xt7p8c9r5c1w https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7p8c9r5c1w/data/mets.xml  Germany   books  Latin   This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed in accordance with U. S. copyright laws. Medieval Manuscripts Liturgy Saints German Evangeliary Evangeliary, 15th century (MS Latin Kentucky II) text Identifier: MS LAT KY II Summary: Detailed Evangeliary with an extensive litany. Origin: 15th century, likely Germany Decoration: Rubrication throughout. Provenance: Pastedown on cover: Ex libris of William Harris Arnold (1854-1923). First flyleaf: written in pencil "RNXWa" (possibly a buyer price code?), J.C. Bay (1871-1964). MS Lat. Kentuckiensis. Kentucky's ex libris plate. Possibly lot 605 of Anderson Galleries, Inc. 1924-11-10, no. 1873. Watermark on fol. 198, possibly the top of a crown, in the bottom right hand side. Notes: Stub between fols. 189, 190. Watermark in the bottom gutteredge side of fol. 198. Possibly the top of a crown. Signe-de-renvoi as two hatch marks (fol. 6r, 14r, 34r, 39v, 40r, 41v, 42r, 57v, 58r, 63r, 65v, 73r, 74v, 75v, 77v, 78v,79r, 80v, 110v, 139v, 160r, 165v, 185r). Strike through correction (fol. 29v). The first Q on fol. 48 demonstrates a typically Germanosphere "nob" or bulge on the bowl. Inclusion of Novus athleta Domini in the Matins section for the Feast of Blessed Dominic suggest that the book was intended for Domincans. The orthography of the u throughout includes a check above the bow. Script: Gothic textualis rotunda, with German features Support: Paper Binding: Contemporary brown leather binding with intricate stamp. Two brass clasps, fastening on the front cover (hinge on back). Layout: 18 long lines, ruled with a simple frame in graphite. Evangeliary, 15th century (MS Latin Kentucky II)   2021 true xt7p8c9r5c1w section xt7p8c9r5c1w