Staff
Point set topology with particular emphasis
on compact spaces, continua, and product spaces,

the Alexander-Kolmozorff, Cohomology Theory and appli-

Mathematics and Astronomy 231a, b. Selected Topics
in Tepologx. (3 each) Goodmen, Staff
Topological algebras, algebraic topology,
topologies in lattices.

T‘v'r Koppius Chairman of the Schedule-COmmittee, presented a proposed
.. . p s j} . F n
calendar for 1956-57 which had been prepared by the legistrur. after some
discussion the University Faculty approved the calendar as follows.


 ., v-IW"'W‘ ‘ /‘


Minutes of the University Faculty, November 14, 1955 1179


First Semester

1 6
Sept.16~22 Sunday through Saturday - Orientation Week for all new Students
Sept. 16 Sunday, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. - President's reception for new students

Sept. 17-19 Monday, 7:45 a.m. through Wednesday, 5:00 n.m. - classification
tests, physical examinations, and advising of all new students

Sept. 20 Thursday, 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. — Registration and classification
of new freshmen
Sept. 20-22 Thursday, 1:30 y.m. through Saturday, 11:00 a.m. - Registration

and claSSification of all other students according to an
alphabetical schedule.


Sent. 24 Monday a Class work begins

Sept. 29 Saturday - Last date one may enter an organized class for the
the first semester

Oct. 13 Saturday - Last date on which photographs will be taken for
ID cards

Oct. 19, 20 Friday and Saturday a Period for filing applications for degrees

Oct. 29 Monday _ Last date One may dron a course without a grade

Nov. 22-26 Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to Monday, 8:00 a.m. - Thanksgiving holiday

Dec. 22 Saturday noon — Christmas holidays begin


Jan. 3 Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - Christmas holidays end

Jan. 21-25 Monday through Friday - Final examinations

Jan. 25 Friday, 6:00 p.m. a End of first semester

Second Semester




Feb. 2 Saturday, 7:45 a.m. - ClaSSificatiow tests and physical
examinations for all new students

Feo. 4, 5 Monday, 8:00 a.m. through Tuesday, 4:00 p.m. - Registration
and classification of all students according to an alyhabetia
cal schedule

Feb- 6 Wednesday m Class work begins

Feb. 12 Tuesday - Last date one may enter an organized clas$ for the
second semester

March 1, 2 Friday and Saturday - Period for filing applications for degrees

March 11 Monday - Last date one may dror n course without a grade

Apr- 19-23 Friday, 8:00 a.m. to Tuesday, 8:00 a.m. - Easter holidays

May 25 Saturday - Alumni Day

May 26 Sunfiay a Baccalaureate Services

May 27 Monday - Ninetieth Annual Commencement

May 28-June 1 Tuesday through Saturday - Final examinations

June 1 Saturday - End of second semester

June 4;8 Tuesday through Saturday - 4-H Club Week

Summer Session 1951

June 10 Monday, 7:40 a.m. - Clasvification tests and physical examina-
tions for all new students

June 11 Tuesday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. - Registration and classification
of all students according to an alphabetical schedule

June 12 Wednesday - Cla c work begins

June 18 Tuesday — Last date one may enter an organized class for the

Summer Session





H. .41.”-.. ..,



1180 Minutes of the University Faculty, November 14, 1955 f
June 22 Saturday - Last date one may drOp a course without a grade
July 4 Thursday - Independence Day holiday }
August 2 Friday - Summer Session Commencement >
August 3 Saturday Noon - End of Summer Session

Sept. 15 Sunday — Opening of Fall Semester of 1957~58


First Semester - 83 Net teaching days Second Semester 83% Net teaching¢hn
Summer Session - 44 Net teaching days

Dr. Mills, Chairman of the Rules Committee, read the following recom-
mendations from that Committee coucerning fraternity scholarship:

The Rules Committee recommends that items 1 and 2 of the pro-
visions governing frntcrnity and sorority probation be amended as followm

1. Any fraternity or sorority which at the close of the
first semester of the 1955-56 school year or any semester thereafter
has an average standing for both actives and pledges lower than i
the allamen average shall be placed on social predation for the
following semester. Social probation shall prevent the fraternity
or sorority from holding any social affair to Which other than
members are invited.

2. If, during a semester of social probation a fraternity ;
or sorority again fails to meet the specified standing, it shall
be c0ntinued on social probation for a second semester with
additional supervision by the Dean of Men or the Dean of Women.
If, at the close of the second conSecutivc semester of social }
probation the fraternity or sorority again fails to meet the speci-
fied standing, it shall be prohibited from further rushing and
pledging. If, at the close of a third consecutive semester the
fraternity or sorority fails to meet the specified standing,
it shall immediately be prohibited from further initiation and
shall be called upon to show cauSe why its charter should not
be revoked. A final decision r.snecting the revocation of a
charter or the renewing of pledging and initiation privileges
shall me made by the University Faculty on the basis of evidence ;
furnished and recommendations made by the Dean of Men or the Dean
of Women. If a frwternity or sorority has been on probation for
any two (2) of three (3} consecutive semesters, it shcll to sub-
ject to the provisions governing two consecutive semesters of
probntion unless excused 3y the Dean of Men or Dean of Women.

The principal effect of this change is to place fraternity
probetiou on a semester basis rather than a yearly basis.

RespectiVely submitted,

Leo M. Chamberlain

Jese DeBoer

Stephen Diachun

Louis Clifton

David K. Blythe

Herman E. Spivey

M. M. White

Sarah B. Holmes

Robert L. Mills, Chairman


lg days ;



Minutes of the UniVersity Faculty, November 14, 1955 1181

”he University Faculty annroved the racommendations of the Rules Committee.
1 ..

Teen Ginger announced that the United COmmunity Services drive at the
University had been successful and that at that time all but about $50 Of the
University'$,qu0ta had been subscribed.

The Faculty adjourned.



, x; > [L 7‘ /
I ”j, / ./ (//d C 554
f”’( (<.// j‘ .v"

Robert L. Mills

Minutes of the UniVersity Faculty, December 12, 1955

The UniVersity Faculty met in the AsSembly Room of Lafferty Hall at
4:00 p.m., MonEEy, December 12, 1955. President DODOVFD presided. Members
absent were Steley F. Adams, A. D. Albright', Frank G. Dickey‘, C. Howard
Eckel', W. P. Garrigus, Carsie Hammonds‘, W. A. Heinz‘, F. J. Humeston, A. D.
Kirwan, R. D. McIntyre, L. L. Martin, Helen Reed, Dwight M. Seath‘, Farl
P. Slone, William G. Survant, W. A. Sutton, Jr.‘, and Frank J. Welch.

The minutes of November 14 were read and approved.

Dr. Chamberlain read the resolutions on the death of Lysle W. Croft.
The University Faculty approVed having the Resolutions included in the minutes
Of the Faculty and asked that a cosy be sent to Mrs. Croft.


Dr. Lysle Herrick Croft, Director of the University Personnel
Office and Associate Professor of Psychology, died on December 1, 1955
after an illness of several weeks.

Dr. Croft was an alumnus of the University of Kentucky. He
graduated frOm the College of Commerce in 1926 and in 1932 was awarded
the degree of Master of Arts with a major in psychology. He con~

tinned his studies in psychology and in 1938 received the degree of
Doctor of Philosophye

From 1936, when he was first employed as a student counselor,
until the time of his death Dr. Croft served the University in a
number of capacitiesa—-teecher of psychology, Assistant Dean of Men,
Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Director of
the University Personnel Office. The latter office came into being
as a result of his initiative. In recent years it has rendered many

'Absence explained